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Tell me about your despair

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Beneath joy, beneath pleasure, there is a wild fear in Bo. It's buried, deep, but Lauren thinks she can see it. Feel it, almost. A living, breathing, thing. There is want and there is this. The fear isn't new. It's as old as Bo, at least as old as the name. Lauren tries to shake it down, to stare the fear in the face and name it, banish it. It's something she'd like to do for Bo, something she can do, if Bo will let her. But the fear goes deeper and darker than Hades and the Messenger and being Chosen. It goes beyond anything Lauren feels really sure of, and when she sees it, she sees Bo as she was, afraid of her power and afraid of herself and afraid. "Hey," Lauren whispers, "hey, where'd you go?" And Bo shakes herself off, comes back, laughs. "Nowhere important. Now, where were we?"