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Two Hands

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A lot had changed since Hari's semi-retirement four years ago. Hari sat behind a desk at the Studio most days, doing paperwork with a pet wheelchair named Rover. Ma'elKoth had, in a fit of equal parts depression and dramatics, changed his name to Tan'elKoth and spent most of his days as a glorified zoo exhibit. Shanna was the happiest of them, being a part-time goddess on Overworld and part-time mother to her and Hari's daughter Hope on Earth. 

Hari didn't expect to come back home to find both his wife and his former enemy/semi-friend in the living room. He was pretty sure the two despised each other. 

Yet here they were, just sitting calmly and looking at him. 

"Was there a murder?" He asked to fill the silence. "Because that's the only way I can picture you two not being at each other's throats."

Shanna and Tan'el shared a look (and wow, that made him worried) before she said, "We get along better when you're not here."

Hari decided not to examine that statement too closely.

His spine was aching again. The bypass was useful certainly, but finicky and he didn't fully trust it. He sat down in Rover, taking a moment to lock the wheels in place. At least the other two had stopped acting weird about the wheelchair.

"So what do you talk about when I'm not around?"

Again that shared look. Shanna's next words were careful, hesitant. "We both noticed you haven't been happy. So we've been discussing solutions and..."

Tan'elKoth finished for her. "We have agreed to share you."

Hari's mind didn't know how to approach the main thing so latched onto a smaller detail. "As in sexually? I thought you didn't like sex?"

Tan'el gave him an exasperated but still fond look. "While I may lack the physical desire for such carnal embraces, I am not necessarily opposed to-"

Recognizing that his frenemy is about to go on his usual philosophical rambling, Hari turned his attention to his wife. 

"You're okay with this?" Hari asked Shanna. This wasn't something he had even allowed himself to consider.

She smiled softly and he's reminded of how much he loves her. "I don't want to be the stereotypical jealous wife, Hari. Being around him seems to make you feel better and I won't begrudge you some happiness." 

Shanna stepped forward and leaned down to kiss him. It felt good to curl his fingers in her hair. The positive feeling didn't go away when Tan'elKoth gripped his free hand. 

This wouldn't solve all their problems. But it might help.