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(And the rock cried out) No Hiding Place

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Danny couldn’t believe where he was right at that moment, at all, or what he was doing. He was in his car, parked momentarily outside Adam Noshimuri’s house beyond the gates, contemplating something he didn’t think even Steve at his worst could do.

But he had already committed assault and kidnapping, as well as illegal imprisonment, and even as he thought about it the object of his introspection shifted in the back seat, and he had to do something.

He knew he was in view of the CCTV cameras surrounding the house, so was not surprised when he drove the car slowly forward the gates opened in front of him and he was allowed entry.

Noshimuri himself was standing, waiting for him by the main front doors of the house, flanked by a couple of heavies, and Danny pulled up beside them, turned off the ignition before he got out, leaving the car unlocked. He nodded at the Yakuza boss, who gave him a nod back and out his hand up to stop the two with him from approaching and grabbing the other man. “What can I do for you, Detective?” he asked him politely, curiously. “Something, I know. You were waiting for a while.”

Danny nodded again and looked away for a moment before he spoke. “I’ve spent all of my working life fighting organisations likes yours,” he stated bleakly. “And I was pretty good too.”

Adam nodded too – he had done his research and knew it was not an exaggerated boast.

“So,” Danny continued, having to finish since he’d started. “What I’m doing here is totally against everything I have ever done.” With that he stepped back and showed them the contents of his car.

Noshimuri and the other two men stepped forward and saw what he was talking about. Stuffed into the back seat of Danny’s Camaro, very uncomfortably, was a body, hands zip-cuffed tight behind it’s back, ankles too, a large burlap sack pulled over the person’s head and shoulders. It was a man by the looks of it, just about awake from the slow movements it was making, and Adam looked up and frowned at Danny. “Who is that?” he asked him curiously. “And why did you bring him here?”

“Because he’s an asshole and I can’t let him continue doing what he is.” Danny answered the second question first. “He won’t talk to me, McGarrett or the others, whatever we try, and I know he’s in this deep. I thought you could get something out of him.”

Adam’s frown deepened and he stepped close to the car again. “May I?’ he asked him, and when Danny nodded reached in over the passenger seat and pulled off the burlap sack.

He stared at the man revealed and smiled. “Well, well. Commander Joe White.” he greeted the former SEAL, who looked balefully up at him. “How nice to see you again. Boys, get him out of there,” he ordered. He then took one of Danny’s elbows in a gentle hold and pulled him away so they could talk while the two guys struggled with White’s heavy form. “If this is some sort of trap, Detective, it’s not very subtle. And my lawyers will be all over it.”

Danny shook his head and glanced over his shoulder as he heard one of the guys swear. The back of his car was not built for people lying in it, especially ones that did not want to get out, but no way in hell was he going to leave someone like Joe White in the trunk with the arsenal of Steve’s toys at his disposal. “He keeps telling us he’s trying to protect Steve from the crap around his Dad, but all he’s doing is causing more grief. He’s protecting something, but it’s definitely not Steve.”

Adam looked over his shoulder and watched thoughtfully as White was literally dragged out of the car. He needed to know what that man had done to his father, but McGarrett had pulled him out before they had gotten anywhere. “McGarrett doesn’t know you’ve brought him here?” he asked Danny cautiously.
Danny shook his head. “What called him earlier and told him he was leaving Hawaii, so he thinks he’s gone,” he answered. “I left and grabbed him before he could get very far.”

Adam looked the shorter Detective up and down and then turned back to study White. His people had managed to get him out of the car and onto the driveway, where the guy was on his knees, glaring at Danny. “If looks could kill,” he murmured, and turned back to face Danny. “How the hell did you get him?” he asked him incredulously. “It took three of my guys last time. And how did you get him into the car?”

Danny smiled at him, no way was he going to tell him he had ‘borrowed’ Kamekona and a cousin of his to do it, he didn’t need the big guy in trouble because of him. “Ways and means,” he answered him cryptically instead. He paused, sighed and looked up at him after a few moments. “I’m still a cop,” he reminded Adam, the Yakuza boss. “I need to ask you not to kill him, or maim him.”

Adam nodded thoughtfully and watched White as he did so. The guy had been impervious to the beating they had inflicted on him. “I can source…” he started, but Danny lifted his free hand and shook his head to stop him.

“Don’t tell me,” he said firmly, cutting him off. “Please. This is difficult enough as it is.”

Adam looked at him and really studied him. The cop was looking anywhere but at White, even though he must know the guy was glaring holes in his back. He could lose everything because of this, Adam realised, the cop was giving him his career and freedom on a platter, and for what? “McGarrett means this much to you?” he asked Danny, lowering his voice to keep it between themselves. “There are cameras all over here, recording all of this. You could lose…”

“I know…” Danny answered grimly and looked up at him, eyes piercing blue straight into his. “What I could lose. But yes, he does mean that much to me.” He kept Adam’s gaze for a few moments before looking away again which was enough for Noshimuri to know, if he tried anything with McGarrett, Williams would be on his back. If he could hand over a supposed ally to an enemy, then Adam knew whatever Danny did to him wasn’t going to be pretty.
And, he admitted to himself as he glanced back over at White, if someone cared as much for him as Danny obviously did for Steve McGarrett, then he would be rich indeed. “You have my word we’ll not kill or maim him, Detective,” he assured him. “And I’ll make sure this will be deleted from the CCTV. I will also let you know what information we get from him, and when we let him go.”

Danny nodded, suddenly insanely grateful to the guy. “Thank you, Mister Noshimuri.” he said gratefully. “You really have no idea how…”

Adam shook his head. “I do,” he interrupted. “And it’s Doctor, I’m an orthopaedic surgeon. Call me Adam, after this I think we can be less formal.”

Danny nodded and smiled wryly at him. “Danny,” he agreed. “But I’m just a detective, just a cop.”

Adam looked over his shoulder at the others again. White was still on the ground, sitting now, not kneeling, but still glaring murderously at them both, but probably more at Danny. “No, Danny,” he assured him. “You are so much more than that.” It was obvious Danny didn’t believe him, and Adam knew this wasn’t going to help him. Using the hand he still had on Danny’s elbow he lead him back to his car, but he called to the other two guys first. “Get him in the house,” he ordered them, and waited for the pair to do so.

They grabbed White by the arms and lifted him to his feet, and shoved him towards the house.
“This isn’t going to help McGarrett!” the guy shouted at Danny as he was forced forward. “And I’m going to fucking kill you for this, Williams!”

“Bigger, better and stronger have threatened that, White!” Danny shouted back. “Bite me!”

Then White was through the doors into the house, and was gone.

Danny turned back to Adam to find him grinning at him. “If you ever want a job, Danny,” he offered him, amused. “I’m sure I can find you one.”

The Detective smiled and walked back to his car, climbing in when Adam let him go before he said anything. “I’m too sarcastic to be a comedian,” he retorted him through his still open window.

Adam nodded and walked a little close. “So I’ve heard,” he agreed and waited for him to ignite the Camaro’s large engine, listening to its throaty grumble. “What are you going to tell McGarrett?” he asked him after a few moments.

Danny turned away from him to stare out of his windshield for some moments before he answered. “I don’t know.” he answered him truthfully, but then realised something. He quickly reached into the side pocket of his car door and pulled out a business card that he handed Adam. “Call me if you get anything.” he reminded him.

Adam took it and nodded. “I will,” he promised, and stepped back and watched as Danny nodded. The Detective expertly slid the car into gear and drove away without another word, slowly round the circular driveway and out of the gates. Adam watched him as he paused the car at the street, looked either way, turned left and disappeared out of view.

Adam stood for a few moments, watching as his gates closed again, and shook his head ruefully. Who knew? he thought to himself as he turned and walked back into his house. Everyone thought it was McGarrett they needed to be wary of, that Williams was his effective back up and followed his orders. But now Adam knew he and everyone else on his side of the fence had been wrong: Detective Williams was a deep well, and because of that he was much more worrisome than they gave him credit for. Much more worrisome.