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huí jiā

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huÍ jiā








His heart thuds against his ribcage, his wings fluttering behind him with each rush of the cold salty sea breeze coming off the ravenous waves thudding against the cliff of the yongsan mountain. The dragon, in his full dragon form, kept his eyes on the horizon where the sun meets the ocean and watches it sink behind the ocean to reveal the dark night sky, cloudless and vast amount of stars.


The dragon remembered that day as if it just happened yesterday, ( it's been hundred of years since ) and it still hurt as much as it did then, his heart still broken in six pieces, each for his family members that he hasn't seen forever.  He belonged up there in the stars with them as spirits who help the lost souls find their way home every night, not stuck in his spirit form physically on Earth. All because he rejected someone's love that was not worthy of him. The gods doesn't care for proof and immediately exiled him to Earth, to live with the humans as punishment for all the 'evil' he had done, which was proven false by his family but the gods doesn't care for it, needs to keep up with appearances of being the firm ones. 


Looking up at the stars, he can see the leader of his family in his constellation form in the ursa major, a silent body in the background of the chaos, the large form that demands respect and attention when asked for it. He doesn't ask for much but has given so much to the family. He remembers how patient the bear is, even when the rest of them would go out of their way to try to poke the bear and always failing. Only the fox came close a couple of times. 


The fox, the dragon remembers, is crafty and sly as hell. Bright eyes, kind heart who helps the bear take care of the family. The dragon turns his eyes to the vulpecula constellation, seeing him there next to the bear, looking over him just like always. They knew that he would always be there for them, to be the shoulder to rest their weary heads. The dragon misses that part the most, doesn’t have anyone to rely on, to talk about his emotions about all of this, to have someone there with him.


If the dragon closes his eyes, he can see the aquila constellation soaring across the stars, dancing fluidly between them. The eagle is the one that usually leads most of the lost souls to their paradise with the dragon while the rest of them seek those souls out. Oh, how the dragon misses flying with him, to see the pretty souls finally finding their paradise after being lost for however long they’ve been lost for. The eagle is always the one to tell him to look to the stars just before he was banished to earth, to look for them at night. They will always be there to watch over him. 


Next came his brothers who are the same age, the leo and the monoceros constellations, the ones who were always by his sides, his brothers in crime. The dragon, the lion and the unicorn were always up to no good, or at least that what the bear would always say with everyone giggling at him. With those two, the dragon always felt he was home. Even though they were all a family, the lion and the unicorn were the house that the dragon slept in. The dragon was the oldest of the three so he felt responsible for them, to protect them, ( including the baby of the family ), but now that he's not in the stars anymore, who will take his spot, who would keep them in line while being mischievous? Perhaps Aries would step up?


The dragon spread his wings and cried out to the heavens at the thought of the youngest, the one who looks up to him the most. He remembered how the ram's incontrollable crying left him broken all over again with the fox holding him up in his arms and how painful it was to leave the family, especially the ram, having no choice in the matter at all.


He yelled out to the heavens again, flames following the angry cry. He demanded his innocence, demanding that he had paid enough of his years to the unfair punishment. It is time for him to be back with his family, his brothers, his soulmates. However the deafening silence that answered him said it all. Clearly he had not been punished enough and as the sun breaks through the horizon again, the dragon took to the skies. This time and age, he must hide in the clouds away from the humans. 


As the dragon settled into his cave at the top of yongsan, hidden away from the humans down below, he repeats the process of sleeping all day and staying up all night with the stars, to see his family shining brightly. Many decades has passed and the dragon kept up with the cycle until one night as the sun was rising, he heard a whisper of hope in the winds.


"You can come home now. Come home."