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Project Elvhen: An Elvhen Lexicon

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Plural / Superlative / More / Intensity

-aan suf. many, high, large, big, high

-ala / -la suf plural, many, large number

-el suf. more (Usually only used adjectives). Also used to create 'st' nouns with numbers. Also used to indicate intensity. 

-en suf. many, plural, multiple

-is suf. unknown number, plural, intense, more, most, forever, similar to the english 'innumberale.' It is a number so high that it is not worth counting. It is not, however, infinite, in the same manner that uth would be. I.e. Belannar / Bellanar = many years. Belannaris / Bellanaris = eternity. 


-an suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in s, l, y, d, and t. Plural is -aan

-es suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in consonants except s, l, d, and t.  plural is -esan

-re suf. possessive modifier for nouns ending in vowels except for y. plural is ren

Creating Nouns

-athe suf. Creates nouns from other nouns, adverbs or adjectives meaning the physical manifestation of, or the people/places/things embodying the idea. I.e. Dead from adjective dead, the noun living from life. Fearful as a noun from fearful the adjective, or fear the noun. Sometimes used to create adverbs/adjectives

-elan suf. added to a noun or verb to create an agent noun. i.e. dhrua (to believe) + elan = druelan (believer)

-os suf. a suffix that creates an abstract noun from adjectives and participles, denoting quality and state. similar to the english suffix -ness

-sh / -sha suf. suffix creating a physical or abstract noun meaning the product or noun variation of a verb

-the suf. added to verbs to create a noun meaning the action of the verb (I.e. comparison, rejection).

-un suf. creates a noun from a verb or adjective meaning the physical manifestation of, or having the quality of

Creating Adjectives/Adverbs

-ast / -st suf. creates adjectivesa/adverbs from nouns, verbs or other adjectives meaning 'characterized by or inclined to' also used to create nouns meaning 'the action of,' with verbs that already end in th

-ne suf. a suffix used to create an adjective/adverb from a noun meaning "Similar to or representative of."

-or suf. suffix similar to 'ish' in english. meaning 'belonging to' 'after the manner of,' 'having the characteristics of,' like,' or 'inclined or tending to.' 

-sha / -asha suf. suffix creating adjectives/adverbs from nouns, verbs or adjectives meaning 'characterized by or inclined to'


-lin suf. diminutive suffix, used exclusively with a non-person, i.e. animals and objects. 

-ain suf. diminutive suffix meaning a child version, or childlike, or a cute something. 

-u suf. short, small, singular, lonely, isolated, lonesome, empty

-udh suf. diminutive suffix, meaning small, cute, pretty or feminine. Similar to the french -ette.