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⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟

Who knows, even before you notice...

They may have been consuming you since the start ....sacred prayer, it's rare

la la la la.. la... la...


“It was helmed by a legendary necromancer.” Yuta tells him knowingly.

“You have to experience it using the best spell.” Jungwoo beams mirthily.

“It will be the best rut of your life!” Doyoung exclaims, grinning gummily.

Youngho sighs.


A deep short hiss.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5....

Five ruby trickles. Two-in-one shape reddens. One incantation. All under the glowing candle. In the deep twilight, silence becomes more deafening than Youngho ever imagined.

"This is a bad idea to begin with." He thinks after a few moments.

If only he had gone to a club for a quick fuck to appease his rut even for a just while. If only he had called an omega-service for his rut days. If only he hadn't listened to his best friends for their questionable advices on some life matters. Youngho knows very well know, following his friends is never a good idea in the first place. He should've spent his rut alone, just like any other days. Now, his rut has just reached the first stage as his scent becomes prevalent — crisp green sweet fruity fragrance of apples.

Yet, Youngho just did the opposite.

He stares at his needle-pricked finger pad, moves his eyes to the scarlet pentagram, checks his digital clock that says, exactly 3AM. He glances at the opened spell booklet. Youngho is in the middle of his mental contemplation when the air around him shifts.

A faint sharp tingle courses through the dark space. And then comes another one. And then one more time.

A whistle rings in Youngho's ears.

la la la la.. la... la...

A soft voice breaks the silence, alerting him. Followed by a cold ghost touch as if it's tracing his fingers one by one. He feels the fleeting warm air on his arm, making its way upwards. Next, a pressure is pressed on his chest, making him release a groan at its suddenness. Lastly, a pair of lips ghostly peck on his nape, making the ends of his hair stand.

"Who are you?!" He demands to no one.

"You summoned me, alpha." comes a hot whispered reply.

"Show yourself."

A figure steps out from the shadows, chuckling at him. An indication that the stranger is enjoying his reactions. A man slightly shorter than him with a pale beautiful face, deep-set dimples, sparkling eyes, pinkish cheeks, plush red lips and a lean build. Most importantly, Youngho doesn't fail to catch the man's scent.

Subtly aromatic and earthly fruity with a tinge of sweetness - it reminds him of olives.

Strangely, his raging pheromones react to the new smell present — One second, they’re calm. Next, they’re excited. They are two entities that exude strong energies yet Youngho can't help but think that the demon's olive scent balances his overflowing apple fragrance.


"I don't have one over centuries. But one fancies me all the time." The demon answers.

"And so?" Youngho's irritation colors his tone.

" Kun. Call me Kun, Youngho." The demon speaks in a sultry voice, teasing and seducing him at the same time.

"How did you know my name? You don't look like a demon." He states continuously in confusion, hand gesturing to the incubus' form.

"I don't have a form either but this spins from your imagination. And your name is in your blood." Kun — the incubus — explains, taking a step closer to him.

An inch closer only allows Youngho to see that the man is bare in contrast to his own half-naked state. He also sees his own reflection clearly in his black eyes as they stand face to face. He gets distracted when Kun offers him a pleasant smile, innocently fitting for his angelic face.

"Shall we begin, alpha?" Kun utters, hand running along the strands of Youngho's hair, bending his head in the process.

Arousal flares his rut more as the sultriness of Kun's low timbre registers in his ears. With Kun's thumb caressing his cheek, Youngho leans at his touch. With Kun's lips a tiny gap away from his, Youngho inhales sharply as he catches more of the demon's scent.

It's odd. It's strange. In a brief passing, Youngho wonders if demons usually possess such alluring fragrances around them. His rut is rising, making him feel like he’s on top of a roaring fire. He's starting to lose his control.

"Let me have you." He mumbles, hands snaking around the demon's waist. Youngho earns a few of Kun's delighted giggles.

"I'm already yours, Youngho." Kun's tone is lace with a hint of taunt and sarcasm. Reminding him of the fact that he was the one who performed the ritual at his own dispense, in his own lair.

A connection of their lips ignites the sparks that Youngho has been containing from his rut. He groans into the kiss as he feels Kun's tongue licking and lapping his mouth in slick slides. With the same fervor, he mimics Kun's actions as his body releases hot pheromones around them. Pulling Kun's body closer than ever elicits breathy moans along with his sweet scent and it only makes Youngho's wolf excited and eager. As their heated kiss goes deeper, Youngho feels the incubus' fingers run through his black locks down to the expanse of his back, drawing bright red lines. On instinct, he bites Kun's lips until he tastes the blood in between his teeth. In response, Youngho feels Kun's nails dig deep in his flesh as Kun rubs their leaking erection together.

In a spur, he turns them around and pushes Kun on the bed. Without tearing their gazes, he begins to undress in front of the naked demon.

"Ravish me, alpha." Kun entices him, pouring the euphoric olive scent in the air as he spreads himself on the alpha's bed.

Youngho growls, hovering above him — desire and lust twinkles in his bright red eyes. Creeping a finger into Kun's rim, Youngho showers his body with red blotches as if marking him his — from his neck, to his chest, on his nipples, down to his stomach until taking a wet long lick on his proud cock. All being rewarded by Kun's whiny moans and writhes of pleasure. Pumping his fingers on repeat, scissoring him open. Youngho wraps his mouth around his cock, drinking his cum as Kun thrusts deep down his throat.

"Alpha!" Kun screams as he comes in Youngho's mouth.

Once done with his cock, Youngho withdraws his fingers and climbs up to capture Kun's lips in another kiss, passing a ball of cum and spit into him. Letting the demon get a taste of his own which he readily accepts. Skin to skin, Youngho fans hot breaths into Kun's neck as he lets his fangs slide across his pale flesh until he inhales the sweet olives directly in his supposedly scent glands. It makes him euphoric with arousal as he feels Kun's legs wrap around his waist, clinging onto him.

"Mine. Mine. Mine." Youngho chants like a veneration.

In one powerful slide, Youngho enters Kun after folding the demon in half. He thrusts deep and rough, snapping his hips swiftly as he hears his name spilling into Kun's lips amidst his wantonly delicious moans. It only fuels Youngho's desire and lust, making him pump inside him raggedly and brutally. Gripping his flesh harder, the alpha penetrates him. Breaking his tight walls, mapping his length towards his sweet spot.

"I'm gonna knot you. Over and Over." Youngho declares, grunting. Hot amber colors his eyes.

Reaching their peak, Youngho falters when Kun tightens around his cock. Only to rock a few more before he finally spills his knot inside him as the incubus spills his own seed in his stomach.

The second day of his rut is spent with them, entangling at each other's limbs above Youngho's damp sheets. Their bodies are sticky with drying cum, sweat and pheromones. Sometimes, needy pleads to come are being uttered by Kun. A few times, desperate demands for release are being mumbled by Youngho. Each and every time, Youngho’s wolf revels in the sound of his name as an earnest desperate cry rolling off Kun’s lips. Round per round as they whine, moan and groan each other's name.

Muffling his grunts into Kun’s pale back and tightening his arms around his waist, Youngho finds himself grinding and rolling his erection against the demon’s ass. He knows he’s awake as his rut reaches its peak. Yet, Youngho continues his ministrations with his raging pheromones. And Kun's fruity scent is only encouraging him.


“Youngho…” Kun slurs, rubbing his ass cheeks against the alpha’s erection.

“Kunie!” He mumbles before pushing Kun on his stomach.

With a firm grip on his waist, Youngho tilts his ass upwards. Admires his rim that’s overflowing with his cum from the earlier rounds they did. He enters Kun once again in a sleek move. What follows right away are the sharp snaps of his hips, slapping their skin hard frantically in repetition.

“Close… I’m so close, alpha.” Kun says, rubbing his own leaking cock against the damp sheets.

“Not yet, baby. Not yet!” He counters.

Youngho pulls Kun up with him, causing for them to be in a sitting position. His hands still on Kun’s waist, he lifts Kun and slams him back on his cock – up and down, up and down as Kun throws his head back and his hands finds Youngho’s wrists.

“Please touch… touch me, Youngho.” Kun pleads, riding the alpha at the same fast pace. He keeps moaning in pleasure as he feels Youngho’s warm hand on his cock – moving on the same motion as he does on top of the alpha..

“Please… Please, alpha. Please…”

“A little more, baby. Wait for my knot. Don’t you want it?” Youngho urges.

“I do. Please give it to me.”

True to his words, Youngho knots Kun over and over. Their ragged breaths are the only audible sounds filling the room soon after. With Kun completely leaning on him, Youngho sniffs his sweaty skin, taking in Kun’s scent and scenting the demon with his fragrant apples in return – from his shoulder blade to the junction in between and then up to the column of his neck.

“Good afternoon, Youngho. Did you have a good nap?” Kun breaks their tranquility.

Youngho hums pleasantly on his skin.

Kun shifts on top of him without breaking their connected bodies. He cups Youngho’s face so they can gaze at each other before connecting their lips in a hard kiss. Youngho opens up right away. Slowly, a liquid starts flowing in between their mouths as if feeding from him. At first, he takes it out of curiosity. Only to drink it endlessly, that Youngho can’t stop himself from getting drunk. Kun’s hand clutch onto his hair to tilt him so he can have more of the addicting nectar.

Youngho feels his rut dissipating little by little throughout the third day. He still has Kun on his bed, attach to his side. Then, when Kun wakes up, he suggests for them to take a shower together. Kun agrees, even promise him to cook dinner for themselves. Youngho is too delighted at such thought that he readily accepts in a heartbeat. Their dinner ends up being a teamwork upon Youngho’s insistence of being Kun’s assistant, which the demon complies with a dimpled smile. They fill their relaxed eating session with them playing the “20 Questions” game as Youngho earnestly express his desire to know anything and everything about the attractive demon. Albeit receiving short and restrained answers, the alpha is happy to know anything and everything about him.

“Let’s take a late-night shower. I have a present for you.” Kun suggests as they finish their wine.

“A present?”

Kun nods, dragging him to the bathroom.

Once inside, Youngho sees multiple tiny white blossoms floating above the water-filled bath tub. They glimmer like stars when the moonlight shines on them. They emit a licorice smell that prevails in the small bathroom – florally sweet and aromatic, just the olive scent Kun has been carrying. He can’t help but stares in awe.

“They are olive buds.” Kun speaks, undressing him.

“No wonder. It makes me think of you.”

“Tonight, don’t do anything. Just relax and enjoy the pleasure I’m about to give you.”


“No questions allowed.” Kun interrupts him before pulling him inside the tub.

Youngho sits comfortably as Kun straddles on his lap. Slotting their lips in an unhurried kiss, Kun palms him gradually. He copies Kun’s action as their kiss deepens until their cocks stand proudly. Kun lifts himself – aligning his hole towards Youngho’s erection. Without a warning, he sinks down – engulfing Youngho’s length around his velvety walls.

“Holy hell, Kun! You’re still fucking tight.” Youngho exclaims.

Not bothering to reply, the incubus rolls his hips steadily as Kun buries his face on his neck. When Youngho attempts to move, Kun hisses and shakes his head in disagreement. His moans resonate against the shower walls as Kun keeps dancing on top of him. His hands caress Kun’s sides, as he watches the demon’s show with his body becoming one with the swaying water. The white buds become his little props, dazzling him.

“You’re lovely, Kun.”

“So you are, Youngho.”

“But you’re beautiful like this – full of my cock and round with my seed.” He says, a hand caressing Kun’s slightly bulging stomach. He even feels his thick length deeply nestled inside him.

Kun hums while inhaling his fruity fragrance.

“I wanna mark you. Claim you as mine.” Youngho admits.

"Then claim me, alpha." Kun says, breathlessly. He digs his nails into the alpha's shoulder blades as he brings his face an inch away from him, baring his neck.

Youngho growls into the demon's skin and then sinks his fangs into Kun's flesh as he knots him again. The incubus buries his own on Youngho’s, just as the same. Their potent scents keep dancing vigorously in the closed space.

"Knot me again. Breed me again. Alpha, please." Kun says like a mantra as he bounces on top of Youngho. This time, in accelerated speed with his mind and body on cloud-nine of heated passion.

Youngho lets out a guttural howl before gripping Kun's thighs for leverage, and then raises his hips, meeting Kun halfway. Pistoning accurately to his sweet spot, abusing his already-gaping hole.

With a scream and around Youngho's hand, Kun comes for the nth time with his lashes fluttering as stars appear in front of him. Youngho knots him right away.

“You’re so sweet, Youngho.” Kun says afterwards, putting space between their nakedness.

"Kun..." Youngho calls in a low raspy voice as he feels a hand covering his eyes. They’re cuddling on his bed, waiting for sleep to come.

"Hush, Youngho."

"Kun?" This time, it's a confused call. Youngho feels the demon hovering him.

"Don't you dare open your eyes." Kun commands softly.

He freezes, clearly taken aback.

Kun's lulling singing voice is the last thing Youngho hears before slumber takes him away to darkness.

la la la la.. la... la...

The next moment Youngho gains consciousness, bright rays of sunlight trickle in between his drawn curtains – indicating a peak midmorning on his supposedly fourth day of rut. When he feels his body, he's spent and satiated. His rut is fully over. He also definitely reeks of sex. His body is full of red scratches and hickeys.

His nostrils take in a waft of the scent lingering in his bedroom — his overripe apples. Only.

Youngho summoned him.

Claimed him.

And then, Kun left him.

On his desk, the candle is no longer burning. The drawn pentagram is now reduced to a pile of fine ashes. The spell booklet is already closed.

His clock is still blinking.


“You definitely took our advice.” Ten assesses him once he gets back at work from rut vacation.

“You're a freshly ripe apple.” Jaehyun chides during their coffee break.

“You should do it again.” Taeyong tauntingly suggests to him on their way home after work.

Youngho shrugs.


In the middle of the vast night sky, the full moon illuminates beautifully. On his terrace, Youngho looks up and smiles at the pretty moon. Afterwards, his inner wolf releases a howl. A loud one breaking through the quiet city.

A sudden shift in the wind heightens his senses.

A flood of the familiar fruity fragrance surges.

"Good evening, Youngho." A voice greets him before a figure strides towards him.

"Kun? How— How come? I- I didn't do—"

"Hush, alpha." Kun cuts him off, placing a finger across his agape mouth.

"My sweet sinful bloodied apples." The demon utters, and then kisses him.

Gone are the fruity olives from before, now it’s a liquid — pungent on his nose, rustic on his lips.


Sweet. Sinful. Bloodied. Apples.

In a blink of an eye, Youngho can't find his voice. He stands frozen on his feet against his will. He stares as Kun’s eyes change from clear black to cool blue. His lips stretch wide into a smile and then into a devilish smirk.

"Don't you dare open your eyes." Kun gently states, covering his eyes.

“Sweet dreams, Youngho.”

Before he is forcibly dragged to sleep, Youngho catches the demon's lulling singing voice.

la la la la.. la... la...


In ancient times, fallen angels mate with humans.

In ancient times, demons feed from souls.

In ancient times until now, the apple symbolizes the fall of man.

⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟

In between the tattered pages hides a careful warning. A note emphasized by the necromancer, a scribble kept in the dark by the others.

Demons don't do favors without something in return.

Who knows, even before you notice...

Oh, incubus of mine

I call to thee with this blood offering

To come to me so may it be!

la la la la.. la... la...

They may have been consuming you since the start ....sacred prayer, it's rare

⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟