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Post Your Bail

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His thick fingers wrap around your neck as he presses you up against the cold dirty bars of the jail cell. “What was it you said to me?” his voice spits in your face. “Go on girl, repeat what you said to me, and look me in my eyes.”

“You’re a fucking joke,” you struggle to choke out and his fingers dig even deeper in your neck. His nose inhales deeply in your hair, and you try and fail to move your face away from him to no avail.

“I think you just bought yerself some serious time here.”

The last place you want to be is here for more than a night with him. “Please don’t. I can’t be here.”

“You can, and you will you fuckin’ bitch,” with a quick final tightening of his fingers around your neck, he releases you. Walking backwards out of the cell, he gives you a devious grin, closing the door behind him. He makes himself comfortable, his desk too close to this cell, kicking his feet up on his desk, and his gaze never leaves you.

“Please, I’m sorry. I take it back. I’ll do anything,” as soon as those words come out of your mouth, he smiles again, and you regret saying it.

“Anythin’, huh?” humiliated you nod your head. “I haven’t done the paperwork yet. Tell ya what, you let me do whatever I want to that drippin’ cunt, and I’ll let you go.”

Every part of you wants to forget about it and just suffer for a few days in here, allowing him to constantly tease you. “’M not dripping,” you respond under your breath.

His large stature stomps towards the cell quickly yanking open the door, and he’s on top of you. His hands going up the skirt of your dress and he palms your covered mound with a moan. “You want to tell me another fuckin’ lie? I could smell how wet you were. This cunt is leakin’ out on your thighs. You like this? You like the fuckin’ sheriff talkin’ to you like the slut you are?”

Shaking your head back and forth, tears stinging your eyes, you try and deny what your body is telling him. He pushes aside the cotton of your panties, cramming two fingers in your tight hole, and you whimper, biting your lip. “I’m gonna ask again. You like your sheriff talkin’ to you like the fuckin’ slut you are,” his laugh takes on a darkness and his fingers begin pumping into you. “My slut’s cunt can’t lie. I felt her squeezin’ my fingers,” you still try and deny him, deny every word that he speaks to you. “She wants me to fuck her. She’s doin’ it again. Doesn’t even want my fingers to leave. Yer gonna cum on my fingers, then my li’l slut, yer gonna cum on my cock.”

“’M not yours.”

“This sweet pussy would disagree darlin’. Now, shut the fuck up, just want to hear you moan when I make you cum.”

He pulls his fingers in and out of your swollen lips, and you grasp tightly to his shoulders, feeling his hot breath breathing on you with every shove of his fingers. His palm stimulating your clit, and you curse your body for reacting to his sinful fingers. Mewling, you lean forward, head resting on his strong shoulder, and it only makes him more relentless. Changing his motions to scissor inside of your wet heat.

“Gotta stretch this whore cunt out. Gettin’ closer. Fuckin’ soakin’ my hand. Go on sweet li’l slut, fuckin’ cum.”

Your body reacts to his deep timbre, feeling your arousal leak out of you. Pulling out his hand, he shoves them in your mouth, and you suck off your cum, and his body shudders when you circle your tongue around his thick calloused fingers. Before you know it, he pulls his fingers out, yanking down your panties, to stick in his pocket, “No!” you shout, not wanting him to keep any mementos.

“I did that to her. I made her that wet, I need to remember it by. Late at night when I’m all alone, I’ll rub it on my cock, thinkin’ about your whore cunt.”

He lifts your leg up on the cot, angling your body for himself. Your face turns around to watch him remove himself, and when you see his thick and heavy cock, you whine, putting your foot back on the floor. “Don’t think so bitch,” Lee struggles a bit to get your leg back up.

“’S too big, sheriff.”

“You’re a whore, you can take it. And if you can’t, I’ll make you take it. Split you in half with tears fallin’ down your cheeks.”

“Please, don’t.”

He gives you a quick smack to your face, not hard, but enough for you to quit fighting. Pulling apart your legs he runs his cock through your wet folds. Smacking your sensitive nub with his tip. “You ready darlin’?” before you can answer he slides in the bulbous tip, and when it breaks through your entrance, tears do fall down your cheeks. Slowly he enters you, making you feel every inch and vein. His girth stinging with the severe stretch he gives you, and with every whimper that leaves your lip he moans even deeper. Loving the ache, he issues on your snug channel.

You arch your back at the feeling, but it only brings you closer to him, allowing him to go even deeper. And when he stops you swear, he’s in your stomach. Your hand rubbing on the bulge. “That’s right darlin’, my fat cock is all the way up there. You like the way I feel splittin’ you in half?”

“Yeah,” you choke out. Only making him move your hand so he can feel how deep he is.

“Such a perfect li’l whore. Gonna ruin this cunt for everyone.”

He slowly pulls out before plunging back in quickly, wrapping a thick hand back around your neck. “Gotta hold on to somethin’,” releasing a loud moan, he chuckles. “Keep it down. We’re not alone. Unless you want everyone to see me destroy your pussy.”

You attempt to stifle the noise emitting from your throat, a mixture of whines from the stretch and moans from the undeniable pleasure he issues on you. Casually he speeds up his pace, and your body finally gets used to his girth and length, your whines stopping completely. “Lee,” you breathlessly answer, “please,” unaware of what you’re pleading, just needing something.

“I know what you want, you greedy whore. Need ta cum on my cock. She’s so needy,” he rocks his hips into your ass, and you release a soft scream. Fingers trying to hold your body up, but you’re nearly folding over in half with the amount of pleasure you’re feeling.

“Lee’s finally got his girl,” you hear Deputy Bill say, looking over you see him stroking his cock, and you whine, eyes looking back at Lee.

“Told ya ta keep it down. Ya just can’t, just like a bitch in heat. Such a good whore. You’ll only be satisfied when my seed is drippin’ down your thighs.”

“No, please,” he gives your cheek another slap, rutting into you more forcefully. Pulling you back up to him by your hair, gripping it tighter with every pound into you.

“She’s squeezin’ me. Bill wants to hear you scream. Who’s makin’ you feel this good?”

“Y-y-you,” you shake, legs trembling with the impending orgasm that’s rushing through your body.

“Who owns this whore cunt? Whose whore, are you?” unable to answer, he slaps your face again. “Who, ya needy bitch?”

“Lee Bodecker! You, sheriff,” your body goes limp when you come undone, but Lee holds tightly to you, fucking you through your release, and chasing his own. You know it’s over when you feel the heat of his cum fill you up, his seed already leaking out of you.

When he pulls out, he lays you on the cot, lifting up your skirt to view his work. “She looks so pretty with my cum leakin’ out,” he hums.

“Can I have my underwear back?” even you’re surprised at how hoarse your voice is.


“But, Lee…”

“I told ya I wanted that drippin’ down your thighs. However, if you want to clean up, Bill can take care of that,” your eyes go wide and you shake your head. “Alright darlin’, I’ll let ya go, used and wet. I’ll see ya next weekend. At least now you know how to post yer bail.”