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We picked daisies and I made a chain

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Liu Yangyang had a secret, one he had to keep for fear of losing everyone and everything he loved. What if everyone hated him? When he debuted in WayV he knew that it was going to get ten times harder to hide but he powered through until the day Ten brought home a tiny kitten that he named Leon. They already had Louis and Bella in the dorm but the arrival of Leon solidified his choice to tell his closest friend. He waited until the two of them were finally alone in Ten and Sicheng’s room, the two of them sat on Tens bed showing each other stupid videos to pass the time.

“Ten ge?”

"Yes baby Yangyang?"

"M'not a baby,"

"If you keep talking like that you'll never be anything but a baby." Ten grins as the younger scowls. "What was it you wanted to ask?"

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a cat? Just freely run around like Louis and Leon?"

"What brings this on?" The older freezes in place but Yangyang’s inner turmoil stops him from noticing.

"What if I said I had a secret ge?"

"You can tell me anything Yangie, I promise."

"Will you turn away? Just for a second?" Yangyang’s cheeks flush a bright pink and Ten looks away until he hears a soft thud.

"Yangyang? Everything okay?" He hears a meow in reply and turns to see a pile of Yangyang’s clothes on the bed. There's a deep grey english blue nosing his way out as Ten begins to laugh. When Yangyang emerges, there's a tabby, barely older than himself, sitting where Ten was and he realises why the older boy had found it so funny. The two cats nuzzle together on Ten’s bed eventually falling asleep until they're woken with a start.

“Ge! Have you seen Yangyang? We were supposed to start playing league like an hour ago and no one has seen him.” Kunhang freezes at the end of Ten’s bed as the grey cat startles and runs off to the direction of Yangyang and Dejun’s empty bedroom. When Kunhang bursts into the room following him, Yangyang is human again and fully dressed.

“What’s the emergency ge?”

“What the fuck is going on?” Ten appears behind the second youngest rolling his eyes at Kunhang's profanity and smiles at Yangyang softly.

“I think it’s time the six of us had a talk.” They gather the rest of the members and Ten explains that the two of them are in fact a kind of shapeshifter, their other forms both being feline.

Dejun accepts it easily as soon as Ten agrees that yes it's like an animagus in Harry Potter. It takes a short demonstration for Kun, Sicheng and Kunhang to be surprisingly okay with it, promising to keep it a secret once Yangyang explains why he hadn’t told them. The fear of losing his group mates present in the youngest voice.

2 years later, they’re all closer than ever. Ten and Yangyang are happy to shift at any time they know the dorm will have no visitors, which leads to the current situation.

“Yangyang?” Kunhang had stepped on the younger boy's tail and now he felt awful about it. “Yangie? Come out please,” Yangyang gives a petulant mewl as he swats the older boy's hand away. “Yangyang please, I wanna apologise.”

A small grey head peeks out from beneath Dejun’s bed. “I really didn’t mean it, I didn’t see you there. Please forgive me?” Yangyang fully ventures out from under the bed and walks towards where Kunhang is kneeling. He allows the older to sweep him up into a hug, happily nuzzling into him as they walk to the kitchen.

“I can’t believe he forgave you that fast. He tripped me and gave me the cold shoulder instead .”


“That’s cause I’m his favourite. Sucks to suck Junnie.” He sets the cat down on the counter top and watches as Yangyang moves towards the tabby curled up asleep on Sicheng’s lap. He tries to annoy the older for a minute before Ten hisses and swats at the maknae.Yangyang jumps from the counter, slinking back to his bedroom.

When he comes back out minutes later, he’s now human and fully clothed. Frowning as he hides himself behind his hair and speeds out of the dorm without saying a word to the others.

“What the fuck was that about?” Sicheng tries not to disturb the cat who is now fast asleep on his lap again as he speaks.

“I wish I knew,” Sicheng and Dejun lock eyes, both boys looking concerned as Kunhang pulls out his phone.

“I’m gonna message Mark to check on him.”

“He’ll come back eventually, he probably just wanted some alone time, you know how he is.”

The WayV maknae uses the distance between his own dorm and the 127 dorm to run. He could’ve gotten someone to drive him over but he enjoys the emotional clarity running gives and right now that’s all he needs. Ten had never yelled at him in either form, and he knows that to the others it may just seemed like a regular hiss but Yangyang knows the difference and that was Ten telling him to fuck off or face the consequences.

“Yangyang! Mark didn’t mention you were coming over. What are you doing here?”

“Sorry Jungwoo hyung, it was a spur of the moment thing.” He pauses, glancing towards Mark's bedroom. “Is he here?”

“I think he’s downstairs, Hyuck was bugging him to play games earlier. I don’t know if he gave in or not. You’re free to wait up here for him if he’s not in his room. It’s been so long since we got to hang out,”

“I’d like that. Let me just put my phone on charge in his room. If he’s not there, I’ll come spend time with you if that’s okay hyung?”

“Of course it’s alright.” Yangyang puts his phone on charge in his boyfriend's empty bedroom before leaving to sit with Jungwoo in the lounge.

“It’s nice to be able to spend time with you Yangyang. I think the last time it was just the two of us was before I debuted. Look at you now. You’ve grown so much from everyone's baby. I’m so proud of you.” Jungwoo smiles proudly.

“Thank you hyung, that really means so much. I don’t know the last time someone told me they were proud of me.” Yangyang’s eyes start to water and he tries to blink the tears away.

“Someone should always remind you how proud of you they are. We’re all so proud of you Yangie, I promise that.” The younger can’t fight the tears now as they begin to fall.

“Thank you Jungwoo hyung, seriously.” Jungwoo embraces Yangyang as he fully breaks down, sobbing into the older’s chest.

“Hey it’s okay, I got you. Everything’s okay.”

“Hyung! Is Yangyang here? Hendery messaged me to say that he was here.” Yangyang tries to stop his tears and clear away the evidence as he hears Mark enter the dorm.

“We’re in the lounge, Mark.” Jungwoo calls Mark and he enters the room grinning. His face drops the second he spots that Yangyang had obviously been crying, rushing towards his boyfriend to wrap him in his arms.

What’s wrong baby?


It’s nothing Mark, don’t worry about it. ” It’s obvious that Mark doesn’t believe Yangyang but he nods as though he does.

“Do you mind if I steal him hyung?”

“Go for it Markie, I’m sure he’s here for you not me. Just treat him well, you’ve got someone really special there.”

“I know hyung, my Yangie is the most special there is.” Yangyang’s cheeks tinge pink as Mark takes his hand and leads him to his bedroom. He holds the younger close as the two lay on his bed.

“What’s wrong angel? You can talk to me,”

“It’s nothing really hyung,”

“You only call me hyung when you’re upset, I won’t push you if you don’t want to talk about it but I’m here,”

“Thank you.” Yangyang leans towards Mark and kisses his boyfriend softly. “Ten yelled at me. I know it’s stupid for me to cry over that but he’s never yelled before and it just really shocked me.

It’s not stupid to be upset over that, you’re allowed to have your own emotions. I’m sorry that happened and that I wasn’t here when you needed me.

It’s okay, Jungwoo hyung looked after me.” Yangyang lays into his boyfriend's arms, allowing Mark to hold him close with a soft smile.

Mark allows Yangyang to sleep as he plays on his phone a little, the younger lay on his chest as he lightly snores. There’s a knock at his bedroom door when he finally decides he’s going to try to nap too.

“Come in, but be quiet cause if you wake up Yangyang I will kill you,” Ten opens the door, his eyes immediately settling on Yangyang’s sleeping body. “I don’t know if it’s the best idea for you to be here hyung.”

“I came to apologise.”

“He was really hurt, I don’t know what you said but it hit home.”

“I basically yelled at him to fuck off.” Mark's arm noticeably tightens around Yangyang.

“Why would you do that?”

“I have no excuse, and I feel awful for it.”

“I think you should maybe go see Johnny hyung for a while. I’ll bring Yangyang down when he wakes up.” Ten nods, turning to leave with a sad smile.

Mark falls asleep wrapped around Yangyang and when he wakes up the younger boy is no longer there. He checks his phone seeing a text telling him that he went home to talk to Ten and curses under his breath sending a text to Ten apologising and telling him Yangyang left while he was still asleep.

In the WayV dorm, Yangyang is pacing the length of his room, he’d never fucked up this bad. He’d kept the secret the entire time he’d been in NCT, except for his unit members, but that was necessary, how could he know how everyone would react? He didn’t know Dejun was going to have a guest, he didn’t know that he couldn’t go into his room and let himself relax after having to shift so suddenly earlier in the day.

He didn’t know and now he’d gone and fucked it all up. Ten really was going to hate him for this one. He is literally stuck in his feline form, and that part of his brain is pissed for the forced switch earlier.

Dejun had called the Ten in a panic, having to force him to come home straight away. “Ge, he just came in and changed and he won’t change back,” Yangyang mewls in protest.

“It’s not that he won't change, it’s that he can’t. Don’t worry I’ll explain to Renjunie.” Yangyang forces himself into Ten's arms and the older lifts him up holding him to his chest. “I’m sorry Yangie, should never have yelled at you.” The small grey cat licks Ten’s nose telling him that all is in the past.

“Can you explain now please hyung? Why do I think I saw Yangyang turn into the cat you now have in your arms?”

“Because he did.” Renjun is shocked to say the least but he believes Ten’s words, he has no need to lie to him and when he uses himself to prove it’s true Renjun has no argument to prove otherwise. He stays around till Yangyang changes back and holds his best friend close.

“Renjun, please. You can’t tell anyone.”

“Of course not Yangie, I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me.”

“Because I didn’t know how you would react. If the government caught on to me and Ten ge, we would be in danger of them taking us, I can’t lose the life I've built.”

“I understand. I’m sorry I found out.”

“I didn’t want you to have the burden of keeping it a secret. My members only know because of an accident.”

“Mark doesn’t know?”


“Yangyang,” Renjun trails off to look in Yangyangs eyes before he starts to speak again. “You’re going to have to tell everyone eventually.”

“He’s not wrong. We should tell them all.”

“Are you crazy?” Yangyang stares at Ten like he’s grown extra heads.

“They’re our family, they deserve to know. Mark deserves to know.”

You don’t get to use him against me, I don’t want to.” Ten nods now smiling at the younger knowingly.

“Then you don’t have to but I’m going to and if you want to after that then you can.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure Sheepie, don’t worry about me,” Ten pulls Yangyang into a hug. “I know I said it already but I’m really sorry for snapping at you earlier.”

“It’s okay ge, consider it forgotten.”

Ten calls all of NCT to a group meeting the next day and once everyone has arrived at the 127 dorm, he starts explaining. Everyone is sceptical at first and most of them laughed when he said he can shapeshift into a cat but the room goes silent when he proves it, jumping into Taeyongs lap as the leader coos and pets him. Yangyang is frozen where he’s sat between Renjun and Mark, his boyfriend too focused on Ten now walking towards Yuta, the japanese mans arms outstretched ready to lift the cat onto the couch. Ten curls up on his lap deciding that instead of Sicheng, he has a new bed and falls asleep as everyone begins to whisper about how cute he is.

Junnie?” Renjun had been holding Yangyang’s hand the entire time, knowing how scared his best friend was of the outcome.

Yeah, what’s up?” Kun turns to the two whispering in hushed mandarin and Yangyang nods, his leader smiling knowingly.

Will you put my clothes in Mark’s room please?

You’re gonna do it?

Yeah, this is my family. They should know.

I’m proud of you,” Yangyang smiles and allows his body to shift, hearing Renjun’s laugh as he grabs the pile of clothes and leaves for Mark's room. Yangyang moves towards Kun first, nuzzling into the older.

I’m so proud of you Xiaoyang,” He mewls and there’s a gasp as Jeno notices him.

“Hyung, who is that?” Yangyang jumps to his friend and purrs as Jeno scratches behind his ears.

“It’s Yangyang,” Kun doesn’t get a chance to answer, as Mark beats him to it.

“He said you didn’t know?” Renjun is standing in the doorway in disbelief as he speaks.

“I didn’t but I also know my boyfriend and that there is him.” Mark is standing up now, and moves beside Jeno so he can scoop his boyfriend into his arms, the grey cat laying into Mark's arms comfortably knowing he’s safe.

The two cats are doted on for a few hours, both revelling in the attention before both disappear almost simultaneously. When they reappear the two boys are human again, dressed in the clothes put away by Renjun and Sicheng.

Mark rushes to embrace Yangyang, Johnny doing the same with Ten covering the Thai boy's face with kisses.

Yangyang has his head tucked into his boyfriend's neck, hiding from the rest of their group mates. “I understand why you didn’t tell me.” Yangyang grins at the use of English knowing that beside a few of their friends it's their own secret language. “ I love you so much Yangie,” they’ve been together for months but neither have felt ready to use the L word yet even if they knew they were unconditionally and irrevocably in love with each other.

I love you too Mark,

Yangyang starts shifting more often around the other members, going over to the fifth floor 127 dorm because Taeyong spoils him in his cat form. Mark pretends to be jealous when he gives Taeyong attention but at the end of the day Yangyang is always ready to remind him who gets his love.

There are times where Mark and Yangyang will go on walks, the younger in his cat form entertaining his boyfriend (giving him mini heart attacks) by climbing trees but the two are as close as ever, constant proclamations of love to assure one another that they are end game to the point where Johnny has started asking when the wedding is with a sly smirk.

Yangyang is happy, content with his choice to tell his family knowing that if he had waited any longer he may not have told them at all.