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Project Elvhen: An Elvhen Lexicon

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Plural / Superlative / More / Intensity

-aan suf. many, high, large, big, high

-ala / -la suf plural, many, large number

-el suf. more (Usually only used adjectives). Also used to create 'st' nouns with numbers. Also used to indicate intensity. 

-en suf. many, plural, multiple

-is suf. unknown number, plural, intense, more, most, forever, similar to the english 'innumberale.' It is a number so high that it is not worth counting. It is not, however, infinite, in the same manner that uth would be. I.e. Belannar / Bellanar = many years. Belannaris / Bellanaris = eternity. 


-an suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in s, l, y, d, and t. Plural is -aan

-es suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in consonants except s, l, d, and t.  plural is -esan

-re suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in vowels except for y. plural is ren

Creating Nouns

-athe suf. Creates nouns from other nouns, adverbs or adjectives meaning the physical manifestation of, or the people/places/things embodying the idea. I.e. Dead from adjective dead, the noun living from life. Fearful as a noun from fearful the adjective, or fear the noun. Sometimes used to create adverbs/adjectives

-elan suf. added to a noun or verb to create an agent noun. i.e. dhrua (to believe) + elan = druelan (believer)

-os suf. a suffix that creates an abstract noun from adjectives and participles, denoting quality and state. similar to the english suffix -ness

-sh / -sha suf. suffix creating a physical or abstract noun meaning the product or noun variation of a verb

-the suf. added to verbs to create a noun meaning the action of the verb (I.e. comparison, rejection).

-un suf. creates a noun from a verb or adjective meaning the physical manifestation of, or having the quality of

Creating Adjectives/Adverbs

-ast / -st suf. creates adjectivesa/adverbs from nouns, verbs or other adjectives meaning 'characterized by or inclined to' also used to create nouns meaning 'the action of,' with verbs that already end in th

-ne suf. a suffix used to create an adjective/adverb from a noun meaning "Similar to or representative of."

-or suf. suffix similar to 'ish' in english. meaning 'belonging to' 'after the manner of,' 'having the characteristics of,' like,' or 'inclined or tending to.' 

-sha / -asha suf. suffix creating adjectives/adverbs from nouns, verbs or adjectives meaning 'characterized by or inclined to'


-lin suf. diminutive suffix, used exclusively with a non-person, i.e. animals and objects. 

-ain suf. diminutive suffix meaning a child version, or childlike, or a cute something. 

-u suf. short, small, singular, lonely, isolated, lonesome, empty

-udh suf. diminutive suffix, meaning small, cute, pretty or feminine. Similar to the french -ette. 

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Sa ar. one

Ta ar. two

Tan ar. three

Ny ar. four

Va ar. five

No ar. six

Noa ar. seven

Han ar. eight

Uan ar. nine

Asan ar. ten

Asan'sa ar. eleven

Asan'ta ar. twelve

Asan'tan ar. thirteen

Asan'ny ar. fourteen

Asan'va ar. fifteen

Asan'no ar. sixteen

Asan'noa ar. seventeen

Asan'han ar. eighteen

Asan'uan ar. nineteen

Alan ar. twenty

Atan ar. thirty

Anan ar. fourty

Avan ar. fifty

Aloan ar. sixty

Anoan ar. seventy

Ahan ar. eighty

Anuan ar. ninety

Salan ar. one hundred

Talan ar. two hundred

Tanlan ar. three hundred

Nylan ar. four hundred

Valan ar. five hundred

Nolan ar. six hundred

Noalan ar. seven hundred

Halan ar. eight hundred

Ualan ar. nine hundred

Alan'en ar. one thousand

Alan'el ar. one hundred thousand

Alan'en'el  ar. one million

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abelas n. sorrow, regret, sadness

adahl n. tree, wood

adahla n. pl. trees, woods

adahlen n. forest

adahl'melana n. season of spring

aen adj. n. fat, sticky

aenadahl n. pine tree, fur tree, coniferous tree, lit. sticky tree

aenor n. prey, kill, game, victim

aenorean n. bird of prey, raptor

aer n. liver

ahn adv. conj. int. n. pron. sb. what

ahnas pron. sb. what's

ahnsul adv. conj. int. why, because, what for

air n. money, cash, compensation, wage

aju n. craft, product, art

ajua vb. to craft, to create, to act

ajual ppr. crafting, creating, acting

ajuem pp. crafted, created, acted

ajuemah pfr. about to craft, about to create, about to act

ajuelan n. crafter, creator, artist

ala'syl'ise'man n. the elements. lit. earth, air, fire, water. 

ala'syl'ise'man'thanelan n. Elemental mage, Elementalist. Lit. Wielder of the Elements

alas n. earth, dirt, the ground

alas'ala. n. desert

alas'en n. world

alas'len n. m. "Earth Child." "Person of the earth." Humans or elves who have been raised within nature, or outside of civilization.

alas'lan n. f. "Earth Child." "Person of the earth." Humans or elves who have been raised within nature, or outside of civilization.

alas'lin n. nt. "Earth Child." "Person of the earth." Humans or elves who have been raised within nature, or outside of civilization.

alas'nira vb. to dance

alas'niral ppr. dancing

alas'nirem pp. danced

alas'niremah pfr. about to dance

alasis n. area, space, distance, lit. innumerable land

alaslin n. metal

alasmanvian n. well, cistern, lit. ground water hole

alasnatha n. lizard, reptile

alastarasyl n. mountain, high mountain, lit. sky earth

alha vb. to become wild

alhal ppr. becoming wild

alhem pp. became wild

alhemah pfr. about to become wild

alhadam n. druffalo

alhan n. the wild, wilderness, backcountry, the outback

alhasha adj. wild

alin n. other, stranger, person

ama vb. to keep, to protect, to take something freely given

amal ppr. keeping, protecting, taking

amem pp. kept, protected, took

amahn adj. adv. int. n. here

amelan n. keeper, protecter, guardian

an n. place

anbanal n. hell, the void, place of nothing

Andruil n. "She who guides through inevitable sacrifice." The elven Goddess of the Hunt, and creator of the Dalish credo Vir Tan'adahl. The Hawk is beloved to her.

Andurfelen n. The Anderfels

Andurfelvhen n. The Anders

annala n. century, lit. 'many year'

annar n. year

anor n. home, land, nation. lit. place of

Ar pron. sb. I

Ar'an pron. sb. We

ara pron. sb. poss. my

ara n. journey, self journey

ara'lan pron. f. myself

ara'len pron. m. myself

ara'lin pron. nt. myself

ara'val n. Long self journey or great self journey.

ara'vel n. journey ship, ship of journeys

ard adj. loud, noisy, intense

aria n. circle, cage, trap, barrier

arla n. house, home

arladurgen n. cave, deep cave, deep cavern

arlater n. cave, cavern, lit. rock home

Arlathvhen n. Lit. "People Home." The meeting of the dalish clans' keepers, which takes place every ten years and last two days. 

arlise n. hearth, home of fire

arlise'amelan n. hearthkeeper, specifically someone who keeps and protects the hearth, the arlise, of a house, or someone who protects and keeps the metaphorical hearth.

Arlise'sul'avelan n. Hearthkeeper, specifically Server of the Warm house. Someone who keeps the hearth and serves it to others.

aron adj. adv. alike, like, similar, similar to

arona vb. to be alike

aronal ppr. being alike

aronem pp. was alike

aronemah pfr. about to be alike

arsyl n. roof

arulin adj. personal, private, precious, important. lit. my alone blood.

Arulin'holm n. a tool used in elvhen wood carving. Fairly common place and mundane during Arlathan, but with symbolic value, as it was used to both start and  finish pieces. In the Dalish clans, the Arulin'holm has taken on almost a mythic identity, given that it is one of the few things the Dalish have from Arlathan. Almost every single clan has an Arulin'holm, speaking to how common they were during Arlathan. The Dalish honoring the Arulin'holm is similar to them honoring a carpenter's plane. 

arulin'sil adj. adv. serious, grave, earnest, seriously, gravely, earnestly

As pron. sb. f. She

As'an pron. f. they

Asa pron. sb. ob. f. poss. her, hers

asa'ma'lin n. f. sister

asa'var'lin n. f. cousin

asagail n. labia, vulva

asahn pron. ob. what, which

asahnas pron. ob. poss. what's

asahngar n. luck, fortune, fate, destiny

Asalan pron. f. herself

Ash pron. ob. f. her

asha n. f. woman

Asha'bellanar n. f. "Woman of Many Years." This is the word that Dalish clans use to describe Flemeth.

ashalan n. f. daughter

asreun n. f. female orgasm

assan n. arrow

ath n. half, part, fraction, division

atha vb. to part, to separate, to divide

athal ppr. parting, separating, dividing

athem pp. parted, separated, divided

athemah pfr. about to part, about to separate, about to divide

athdhea n. dawn, half-light, almost day

athim adj. humble, meek

athimathe n. humility, submbissiveness, meekness

athlean n. twilight, afterglow, eventide

atisha adj. n. peace, calm, serenity peaceful

Av n. tongue, lips, word

av'ahn n. question

av'ahn'su'vi'in adj. n. curious, curiosity

Av'in n. mouth

av'inga n. tooth

av'ingala n. pl. teeth

ava vb. to taste, to eat

aval ppr. tasting, eating

avem pp. tasted, eaten

avemah pfr. about to taste, about to eat

avean n. beak, specifically a bird's beak

avise n. flame, tongue of fire


ba'isa'ma'lin n. m. uncle

babae / baba n. m. dad, father

babala / babaela n. m. grandfather, grandpa

bae n. m. dad, daddy

bana adj. n. black

banafelas n. decay, rot, corrosion, decadence, ruin, disrepair

banafelasa vb. to decay, to wither

banafelasal ppr. decaying, withering

banafelasem pp. decayed, withered

banafelasemah pfr. about to decay, about to wither

banal n. nothing, non existence, destruction, nothingness, darkness

banal'halam n. a word without a true translation in English. Meaning the concept of souls and memories travelling onwards throughout history within the minds and hearts of loved ones, thus meaning that everything -- in a small way -- is immortal. Buildings will remain, clues will remain of lost cultres, dead loved ones live onward in our memories. Nothing truly ends. 

banal'lan n. f. darkspawn, enemy, lit. nothing person

banal'len n. m. darkspawn, enemy, lit. nothing person

banal'lin n. nt. darkspawn, enemy, lit. nothing person

banal'ras n. shadow

banal'var n. exile, banishment, diaspora, expulsion

banal'vara vb. to exile, to banish, to displace, to expel

banal'varal ppr. exiling, banishing, displacing, expelling

banal'varem pp. exiled, banished, displaced, expelled

banal'varemah pfr. about to exile, about to banish, about to displace, about to expel

banalas n. refusal, prohibition, disallowance, rejection

banalasa vb. to refuse, to prohibit, to disallow. lit. "to allow nothing."

banalasal ppr. refusing, prohibiting, disallowing

banalasem pp. refused, prohibited, disallowed

banalasemah pfr. about to refuse, about to prohibit, about to disallow

banalhan n. the blight, the place of the blight's origin, emptiness, destruction, the place of nothing

banallen n. pl. nothings, darkspawn, enemies

banasyl n. fog, mist, vapor

bane n. dark, gloom

banise n. smoke, smog, soot

banvherassan n. panther, lit. black tiger

bar n. top, tip, point, head, height

barast adj. high, pointy

bared n. hat, cap, helmet

baredhis n. the tip of the penis, the glans

bartuasha n. flowering bud, hymen, maidenhead

bartuasha'te'lanem n. female virgin, female virginity, lit. flower bud not yet given

bel adj. n. pron. many

bell'ana n. forever, eternity, alternative to bellannar

bel'annar'is / bell'anar'is n. eternity, forever, the concept of 'many forevers' in the sense of something unending, and something apart from this world. 

bell'annar n. eternity, forever

besh n. grain

blar n. flower

blardhea n. morning flower, also slang for female genitalia

bor'assan n. bow, lit. arrow thrower

bora vb. to throw, to shoot, to give something not wanted

boral ppr. throwing, shooting

borem pp. threw, shot, thrown

boremah pfr. about to throw, about to shoot

bradh n. bread, cake

bradhe n. pastry

brah n. shoe

braan n. pl. shoes

brav n. tongue, throat, specifically the inside of the throat, lit. deep mouth

Bre adj. deep, intense

bre'alas n. deep earth, cave, cavern

bredhas n. cervix

briste n. trousers, pants, knickers, specifically pants that are worn with a uniform

britha vb. to look, to seem, to appear

brithal ppr. looking, seeming, appearing

brithem pp. looked, seemed, appeared

brithemah pfr. about to look, about to seem, about to appear

brithava vb. to be jealous

brithaval ppr. being jealous

brithavem pp. was jealous

brithavemah pfr. about to be jealous

brithavathe n. envy, jealousy

brithun n. appearance


da adj. small

da'assan n. little arrow

da'din'sil'melana n. Period of clear thoughts when a person is free from sexual desires after having an orgasm

da'el adj. smaller

da'gen n. sand, dust, dirt, grit, soil

da'lav n. hand

da'lav'brah n. glove

da'lav'braan n. pl. gloves

da'lav'hasal n. handfasting, an elvhen marriage rite where the partners' hands are tied together

da'lavin n. wrist

da'len n. m. child, young person

da'lan n. f. child, young person

da'lin n. nt. child, young person

da'vharla n. village

dahlas n. grass, weed

dahlasanor n. meadow, grasslands, lit. nation of grass

dahn n. bee

dahn'direlan n. idiot, moron, lit. bee puncher, one who punches bees

Dal'thanaan n. battle axe. lit. killing large tool

dala vb. to kill, to destroy

dalal ppr. killing, destroying

dalem pp. killed, destroyed

dalemah pfr. about to kill, about to destroy

dalavadahl n. leaf, specifically that of a tree

dalavur n. leaf

dam n. cow, bovine, ox

dan'latha vb. to grieve, to weep

dan'lathal ppr. grieving, weeping

dan'lathem pp. grieved, wept

dan'lathemah pfr. about to grieve, about to weep

dana vb. to break, to shatter, to split

danal ppr. breaking, shattering, splitting

danem pp. broke, broken, shattered, split

danemah pfr. about to break, about to shatter, about to split

daneralan n. the g-spot

Dar'misaan n. sword. lit. piercing long blade

Dar'misu n. dagger, lit. piercing small blade

dara vb. to go, to pierce

daral ppr. going, piercing

darem pp. gone, went, pierced

daremah pfr. about to go, about to pierce

daris adj. demonic

das n. avoidance, restraint, prevention

dasa vb. to restraint or to prevent

dasal ppr. restraining, preventing

dasem pp. restrained, prevented

dasemah pfr. about to restrain, about to prevent

dashalasha n. clitoris, little shield

daur n. malice, hatred

daurnatha n. viper, poisonous snake, venomous snake

daurnathaan n. wyvern, gurgut

dava vb. to lick, to taste

daval ppr. licking, tasting

davem pp. licked, tasted

davemah pfr. about to lick, about to taste

davathe n. sip, taste, lick

dear n. attitude

del adj. wrong

delavir adj. stupid, nonsensical

dera vb. to touch, to stroke, to reach

deral ppr. touching, stroking, reaching

derem pp. touched, stroked, reached

deremah pfr. about to touch, about to stroke, about to reach

dhama vb. to sit

dhamal ppr. sitting

dhamem pp. sat

dhamemah pfr. about to sit

dhar n. dog, hound, canine

dharlin n. puppy, baby dog, cut dog

dhava vb. to kiss

dhaval ppr. kissing

dhavem pp. kissed

dhavemah pfr. about to kiss

dhea n. morning

dhea'him n. afternoon, day

dhea'lam n. evening

dhru n. faith, belief

dhru'an n. temple, church

dhrua vb. to believe, to have faith

dhrual ppr. believing

dhruem pp. believed

dhruemah pfr. about to believe

dhruathe n. faithful

dhruast adj. faithful

dhruelan n. believer, faithful person

dhula n. hair

dhula'duin n. chest hair

dhula'edhan n. pubic hair

dhula'lav n. arm hair

dhula'sal'in n. facial hair, beard

dhula'shol n. leg hair

dhulaman n. seaweed, specifically a type of edible seaweed

dhulathin n. comb, brush

diala vb. to cover, to blanket, to shroud

dialal ppr. covering, blanketing, shrouding

dialem pp. covered, blanketed, shrouded

dialemah pfr.  about to cover, about to blanket, about to shroud

dialathe n. blanket, sheet, cover

dialun n. cover, top, hatch

dian n. stop, block, conclusion

diana vb. to fill, to close, to stop, to stuff

dianal ppr. filling, closing, stopping, stuffing

dianem pp. filled, closed, stropped, stuffed

dianemah pfr. about to fill, about to close, about to stop, about to stuff

diane adj. full, filled, at capacity

dil n. meat, flesh

dil'ir'isa vb. to fry, to cook at high heat

dil'ir'isal ppr. frying

dil'ir'isem pp. fried

dil'ir'isemah pfr. about to fry

dilisa vb. to cook

dilisal ppr. cooking

dilisem pp. cooked

dilisemah pfr. about to cook

Din adj. adv. n. death, dead, no

dina vb. to die, to end

dinal ppr. dying, ending

dinem pp. died, ended

dinemah pfr. about to die, about to end

dinathe n. the dead

Dinathe'dirthelan n. necromancer

dinlathelan n. sociopath, one dead to love

dir'vhen'an n. promise, oath

dira vb. to hit, to punch, to attack, to strike

diral ppr. hitting, punching, attacking, striking

direm pp. hit, punched, attacked, striked, struck

diremah pfr. about to hit, about to punch, about to attack, about to strike

dirasha vb. to kick, to hit

dirashal ppr. kicking, hitting

dirashem pp. kicked, hit

dirashemah pfr. about to kick, about to hit

dirth n. speech, talk

dirth'ala n. lesson, specifically a lesson that one sorely needs. lit. many speeches

dirth'sulan n. conversation

dirtha vb. to speak, to tell

dirthal ppr. speaking, telling

dirthem pp. spoke, spoken, told

dirthemah pfr. about to speak, about to tell

Dirtha'var'en n. promise, Elvish name for the Exalted Plains. Also means "A great promise given." Lit. "The great distance of speech."

dirtha'vhen'an n. promise, usually expected to be unbreakable. An unbreakable vow. lit. "The heart of speech," Or "To Speak of/from the heart." Different from "dirtha'var'en," as the latter implies a great promise given. 

dirthala vb. to learn

dirthalal ppr. learning

dirthem pp. learned

dirthemah pfr. about to learn

dirthelan n. speaker

dorf adj. n. gray

dosan ar. adj. n. pron. few, small number

drius n. pants, trousers

dru n. sacrifice, offering, atonement, ritualistic kill

drua vb. to sacrifice, to offer, to atone

drual ppr. sacrificing, offering, atoning

druem pp. sacrificed, offered, atoned

druemah pfr. about to sacrifice, about to offer, about to atone

druast adj. sacred, cherished, hallowed, consecrated, holy

duin n. chest, torso

duine n. bosom, breast

duinelan n. female bosom, female breast

dun n. body

Dun'himelan n. Shape shifter, body changer

dunathe n. being, living being, creature, sentient creature

dur adj. adv. prep. down, low, beneath, below, under

duralas n. lowland, steppes

durdaurun n. deep stalker

durgen n. stone, mountain, rock

durgen'len n. m. dwarf, child of the stone

durgen'lan n. f. dwarf, child of the stone

durgen'lin n. nt. dwarf, child of the stone

durglas n. valley, dale, vale, glen

durin n. waist, hips

durlahn adj. quiet, low sound

durnatha n. snake

dya vb. shall

dys n. chance, luck

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int. interjection. similar to 'oh!' or 'Ah!'

e'sha'reun'rodhe n. the happy surprise when your partner's cum tastes good

ea vb. To be

eal ppr. Being

ean n. bird

eanvheraan n. griffon lit. lion bird

ebala vb. to mourn, to grieve

ebalal ppr. mourning, grieving

ebalem pp. mourned, grieved

ebalemah pfr. about to mourn, about to grieve

ebalasha n. grief, complaint, grievance

ebalathe n. mourning, grievance

ebelas n. great mourning, grievance, great depression over a death or loss

edh adj. n. privacy, private

edhas n. vagina

edhas'harel'inan n. the intense anxiety you get when you are afraid that your partner will find your genitals ugly

edhashile n. the technical term for the lubrication of the vagina. literally vagina saliva

edhialun n. pan, cup, vagina cover, a cover used during the female's period

edhis n. penis

edhis'dial'garodhe n. the unique taste of a man's foreskin when there is semen inside of it. 

edhis'diala n. foreskin

edhis'harel'inan n. see edhas'harel'inan

edhishile n. precum, lit. penis saliva

edhrius n. panties, women's underwear. Specifically a type of underwear that is very elegant and designed to be seen. 

Ehn pron. sb. who

Ehnas pron. poss. sb. whose

eir n. snow

eir'melana n. winter

eireth adj. n. cold, frost, frozen

el'las'in n. great secret

El'u n. secret

El'u'vi'an n. secret mirror; A magical mirror used to travel to almost any destination within existence. Created by the ancient elves of El'vhen'an

El'vhen n. Our People; Used to mean The Elves, although it is technically grammatically correct for any member of any race to use it when referring to their race. However, the truly correct term would be 'Var vhen"

ela vb. to have the ability to, to have permission to, can, may. shortened form of Elana

elana vb. to have the ability to, able to

elanal ppr. having the ability to

elanem pp. had the ability to

elanemah pfr. about to have the ability to

elasa vb. to be allowed

elasal ppr. being allowed

elasem pp. been allowed

elasemah pfr. about to be allowed

elgar n. spirit

Elgar'nan n. The "king" of the Elvish gods, and God of Vengeance and Destruction. Literally "spirit of vengeance."

Elgar'vhen'an n. The fade. "Home of the spirits."

elitha vb. to choose, to decide, to elect, lit. to see more

elithast n. choice, decision, election, lit. to see more

elvalaslin n. steel

elvar adj. adv. difficult, hard, sturdy, complex

elvar'el adj. adv. more difficult, harder, sturdier, more complex

Elvar'las adj. adv. Untrained. "Slow and difficult."

elvar'linast'vir n. war; the long bloody way

elvar'nas adj. cruel, mean, evil

elvara vb. to make difficult/more difficult, to make long/longer

elvaral ppr. making difficult/more difficult, making long/longer

elvarem pp. made difficult/more difficult, made long/longer

elvaremah pfr. about to make difficult/more difficult, about to make long/longer

elvarman n. ice; lit. hard water

elvyr adj. adv. easy, simple, soft

elvyr'el adj. adv. easier, simpler, softer

elvyra vb. to make easy, to simplify, to soften

elvyral ppr. making easy, simplifying, softening

elvyrem pp. simplified, softened, made easy

elvyremah pp. about to simplify, about to soften, about to make easy

em pron. ob. me

ema vb. to have, to hold

emal ppr. having, holding

emem pp. had, held

ememah pfr. about to have, about to hold

emarona vb. to compare, to hold equal

emaronal ppr. comparing, holding equal

emaronem pp. compared, held equal

emaronemah pfr. about to compare, about to be held equal

emaronathe n. comparison

emaronun n. equality, fairness

ematha vb. to embrace, to surround

emathal ppr. embracing, surrounding

emathem pp. embraced, surrounded

emathemah pfr. about to embrace, about to surround

emathe n. embrace, hug, hold

emitha vb. to behold, to give regard to, to hold in view

emithal ppr. beholding, giving regard to, holding in view

emithem pp. beheld, given regard to, held in view

emithemah pfr. about to behold, about to give regard to, about to hold in view

emma pron. ob. poss. mine

En'an'sal adj. n. blessing, gift, gifted, blessed

En'an'sal'in n. Comfort or healing, specifically after great pain or loss.

ena vb. to emerge, to come, to begin, to appear, to start, to act

enal ppr. emerging, coming, beginning, appearing, starting, acting

enem pp. emerged, came, began, appeared, started, acted

enemah pfr. about to emerge, about to come, about to begin, about to appear, about to start, about to act

ena'sal n. vb. to repeat, to begin again, to re-emerge. Also can mean triumphant joy.  Ena is conjugated, sal is not.

enal'sal ppr. repeating, beginning again, re-emerging

enem'sal pp. repeated, began again, re-emerged

enemah'sal pfr. about to repeat, about to begin again, about to re-emerge

ena'sal'in n. victory, triumph

Ena'sal'in'abelas n. Ancient arcane warriors that would protect the tombs where ancient elves slumbered in Uth'then'era. Dalish will often incorrectly shorten this to "Enasalin."

Ena'sal'in'amelan n. Arcane Warrior, Knight Enchanter, lit. One Who protects victory. Victory keeper. Sometimes shortened to Ena'sa'melan, or incorrectly shortened to Ena'sal'in. 

Ena'vun n. sunrise

enasta vb. to favor, to grace, to approve

enastal ppr. favoring, gracing, approving

enastem pp. favored, graced, approved

enastemah pfr. about to favor, about to grace, about to approve

enaste n. favor, grace, goodwill, approval

enathe n. beginning, start

enlea vb. to ignite, to light, to spark

enleal ppr. igniting, lighting, sparking

enleem pp. ignited, lit, sparked

enleemah pp. about to ignite, about to light, about to spark

eol n. skill, talent

eolas n. knowledge, lore, understanding

Eolas'esayelan n. Apprentice, seeker of knowledge. lit. knowledge seeker

eolasa vb. to know, to understand

eolasal ppr. knowing, understanding

eolasem pp. knew, understood

eolasemah pfr. about to know, about to understand

eolasan n. school, place of skill

eolaselan'mah n. oracle, prophet, seer

eolathe n. skill, tact, social finesse

Era n. vb. dream, story, tale, to dream, to sleep

eral ppr. dreaming, sleeping

erem pp. dreamt, slept

eremah pfr. about to dream, about to sleep

Era'elgar n. Spirit mage, Spirit vessel; The word for a "Good" abomination, i.e. someone like Wynne, Anders, Flemeth, or many of the Seekers, like Cassandra, who have been touched, assisted, or inhabited by a spirit. 

Era'harel n. abomination; "demon Mage." A mage possessed by a demon.

Era'mana n. history

Era'vun n. night, darkness, sleeping sun

Erelan n. mage, dreamer, spellcaster. Used in Dalish culture to mean any mage. Used in Elvhenan culture only to denote extremely skilled mages. Not to be confused with I've'an'virelan: a dreamer mage, or Fade Walker

Es pron. nt. sb. neuter singular third person pronoun; xe; ze

Esa poss. nt. ob. sb. neuter singular third person possessive; xyr, xyrs, zir, zirs

Esalin pron. nt. neuter singular third person reflexive pronoun; xemself, zirself

Esh pron. nt. ob. neuter singular third person pronoun; xem, zir

es'an pron. nt. sb. neuter plural third person pronoun; they

esa vb. to decide, to choose

esahn pron. ob. whom

esahnas pron. poss. ob. whose

esal ppr. deciding, choosing

esem pp. decided, chosen

esemah pfr. about to decide, about to choose

esa'ma'lin n. nt. sibling

esa'ma'linos n. nt. kinship, siblinghood

esa'var'lin n. nt. cousin, relative

esalath n. courtship

esalatha vb. to court, to date, to charm, to pursue, to woo

esalathal ppr. courting, dating, charming, pursuing, wooing

esalathem pp. courted, dated, charmed, pursued, wooed

esalathemah pfr. about to court, about to date, about to charm, about to pursue, about to woo

esay n. attempt, try, endeavor, test, trial

esaya vb. to try, to attempt, to make effort, to seek, to undertake

esayal ppr. trying, attempting, making an effort, seeking, undertaking

esayem pp. tried, attempted, made an effort, sought, undertook

esayemah pfr. about to try, about to attempt, about to make an effort, about to seek, about to undertake

esh'ala pron. nt. ob. neuter plural third person pronoun; them

esha'lin n. nt. child, offspring. child, specifically when talking about 'my child,' or 'his child,' not 'a child.' Child in a non offspring sense would be da'len/da'lan/da'lin. This is the neuter version of son or daughter. 

es'el poss. nt. ob. neuter plural third person possessive; theirs

es'var poss. nt. sb. neuter plural third person possessive; their

es'var'lin'en pron. nt. neuter plural third person reflexive pronoun; themselves

eth adj. adv. n. Safe, safety, safely

eth'el adj. safer

etha vb. to be safe, to make safe, such as making a building safe by erecting walls, or making a person safe by having them put on armor. Ama means to protect something you have. Etha means that you are protected, or that you are protecting something that is not in your possession. Thus when talking of people, Ama takes on a much more personal connotation than Etha.

ethal ppr. being safe, making safe

ethem pp. been safe, made safe

ethemah pfr. about to be safe, about to make safe

etuna vb. to pass, to remove, to shit

etunal ppr. passing, removing, shitting

etunem pp. passed, removed, shat

etunemah pfr. about to pass, about to remove, about to shit

etunash n. shit, crap, dung, feces

Evune n. moon


falon n. friend, guide; Note that the Elves do not use the word 'falon' for anyone but true friends, unlike many other languages that use 'friend' to describe even well-known acquaintances. 

Falon'din n. The elvish god of death. Lit. "Death Friend." Twin to Dirth'am'en and son to Elgar'nan and Mythal. 

falon'saota n. wife, husband, bond mate

fan n. precious thing, jewel, ornament

fani n. anus, ring, entry

fanuren n. earring

fel adj. adv. late

fel'ala adj. last, latest

fel'el adv. latest, last

Feladara n. Elfroot. Lit. Calm healing

felan n. weed, herb, plant

felandaris n. demon weed

Felanenaste n. arbor blessing, lit. grace weed

felas adj. adv. slow; calm

felas'el adj. adv. slower, calmer

Felasil n. fool, idiot, lit. slow mind

felgara vb. to grow, to burgeon, to germinate, to develop, to bloom

felgaral ppr. growing, burgeoning, germinating, developing, blooming

felgarem pp. grew, burgeoned, germinated, developed, bloomed

felgaremah pfr. about to grow, about to burgeon, about to germinate, about to develop, about to bloom

fen n. wolf

Fen'Harel n. The Dread Wolf. Elvish god of tricksters, rebels with a cause, and dreams. The Dalish only know him as the god of the tricksters as his other totems have been lost to time. According to legend, he tricked both the good and evil gods into sealing themselves away in their respective realms so that they could no longer interfere with the mortal world. 

Fenedhis int. a common curse word. While the literal translation would essentially be "Wolf Cock" the use as a curse word in the language is similar to "Shit," "Fuck," or "God Damn"

fenlin n. wolfling, wolf pup

fenor adj. precious, lit. wolfish, like a wolf

fra prep. at, during, on


ga adj. adv. n. pron. ob. sb. all, every

ga'lan n. f. everybody, everyone

ga'len n. m. everybody, everyone

ga'lin n. nt. everybody, everyone

ga'ta adj. conj. both

gaelathe adj. absolute, complete, perfect, pure

gail n. bell, testicle

galanor adj. adv. n. elegant, stately, magnificent, magnificence, elegance

galant n. elegance, magnificence

galin n. each other, one another, everybody, everyone

gana vb. to spend, to invest, to contribute

ganal ppr. spending, investing, contributing

ganem pp. spent, invested, contributed

ganemah pfr. about to spend, about to invest, about to contribute

gara vb. to come, to arrive, to happen, to enter, to get, to move forward, to occur

garal ppr. coming, arriving, happening, entering, getting, moving forward, occurring

garem pp. came, arrived, happened, entered, got, moved forward, occurred

garemah pfr. about to come, about to arrive, about to happen, about to enter, about to get, about to move forward, about to occurr

garahnen n. everything, all things

garatuathe n. council, assembly

garun n. come, cum, semen, orgasm

gasha adj. adv. complete, whole, completely, totally, wholely

gava vb. to bite, to nip

gaval ppr. biting, nipping

gavem pp. bit, nipped

gavemah pfr. about to bite, about to nip

geal n. fear, terror

gela vb. to fear, to be afraid

gelal ppr. fearing

gelem pp. feared

gelemah pfr. about to fear

Geldauran n. One of the forgotten ones, the 'evil' gods of the elvish pantheon. Thing of hatred and malice. Geal+daur+Rahn

gen n. dirt, hill, mound, soil

gen'adahl n. root, roots, specifically those of a tree

gen'ur n. root, plant root

gen'ur'en n. roots, plant roots

genise n. ash, ashes, specifically that from a fire lit. fire dirt

genvian n. pit, ground hole, hole

gera vb. to get, to buy, to take something offered

geral ppr. getting, buying, taking something offered

gerem pp. got, bought, took something offered

geremah pfr. about to get, about to buy, about to take something offered

geral'an n. market, lit. buying place

geron n. worth, value, price

geronash adj. expensive, pricey, valuable

ghast adj. ugly, horrible, disgusting

ghe n. belly, gut

gheav n. stomach

ghein n. guts, entrails, bowels

ghest n. monster, beast, creature

ghi n. animal, creature, or beast.

ghi'la vb. to guide, to teach

ghi'lal ppr. guiding, teaching

ghi'lem pp. guided, taught

ghi'lemah pfr. about to guide, about to teach

Ghi'lan'na'in n. Lit. "The guide inside of you." The elvish goddess of guidance (in all forms), and navigation. Mother of the Halla. Legend states that she was once an elf, chosen of Andruil. She found a hunter who had killed a hawk and cursed him so that he could never kill again. In revenge, he blinded, gutted and bound her, leaving her for dead. She prayed to Andruil, who sent rabbits to chew through her bonds. As she was wounded and blind, Andruil turned her into the first halla. 

ghi'lan n. guide, teacher

ghi'len n. guide, teacher

ghi'lin n. guide, teacher

ghi'mya vb. to hunt, to follow a beast

ghi'myal ppr. hunting

ghi'myem pp. hunted

ghi'myemah pfr. about to hunt

ghi'myelan n. hunter

ghial n. fat, grease, usually that originating from an animal / meat

ghialean n. candle, lit. fat light

ghilanas n. luck, fate, destiny, lit. "guiding soul" the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities

ghiman n. whale, water beast

gira vb. to own, to buy, to have

giral ppr. owning, buying, having

girem pp. owned, bought, had

giremah pfr. about to own, about to buy, about to have

girem'lan n. slave, owned person, chattel

girem'len n. slave, owned person, chattel

girem'lin n. slave, owned person, chattel

glan n. debt, obligation

glandival n. debt, slavery, obligation

glandivalis n. unending debt, slavery, debt of innumerable years

glas n. glade

gluin n. knee

gluin'en n. knees

gon n. worth, value

gonathe adj. worthy, valuable, deserving

gonun n. right, privilege, claim

gra adj. n. red

grid n. kettle, pot, cauldron

gya vb. dare

gyal ppr. daring

gyem pp. dared

gyemah ppr. about to dare


Chapter Text


ha adj. old, wise, respected

ha'el adj. older, wiser, more respected

ha'hren n. old respected person, wise person, elder, teacher

ha'lam n. end, ending, destination

ha'lam'shira v. to abandon, to desert

ha'lam'shiral n. ppr. end of the journey, abandoning, deserting, also the name of the first major Dalish city, Halamshiral, which was conquered by Orlais after the Exlated march against The Dales.

ha'lam'shirem pp. abandoned, deserted

ha'lam'shiremah pfr. about to abandon, about to desert

ha'mi'in n. rest, relaxation, lit. the old blade inside, i.e. cast aside old grudges

ha'mis n. loud noise, lit. listen knife

ha'misa v. to make a loud noise, to yell, to scream

ha'misal ppr. making a loud noise, yelling, screaming

ha'misem pp. made a loud noise, yelled, screamed

ha'misemah pfr. about to make a loud noise, about to yell, about to scream

ha'raj n. king, ruler

hahrentuathe n. senate, congress, council, lit. elders unite

haim adj. gone, absent, spent, departed

halam'shivanas n. Sweet sacrifice of your duty. lit. Do your duty to the end. 

Halani n. help, assistance

hale n. fox, fennec

halla n. intelligent deer-like creatures that the Dalish elves consider sacred. "Gentle greeter."

Halla'amelan n. Halla keeper, keeper of halla, halla tender, keeper of the halla in Dalish society

Hallain n. halla calf, baby halla

hama vb. to lie, to lay

hamal ppr. lying, laying

hamem pp. lied, laid

hamemah pfr. about to lie, about to lay

hamina vb. to rest, to relax

haminal ppr. resting, relaxing

haminem pp. rested, relaxed

haminemah pfr. about to rest, about to relax

haor n. lamb, sheep

haorlin n. lamb, baby sheep

har n. fear

har'el adj. feared, dreaded, rebellious, tricky

har'mien n. murder, foul play, violence

har'reun'an n. the awkward feeling when you are afraid that your partner will not like where you want to cum.

har'reun'sul'in n. the awkward feeling when you are afraid that your partner will ask to cum somewhere you don't want them to

hara vb. to fear, to dread, to trick

haral ppr. fearing, dreading, tricking

harem pp. feared, dreaded, tricked

haremah pfr. about to fear, about to dread, about to trick

Harellan n. Trickster, rebel, or traitor. Traitor and trickster are new meanings of the word. The archaeic meanings is simply 'rebel.'

harilla vb. to fight with cause, to rebel with justification, to destroy with honorable intent, to trick with the intent of teaching knowledge, to oppose

harillen n. Opposition

hart n. a type of large deer like creature that is often domesticated and used as a beast of burden or mount. literally 'perceptive thing/perceptive creature'

harth vb. hearing, perception, understanding

hartha vb. to listen, to understand, to perceive

harthal ppr. listening, understanding, perceiving

harthem pp. listened, understood, perceived

harthemah pfr. about to listen, about to understand, about to perceive

hasa vb. to spin, to twirl, to weave

hasal ppr. spinning, twirling, weaving

hasem pp. spun, twirled, weaved

hasemah pfr. about to spin, about to twirl, about to weave

hasathe n. yarn, cord, thread, string, rope

haselan n. spider, lit. weaver

haur adj. n. gold

haurasha adj. n. honey, golden

Hellathen n. noble struggle

hial n. juice, liquid

hima vb. to become, to change, to mold, to evolve

himal ppr. becoming, changing, molding, evolving

himem pp. became, changed, molded, evolved

himemah pfr. about to become, about to change, about to mold, about to evolve

himalan n. the coming of age for a girl. Similar to souvera and tua'sal, this is conjugated, regardless of whether or not it's being used as a verb or noun.

himalen n. the coming of age for a boy. Similar to souvera and tua'sal, this is conjugated, regardless of whether or not it's being used as a verb or noun.

himalin n. the coming of age for an adolescent. Similar to souvera and tua'sal, this is conjugated, regardless of whether or not it's being used as a verb or noun.

himana vb. to drown, to become water, to be enveloped by water until you become it

himanal ppr. drowning, becoming water

himanem pp. drowned, became water

himanemah pfr. about to drown, about to become water

holma vb. to carve, to sculpt, to bend, to mold

holmal ppr. carving, sculpting, bending, molding

holmem pp. carved, sculpted, bent, molded

holmemah pfr. about to carve, about to sculpt, about to bend, about to mold

hren n. respected person, leader, teacher

hron n. nose

hronlahna vb. to sneeze

hronlahnal ppr. sneezing

hronlahnem pp. sneezed

hronlahnemah pfr. about to sneeze

Hun n. The Qun

Hunvhen n. Qunari

hyn n. wine, alcohol

hynbana n. coffee, lit. black wine


i conj. prep. by, with, and, along with, also, moreover

i'tel conj. prep. without

i'tel'asha n. widower, lit. without woman

i'tel'gon adj. worthless, without value

i'tel'gon'lan n. f. punk, worthless person

i'tel'gon'len n. m. punk, worthless person

i'tel'gon'lin n. nt. punk, worthless person

i'tel'ishan n. widow, without man

i'var'lin n. pregnancy

i'var'lina vb. to be pregnant

i'var'linal ppr. being pregnant

i'var'linem pp. was pregnant

i'var'linemah pfr. about to be pregnant

i've prep. before

i've'an n. beyond. the elvish word for the fade: The beyond

i've'an'aria n. the veil, lit. fade barrier

I've'an'virelan n. Dreamer Mage, fade Walker, Walker of the Beyond

In n. prep. dwelling, or living quarters. but not a home. home is arla; in, inside, within

in'da'lav n. palm

ina vb. to live, to dwell, to habitate

ina'lan'ehn adj. beautiful, pretty, attractive

ina'lan'ehn'y'mesilde n. a beautiful or very attractive person who is bad at sex

inan n. eye, eyes

inan'dhula n. eyebrow

inana vb. to watch, to eye, to observe

inanal ppr. watching, observing

inanem pp. watched, observed

inanemah pfr. about to watch, about to observe

inansha adj. pretty, nice looking, lit. happy eyes

inedhialun n. tampon

inga n. nail, claw

ingava vb. to claw, to scratch

ingaval ppr. clawing, scratching

ingavem pp. clawed, scratched

ingavemah pfr. about to claw, about to scratch

inmuin n. throat, esophagus, trachea

inmuinbora vb. to cough

inmuinboral ppr. coughing

inmuinborem pp. coughed

inmuinboremah pfr. about to cough

inor prep. between betwixt, among lit. inside of

inortadurgen n. valley, vale, dell, deep vale, deep valey, lit. between mountains

inorteralas n. valley, vale, pass, lit. between hills

insil n. conscience, inside thought

Iovro n. bear, beast

iovru n. bear cub, baby bear

ir adj. adv. very, much

ir'an adj. adv. n. wide, far, large place. lit. very place

ir'ina'lan'ehn adj. gorgeous, very beautiful

ir'vera vb. to steal. lit. to very take

ir'veral ppr. stealing

ir'verem pp. stole

ir'veremah pfr. about to steal

Irlahna vb. to cry, to shout, to yell, to scream

irmes adj. soaked, saturated, soaking, dripping, drenched, lit. very wet

irmorisenatha n. great dragon, ancient dragon

irotha vb. to race, to move swiftly, to streak

irothal ppr. racing, moving swiftly, streaking

irothem pp. raced, moved swiftly, streaked

irothemah pfr. about to race, about to move swiftly, about to streak

Is pron. sb. m. he

Isa pron. ob. sb. m. his

Isalen pron. m. himself

Ish pron. ob. m. him

is'an pron. sb. m. they

is'el pron. ob. m. their, theirs

ish'ala pron. ob. m. them

is'var pron. sb. m. their

is'var'len'en pron. m. themselves

isa vb. to hunger

isal ppr. hungering

isem pp. hungered

isemah pfr. about to hunger

isa'ma'lin n. m. brother

isa'var'lin n. m. cousin, male cousin

isala vb. to need, to lust, to desperately desire, to desire sexually

isalal ppr. needing, lusting, desperately desiring, desiring sexually

isalem pp. needed, lusted, desperately desired, desired sexually

isalemah pfr. about to need, about to lust, about to desperately desire, about to desire sexually

isala'gara'seia'vallas n. when you lust for your partner so much that you want to rub their cum into your skin

isalathe n. desire, infatuation

isalor adj. needy

isathe n. hunger

ise n. fire, heat

ise'melana n. summer

iselena vb. to await, to expect, lit. desire wait

iselenal ppr. awaiting, expecting

iselenem pp. awaited, expected

iselenemah pfr. about to await, about to expect

isenatha n. dragon, lit. fire serpent

isenathe'dirthelan n. one who speaks to dragons, dragon talker, dragon friend, dragon tame

isenathe'vaslanelan n. dragon tamer

iseth adj. n. warmth, warm

ishalen n. m. son, offspring, native

ishan adj. adv. n. m. man, masculine, manly

ishaor n. male sheep, ram

isreun n. semen, cum, male ejaculate

itha vb. to view, to see, to eye, to watch, to look

ithal ppr. viewing, seeing, watching, looking

ithem pp. viewed, saw, watched, looked

ithemah pfr. about to view, about to see, about to watch, about to look

ithast n. sight


jol adj. n. yellow

josa vb. to run, to move swiftly, to flee

josal ppr. running, moving swiftly, fleeing

josem pp. ran, moved swiftly, fled

josemah pfr. about to run, about to move swiftly, about to flee

josh n. motion, movement

joshor n. wave, current, literally 'movement of'

jul n. cloth, fabric, material

julathe n. clothing, clothes, garments

julseithe n. fur, lit. skin cloth

June n. "Crafts with joy." The god of craft and crafters. Taught the elves how to make weapons, clothing, aravels and leatherworking. 


la adv. prep. like, as

la'var conj. as long, while, so long, as, like

ladana vb. to fix, to mend

ladanal ppr. fixing, mending

ladanem pp. fixed, mended

ladanemah pfr. about to fix, about to mend

ladara vb. to heal, to mend, to soothe, to treat, to salve

ladaral ppr. healing, mending, soothing, treating, salving

ladarem pp. healed, mended, soothed, treated, salved

ladaremah pfr. about to heal, about to mend, about to sooth, about to treat, about to salve

Ladarelan n. healer, doctor, nurse

Ladarelan'elgar n. Spirit healer, lit. one who heals spiritually, who heals with the aid of spirits. Not to be confused with Elgar'ladarelan: One who heals spirits

lah n. voice, sound

lahna vb. to call, to cry, to voice

lahnal ppr. calling, crying, voicing

lahnem pp. called, cried, voiced

lahnemah pfr. about to call, about to cry, about to voice

lahyn n. syrup, molasses

laia vb. to fall, to drop, to land

laial ppr. falling, dropping, landing

laiem pp. fell, dropped, landed

laiemah pfr. about to fall, about to drop, about to land

laim adj. lost, adrift, disoriented

laima vb. to lose, to waste, to give up, to drop

laimal ppr. losing, wasting, giving up, dropping

laimem pp. lost, wasted, gave up, dropped

laimemah pfr. about to lose, about to waste, about to give up, about to drop

laimasha n. defeat, loss

laimsa n. lost one, slave, oppressed thing, oppressed person

lam adj. adv. n. past, time gone by

lam'vir n. yesterday

Lan n. f. person, blood

Len n. m. nt. person, blood

Lin n. nt. m. person, blood

lana vb. to allow, to give without condition

lanal ppr. allowing, giving without condition

lanem pp. allowed, given without condition

lanemah pfr. about to allow, about to give without condition

lanaima vb. to defeat, to give loss

lanaimal ppr. defeating

lanaimem pp. defeated

lanaimemah pfr. about to defeat

lanalin n. f. female parent, mother

lanasta vb. to forgive, to show mercy

lanaste n. mercy, forgiveness

lanun n. gift, allowance

lanun'ven'ur'alas n. blessing, luck, godsend, opportunity, windfall; an unexpected thing or event that is particularly welcome and timely, as if sent by a god.

Las n. hope, ambition, anticipation

lasa vb. to grant, to allow, to give

lasal ppr. granting, allowing, giving

lasem pp. granted, allowed, given

lasemah pfr. about to grant, about to allow, about to give

lath n. Love, specifically the love between family or lovers. This word is used from a third person perspective when speaking of lovers. First person it is used only for family. First person terms of love and endearment between lovers usually take on a much more poetic context.

lath'in n. heart, "place where love lives" lit. love inside

lath'sal'in n. the act of fondling someone's hair, specifically someone you care about. similar to Brazilian, "cafune."

lath'sal'ina vb. to practice lath'sal'in. 

latha vb. to love, Love, specifically the love between family or lovers. This word is used from a third person perspective when speaking of lovers. First person it is used only for family. First person terms of love and endearment between lovers usually take on a much more poetic context. For example, while "Lathan na," (I love you) Is grammatically correct, it is more likely that an elf will use the more common "Ma vhen'an." (My home/my heart). 

lathal ppr. loving

lathem pp. loved

lathemah pfr. about to love

lathuil n. peach

lav n. arm

lav'sal'in n. horn

lav'ta n. peak

lav'ta'durgen n. mountain peak, precipice, lit. horn of a mountain

lav'ta'durgen'en n. range of mountain peaks

lavadahl n. branch, specifically that of a tree

laveth n. tail

lavin n. bone

lavur n. branch, that of any plant

lea vb. to shine, to glitter, to shimmer, to glisten

leal adj. ppr. shining, glittering, shimmering, glistening, bright, clear

leem pp. shone, glittered, shimmered, glistened

leemah pfr. about to shine, about to glitter, about to shimmer, about to glisten

lea'vune n. moon light

leala n. color, shade, pigment

lealos n. brightness

lean n. light, glow, gleam, glare

leanash adj. glorious

leanatha vb. to worship, to praise, to give glory

leanathe n. splendor, glory

leanos n. lightness

lan'din n. f. corpse

len'din n. m. corpse

lin'din n. nt. corpse

lan'pala vb. f. to masturbate. the appropriate possessive is added to the beginning. i.e. ara'lan'pala

len'pala vb. f. to masturbate. the appropriate possessive is added to the beginning. i.e. ara'len'pala

lin'pala vb. f. to masturbate. the appropriate possessive is added to the beginning. i.e. ara'lin'pala

lan'palathe n. f. masturbation

len'palathe n. m. masturbation

lin'palathe n. nt. masturbation

lan'sila n. f. student, learner, thinking person. 

len'sila n. m. student, learner, thinking person. 

lin'sila n. nt. student, learner, thinking person. 

lenalin n. m. male parent, father

lesta vb. to sew, to weave

lestal ppr. sewing, weaving

lestem pp. sewn, weaved

lestemah pfr. about to sew, about to weave

lestdurin n. girdle, belt, sash

lestun n. thread, cord, string

lethal n. kin, or family, specifically very close kin or family. 

lethal'lan n. f. blood kin, clan mate, very close and dear friend

lethal'len n. nt. blood kin, very close and dear friend

lethal'lin n. m. blood kin, very close and dear friend

lethanavir n. kin of the inevitable way, kin of death, a possible name, as well as a title given to those who scry through death, also another Proper Name given to Falon'Din (perhaps his birth name?)

lim n. drip, drop, driplet, droplet

lima vb. to drip, to drop

liman n. liquid, water, milk

lin'adahl n. sap, specifically that of a tree

Lin'thanelan n. Blood mage. Lit. One who wields blood

linalin n. parent

linast adj. bloody, grisly, blood soaked

lingrean n. phoenix, fire bird

linshenamahn n. native, inhabitant, citizen, indigenous person

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Ma pron. sb. sg. You

ma'isa'ma'lin n. f. aunt

madh n. urine, piss

mae n. mom, ma, mum, mommy. shortened form for mother

magen n. island

mah adv. n. ahead, future, onwards, onward

mah'vir n. tomorrow

mahn adv. adj. conj. n. pron. where

mala adv. conj. n. now

mamae, mama n. Mother. lit. "Future protector."

mamala, mamaela n. grandmother, grandma, nana

man n. water, river

man n. month, time, small time

man'an n. spring, well, lit. water place

mana n. distant past, a long amount of time

manaan n. ocean, sea

manadahlen n. wet forest, slang for vagina

manala n. lake, large pond, large body of water

manalas n. shore, bank, lit. watery land

Mananor n. Rivain, lit. Watery Nation

Mananorvhen n. Rivaini, people of rivain

mandagen n. beach

mandalavur n. tea, lit. leaf water

mandian n. pond, small lake

mandilisa vb. to boil, to cook in water

mandilisal ppr. boiling

mandilisem pp. boiled

mandilisemah pfr. about to boil

manean n. fish lit. water bird

manen n. sea, waters

manhima vb. to bathe, to wade, to float, to submerge

manise n. whisky, liquor

manlava vb. to swim

manlaval ppr. swimming

manlavem pp. swam

manlavemah pfr. about to swim

manleala n. rainbow, lit. water color

manras n. mist, dew, literally water fog

manvel n. ship, boat

manvelarla n. harbor, wharf

manvheraan n. shark, literally water wolf

manvian n. bay, gulf, literally water opening

manvir n. stream, brook, lit. water way

mar pron. poss. sb. sg. Your

mar'lan pron. sb. sg. Yourself

mar'len pron. sb. sg. Yourself

mar'lin pron. sb. sg. Yourself

masa n. buttocks, ass, butt

math n. food, nourishment, fuel

matha vb. to satisfy (Specifically satisfy requirements) to quench (Such as fire, or thirst), to eat, to imbibe

mathal ppr. satisfying, quenching, eating, imbibing

mathem pp. satisfied, quenched, eaten, imbibed

mathemah pfr. about to satisfy, about to quench, about to eat, about to imbibe

mava vb. to drink

maval ppr. drinking

mavem pp. drank, drunk

mavemah pfr. about to drink

mavar adj. thick, solid, viscous

mavash n. ale, beer, lit. drink

mavun n. drink, liquid for imbibing

melahn adv. conj. n. when

melahn'an n. then, that time

melana n. time, specifically the unit of time. "What time is it?" "This time, I will win." "Please come prepared next time."

melath n. hour, a small unit of time (melana+ath)

melava n. time, specifically the concept of time. i.e. "A long time ago."

melena vb. to wait, to rest. lit. hold time

melenal ppr. waiting, resting, holding time

melenem pp. waited, rested

melenemah pfr. about to wait, about to rest

melin n. name, noun, title

mes adj. wet, dank, damp, soggy, moist

mesilde adj. pitiful, pathetic

mesildelan n. f. pathetic person, pitiful person, literally sad pathos emotion person

mesildelen n. m. pathetic person, pitiful person, literally sad pathos emotion person

mesildelin n. nt. pathetic person, pitiful person, literally sad pathos emotion person

mi'durgen n. diamond, gem. lit. blade of the stone

mi'nas'sal'in n. the intense feeling of missing something or someone that is deeply important or personal. similar to Brazilian "saudade" Lit. "The knife again in my soul."

mi'nas'sal'ina vb. to feel mi'nas'sal'in

mi'nas'sal'inal ppr. feeling mi'nas'sal'in

mi'nas'sal'inem pp. felt mi'nas'sal'in

mi'nas'sal'inemah pfr. about to feel mi'nas'sal'in

mia n. vb. the typical sound that a cat makes, to make the sound of a cat, meow, to meow

mial ppr. meowing

miem pp. mewed

miemah pfr. about to meow

mien adj. n. violent, violence, outrage, outrageous

mien'harel n. violent rebellion, or violent call for justice. A word most often used by city elves.

min adj. adv. n. current, present, now, here, this

min'nydha n. tonight

min'vir n. today, lit. 'current way'

miol n. insect

mir n. prep. finger, unto, forwards, towards

miringa n. fingernail

mis n. knife, or blade. specifically when dealing with tools. Is sometimes shortened to 'mi.'

mith prep. near, close. like most prepositions, this is added as a prefix to the word being modified. i.e. mith'ar = i am near. mith'em = near me. mith'ma = you are near

mithsei n. perineum, the area between the anus and the vulva in the female, and anus and scrotum in the male

mol n. mouse, rodent

mor adj. adv. big, large, immense, bulky, ample

mor'vharla n. city, large settlement

moran n. area, space, distance

morisenatha n. high dragon, gigantic fire serpent

morla n. building, edifice, architecture, construction. lit. "big house."

morlanalin n. grandmother

morlenalin n. grandfather

muin n. neck

mun n. pig

munain n. piglet, baby pig

munvher n. hyena, pig cat

my adj. adv. conj. prep. after, following

mya vb. to follow, to be lead

myal ppr. following

myem pp. followed

myemah pfr. about to follow

myatha vb. to honor, to follow, to praise

myathal ppr. honoring, following, praising

myathem pp. honored, followed, praised

myathemah pfr. about to honor, about to follow, about to praise

myathash n. honor, praise, dignity

Mythal n. "Mother who has protected" The elvish god of protection, motherhood, and justice. The Great Protector. According to legend, she created the moon. She is often invoked by the Dalish in their prayers for protection.


Na pron. ob. sg. You

Nar pron. poss. ob. sg. your, yours

nadas adj. inevitable, unavoidable, certain, lit. vengeance against restraint

nan n. revenge, violent rage, especially violent rage in purpose of revenge (plural)

Nas n. Soul, Heart. While it can be used interchangeably with Sal, it is more often used to mean the emotional or conceptual side of the soul, whereas Sal is used more to denote the literal, spiritual or life-giving side. The two, however, grammatically mean the same thing, such as intellect and intelligence in English.

nas'falon n. soul mate; Unlike English and other languages, soul mate / nas’falon does not automatically denote a romantic or sexual relationship. It instead denotes a relationship where two people are so incredible close, so incredibly devoted to each other and incredibly inseparable, that it is as if they share a soul. In the Elvhen context, you only ever have one nas’falon, one soul mate. 

nas'taron n. twin soul

naslahna vb. to create, to craft, to create art, to art

naslahnal ppr. creating, crafting, creating art

maslahnem pp. created, crafted

maslahnemah pfr. about to create, about to craft, about to create art

naslahnathe n. art

naslahnelan n. artist

natha n. serpent, reptile

navir n. the inevitable way, death. Din is used when talking about death in a literal sense. Navir is used when talking about death in a metaphysical, metaphorical, and philosophical sense.

nehn n. joy, great happiness, ecstasy

nera vb. to like, to enjoy

neral ppr. liking, enjoying

nerem pp. liked, enjoyed

neremah pfr. about to like, about to enjoy

neral n. pleasure, liking

nerala vb. to pleasure

neralal ppr. pleasuring

neralem pp. pleasured

neralemah pfr. about to pleasure

nere adv. maybe, probably, likely

Nevara n. Nevarra

Nevaravhen n. Nevarran, people of Nevarra

ni adj. adv. n. friendly, friend. Different from Falon, as Falon means a friend who guides, or a lifelong friend. Ni refers to someone who just friendly, or more than an acquiantance. Ni must be paired with the appropriate pronoun to be a noun: i.e. Arani - my friend. Marni - your friend. Elni - our friend.

nin n. anger

nira vb. to celebrate, to party, to be joyful, to congratulate

niral ppr. celebrating, partying, congratulating

nirem pp. celebrated, partied, congratulated

nirmeh pfr. about to celebrate, about to party, about to congratulate

nis adj. adv. dry, arid, stale, torrid

nisathe n. dust, ash, sand

nivhellan n. table. lit. friend meet place

nu n. pain, ache

nu'da'din'sal'mah n. when you have orgasmed after sex or masturbating, but want to immediately go again.

nua vb. to ache, to bother, to trouble, to upset, to hurt

nual ppr. aching, bothering, troubling, upsetting, hurting

nuem pp. ached, bothered, troubled, upset, hurt

nuemah pfr. about to ache, about to bother, about to trouble, about to upset, about to hurt

nuisa vb. to burn, to scorch, to smolder, to torch

nuisal ppr. burning, scorching, smoldering, torching

nuisem pp. burnt, scorched, smoldered, torched

nuisemah pfr. about to burn, about to scorch, about to smolder, about to torch

nuise n. burn, scorch mark

nulam n. regret, bitterness, remorse, lit. pain past

nulama vb. to regret, to be remorseful, to be bitter

nulamal ppr. regretting

nulem pp. regretted

nulemah pfr. about to regret

numa vb. to cry, to weep, especially in sorrow or sadness

numal ppr. crying, weeping

numem pp. cried, wept

numemah pfr. about to cry, about to weep

numava vb. to thirst

numaval adj. ppr. thirsting, thirsty

numavem pp. thirsted

numavemah pfr. about to thirst

nume n. sadness, depression

nume'sildear n. pathos, sad emotion, poignancy

numea vb. to be sad

numeal adj. adv. pp. being sad, sad

numam pp. was sad

numamah pfr. about to be sad

numin n. tears, crying, depression

nuva vb. modal verb may, wish

nuven n. wish, desire, want, greed

nuven'in n. great wishes, or wants or desires

nuvena vb. to wish, to hope, to want, to desire. Different from isala, in that nuvena would speak of things that you desire for yourself. Isala speaks more of ideals. You would use isala when speaking about desiring somebody in a sexual or romantic sense. Nuvena would be used when meaning in a practical sense. "I desire you," would be isala. "I desire your help in building this wagon," would be nuvena. 

nuvenal ppr. wishing, hoping, wanting, desiring

nuvenem pp. wished, hoped, wanted, desired

nuvenemah pfr. about to wish, about to hope, about to want, about to desire

nuvi'sulena vb. To pretend. "Wish Sing."

nuvi'sulenal ppr. pretending

nuvi'sulenem pp. pretended

nuvi'sulenemah pfr. about to pretend

nydha n. nightime quiet. Also used for night in metaphysical senses, or greetings/farewells (good night)


O conj. prep. from, concerning, about, than

odhe n. smell, scent, odor, musk

odhea vb. to smell, to scent, to inhale, to breathe, to sniff

odheal ppr. smelling, inhaling, breathing, sniffing

odheem pp. smelled, inhaled, breathed, sniffed, scented

odheemah pfr. about to smell, about to inhale, about to breathe, about to sniff

oin n. rabbit, bunny

oinmun n. nug

oinmunain n. baby nug, nuglet, little nug

oinu n. baby rabbit, little rabbit

On adj. good

on'ala adj. best, great, amazing, wonderful

on'el adj. better

onhar n. awe, wonder, astonishment

onharos adj. wonderous, astonishing, awe inspiring

or prep. of, of the

Orlei n. Orlais

Orleivhen n. Orlesian, people of Orlais

Ove prep. through, lit. from behind

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pal'isalathe n. sexual need, sexual desire

pala n. vb. sex, sexual intercourse, to perform sexual intercourse, to have sex

palal ppr. performing sexual intercourse, having sex

palem pp. sexed, had sex, performed sexual intercourse

palemah pfr. about to perform sexual intercourse, about to have sex

pala'tel'dirth'lath'in n. the embarassing feeling when you are too scared to ask your partner for what will sexually pleasure you.

paladahl n. sex tree, slang for penis

palahna vb. to challenge, to rival

palahnal ppr. challenging, rivalling

palahnem pp. challenged, rivaled

palahnemah pfr. about to challenge, about to rival

palasha adj. sexy, sexiness, attractive

palast adj. adv. sexual, sexually

pan n. fight, combat, argument

pana vb. to fight, to combat, to argue

panal ppr. fighting, combating, arguing

panem pp. fought, combated, argued

panemah pfr. about to fight, about to combat, about to argue

panathe n. battle, combat, fight

Panathe'virelan n. Battle mage. Lit. Walker of Battle. A commander of Battle Mages is known as Raj'panathe: master of battle. Not to be confused with Panelan: warrior, or Panelan'virelan: Who who walks the path of the warrior (I.e. a master warrior). 

panelan n. fighter, warrior, soldier, combatant

Panelan'virelan n. Master Warrior. Master of weapons. Lit. One who walks the path of the warrior. 

par n. bag, purse, container

para vb. to put something into a container, to bag, to contain, to purse, to close

pargail n. scrotum, lit. bell purse

prea vb. to cut, to portion, to slice

prear n. cut, portion, slice, piece, pie


ra pron. it, that

rad n. adj. green, emerald

Radalas n. Ferelden, lit. Green land

Radalsvhen n. Fereldan, people of ferelden, person of ferelden

rahn n. thing, abstract idea, object

rahn'girem n. property, bought thing

raj n. leader, director

Raj'aju'en n. Craftmaster, Director of Crafting

raja vb. to lead, to command, to direct

rajane adj. direct, straight, undeviating

rajast adv. directly, straight

rajathe n. commandment, directive, order

rajelan n. commander, director, leader, one who commands, directs, or leads

ras n. cloud, smoke, fog

rasdalelan n. assassin, hired killer, lit. shadow killer

rasha adj. adv. cloudy, dark, foggy, misty

re n. release, rejection, discharge

rea vb. to rid, to remove, to clean, to clear, to shed, to discharge, to release

real ppr. ridding, removing, cleaning, clearing, shedding, discharging, releasing

reem pp. rid, removed, cleaned, cleared, shed, discharged, released

reemah pfr. about to rid, about to remove, about to clean, about to clear, about to shed, about to discharge, about to release

reast adj. adv. clean, pure, cleanly, purely

reathe n. cleanliness, purity

relina vb. to bleed, to drain, to ooze, to shed

relinal ppr. bleeding, draining, oozing, shedding

relinem pp. bled, drained, oozed, shed

relinemah pfr. about to bleed, about to drain, about to ooze, about to shed

reun n. release, ejaculation, slang: orgasm, semen

revas n. freedom, escape, escape from bondage, liberty

Revas'an n. the place where freedom dwells

rodhair n. thief, rogue, rascal, knave, scoundrel

rodhe adj. n. taste, flavour, tasty, flavourful

roga vb. to brave, to dare, to endure

rogal ppr. braving, daring, enduring

rogem pp. braved, dared, endured

rogemah pfr. about to brave, about to dare, about to endure

rogasha adj. brave, daring, courageous

rogathe n. bravery, daring, courage

rosa vb. To stand, last, rise, endure, to survive. 

rosal ppr. standing, lasting, rising, enduring, surviving

rosem pp. stood, lasted, rose, endured, survived

rosemah pfr. about to stand, about to last, about to rise, about to endure, about to survive

rosa'da'din n. vb. orgasm, to orgasm. rosa is conjugated, da'din is not. lit. to endure a small death

rosal'da'din ppr. orgasming

rosem'da'din pp. orgasmed

rosemah'da'din pfr. about to orgasm

rosa'nu'da'din'enal n. the pain of an orgasm while you're cumming but your partner keeps going, causing a mixture of both pleasure and aching pain. 

rosa'sule'din n. vb. survival, endurance, to survive, to endure. rosa is conjugated

rosal'sule'din ppr. surviving, enduring

rosem'sule'din pp. survived, endured

rosemah'sule'din pfr. about to survive, about to endure

run n. shape, form

rund adj. adv. blunt, dull, round, obtuse, bluntly

rya vb. must


Sa n. single, one

sa'lin n. someone, somebody, lit. one blood

sa'vunin n. a single day, this day, sometimes used for 'today,' instead of min'vir (similar to the difference between 'today,' and 'this day.')

Sael n. adj. first

safain n. colt, baby horse, little horse

safal n. horse

sahl n. moment, minute

sahl'in adv. n. now, in this moment, currently

sal adv. n. again, once more, repeat, soul, the spiritual part of a body, the essence of embodiment of a specified quality.

sal'in n. head, face. "place where the soul resides." lit. "again inside."

sal'in'dial n. mask, veil

sal'in'iseth n. blush, lit. hot face

sal'lavin n. jaw, cheek, jawline

sal'lavin'en'gra n. blush, lit. red cheeks

sal'shiral n. life, lifespan, life journey, lit. the great journey of the soul

salgehsa adj. sane, not crazy, of sound mind

salhasa n. psyche, spirit, being

salhasine adj. psychotic, insane, crazy

salhasis n. psychosis, insanity

saltuatha vb. to reunite, to rejoin, to reunify, to reassemble, to fix

saltuathal ppr. reuniting, rejoining, reunifying, reassembling, fixing

saltuathem pp. reunited, rejoined, reunified, reassembled, fixed

saltuathemah pfr. about to reunite, about to rejoin, about to reunify, about to reassemble, about to fix

saltuathal n. reunion, reunification

samahl n. laugh, laughter

samahla vb. to laugh

samahlal ppr. laughing

samahlem pp. laughed

samahlemah pfr. about to laugh

samahlas adj. n. joke, funny

samelana adv. n. one time, a single occasion, once

samelava adv. sometime, sometimes, at one time or another

san int. okay, ok, Short for Eolasan.

saota n. marriage, bond, to marry, to bond, lit. one from two

saotal ppr. marrying, bonding

saotem pp. married, bonded

saotemah pfr. about to marry, about to bond

saron adv. together, as one

sasha adj. adv. alone, apart, isolated, unique, peerless, only

sast adj. any, lit. one-y

sastmahn adv. conj. n. anywhere, wherever

satha vb. to please, to satisfy, to delight

sathal ppr. pleasing, satisfying, delighting

sathem pp. pleased, satisfied, delighted, short for 'pleased to help' i.e. 'you're welcome'

sathemah pfr. about to please, about to satisfy, about to delight

sathan int. please

savhalla int. n. courtesy, salutations, civility, hello, greetings, lit. one to accept

savis conj. though, even if, although

Sar'lan'en pron. pl. f. Yourselves

Sar'len'en pron. pl. m. Yourselves

Sar'lin'en pron. pl. nt. Yourselves

Sar pron. pl. poss. sb. ob. Your, Yours

Se pron. pl. sb. ob. You

se'lah n. your (pl) sound, your voices

seia vb. to skin, to peel

seial ppr. skinning, peeling

seiem pp. skinned, peeled

seiemah pfr. about to skin, about to peel

seithe n. skin, hide

seithe'adahl n. bark, specifically that of a tree lit. tree hide

seranna n. gratitude, appreciation, grateful, recognition

serannas adj. grateful, indebted, obliged

serannasa vb. to thank, to be grateful, to show gratitude, to appreciate

serannasal ppr. thanking, appreciating

serannasem pp. thanked, appreciated

serannasemah pfr. about to thank, about to appreciate

Seth adj. Thin, tenuous, easily breakable

sethenan n. land of dreams

Setheneran n. Land of waking dreams -- a place where the veil is thin. 

sha adj. vb. happy, to be happy

shadera vb. to flirt, lit. happy touch

shaderal ppr. flirting

shaderem pp. flirted

shaderemah pfr. about to flirt

shala vb. to protect, to save, to resurrect. This word talks about protecting life, whereas ama is protecting possessions or people close to you, and etha is to make non-possessions safe. Ama would be used when talking about protecting your daughter. Etha when talking about building a wall around your castle. Shala when a knight is talking about protecting his kingdom.

shalasha n. shield, armor

shan adj. old, aging, aged, elderly

shantri n. chantry

shasha n. happiness

shath n. wing

shath'mir n. feather, lit. wing finger

shathe adj. adv. happy, happily

she adj. adv. early, quick, quickly

she'ala adj. adv. earliest, first

she'el adj. adv. earlier, first

she'el'melava adj. former, old, departed, bygone

shem adj. quick, fast, hasty

shem'el adj. adv. quicker, faster, with more haste

Shem'len n. Quick children, Derogatory slang for non-dalish. Used usually to refer to humans. 

shena vb. sprout, spring, shoot, germinate, to be born

shenal adj. ppr. sprouting, springing, shooting, germinating, fertile

shenem pp. sprouted, sprung, shot, germinated

shenemah pfr. about to sprout, about to spring, about to shoot, about to germinate

shenamahn adj. native, natural, hereditary, lit. born here

shenathe n. birth, germination

shia vb. to wander, to travel

shial ppr. wandering, traveling

shiem pp. wandered, traveled

shiemah pfr. about to wander, about to travel

shila vb. to spit

shile n. saliva, spit

shira vb. to journey, to travel

shiral n. ppr. journeying, traveling, journey, specifically a great journey, lifelong journey or an important journey or adventure. Used when speaking of a journey taken by someone other than yourself, or when talking about a journey in a conceptual sense.

shirem pp. journeyed, traveled

shiremah pfr. about to journey, about to travel

shiva'dahl n. A tree that does its duty, A great tree reminding us of duty, Tree of Duty, A Statue That Remembers Its Duty, A great being bound by duty.

Shivana vb. To do one's duty,specifically, willingly, without being told, and with joy. 

shivanal ppr. doing one's duty

shivanem pp. did one's duty

shivanemah pfr. about to do one's duty

shivasa vb. to swear fealty, to give an oath, lit. to journey far, specifically swearing an oath that is either forever, or will end in your death

shivasal ppr. swearing fealty, giving an oath

shivasem pp. swore fealty, gave an oath

shivasemah pfr. about to swear fealty, about to give an oath

shol n. leg

shol'en n. pl. legs

shos n. foot

shos'lavin n. ankle, heel

shos'mir n. toe

shos'miringa n. toenail

shosaan n. pl. feet

shud n. hoof

sil n. thought, mind

sil'ahn n. answer, lit. what thought

sil'dirth n. advice, opinion, lit. thought speech

sil'dirtha vb. to advise, to give one's opinion, to speak one's mind

sil'dirthal ppr. advising, giving one's opinion, speaking one's mind

sil'dirthem pp. advised, gave one's opinion, spoke one's mind

sil'dirthemah pfr. about to advise, about to give one's opinion, about to speak one's mind

sila vb. to think, to remember, to learn

silaima vb. to forget, lit. to lose mind

sildear n. emotion, mood, attitude, character, disposition, frame of mind, lit. thought attitude

sildeara vb. to feel, to show emotion

sildearal ppr. feeling, showing emotion

sildearem pp. felt, showed emotion

sildearemah pfr. about to feel, about to show emotion

sildela adj. naughty, risque, lit. wrong thoughts

sileal n. wisdom, clear thought, understanding

silgesha adj. sane, not neurotic

silhasa n. neuron. lit. thought weave.

silhasine adj. neurotic

silhasis n. neurosis

siljosa vb. to act, to behave

siljosal ppr. acting, behaving

siljosem pp. acted, behaved

siljosemah pfr. about to act, about to behave

silras adj. dizzy, cloudy mind, drunk

siu adj. sweet, tasty

siugen n. sugar

slen n. slant, slide, slope

slena vb. to slant, to slide, to slope

slenal ppr. slanting, sliding, sloping

slenem adj. pp. slanted, slid, sloped, tilted, sloping

solas n. pride, ego lit. the allowance of power

somniera vb. to sleep, to dream, tevene cognate used only in some Dalish dialects of Elvhen.

somnieral ppr. sleeping, dreaming

somnierem pp. slept, dreamed

somnieremah pfr. about to sleep, about to dream

son adv. well, thoroughly, carefully, commendably

sou n. energy, power, stamina, virility, strength

sou'alas n. Force, Gravity, The Earth's power

Sou'alas'rajelan n. Force Mage, One who commands the earth's power

Sou'i've'an n. power of the fade, energies of the fade lit. strength of the beyond

Sou'i've'an'thanelan n. Fade Mage, Rift Mage, one who wields the energy of the fade. An extremely ancient and lost discipline not "rediscovered," in modern times until the Breach and events of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

sou'nin n. wrath, great anger

sou'tarasyl n. lightning, power of the sky

sou'alaslin n. iron, lit. power metal

soulean n. lightning, power of the light

soun adj. strong, powerful

soundil n. muscle, lit. strong meat

soundila vb. to exercise, lit. to make strong meat

soundilal ppr. exercising

soundilem pp. exercised

soundilemah pfr. about to exercise

souver'melana n. autumn

Souvera vb. to tire, to be tired

su prep. to, towards, via, in the direction of

sua vb. to happen, to occur

suin adj. quiet, soft, muted

suina vb. to quiet, to mute, to silence

sul prep. for, on

sul'ama vb. to give, to impart, especially knowledge or ideas. 

sul'amal ppr. giving, imparting

sul'amem pp. gave, imparted

sul'amemah pfr. about to give, about to impart

sul'amelan n. teacher, one who imparts knowledge

sul'ana vb. to serve, to give unto

sul'anal ppr. serving, giving unto

sul'anem pp. served, given unto

sul'anemah pfr. about to serve, about to give unto

sul'anasha n. servant

sul'anathe n. service

sul'anelan n. server, servant

sul'ava vb. to serve, specifically with food or some other commodity. 

sul'aval ppr. serving

sul'avem pp. served

sul'avemah pfr. about to serve

sul'ema vb. to bring, to give

sul'emal ppr. bringing, giving

sul'emem pp. brought, given

sul'ememah pfr. about to bring, about to give

sulahn n. song, music

sule prep. unto, until, up to, into

sule'din n. endurance, lit. unto death

sule'vi'in n. certainty, confidence, conviction, inevitability

sulena vb. to sing. this is used in both the literal and figurative versions of singing.

suleth adv. n. front, forwards

suleva vb. to mean, to intend, to propose, to signify

suleval ppr. meaning, intending, proposing, signifying

sulevem pp. meant, intended, proposed, signified

sulevemah pfr. about to mean, about to intend, about to propose, about to signify

sulnuise n. incense, lit. for burning

sulo adj. adv. n. pron. some, uncertain number. shortened form of sulosan. 

sulosan adj. adv. n. pron. some, uncertain number

sulrahn n. pron. something

sum prep. across, along, over

sura vb. to arrive, to come, to create, to be at, to act

sural ppr. arriving, coming, creating, acting

surem pp. arrived, came, created, acted

suremah pfr. about to arrive, about to come, about to create, about to act

syl n. air, breeze, wind, breath

syla vb. to breathe

sylal ppr. breathing

sylem pp. breathed

sylemah pfr. about to breathe

Sylaise n. the Elvish god of childbirth, the hearth, magic, medicine, weaving and peace. The Hearthkeeper, and patron of Vir Atish'an (the way of peace). Syl(Syla)+lana+Ise. Translation: The giving breath of fire

sylvira vb. to fly, to soar

sylviral ppr. flying, soaring

sylvirem pp. flied, soared

sylviremah pfr. about to fly, about to soar

sylvun n. breath, air of life

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ta'dur'gen'ise n. volcano

ta'durgen n. mountain, peak, precipice

Tael adj. adv. n. second, next

tael'vir n. tomorrow

tamahn adj. adv. int. n. there

tamelana adv. twice

Tanaron'el n. identical triplet

Tanaron'el'en n. pl. identical triplets

Tanaron n. triplet

Tanaronen n. triplets

tar adj. prep. high, up, upwards, lofty

tar'shol n. thigh

tar'shol'lavin n. hip

tara vb. to stand, to rise

taral ppr. standing, rising

tarem pp. stood, risen

taremah pfr. about to stand, about to rise

tara'syl'nu'min n. rain, deluge, drizzle, mist, precipitation, shower, showers lit. sky tears

tara'syl'nu'mina vb. to rain, to precipitate lit. 'sky cry'

Tarasyl n. sky, heavens

Tarasyl'an Te'las n. The place where the sky is kept. Elvhen name for the fortress of Skyhold

Tarasyl'nin n. storm, tempest, violent disturbance of the atmosphere

tarasyldear n. weather. lit. sky emotion, sky mood tarasyl+sildear

tarasyldhe n. wind, breeze

taratha vb. to raise, to elevate

tarathal ppr. raising, elevating

tarathem pp. risen, elevated

tarathe n. elevation, rise, stand, pedestal

targen n. cliff

Targen'i'man n. Antiva, Where the cliffs meet the water

Targen'i'manvhen adj. n. Antivan

tarlahn adj. n. loud, high sound

tarlahnast adv. loudly

tarlavin n. shoulder

tarlan n. f. noble, noble person, princess, lady

tarlen n. m. noble, noble person, prince, lord

tarlin n. nt. noble, noble person, prince

tarlinydha n. owl, lit. prince of the night, noble of the night

taromol n. bat. 'fly mouse.'

Taron'el n. identical twin

Taron'el'en n. pl. identical twins

Taron n. twin

Taronen n. pl. twins

tarosa vb. to fly, to rise

tarosal adj. ppr. flying, rising, winged

tarosem pp. flew, risen

tarosemah pfr. about to fly, about to rise

tarsul prep. upon, over, above

tarvhen n. nobility, lit. lofty people

tas adv. conj. also, as well, too

tath adv. conj. still, yet, thus far

Tavhen adj. n. Tevene

Tavinte n. Tevinter

te'olathe'lan n. f. foolish person with no social skills

te'olathe'len n. m. foolish person with no social skills

te'olathe'lin n. nt. foolish person with no social skills

Tel adv. adj. Not, Do not. Oftentimes contracted to Te.

tel'dhru'gonathe adj. incredible, impressive, amazing

tel'pal'isalathe n. someone who isn't in the mood for sex, or someone who doesn't feel sexual attraction at all, asexual

tel'sildearelan n. one who feels no emotion, or doesn't feel a specific emotion, either at all or at that present time, a less insulting word for a sociopath

tel'tath'mes n. m. male virgin, virginity. lit. not yet wet

tela vb. not have the ability, cannot

telal ppr. is not able to

telem pp. was not able to, could not

telemah pfr. about to not be able to

telahna vb. hush, to be quiet, to not speak

telahnal ppr. hushing, being quiet, not speaking

telahnem pp. hushed, quieted

telahnemah pfr. about to hush, about to be quiet, about to not speak

telam adj. bad

telam'ala adj. worst

telam'dhruelan n. zealot, fanatic, lit. bad believer

telam'el adj. worse

telamaan adj. horrible, horrendous, disgusting, hideous

telban n. white

teldirthalelan n. stupid person. one who will not learn. idiot. 

telenal adj. lazy, slothful, idle, slack

telenathe n. laziness, sloth, idleness

teleolasan n. no understanding, "i don't understand"

Telharthan n. no hearing, "I don't understand" / "i don't hear"

telin n. nobody, no one, lit. no blood

telir adv. only, just, barely, simply

telithal n. blind, lit. not seeing

telom adv. not well, bad, badly

telom'ala adv. worst

telsahngar adj. adv. unfortunate, unfortunately

telsila vb. to worry, to bother, to annoy, to depress, to trouble

telsilal ppr. worrying, bothering, annoying, depressing, troubling

telsilem pp. worried, bothered, annoyed, depressed, troubled

telsilemah pfr. about to worry, about to bother, about to annoy, about to depress, about to trouble

telsyla vb. strangle, suffocate

telsylal ppr. strangling, suffocating

telsylem pp. strangled, suffocated

telsylemah pfr. about to strangle, about to suffocate

telsylmana vb. to drown, to not breathe underwater

telsylmanal ppr. drowning

telsylmanem pp. drowned

telsylmanemah pfr. about to drown

teltas conj. neither, not also

tema vb. to shake, to quake, to tremor, to hold in the air, to waver, to falter

temal ppr. shaking, quaking, holding in the air, wavering, faltering

temem pp. shook, quaked, held in the air, wavered, faltered

tememah pfr. about to shake, about to quake, about to hold in the air, about to waver, about to falter

ter n. rock, stone, pebble, earth

teralas n. hill, small mountain, lit. earth rock

terise n. flint, fire stone

thai n. fruit, produce

than n. tool

thana vb. to use, to make use of, to utilize, to employ, to operate, to wield

thanal ppr. using, making use of, utilizing, employing, operating, wielding

thanem pp. used, made use of, utilized, employed, operated, wielded

thanemah pfr. about to use, about to make use of, about to utilize, about to employ, about to operate, about to wield

thanathe adj. useful, effective, suitable

thanelan n. wielder, user, one that uses a tool

thanun n. use, application, purpose

tharia n. wheel

then adj. waking, awake

then'ara'sal'in n. the intense feeling of contentment and comfort one feels when they spend time with a beloved friend or loved one.

then'ara'sal'ina vb. the act of experiencing then'ara'sal'in

then'ara'sal'inal ppr. experiencing then'ara'sal'in

then'ara'sal'inem pp. experienced then'ara'sal'in

then'ara'sal'inemah pfr. about to experience then'ara'sal'in

thena vb. to wake, to end sleep

thenal ppr. waking

thenem pp. woke

thenemah pfr. about to wake

theneras n. waking dream. a dream so powerful that it feels like you are awake

thu adv. conj. how

thuast adv. however, though, whatever

thusast conj. anyhow, though, however

tiara n. crown, tiara, lit. edge of the journey

tir n. edge, boundary

Tiralas n. world, earth, planet

tirdana vb. to bend, to curve, to bow

tirdanal ppr. bending, curving, bowing

tirdanem pp. bent, curved, bowed

tirdanemah pfr. about to bend, about to curve, about to bow

tirdanun n. curve, bend

tirdiana vb. to size, to limit, to measure

tirdianal ppr. sizing, limiting, measuring

tirdianem pp. sized, limited, measured

tirdianemah pfr. about to size, about to limit, about to measure

tirdiane n. size, limit, measure, degree

tor prep. n. out, outside

torvil n. coat

torvil'julseithe n. fur coat

trad n. herd, brood, flock, horde

tu adj. adv. n. continuing, still, existince, existing, enduring

Tua vb. to make, to cause, to create, to continue, to act

tual ppr. making, causing, creating, continuing, acting

tuem pp. made, caused, created, continued, acted

tuemah pfr. about to make, about to cause, about to create, about to continue, about to act

tua'sal n. vb. renew, revive, revive, restore, similar to souvera, this word is always conjugated (tua is conjugated, sal is not). 

tual'sal ppr. renewing, reviving, restoring

tuem'sal pp. renewed, revived, restored

tuemah'sal pfr. about to renew, about to revive, about to restore

tuasha adj. fresh, new, ripe, flowering

tuast adj. new, recent, fresh

tuatha vb. to unite, to pair, to join, to link, to unify

tuathal ppr. uniting, pairing, joining, linking, unifying

tuathem pp. united, paired, joined, linked, unified

tuathemah pfr. about to unite, about to pair, about to join, about to link, about to unify

tuathe n. creation

tuav n. verb, lit. act word

tuna vb. to punish, to pass judgement

tunal ppr. punishing, passing judgement

tunem pp. punished

tunemah pfr. about to punish, about to pass judgement

tunan n. justice, punishment

tundra adj. gentle, tender, kind, kind hearted

tune adj. soft, comfortable, mushy, delicate


U adj. alone, lonely, lonesome, isolated, small

u'drius n. underwear, small clothes

u'lea n. light, spark

u'lean'in n. lantern, lamp

u'teralas n. watch tower, literally 'isolated hill'

u'vun n. star, beacon

uil n. apple

uralas n. nature

Uralas'falon n. Nature Mage, Keeper (the magical discipline), Friend of nature. Discipline of magic that would later become the defacto magical discipline for many Dalish Keepers.

uralasvenelan n. ranger, nature walker, druid

Urb n. plant

urbalin n. grease, fat, usually that of a plant

urbeshalin n. seed, lit. plant child

uren n. ear, ears

urvun n. fruit, lit. plant life

uth adj. n. forever, never-ending. this is used for something that normally can end. Is is used for something that can naturally go on forever without outside influence. 

uthaan adj. Endless. Different from uth (forever) as that infers a concept of end that is being either ignored or bypassed.

uva n. egg

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vallas n. writing

vallas'lin n. designs written in blood upon the face or body of the dalish, used to denote not only clan, but also the personal signature of that person, as well as the god within the elven pantheon that they have chosen as their patron. During Elvhenan, was the blood writing written upon the faces of slaves. 

vallasa vb. to write, to transcribe

vallasleala n. paint, ink, writing color

Vana adj. silly, comical, playful

vanadirth n. chatter, silly talk, jabber, meaningless conversation

vanadirtha vb. to chatter, to jabber

vanadirthal ppr. chattering, jabbering

vanadirthem pp. chattered, jabbered

vanadirthemah pfr. about to chatter, about to jabber

vanadirthavean n. magpie, lit. chatter beak

var adj. adv. n. long, far, great distance, away

var'el adj. adv. longer

Var'misu n. spear, lit. long small blade

vara vb. to go away, to leave, to depart

varal ppr. going away, leaving, departing

varem adj. pp. went away, left, departed, gone away, left, away, gone

varemah pfr. about to go away, about to leave, about to depart

vare adj. gone, passed, moved, vanished, withdrawn

varitha vb. to far see, to scry

varithast n. far sight, second sight, scrying

varithelan n. scryer, far seer

varos n. length

vartha vb. to clean, to groom

varthal ppr. cleaning, grooming

varthem pp. cleaned, groomed

varthemah pfr. about to clean, about to groom

vas n. yoke, chain, bond, bondage

vasa vb. to chain, to bind

vaslana vb. to subdue, to tame, to give chains

vaslasa vb. to submit, to yield. lit. to allow chains. 

vasrea vb. to free, to release, to absolve, to exonerate

ve prep. away, behind

vegara vb. to come back, to return

vegaral ppr. coming back, returning

vegarem pp. came back, returned

vegaremah pfr. about to come back, about to return

vel n. A ship, boat, wagon, or vehicle of some sort. While it can mean any vehicle, it usually refers to a large vehicle capable of transporting three or more people. 

vela vb. to ship, to export, to haul, embark, direct

ven adv. n. river, walkway, step, forward, road

vena vb. to find, to walk, to gain

venal ppr. finding, walking, gaining

venem pp. found, walked, gained

venemah pfr. about to find, about to walk, about to gain

venira vb. to master, to perfect lit. to very find

veniral ppr. mastering, perfecting

venirem pp. mastered, perfected

veniremah pfr. about to master, about to perfect

venirast adj. perfect, divine, flawless

ventar n. step, stair

venuralas n. deity, god, divine

vera vb. to take, to remove, to deprive usually without permission or against the original owner's will

veral ppr. taking, removing, depriving

verem pp. taken, removed, deprived

veremah pfr. about to take, about to remove, about to deprive

veredha vb. to seize, to plunder

veredhal ppr. seizing, plundering

veredhem pp. seized, plundered

veredhemah pfr. about to seize, about to plunder

veredhe n. havoc, chaos, mayhem

verelan n. taker, usurper, thief

verema vb. to receive, to pick up, to take hold of

veremal ppr. receiving, picking up, taking hold of

veremem pp. received, picked up, taken hold of

veth n. back, bottom

veth'lavin n. bronto

veth'lavur n. quillback

vhalla vb. to welcome, to accept, to greet

vhallal ppr. welcoming, accepting, greeting

vhallem pp. welcomed, accepted, greeted

vhallemah pfr. about to welcome, about to accept, about to greet

vharla n. town, village, community, literally 'people house'

vhella vb. to meet, to contact, to be introduced to

vhellal ppr. meeting, contacting, being introduced to

vhellem pp. met, contacted, introduced to

vhellemah pp. about to meet, about to contact, about to be introduced to

vhen n. people, race

vhen'an n. the concept of home or the concept of the heart. Home being used when talking about where one feels at home. Heart when talking about the feelings of the heart, such as love. Ara vhen'an (My heart) is a common way in Elvish to say "I love you."

vhen'an'ara n. the heart's desire. Literally Journey of the heart

vher n. cat, feline

vheraan n. lion

vherassan n. tiger, lit. arrow cat

vherithas n. lynx, lit. sight cat

vherlin n. kitten, baby cat, little cat

Vi'dirth n. Languages. "Way of speech." It should be noted that language is possessive, meaning that Vi'dirth must have the appropriate suffix of possession put upon it to be used in a sentence. For example, "My language is Elvish," would be "Vi'dirth'ara re El'vhen."

vi'dirth'hima vb. to translate

vi'dirth'himal ppr. translating

vi'dirth'himem pp. translated

vi'dirth'himemah pfr. about to translate

Vi'dirth'vhen'an n. Native language. "Home way of speech." Note that language is a possessive word, meaning that a possessive suffix must be put onto 'Vi'dirth" or possessive prefix must be added to vhen'an to use the word in a sentence. "I speak my native language." "Ara dirthan vi'dirth'ma'vhen'an." or "Ara dirthan vi'dirth'ara'vhen'an." Both are correct, but the first is considered more grammatically correct than the second as it means "Language of my heart," whereas the second means "My language of home."

vi'ssan'alla n. vb. migraine, to experience a migraine, the headache one gets after great trauma, great stress, or immense knowledge one wasn't ready for. Lit. The way of the arrow that is nothing. Vi'ssan'alla is both the noun and the infinitive/imperative.

vi'ssan'allal ppr. experiencing vi'ssan'alla

vi'ssan'allem pp. experienced vi'ssan'alla

vi'ssan'allemah pfr. about to experience vi'ssan'alla

vian n. opening, wound, hole

viana n. to hole, to wound, to open

vianal ppr. wounding, opening

vianem pp. wounded, opened

vianemah pfr. about to wound, about to open

viane adj. open, empty

vianedhas n. female urethra, lit. vagina hole

vianedhis n. male urethra. lit. penis hole

vianvallas n. brand, mark

vianvallasa vb. to brand, to mark, lit. wound write

vianvallasal ppr. branding, marking

vianvallasem pp. branded, marked

vianvallasemah pfr. about to brand, about to mark

vila vb. to wrap, to envelope, to cloak

vilal ppr. wrapping, enveloping, cloaking

vilem pp. wrapped, enveloped, cloaked

vilemah pfr. about to wrap, about to envelope, about to cloak

vilathe n. robe, robes, cloak, mantle

vin adv. int. Yes. Affirmative. Positive. Comes from the root of "vun" meaning life, just as din means 'death' when used as a noun.

vindirtha vb. to agree, to confirm, to concur

vindirthal ppr. agreeing, confirming, concurring

vindirthem pp. agreed, confirmed, concurred

vindirthemah pfr. about to agree, about to confirm, about to concur

vir n. A way, path, route or road. Used in both the physical and conceptual sense. 

vira vb. to go, to walk, to travel

viral ppr. going, walking, traveling

virem pp. gone, walked, traveled

viremah pfr. about to go, about to walk, about to travel

viraju n. work, job, way of craft

vis conj. if, assuming that, with the condition, on the assumption, in case that

vun n. sun, light, life

vun'in n. day

vun'tuelan n. uterus, lit. life creator

vunathe n. living being, creature, life form

vunlana vb. to give birth, to birth lit. 'to give life."

vunlanal ppr. giving birth, birthing, giving life

vunlanem pp. given birth, birthed, given life

vunlanathelan n. midwife, one who births, the person who stands opposite of the woman giving birth

vunlea n. sunlight

Vya vb. imperfect or continuous auxiliary verb.

vyr adj. n. short distance, close, near, short way


conj. or, otherwise, else, but

Ya vb. there is no real translation from Elvish for 'Ya," (Eye-ah). Used in conjunction with a verb to create a perfect aspect of that verb (i.e. I have seen.)