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Liam woke up thrashing in water. His entire body felt slow, sluggish, and memories came back in flashes: Garrett hitting him with his car, brandishing a knife slick and glistening with some oil -- Liam's hand went to his side, where there was a stinging wound, flesh around it purpling with wolfsbane poisoning. Not good.

There were worn stone bricks all around him, in a tight ring; he was floating in chill water. Like he was in some kind of silo, or-- he looked up, at the tiny circle of light far above. Or in a well. Garrett must have tossed him down here to keep him trapped before-- who knew what he had planned.

Liam had to get out of here. The well as tight enough he could touch opposing walls with his arms outstretched, but not so tight he could actually use that to brace himself. He scrabbled at the walls, full of rough stone bricks, but they were smooth with age and slick with algae, smeared with some kind of phosphorescent slime that shone brightly when he dislodged it. He was still woozy, head hazy, and he tried again: arms straining as he hauled himself up out of the water, body suddenly feeling a hundred times heavier as he emerged dripping from the chest-high water.

Then he saw the first slug. It glowed the same luminous blue-green as the slime, squirming an inch from his hand as he grasped for a handhold, and he reflexively recoiled, lurching to the side and toppling off his loose perch, surging down the scant few feet he'd managed to climb and sending the wellwater crashing against the sides of the old well. More phosphorescent slime shone across the bricks, lit up by his churning motions, and with a lurch of disgust he saw some of the phosphorescent clumps were more slugs: coiled up, unfurling now as he sent the water swirling. Slugs churned in the cold water all around him, phantom touches of their soft, squishy bodies pressing against his sides, barely-felt pressure of them latching onto his pants, and Liam let out a disgusted yell and tried to scramble up the wall, water and slugs pouring off his body as he rose up, hands flailing. Slugs squashed under his fingers as he tried to haul himself up the slug-encrusted walls, making his grip even slipperier.

Slugs, hundreds of them, oozed out of the walls near the water level, nearly blanketing the surface of the water with their pale glow. Liam shuddered with disgust as they caught on his jeans as he hauled himself up past his waist, slime-slick hands only barely keeping him on the wall. He panted, aware his breath was coming out in clouds of fog in the chill well, and when he felt the slimy press of a slug squirming up his wrist he let out a yelp and flung his arm out, losing his balance again and crashing back into the slug-infested water with a howl that cut off in a gurgle as slimy, slug-filled water poured into his open mouth.

Liam surfaced, body coated in slugs, thick rafts of them spinning out slime across the now-frothy water's surface. He spat out slugs, panting hard and fast, thrashing in the water and churning it up into a bubbly forth, noticeably thickened with slime now. The slugs had stuck themselves to his body, coating the bruised wound on his side, clinging tight under his armpits, squirming up the legs of his pants. Liam sobbed, feeling slugs squirm up his legs under his jeans, and he kicked his sodden shoes off, desperately working his pants down his legs as he clung to the slime-coated wall.

He was fully wolfed out: claws scratching the brick, feet hairy and clawed, and, embarrassing in any other context, dick fully transformed too, sheath forming a big lumpy mound in his boxer-briefs. Dizzyingly, with a pang of horror, he saw a soft glow shining through the fabric, and he shoved his underwear down his thighs with one hand, staring at the nightmarish sight revealed: sheath crawling with slugs, their fat squirming bodies lurching up his thighs and over his hips, swimming through the water towards the heat of his body now that there were no clothes in the way. He tried plucking them off, smacking slugs off his sheath, but he could already feel the wet, squelching squirm of them inside, smearing their glowing slime across the inner walls of his sheath.

Heat flushed his body, a mix of adrenaline and werewolf energy. The throb in his side vanished, and dimly Liam realized it didn't even hurt to climb any more: the web of slugs covering the wound with slime were sucking the wolfsbane out, or-- replacing it with something else. Even in the chill air, his body dripped with sweat, mixing with the slimy water to form a slick, slippery coating across his entire body. Heat collected inside him, around where the slugs swarmed him most densely: billowing up across his sheath, coiling across his sides, cupping his balls.

Shamefully, his body responded: heat and pressure stroking along his dick, and with a shaking sob his wolf dick started to unsheath, sharp cocktip spilling out into the open unheeding of the chill water. Slugs stuck their fat, slimy bodies to his cock in squirming globs, more and more layering their bodies around his unsheathing shaft, until by the time his dick broke the surface of the water it was a pillar of churning slugs, his flesh entirely hidden beneath their glowing bodies. Liam let out a sobbing yell, body burning hot, cock so hard it hurt -- and then he felt the slugs spilling into his sheath, packing it tight with their bodies as they squirmed down inside him, following the root of his cock.

As if that wasn't enough, his cock shuddered and spat, its gush of pre immediately soaked up by the slug's bodies, just adding to the stringy slime they were oozing all over him. But the gush made the mass of slugs crawl towards his cockhead, seeking out the source of the hot liquid, and -- with a bellow from Liam -- a slug found his bulging cocklips, a round rubbery divot, and pushed its body against it, squeezing itself down as it pushed itself in slimy jolts into his cock.

Liam had to get out of here. He scrambled at the walls, slug-covered hands and feet finding almost no purchase, and he hauled himself up from the water, sending heaps of slugs cascading down his body. His cock bobbed out between his legs, a tower of writhing slugs that smacked against the rough walls, letting more slugs crawl out onto the mass, adding their slime and their weight. Another slug pushed its way into his cock, and Liam's eyes rolled back in his head, the internal stimulation making his cock flex and spurt. Everywhere their slime touched burned, some hazy supernatural power of their own, and his body responded fast, flushed and aching, healing factor going into overdrive as the slugs purged the wolfsbane from his system but left him feeling dazed and drunk. His pre was dammed up inside him, mixing together with the slug slime, and as Liam made move after move, slowly ascending the well wall, the slugs bore down deeper, bodies slurping one after another down his open cockhole, filling up his wolf dick with writhing slugs.

There was a shuddering pop at the base of his cock as the first slug bottomed out, moving past the root of his cock to spill its body inside his prostate, and Liam hung tight to the wall as his body jerked and spasmed, dick flexing hard as he erupted in a dry orgasm: cock gurgling and squelching as the slugs hungrily absorbed his load into their slime mass, only a tiny burble of thick, gel-like ooze burbling up his shaft. Slugs bore down on his knot, pressure soft and squelching, and dizzily Liam kept cumming, cock flexing again and again, fruitlessly trying to expel the slugs questing deeper and deeper inside him. Their bodies pushed through his internal passages: slugs following through his prostate to squirm directly into his bladder, slugs squirming lower, finding a split just past his prostate, and then another split after, forming fat swells beneath his abs as they wormed their way into who-knew-what anatomy. His internal passages squirmed and shuddered, stretched out by the fat, slimy bodies of dozens of slugs, hundreds more cocooning his cock and pushing their way down.

Liam howled, drunkenly clinging to the wall, baying up at the full moon of the light above, but he was still so far down, and the slugs had swarmed out of the walls, entirely coating the space beneath him with their bodies, painting the rock walls with their slimy ooze. The weight of hundreds of slugs all over him -- entirely covering his bare legs, squirming up his stomach, bodies flopping into his hair and trying to shove themselves in his ears or up his nose -- dragged him down, and Liam only barely avoided toppling down again, crashing back down into the frenzy of slugs beneath him.

Deep inside him, he could feel two passages bracing his hips clogged with slugs, still blindly squirming deeper, and with a dizzying shock of horror he felt the passages curve down, almost joining together -- forming the cords hooked to his balls. Slugs crawled their way through him, stinging as they stretched his internal flesh, and Liam hung there panting, chest heaving, body dripping with slimy sweat, as he felt the slugs infest his balls, curling up inside them. His entire body lurched again, cock spasming in painful, overwhelming dry ejaculations as it tried to expel the slugs, and Liam sobbed and keened, slug-cocooned cock slapping wetly against the wall as his mind whited out with pleasure. He sobbed, mouth open and drooling, dimly aware of slugs crawling across his teeth and down his throat. His balls burned, sheath packed and overflowing with slugs, the tube of his urethra stretched out into a wide gape as dozens of slugs packed it tight, more and more infesting his body.

His sheath squelched, swollen and heavy, visibly pulsating with slugs churning inside him. It was the easiest target for the slugs: a slick opening into a heated pocket of flesh, and now it was swollen into a head-sized lump beneath his bloated knot, his skin so stretched that his fur there was patchy and thin. His sheath squirmed and bobbed full of slugs in a frenzy, writhing against each other as they soaked in his sloppy sheathfluid, transmuting it into more of their stringy slime.

There was no way his body could've taken any of this if he hadn't been a wolf. His healing was going wild, overcharged by slug slime. It itched across his cock, remolding his body around the slugs inside him, reshaping him so that the slugs didn't irritate his flesh. Remolding his dick to be a perfect habitat. Slugs swam into his balls, and his healing made them bloat and swell, folding over themselves in lumpy kidney-bean shapes as they were packed to the brim with frenzied slugs. His ballsac sagged lower and lower, becoming a dragging anchor hanging from his crotch, inhumanly bloated and heavy, churning with slugs inside and outside.

His smooth, sleek canine shaft grew lumpy and knobbled, bloated and asymmetrical. Enough slugs sunk into him that he could see slivers of his bare flesh, and the sight filled him with a disgusting mix of horror and arousal. Having a wolf dick was one thing, but this was... His cock was a nightmarish column of discolored flesh, riddled with visibly-squirming lumps under the surface. His flesh stretched, ache increasing until with a rubbery spang his flesh would visibly warp, folding over itself to form knobs and bubbles, bloated chambers swelling his shaft until it was a horrific mess of ridge-covered, lumpy flesh. The deep red color faded, slime-soaked flesh mottling into something purple and blue, with pale striations in between the deepening furrows.

Liam lost track of all time, body only climbing on reflex. He snarled and sobbed, howling as the slugs bore deeper inside him, stretching out glands and passages he didn't know he had, until his lean stomach bloated out in lumpy furls, squelching and gurgling from the movement of slugs inside him. Ooze collected inside him, in thick soupy piles that flooded his internal passageways and stretched them out even further, forming thick, sloshing weights inside him that cracked against his internal walls every time he shifted his weight higher on the wall.

Liam howled again, mindlessly humping the wall, cock so heavy it skewed down beneath him: a grotesquely oversized club hanging off his body, constantly dragging against the wall through its coating of slugs. He looked up. The full moon was just above him, enormous and bright, so close he could touch it, and all down the walls beneath him was a squirming carpet of slugs, clinging to his naked body or flopping down to plummet back down the well, hitting the water far beneath him with a soft plop.

Liam hung there, mindlessly humping the wall, sobbing and howling every time his slug-packed cock managed to work out a tiny fraction of the slime inside him: cock flexing constantly, locked in a perpetual dry orgasm as his body tried uselessly to pump out slime. His cock flexed sharply, digging into the murk-stained walls, and finally he erupted, weakly pissing out a disgusting mess of slugs and slime, gushing glowing blue-green ooze in a phosphorescent trail all the way down the side of the well. He bellowed and moaned every time he managed to squirt, sobbing against the rocks as slugs swarmed across his face and into his open and panting mouth, squirming down his throat in between heaving breaths.

There was a motion, and a jerk, and Liam went tumbling. He expected a fall, to crash down against the far wall and plummet deep into the soupy slug-infested water, but he went tumbling across something flat and soft, and Liam dizzily opened his eyes, blinking through the webs of slime painted across his face.

"--Liam?" It was Scott's voice, beneath him, and Liam dizzily shoved himself up on wobbling arms, realizing he was sprawled out on top of Scott, finally hauled over the lip of the well and onto the grass beside it. It was daytime, the colors all strange after nothing but the glow of the slugs for so long.

Liam couldn't think of anything. He was oozing slugs all across Scott's front. His slug-shrouded cock throbbed, gaped passage spitting out fat, writhing slugs coated in his own corrupted pre: watery and frothy, glowing luminous blue-green, already soaking through Scott's shirt.

"Scott," Liam snarled down at Scott, his alpha. Slugs oozed out of his mouth, plopping down across Scott's shocked face. He needed it. He needed-- Liam shredded Scott's pants apart with a single swipe, letting Scott's mounded sheath spill out into the open, rutting against Liam's infested nightmare of a cock. Scott was huge -- bigger than Liam had been, but not now. Scott's sheath was rich-smelling, already bloated with his huge Alpha cock, and the reek of it cut through the strange chemical tang of the slugs.

Liam needed Scott, and-- he lined his slug-infested cock up with Scott's sheath, claws hauling Scott forward into a deep kiss. Liam slopped inside, slugs gurgling up his throat and into Scott's mouth. His cock finally erupted properly, flexing hard as he pumped a thick, heavy load of slugs and corrupted cum deep into Scott's sheath, filling him up to the brim. "Scott," Liam groaned, vomiting up slugs and slime straight down Scott's throat, hips rocking as he fucked his cock to the root inside of Scott's wet, sucking sheath, docking their sheaths together with his knot as a misshapen lump pinned between them.

Scott bucked, trying to throw him off, but Liam rode him, hips rolling with Scott's upward humps, just using the motion to fuck his cock more deeply into Scott's heavy sheath. Sluggishly Scott's struggles stopped, until he gazed up at Liam drunkenly, slugs gurgling down his throat, across his cheeks.

Liam groaned against Scott's lips, entire body shuddering as the burning pressure inside him abated -- as he transferred his slugs into Scott. His knot bashed against Scott's sheath, too big to fit inside, and he groaned looking down at it: a misshappen lump of deep purple and silvery blue flesh, mottled in disgusting splotches, thickly webbed with slime and slugs. It pulsed, flesh squirming from the slugs inside it shifting around, and Liam held it there, dumping gush after gush of slugs into Scott's sheath, groaning and moaning into his mouth as their tongues tangled around the slimy slug bodies crawling up Liam's throat, until when he finally pulled back Scott's expression was a match for Liam's: dazed and needy, overwhelmed with the pressure of slugs inside him.

Liam could feel Scott's balls start to swell already, his slugs already altered to fit inside werewolf balls, and when Scott's cock unsheathed against his own, dislodging his knot out from where it was sealed, it was warping before his eyes: growing huger with every throb, bloating out wider and wider, flesh audibly creaking as the frenzied slugs filled him up too. Dazed, drunk on slugs, Liam could only think about sharing the slugs back and forth forever; letting Scott pump his guts full of slugs and then returning the favor, over and over until every inch of their bodies became the perfect host. Looking down at Scott, needy and desperate, he knew he felt it too.