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Conversations on a Balcony (Art)

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This is the cover for the story. I wanted to use not just an image of the boys, but also incorporate aspects of the story, hence geometric texture (for Pythagoras) and the wine jugs (for the copious wine!) - Click for full size!

Conversations On A Balcony.jpg

The drinking theme continues for the chapter titles/dividers...

Divider 1.jpg

Divider 2.jpg

Divider 3.jpg

Divider 4.jpg

Divider 5.jpg

Divider 6.jpg

Divider 7.jpg

Divider 8.jpg

Divider 9.jpg

Divider 10.jpg

Divider 11.jpg

This was actually the first graph I did. As soon as I read the scene of Pythagoras telling about his lost lover I knew I had to illustrate it. Nice of the canon to provide such an unambiguous image too... I believe this is less subtext and more text? Anyway, fire and wings were compulsory of course, considering who we're talking about! Text straight from the story. - Click for full size!

His Name Was Icarus.jpg

Final piece. This illustrates a scene full of hesitation and conversation full of subtext... And as I was spoiled for choice when it came to screencaps of the boys staring at each other in a yearning fashion... :D Words again from the story itself. - Click for full size!