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Do It For Me

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Do It For Me

Another day, another set of daily tasks almost done. In other words, homework. Nothing that you couldn’t handle. Your lamp was turned on next to you while you worked. An ache pulsed in your fingers after writing nonstop at your desk for hours, the constant writing and erasing draining, but you’d persevered.

“Just a little more…”

When you reached the end of your last report you’d been writing and revising for weeks, you set your pencil aside and skimmed through the paper. Content with what you were reading — in the Devildom’s language, no less — you set it atop a slim stack of papers and stapled them together.

“Yes! All done,” you cheered under your breath, turning off your lamp.

Sore fingers finally registered, and you shook away the stiffness, stretching them for good measure. After the discomfort subsided, you tapped on your D.D.D. to check the time. The day had flown by unnoticed, but you shrugged it off and tucked the report into your folder. The other reports you’d previously completed were safe inside. Each and every drop of time spent on your work was worth it, and now you were ahead of your classes.

There was just something about finishing your assignments in advance, regardless of their distant due dates. Work was soothing, almost therapeutic, and the sense of accomplishment was rejuvenating.

And Lucifer loved a diligent worker.

Your lips curled into a dreamy smile as you stored the folder back into your backpack. Of course Lucifer would praise you for a job well done. The perks of being the loyal and obedient one who genuinely cared about academics. Come to think of it, it was a miracle you were able to concentrate lately. The bedroom’s temperature elevated, but it had no connection to the warmth blossoming in your cheeks. The real culprit was Lucifer, who materialized in your mind for the umpteenth time.

Ever since you confessed to him that you loved him (or more like he seduced you into confessing), he’d been ruling your thoughts day and night. Not only that, but Lucifer had also made himself at home in the privacy of your dreams. The provocative fantasies set your heart ablaze every single time you recalled the realistic details. Even in his absence, the strong effect he had on you was relentless.

You shifted your focus to the window, distracting yourself with the sterling silver stars in the never-ending night sky. Countless stars twinkled to the beat of your heart. The crescent moon sliced the star-sprinkled darkness. Part of you wondered if Lucifer had experienced bouts of lovesickness himself. Discussing it with him would be unwise, though disregarding his denial, you weren’t blind to his subtle hints. The tiniest glimpses of his feelings wrapped you with a deep sense of comfort. It also helped that he looked adorable whenever he attempted to be sneaky by glancing at you whenever he had the chance, but Diavolo forbid you tell him that directly. Or in public.

Overcome with happiness, you shook your head at the silliness of it all. Typical Lucifer, too proud to fully express his emotions. Nonetheless, the changes in him were memorable. He’d gone from a strict and intimidating figure around you to a protective lover who took great pride in letting any potential admirers know you were his and his alone.

”You belong to me now, and I will never let anyone else have you.”

A shuddering breath escaped from your lungs at the memory of his words from that fateful night. You brought a hand over your heart the way he had the habit of doing.

“Lucifer…” Swooning in sweet silence had never felt so wonderful. The emotional rhythm of your heart was audible to nobody else but you.

His vow was true to reality. You belonged to him. And only him.


You squeaked at the sudden interruption and spun around so fast, you nearly tipped over your chair. Lucifer stood by the doorway, unconcerned about concealing his smirk.

“Did I frighten you? That’s a shame, what with the lack of effort.”

A witty remark of your own hung at the tip of your tongue, but instead you gave a sidelong glance at something. Bewilderment painted Lucifer’s face as soon as you hopped out of the chair and rushed towards him, guiding him back into the hallway.

“What are you—”

“Shhhhhh.” You brought a finger between your lips, then pointed at the Little D’s sleeping soundly in their matching colored beds. Their faint snores filled the quiet bedroom.

“Ahhhhh.” Lucifer’s voice softened out of courtesy. “My apologies.” Not wanting to disturb them, he carefully closed the door.

You stood beside the wall. “Hello, Lucifer. You want to talk to me about something?”

“Yes. It’s about important matters.”

“I figured as much.” A halfhearted snicker spilled from your lips. “You know, you scared me in there.”

“Oh? How peculiar. You don’t normally flinch like a defenseless little creature that’s been frightened by her shadow.”

“I was busy, that’s all,” you replied defensively. “You don’t sneak up on someone who’s busy.”

Lucifer cornered you, slapping his hands on the wall. Shock froze you solid, and a familiar fire bloomed in your cheeks. Pale moonlight highlighted his smirk. You could’ve sworn your racing heart echoed throughout the dark hallway.


He snickered with his iconic half-lidded gaze. “You were fantasizing about me again, weren’t you?”

“Wait, what???” You veered your own gaze elsewhere, then reconsidered. “H-How did you—I mean, n-no, it’s not like that, I—”

“Were you or were you not fantasizing about me?”

“I wasn’t fantasizing about you,” you denied too quickly to your liking. You cursed inwardly for tumbling face-first into his clever trap.

“Darling,” he cooed playfully, “what did I tell you about lying to me?” Ruby eyes reflected his cruel amusement. “It’s futile considering your abysmal attempts.”

Your eyes strayed to the red carpet beneath your bare feet. “I’m not lying. Honest.”

Excitement vibrated under your skin. Lucifer was no fool, yet his lie-detecting skills fascinated you to the point where you couldn‘t resist testing them for your own personal enjoyment.

“_______, enough with the lies.” Gloved hands rubbed your shoulders, traveling down your sensitive arms as he spoke. “I know all about your innermost emotions. You become weak whenever you think of me. When we’re apart, you yearn for my presence, my touch…my voice. You’re truly smitten with me, and as always, you can’t break free from me. It’s…alluring.”

His warm touch combined with the flirtatious timbre in his voice were enough to destroy your defenses, so you faced his vivid crimson eyes head-on. “Alright. You got me. I’ve been thinking about you…a lot.”

“How often?”

“Does it matter?”

“It’s a simple question,” he said, his chuckle ever so lightly. “You can tell me, can’t you?”


Lucifer tilted your chin up, but didn’t speak immediately. The deafening silence returned for the briefest of moments.

“How often?” He repeated, his tone softer. Tender. Tantalizing. His thumb idly traced your lower lip. “How often do I invade that beautiful mind of yours?”

Eyes fixed on him, you noted your tongue had become uncooperative. Already you were gradually losing yourself to this mesmerizing demon. Again.

“Every day,” you mumbled.

“As it should be.” Satisfied, he released your chin. “Come with me.”

Before you could ask why, Lucifer clutched your hand and led you down the hallway. Without much of a choice, but not the least bit vexed about it, you struggled to keep up with him.

“Lucifer, where are we going?”

“To somewhere private.”

Awkward footsteps tried to mimic graceful strides to no avail. The two of you shortly arrived to the door to his chambers. Realization hit you no more than a second, and your heart twirled in your chest. Could it be…?

“You said you have important matters to discuss with me,” you stated in hushed tones. “What are they?”

“Oh, that’s right.” Lucifer smiled at you as he opened the door. “I’ve failed to provide the details…but all will be revealed soon enough.” He slipped an arm around your waist, ushering you to his elegant bedroom fit for a proud demon like him. Only the light of the moon and stars pouring from the arch windows kept the room sufficiently lit.

Lucifer’s bedroom was a sight to behold. The decor was breathtaking in spite of its simplicity that you took the time to admire the view. The first thing that caught your eye were the paintings, works of art residing in the same place as the man who was a work of art himself. It dawned on you that were glad you hadn’t spoken those words aloud.

You proceeded to go over all the aspects of the room. The comfortable bed called you with its ash gray sheets and covers. A gray sofa sat on the opposite wall, with a glass coffee table in front of it. The pair of small gray couches were placed near another table. Its green drapes stood out from the rest of the muted color palette. Both the bed and furniture persuaded you to take a seat, though you didn’t dare relax anywhere. Not that you required Lucifer’s permission, but you refrained merely out of politeness.

An expensive chess set was organized on the table in case he and someone else — preferably you — wanted to play. And was that a fireplace behind it? And a chandelier lamp on the ceiling? You couldn‘t mask your astonishment fast enough.

Lucifer broke the lingering silence, closing the door behind him. “You’re speechless.”

You peeked over your shoulder and looked away in rapid succession. Humiliated now for being quiet longer than intended, you said, “I’m sorry. Your room’s just...perfect.”

Just when you were about to compliment Lucifer’s tastes in interior design some more, you screamed and jumped at the skeleton posing as a pillar in the corner.

Lucifer’s serene laughter bubbled in the background. “Relax, it’s not real.”

“That’s reassuring…I think.” Still, you had difficulty dismissing the skeleton, so you stepped away from it. Unfortunately for you, the extra distance did little to ease your fear.

“You’re gawking at it like it will come to life.”

“Will it?!” Stricken with horror, you whirled to see if he was being serious. “Tell me you’re joking. This isn’t funny!”

“I just told you, it’s not real.” The way he smiled and the playful glint in his eyes convinced you otherwise. “However, don’t repeat this to my brothers. I prefer having them believe in the horror stories I’ve fabricated. It’s the reason why they never enter my room uninvited.”

The layers of tension in your shoulders melted away. “Resorting to fear tactics, I see,” you jested, returning the favor with a shy smirk.

Feeling less inclined to panic over his bony companion, you gave the room and its overall aesthetic one last appreciative look. Lucifer, the Avatar of Pride, was certainly the type to have such a meticulously designed bedroom. Out of all the brothers’ bedrooms, this one was the superior one in your eyes. And his.

“I love it,” you said, gazing at Lucifer. “This room is so…you.”

“You can’t stop being cute, can you?”

“Neither can you.”

“Watch your tongue.” His smile flipped to a rigid frown. “Don’t refer to me as such thing.”

“But you are cute.”

“_______…” A dash of pallid red dusted his cheeks.

“It’s true, though.” His scowl sharpened, then he crossed his arms, making you burst into giggles. “Okay, okay, stop!” You waved your hands at him. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. You, the Avatar of Pride, cute? Preposterous. What was I thinking?” You fake-smacked your forehead.

He agreed with a curt nod. “I’m glad you came to your senses.”

Not really. You stifled a laugh to maintain the ruse. “Yes, yes, don’t worry, you’re not cute. Not cute at all. You’re…You’re…”

Looking deep into his eyes resulted in your voice fading to nothing. Stunning, red rubies hypnotized you with their enchanting hue, rendering you immobile and mute.

His sour expression dissipated, replaced with a sultry smile. “Silent as always…”

“I can’t help it,” you admitted softly.

Lucifer grabbed you by the wrists, yanking you out of your trance, and captured you in a tight, loving embrace. Reveling in the closeness, you swooned in his arms, hugging him and relaxing your head on his chest. You closed your eyes, listening to his heartbeat while discreetly inhaling his musky scent. Being in his possession like this felt so right, so romantic, that the world seemed to have frozen. You were falling under his spell again, but unlike on the night of your confession, you chose not to fight it anymore.

Who would’ve thought a demon like him would stir up these feelings within you.

He raked a hand through your hair, giving it a gentle tug. Orbs the color of rich wine held you prisoner, his voice a seductive whisper.

“How do you see me, my dove?” Featherlight lips planted kisses on what must’ve been your rosy cheeks.

Shivers of delight spread all the way to your bones, eyelids becoming heavier by the minute. You couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t look away as each kiss marked your skin with purpose. A thick fog threatened to cloud your thoughts.

“Tell me,” he ordered, cupping your chin.

His firm grip paralyzed you this time around, and you vaguely acknowledged the reason behind it. His gloves were absent. When had he taken them off, you didn’t know nor care in the slightest. Not if it meant being under his control. Could he be any more irresistible?

“Do you see me as flawless? Charming?…Superior?”

“Powerful,” you murmured.

Lucifer continued to smirk at how you must’ve looked to him, a woman who lacked the strength and desire to resist him. Just the way he liked it. The way you liked it.

“I’m pleased by your answer. Very pleased…”

His fingers drifted away, taking his soothing touch with him, and he took away what was left of your resolve with a kiss. The delicacy of his lips contrasted with their potent sweetness, lulling you into another trance. His arms seized you, strong muscles pulling you closer so your breasts were wedged against his chest. Hot kisses consumed you whole, you gravitated towards him for solace. Lucifer had all the power, without a shadow of a doubt, and it proved to be physically and emotionally overwhelming that you tangled your fingers in his sleek, jet black hair. You were becoming weightless, like your body had a mind of its own, and it was during these precious seconds that you made the decision to give yourself completely to him.

However, Lucifer cut the kiss short, flinging you back to the present. Blurry surroundings greeted you, followed by his smug smile. A clicking sound snapped you out of your daze.

“There.” Lucifer’s hand moved away from the doorknob. “No need to worry about my brothers pestering us.” He chanted a spell that conjured up a force field in the bedroom before fading away. A sound-canceling spell, you mused.

“Lucifer?” The thrill of what was happening gave you goosebumps.

What he did next happened in slow-motion for you. He pushed you against the wall, his intimidating figure poised over you as he pinned your arms above your head with one hand.

“There’s no turning back now.” His fingers painlessly squeezed your wrists for emphasis.

You cast him a coy smile. “Who said I wanted to turn back?”

From the sensual look in his eyes, you knew there were many things in store for you tonight. And you were determined to experience them all with him.

“Well,” you tugged at your trapped wrists, “I’m at your mercy.”

“Yes…yes, you are.” Lucifer bent forward so his lips hovered above your needy mouth. “As I said before…you belong to me.”

Lucifer sealed that promise with the deepest kiss imaginable. A sonorous sigh was the first lovely sound you emitted as he stole your breath away. He calmly expelled a repressed moan, his free hand roaming over your body until he reached the small of your back. Never in your life had you felt such acute emotions from just kissing someone, and you swore that no man could ever compete with Lucifer for your affections and loyalty, for a number of reasons. There could never be anyone else.

Delicate wrists sagged in his resilient grip, and your legs bordered on giving out that if it weren’t for him, you would’ve fallen into his arms and clung to him like only he could rescue you from this hurricane of love and lust. His talented tongue toyed with the crevasses of your mouth, tempting you with unspoken pleasures that only a demon like him could provide.

Anxious for more of him, you instinctively tugged at your wrists, but freedom was out of your reach. Lucifer, on the other hand, had the liberty of doing whatever he wanted with you, exploring your mouth and touching you like he owned you. You gasped lightly between kisses before he reclaimed your mouth. Embracing your passivity, you sighed into the all-consuming kiss, loving the torturous way he seduced you. Suddenly feeling adventurous, you surprised him with a zealous kiss, mingling with his tongue and wiggling your hips so you were grinding yourself against him.

He freed your lips, gasping for air. For a moment, you thought you’d imagined it. Heated cheeks combined with his uneven breathing cracked his composure. The fact that your boldness generated such a visible reaction out of him summoned a fierce passion that you didn’t know existed in your heart.

“I’m all yours,” you muttered too quietly that you wondered if Lucifer heard you.

A desperate but restrained gleam conquered his piercing garnet eyes, and he showered your neck with kisses that seared your flesh. Your own reaction was far from disappointing. Breathless sighs became strangled mewls, and you jerked your wrists despite it being useless.

“Lucifer,” you heaved out his name unintentionally.

That set Lucifer off, his weak growl conveying his deteriorating self-restraint. “Don’t be timid, my sweet. I shall unlock these feelings of yours if I must.”

You quit trying to keep your eyes open to bask in the tingling sensations, singing your arousal little by little. Kisses persisted until Lucifer switched to nibbling on your neck. Then, without warning, there was a mild, fleeting pain.

“Ahhhh.” Eyes flung open and you held yourself ramrod straight. Lucifer’s teeth had bitten into your neck.

“Did I hurt you?”

Taken aback, yet touched by his concern, you shook your head. “No, you didn’t. I can handle the pain.”

“Good…” His lips soothed where he branded you with a love bite. A flurry of kisses ensued, like he couldn’t get enough of you, as more love bites blessed your skin.

Eyelashes shielded your gaze and your limbs weakened. Rapture caged you once again.

Lucifer’s fingertips made the agonizingly lengthy descent to your chest, deliberately brushing your skin as though he had all the time and patience in the world. The buttons of your top came undone at his own leisure, slipping through the holes one by one. When you regained the will to witness the intimate scene unfolding, you realized your bra had been unclasped, leaving your breasts exposed. Taut buds pointed at Lucifer.

Slightly self-conscious, you tried to cover up, but remembered you couldn’t move your arms.

“There now, don’t panic,” he reassured you with lustful, yet compassionate eyes. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, _______. Have pride in your impeccable beauty.”

Unshed tears welled in your eyes at his kindness. A single tear trickled across your cheek. “You…think I’m beautiful?”

His thumb wiped the teardrop away. “I believe you’re beautiful.”

Insecurities were forgotten, and your blazing passion started anew. “Thank you…That means a lot to me.”

The smile that adorned Lucifer’s face was the softest smile he’d ever given you. Without another word, he groped your breast, catching you off-guard.

A muted gasp leapt to your throat. “L-Lucifer.”

“Yes. Say my name.” He massaged your breast with such dedication that you thought you might utter another sound.

Eyes shut and head dangling, you smothered a groan. “Lucifer,” you said again, too reluctant to be any more vocal. A quivering grunt slipped past your lips when he pinched your nipple. “Oh fuck.”

“You like that,” he purred, dark, undisguised lust oozing from his velvety voice. He kneaded your breast more aggressively, you couldn’t suppress a breathy moan. “You know,” he chuckled, “that little face you make is quite adorable.”

Now weaker than ever, you squirmed in his grasp. “Mmmmm…Lucifer, p-please. Ahhhh…This feels good.”

“Do my ears deceive me, or are you being honest about your feelings?”

Your eyes glazed over the confident glimmer in those dashing eyes.

“My, you’re more beautiful like this. But—” his hand abandoned your breast, “—it won’t do.”

Crestfallen by his missing steel grip, you blinked thrice. “What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it obvious, my defenseless dove?” Lucifer gently grasped your chin. “I want you to submit to me.”

If your self-control hadn’t been withering earlier, you were now hanging by its last fragile threads. Lucifer’s enticing words could only mean one thing…and you were more than prepared to surrender to him.

His voice became breathless. “You will do anything for me, won’t you?” Patience laced his question. The grip he had on your wrists loosened.

“Yes,” you answered with conviction. “I’ll do anything for you, I promise. Please, I’ll do whatever you say. I love you, Lucifer, with all my heart. I belong to you.”

Lucifer couldn’t look any more impressed with your choice. His fingers tightened around your wrists again, this time without any sign of letting you go.

“That’s a good girl.” He rewarded you with a fervent kiss, which you happily reciprocated. “You will obey me tonight. I’ll make sure of it.”

You tensed up as Lucifer dipped his hand in your pants. His fingers idly grazed the slit of your most private area.


Your undergarments were already soaked from all the frequent teasing, and the tightening in your lower belly made itself known with how his fingers crossed the vulnerable folds of your cunt.

Lucifer hummed, now aware of the truth you’d been hiding from him. “All those lies for nothing.” He finally inserted a finger deep inside.

Inhaling a high-pitched breath, you breathed out a “Fuck.”

“Answer me properly, and I will give you what you want. How much do you crave me?”

“A lot,” you said briskly, your cheeks simmering. “You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamed of this.”

The instant Lucifer flicked your clit a multitude of times in a row, your body jolted at the spectacular electric shocks. “How many?”

“H-Hundreds of times, L-L-Lucifer!” Your hips writhed at the dizzying pleasure. “F-F-Fuck…! S-Stop teasing me…!”

“That’s it, my beloved dove,” he said, fingering you with expert precision. “Release those emotions dying to be heard. Let me listen to those sweet, beautiful sounds I know you can make. Surrender to me.”

For the first time since this all started, Lucifer was being unusually generous, stretching your walls apart with a curl of his finger and assaulting your cunt. A second finger joined midway through, doubling the welcoming pressure. He was driving you insane, and before you knew what you were doing, you were chanting his name with no control whatsoever. Hazy vision distorted his face, but his sadistic seduction made up for it.

“Beg for more, my dove. Beg to your heart’s content.”

“Lucifer,” you moaned, your eyes fluttering closed. You relied on the wall to keep your legs from swaying. “Lucifer…Oh fuck! Lucifer—Ahhhh, ahhhh, Lucifer!” Fists were clenched above you, your knuckles probably stark white.

Staying quiet became an impossible endeavor. Try as you might, your cries betrayed your deepest emotions the more Lucifer punished your clit, using random patterns that short-circuited your brain. No matter what you did, whether biting your bottom lip or concentrating on your breathing, your true feelings couldn’t be silenced.

Forget controlling your emotions. Forget thinking about whether or not you should openly express yourself. Forget everything but your dangerously dominant demon, Lucifer.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” You whimpered between breaths.

“Look at me. Look at me, and tell me what you want.”

You could barely lift your eyelids. “I…I—Ahhhhh!” You bowed at the fiery storm shooting through your tortured cunt.

More flicks emphasized his words. “Tell. Me. What. You. Want.”

“I want you, Lucifer! Please!”

“Please what?” He gave your clit a myriad of ruthless swipes that had you nearly screaming. “Speak!”

“Please, give me more!!” Gathering the strength to steady your unstable legs, you tried to get his fingers to go deeper. “Please, Lucifer, I’m so c-close! So fucking close! Oh fuck! Nnnngh!! Fuck!!”

The white-hot flames were at their highest peak, the blinding sensations too strong for you to handle, so you screwed your eyes shut and rode his fingers, beyond ready to welcome your first orgasm.

But Lucifer halted in the nick of time and deserted your cunt, ruining your climax without any regrets. Your eyes dilated as the flames of passion dissolved into pitiful embers.

“L-Lucifer, wh—…what are you doing???”

“Did you truly believe I’d be that kind?”

The pieces came together when you studied his cold, cruel, confident expression. How did you not see it coming?

“You…sadist…!” Anger was nonexistent in your interjection. “Please, Lucifer. I need more of you. I’m begging you.”

Oh, how he relished seeing you plead for more. “And you will have me. Patience.” He set your wrists free so you could relax your arms. “Do you want more of me?”

“Yes. I said I’ll do anything, remember? Anything you want. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.”

“Good.” Lucifer brushed his knuckles over your cheek before resting his hand on your soft skin. “I expect nothing but absolute devotion from you. Do I make myself clear?”

Nuzzling his palm, you nodded eagerly. “Yes, Sir.”

Lucifer snickered in approval, then, much to your undying joy, his face slanted so he’d give you another kiss. Your lips parted, but you realized too late that he deceived you again by avoiding your lips altogether to whisper, “One more thing…be honest with yourself more often, and perhaps I might be more forgiving.”

Your heart skipped a beat. “Anything for you, Lucifer.”

He stepped back to analyze the shapes of your bare breasts. A tinge of yearning flickered behind his trademark pride, but unlike you, he managed to keep it under lock and key. For now.

“Undress. Do it slowly, and look me in the eyes while doing so.”

Elated by his command, you started to peel off your clothing. The sleeves of your loose top and straps of your bra slid past your shoulders. When they gracefully dropped to the floor, you tugged at your pants. Remnants of your timidity crawled back to the surface, but for your sake, you fought through it to not inadvertently defy Lucifer. Refusing to do anything below his expectations, you decided to perform a little sexual dance for him. Hungry eyes were spellbound by your every movement. For just a split second, you wished he’d embrace his own emotions. But the Avatar of Pride wasn’t easily persuaded.

You couldn’t help but chuckle, wiggling your hips so your pants and undergarments were barely hugging your thighs. With one final shake of your hips, they glided over your legs and pooled around your feet.

Now nude before your all-powerful lover, you stepped over your clothing with newfound confidence.

“I see you’re becoming more daring.”

“You deserve nothing but the best.”

Lucifer couldn‘t agree more. His sly smirk stripped you of your brazen attitude that you found yourself acting timid once again.


“Yes, Sir…” You sank to your knees, now eye-level with the bulge in his pants. No more than a nanosecond did you predict his next command.

Lucifer’s low chuckle diverted your attention back to him, looking all high and mighty. “You know exactly what I want…and it’s exactly what I’m going to get.”

He undid his golden chain belt and unzipped his pants. Red velvet boxers concealed his private area. There was no erotic dance from him when he pushed both his pants and underwear down to his thighs, but he did move his hips just a pinch to put your emotions on overdrive. His erection was eye-catching, larger compared to that of a human male that it was initially frightening. Nonetheless, you didn’t have any second thoughts. This was what you’d been waiting for all this time, and you weren’t turning back.

“Well, darling? Don’t keep me waiting.”

Heart accelerating and palms getting clammy, you progressed towards his length very slowly. This was such a major step that you couldn’t brush off your apprehension. Lucifer grabbed the back of your head, but paused, waiting for you to advance. Finally, with your consent, he pushed you forward so his member claimed your mouth. The urge to gag happened all of a sudden.

“Breathe through your nose,” he advised, swallowing a grunt.

The audacity you’d shown moments ago came in handy as you closed your eyes and breathed deeply to calm your gagging reflex. Lucifer was counting on you, and you couldn’t afford to fail him. Or yourself. You bobbed your head, cautious at first, as you tasted what you could of his length. A moan that you couldn’t believe was yours reverberated in your throat, then another, and another.

“Yes, my lovely dove. Give in…” He collected a fistful of your hair, sticking his penis deeper.

Goddamn it, giving praise like that should be illegal. You sucked on him to quench this newly discovered thirst, your tongue laving his manly flesh. Even from this angle, you were able to catch the husky groan rumbling in his throat. Moans that you hoped would grace your ears were controlled. On the flip side, the sweet, beautiful sounds Lucifer believed you could make were growing with each passing second.

“That’s right…just like that.” Lucifer gasped out a moan.

Overpowering lust ebbed your self-doubt, and you carefully pulled back just a smidge with hooded eyes to check on the man you loved unconditionally. Brilliant color traversed Lucifer’s face, his formerly unseen emotions transparent. And it was during this flash of short-lived awareness that you noticed his grip on you was lacking. The way you devoured his penis had been your doing all along, and that caused your lust to soar tenfold. Hands searching for his ass, you relaxed your eyes again and forced his incredible length much deeper.

He weaved his fingers into your hair and rolled his hips. “Mmmmm, such a good girl,” he cooed, choking on a gasp. “Oh, look at you, all hopelessly submissive…! You just—” his breath stuttered, “—can’t get enough of me!”

The sounds he was making motivated you to deliver your huskiest sigh and suck on his member in delightful desperation. Lucifer fought to control his own emotions, but the message was crystal clear to you. The Avatar of Pride was losing himself, and no amount of his iconic sin could interrupt the inevitable.

Recalling how he tricked you earlier, you tried to tug your head backwards, wanting him to undergo being denied his orgasm, but Lucifer thrust his length back where it belonged. You gasped, but complied to his wishes, not caring about anything else but this.

“_______…! Ahhhh!” He awkwardly jerked his hips, seeking the relief he so desired. “You’re mine, _______. All mine. Never…forget…that!!”

At last, Lucifer uttered a cry that shattered the atmosphere, his seed filling your mouth faster than you could swallow. Gagging uncontrollably, you smacked his hip in distress.


Eyes shut tight, you pried your head away and coughed profusely, using the floor for support. Strings of his cum coated your breasts, cheeks, and lips.

“Are you alright?” Lucifer asked breathlessly.

Painful gasps and coughs were your only answer, lungs straining for air. From your peripheral vision, you could see Lucifer kneeling beside you as he patted your back.

“Breathe, _______. Breathe slowly.”

“I-I’m fine,” you wheezed, bringing a hand over your throbbing heart.

“Are you certain?”

You nodded stiffly, gulping in air to calm this wretched feeling in your lungs. A few erratic coughs helped clear your throat. “I’m okay, Lucifer. Really.”

Lucifer’s relief gleamed. “Good...”

After you took the time to stabilize your breathing, guilt gnawed at you.

“What is it?” Lucifer inquired.

“I’m…I’m sorry. I tried to swallow it all, but…”

“Say no more.” He held on to your shoulders. The touch alone eliminated your worry. “You’ve never done this before. It’s perfectly fine.”


“Yes. What matters is you’re alright.” He got back on his feet. “Here, take my hand.”

Lucifer helped you stand, which you strongly appreciated. Although, you couldn’t say the same about his unexpected chuckle.


“All you had to do was swallow.”

Feigning annoyance, you poked his nose. “No one told you to unload centuries worth of cum into my mouth.”

“Well, what did you expect? A demon has needs.”

You rolled your eyes at his quip, lips twitching into a smile. Gazing down at the rivulets of cum on your breasts, you gathered some of it with an index finger. Back to your old shy self, you tried to seductively lick his cum off.

“How cute…”

“Stop calling me that. I’m trying to seduce—EEK!” Lucifer swept you off your feet, making you blush. “Lucif—” His lips quieted you again. With a sigh, you linked your arms around his neck, accepting the kiss.

Lucifer nuzzled your cheek. “Perhaps you should leave the seduction tactics to me.”

“Yes, Sir…”

Your handsome demon lover carried you bridal style to the bed, setting you down like you were a dainty bird in need of extra care. That one caring gesture spoke volumes of his pure, eternal love for you.

The mattress was a cloud that molded against your spine, but the softness paled in comparison to Lucifer towering over you. Seemingly more conscious of the inequality between your current appearances, he finally worked on taking off the rest of his clothing. First, his coat left his broad shoulders and dropped behind his feet. He tugged his loose pants and underwear inch by inch, never leaving your eyes, as though he wanted you to commit his own sexual show all into memory. When they were out of the way, he slipped his brown leather shoes and red socks off, then unfastened the buttons of his waistcoat to unveil what you’d been waiting for all this time. His perfect and pronounced abs, spared from flaws like his entire body.

“Ahhhhh. There we are. Hmmmmm? You’re staring, darling.”

For the first time since Lucifer met you in your bedroom, you weren’t mortified that he caught your lovestruck eyes. “And I’m not sorry.”

And so, Lucifer climbed onto the bed. The weight of his toned torso engulfed yours, your breasts meeting his pecs, and he kissed those lips that were rightfully his to kiss anytime, anywhere. Like a starving woman, you demanded for more of his touch, more of his kisses, more of the demon you’d fallen madly in love with that you’d never wanted him to leave you. And he won’t. He loved you and only you. No one else, whether human or not, would come close to you. This unbreakable bond was destined to keep the two of you together, always and forever.

“Lucifer,” you nibbled on his lips between shared kisses, “I love you so much.”

“I love you as well, my darling.”

He groped your breasts and suckled on one of your nipples. Damn, those lips never stopped transforming you into the most helpless woman in existence. You raked a hand into his hair, pressing your breasts against his face so he could dedicate his greedy lips to them. Neither nipple had been neglected by his wonderful mouth, his teeth grazing them without biting them much. He bestowed a shower of smooth kisses on both breasts. When both buds were swollen and red and your breasts were properly kissed, he moved on to the final act for tonight.

Positioning himself better, he then pushed his length into your cunt. Pain pricked your senses from all directions that you reacted with a surprised yelp, feeling his magnificent size spreading your moist folds.

“F-Fuck, fuck, fuck…!” You clawed on to the bed covers. “You’re so…huge…! Ahhhh!”

“How does it feel?”

“I-It hurts, Lucifer. It hurts.”

Your sobs worried Lucifer. Seeing that also hurt because you wanted it to come to this. Why did the first time have to be excruciating?

“Oww, owwww, owwwwww…”

Lucifer bent forward, nuzzling your cheek. “Relax…the pain will become a distant memory soon. It’ll be alright…” He kissed your cheeks. “Look into my eyes, and relax. Do it for me…”

His kisses and request soothed you to the core. You’d do anything for him. The pain was only temporary, unlike your unconditional devotion and loyalty to him. You had to toughen up. Looking into his enchanting eyes, you waited for him to make love to you. Lucifer rolled his hips, slow and steady to get you accustomed to having him inside you. After he couldn’t go any further, he slowly retracted his length, then slammed it back inside. His moans were becoming less of a rarity now, with your sounds transitioning into an inviting melody.

“That’s right. Take pride in this—nnngh—experience. Sing for me.”

“Lucifer,” you said under your breath, arching your back during his thrusts. Your grip on the covers slackened. “Oh, Lucifer, you feel amazing!”

“Mmmmm, yes,” Lucifer moaned, eyes seemingly losing focus. His thick length pounded into you. “I’ve been—ahh—waiting a long time for this. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Ohhhhh, fuck yes.”

“Tell me what you want me to do, _______…!” Lucifer’s length froze in place.

At first, you didn’t fathom what he was implying until you had a vivid recollection of it. The pact.

“…Are you sure?”

“Yes.” His thrusts became sharper, his cheeks erupting with color.

“Mmmm!” Eyelashes flittered as you heaved.

“Give me an order.”

There was no hesitation. He gave you his consent, and that’s all that you needed to hear. “Lucifer, take me now. Make love to me right here, right now.”

The pact activated, and Lucifer began making love to you to his heart’s content. Modesty long gone, you were sinking into these turbulent feelings, saying his name over and over. The more you struggled to compose yourself, the faster you sank into the quicksand of lust that kept dragging you deeper and deeper. Accepting your fate, you let yourself get submerged into the mind-blowing, pleasurable heat. Cries flowed freely from your lips, and Lucifer didn’t restrict himself with how he moaned, gasped, and growled out his sexual needs.

Your hands journeyed to his slim, yet muscular back, surrendering to the rhythm of his fluid lovemaking.

“Mmmmm, Lucifer. Ohhhhhh, you feel so good. Ahhhhhh! Give me more.”

“Don’t think you can run away now. You belong to me.” He shoved his member, declaring his dominance over you. “Your body, your mind, your heart, your soul, everything about you is all mine. No one else can claim you. Only me.”

“Yes—ahh!—I’ll always be yours! You’re the only man I’ll ever love, Lucifer!”

Lucifer spoke nothing but the utmost truth about your relationship. He claimed you. He owned you. Although you’d formed a pact with him, he would always have power over you. Both your souls were permanently entwined by the pact’s invisible strings, and your hearts would beat together forevermore.

Light moans symbolized your pure submission. Lucifer amplified his velocity, ramming his length like it was a race against time. He was getting closer to his limit, and you were right behind him. The white-hot flames crackled in your belly, and you unleashed a primal grunt that was drowned out by Lucifer’s spirited growl.

“L-Lucifer!” You panted erratically, clutching him. “Oh, fuck!! I’m s-so damn close…!! Ahhhhh!! I…can’t…hold…on!! Lucifeeeeeeeeeer!!!”

At last, your first orgasm burst violently before you could brace yourself for it. All of your senses overloaded, your body spasming over the sweet relief. Drops of cum squirted from your walls, coating his member. Lucifer jerked with a loud grunt, hitting his own limit and filling you with his seed. His arms were shaking, but he wouldn’t allow him to collapse, not until he was finished.

The euphoric rush calmed, and an afterglow loomed over you. Fatigue weighed you down, but you didn’t mind. Beads of sweat dripped from Lucifer’s face, landing on your glistening chest. Instead of falling on top of you, he hauled himself down so he laid next to you. Heavy breaths filled the newly quiet bedroom.

Lucifer tugged at the covers from his side and pulled you closer so he could tuck you in with him. You rewarded him with snuggles, your head perched on his chest.

He caressed your hair. “How was it?”

Peeking adorably at him, you giggled. “You already know I enjoyed it.”

“Oh, I know you did. I just like to hear you say it.” He kissed your forehead.

“Tonight will always be a night to remember. I’m grateful to have a man like you.” You gave him a sleepy kiss. “Lucifer?”


“I meant every word I said.” Although tired, you brushed the ebony locks plastered on his sweat-drenched temples. “I’ll never love anyone else but you. You’re irreplaceable, Lucifer. Did you ever believe we’d fall in love like this?”

“I will be honest…I didn’t think it would happen. Love had never been a high priority. I thought it was only for sentimental fools, but you’ve…proved me wrong.”

Wait a minute. Did he just say he was wrong???

“Don’t expect me to repeat that,” he said, snapping you out of it. “In all seriousness…I’m glad we’re together.”

“We’ll always be together forever,” you whispered. Yawning, you nuzzled him to get ready to sleep. “Good night, Lucifer…”

Lucifer brushed your shoulder as you drifted into peaceful slumber. “Pleasant dreams, my darling…”