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Lee Chan | Dino Requests

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  • No smut
  • No sexual assault, major character death, or eating disorders
  • No littlespace, puppyspace, etc.
  • No reader or OC inserts


Let me know what kind of relationships you would like, any preferences, etc. If your prompt is accepted your comment will be approved. Please be aware that these updates will probably be very slow, as I have school and other commitments. Also, I may not necessarily go in order with requests, so if someone else's oneshot is posted before yours, fear not! As long as I approved the comment, it will be done eventually. Thank you for your understanding!!



REMEMBER: All of these stories are completely made up and are no where near the truth. These should not be shown to any idols, nor should any other fanfics or shipping. They are also real people who deserve respect.


REQUESTS ARE CLOSED—but if you have already submitted one then I will get it done. Thank you so much for your support!