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the only one shining like a meteor

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Yangyang yawned before rolling over in his bed, the morning light pouring through the curtains and pulling him from his peaceful slumber. He stretched, causing his translucent wings to flutter, shaking the sleep from them. The calendar that rested on his bedside table displayed the day's date with a red circle and several small hearts around it.

Yangyang smiled to himself. Today was the day of the meteor shower that Renjun and he were going to watch. And it just so happened to land on Tuesday, the one day of the week where they went to the nearby forest and harvested ingredients to store in their small cottage. Different types of berries, herbs, and fungi. Some of which would be used for general cooking and others to be used for their various potions and concoctions, mostly made by Renjun. It was the other fairy who experimented and crafted with their harvests, and Yangyang knew just enough about potions to get by.

Speaking of which, Yangyang had to make sure that he grabbed the courage potion, liquid courage he called it, that he had made the other day when Renjun was out visiting with Donghyuck. He had only made enough for a small wine glass, but he needed it if he was going through with his plan for the evening. Ten, another one of Yangyang's close friends, was tired of hearing about him pining after his roommate and best friend, and convinced Yangyang to do something about it.

To his own credit, Yangyang had attempted to confess several times over the past months, but he always ended up talking himself out of it or changing the subject. But Yangyang really wanted to hold Renjun's hand when they were walking through the garden, checking on their various plants. He wanted to kiss Renjun's button nose and watch as his pointed ears turned red and his wings fluttered. He wanted to be so much more than just roommates and best friends. And he figured the meteor shower would be the perfect setting to tell Renjun his true feelings. Hopefully the other fairy felt the same way.

Yangyang could hear Renjun working in the kitchen, likely getting their picnic basket and gathering supplies ready for the day. Renjun was always good about making sure the pair had enough nutrients and energy to collect their full list of ingredients.

When they first started living together, they had to make several trips to the forest each week to gather the entirety of everything they needed. They had forgotten water the one time, didn't bring enough granola the other time, and lost energy the next time. There was a lot of trial and error, but Renjun, being the brilliant and talented fairy he was, figured out what they needed and ended up making them both smoothies with the proper nutrients for them to spend the whole day gathering together. Yangyang was beyond amazed at how Renjun worked his magic, literally, and how much he cared for Yangyang. It definitely didn't help with his crush on the cute fairy.

Getting dressed, Yangyang headed through the living room to the kitchen of the cottage where Renjun stood with his wings towards Yangyang. His pretty green translucent wings with faint golden patterns swirled throughout them, lined with that same golden color. Everything about them was so Renjun. Delicate, sturdy, and pretty. Oh so unbelievably pretty.

"Morning Junnie." Yangyang announced his presence to the other fairy. Renjun already had their smoothies in the mason jars, complete with their names written in Renjun's curly handwriting.

"Morning Yang." Renjun turned back around, a bright smile adorning his sharp face. "Ready for today?"

"Beyond ready." Yangyang smiled back, placing the mason jars into the picnic basket, next to the desserts and Renjun's favorite bottle of wine.

"Let me grab the blanket and we should be ready to go." Renjun left the kitchen and Yangyang took that opportunity to grab the liquid courage and put it in his personal gathering bag. He thought about putting it in the picnic basket, but he didn't want to run the risk of Renjun seeing it and the onslaught of questions that would follow.

Yangyang grabbed the basket and their two bags full of gathering supplies, while Renjun appeared with the blanket.

With the blanket laid over the picnic basket and the supply bags slung over their shoulders, they left the cottage to start their day's adventure.

Following the familiar worn stone path, the pair made their way through the forest. They stopped whenever they found a good bunch of berries, fungi, or herbs, and picked some of them, while leaving the rest for the wildlife. Then they'd repeat the process every time they found a different type of ingredient on their walk. Yangyang was more or less there to keep Renjun company since Renjun was the one who had the eyes to find the fresh plants. But Yangyang still loved their weekly trips and would be lost without them.

"Oh! These will be perfect for my jam biscuits recipe." Renjun bent down and grabbed some low-hanging berries, placing them carefully in his bag. "And that should be enough for the week, yeah?" Renjun turned, asking Yangyang with his sparkling eyes and shining smile.

Yangyang smiled and nodded back, feeling the energy from their smoothies start to wear off. He felt the weight of the liquid courage in his bag, seemingly getting heavier throughout the day. A constant reminder of his plans for the evening.

"Just in time for dusk." Yangyang said, gesturing to the picnic basket he carried on his left arm.

"Lead the way Yang." Renjun held his arm out to motion towards the path that led to the clearing they had frequented a couple times before.

With the picnic basket swinging on his left and Renjun on his right, Yangyang felt at peace with the atmosphere they had created and was even more excited about the meteor shower and his confession. The path to the clearing wasn't as worn as their main path, but they had gone enough times for Yangyang to know the way. Past the shallow pond, a right turn at the patch of tiger lilies, then coming to rest under the willow tree. The sunset filled the sky with pastels, creating the perfect place for a picnic.

Renjun grabbed the blanket from the top of the basket and laid it out on the grassy hillside. Yangyang sat next to him on the blanket and started to place their food in front of them.

They brought a couple simple turkey sandwiches to quell their appetite from spending a majority of the day gathering ingredients, and a plethora of deserts, per Renjun's request and Yangyang's baking. The spread of desserts included mini apple pies, a couple slices of zucchini bread, poppy seed muffins, and of course chocolate chip cookies. Yangyang had spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen during the past week making the desserts. But what Renjun wants, Renjun gets. Especially if Yangyang has anything to say about it.

"It's almost complete." was all Renjun said before he disappeared behind the willow tree.

Yangyang used the opportunity to pull the liquid courage out of his bag and pour it into his wine glass. He poured Renjun's glass as well, with actual wine of course. The colors were slightly off, but hopefully Renjun would be too busy watching the fading colors of the sunset to fully notice.

"Here we go!" Renjun reappeared, a smile plastered on his face and a handful of daisies. "I made sure to bless the remaining flowers so they'd grow even more bountiful. I figured it was the least I could do."

"Those are beautiful Junnie." Yangyang couldn't contain his smile as Renjun pulled an empty jar from his bag for the daisies and placed them on their blanket.

"They're perfect." Renjun turned towards Yangyang and Yangyang swore he could see Renjun's eyes soften, but it could've just been a trick of the light. Yangyang knew his own features softened around Renjun but that was only because of his crush on the fairy. It wasn't that likely that Renjun was crushing over him as well. But Yangyang could always hope.

As the sun continued to set, the two fairies talked about their harvest from the day and their plans for the upcoming week. Renjun was planning to go see Donghyuck again tomorrow to work on their floral spells. Yangyang had invited Ten over on Friday for coffee and to catch up on all the local gossip. Yangyang promised to fill Renjun in afterwards.

The night had begun to take over the entirety of the sky, showing off the glowing stars and the waning moon. Their wine glasses were empty and half the deserts were devoured. Now they just had to wait for the meteor shower to start.

"By the way, Yang, these are absolutely delicious." Renjun said around a mouthful of poppy seed muffins.

The compliment made Yangyang's cheeks heat up as a heavy blush appeared. Thankfully, it was dark enough outside that Renjun couldn't see it. "Thanks Junnie."

Renjun smiled and bit into the muffin again, closing his eyes to savor the taste. Yangyang felt himself swell with pride knowing that he was the one who put that smile on Renjun's face. Or maybe that was the liquid courage starting to work its magic.

Yangyang let himself take a moment to admire Renjun's beautiful, delicate features in the faint night's light. The way his nose swooped, soft and rounded at the end. How his pointed ears, almost always red with emotion, rested against the ash-brown of his hair. The contrast of his sharp jawline against the soft apples of his cheeks. The subconscious flutter of his golden green wings. In everything he did and everything he was, Renjun always carried himself with grace. A grace that made Yangyang fall even further and further into the blinding light that was Renjun.

At that moment, Renjun turned and caught Yangyang's gaze. They locked eyes, tension suddenly palpable, both of them unsure of what to do.

A flash of light across Yangyang's peripheral caused him to turn towards the open night sky. "It's starting!" Yangyang hoped his enthusiasm was enough to distract from the moment they just shared. It seemed to work as Renjun turned his attention to the night sky as well.

They stayed separated only for a couple minutes before Renjun laid down and pulled Yangyang with him. Yangyang landed with their bodies close and his head on Renjun's shoulder. Despite Yangyang's best efforts, the tension from earlier returned. Both of the fairies stayed still, their breathing shallow, scared to move too suddenly as if worried about startling a fawn.

Several more meteors streaked across the sky.

"Did you see that blue one?" Yangyang asked, a small laugh following the question as he pointed at the sky. He felt Renjun relax underneath him, causing him to relax as well.

"Yeah I did. It was really beautiful." Renjun took a deep breath and Yangyang could hear Renjun's heartbeat, causing his own heart to start hammering in his chest.

More meteors illuminated the night.

Yangyang could feel Renjun tapping his fingers against the blanket, a nervous habit he had. Yangyang would definitely say it's the liquid courage but maybe it was just his instinct to calm the fairy next to him. Yangyang reached for Renjun's hand and interlaced their fingers. Renjun's breath hitched as Yangyang brought their intertwined hands to his lips, leaving a quick kiss.

Renjun immediately sat up, pulling his hand from Yangyang's grip.

Yangyang frowned. Renjun looked upset or at the very least confused. This wasn't how this was supposed to go. Maybe Yangyang was being too hopeful. Maybe the liquid courage blocked his reasoning, though that wasn't supposed to be a side effect.

"Yangyang what was that?" Renjun's voice was filled with accusation as he stared Yangyang down. Not to mention the use of his full name. This was definitely not how this was supposed to go.

"I, uh. I was just, uh." He cleared his throat. "It was, uh, just a peck?" Yangyang didn't know if he had ever been this nervous around Renjun before. He could honestly say he was not a fan of it.

"Well yeah. I know what it is." Renjun looked away and sighed before sitting back down, still keeping his distance from Yangyang. "I want to know why." He said, his voice barely above a whisper. Almost like he was trying to hide his emotions and keep as calm as possible, scared of what Yangyang's answer could be.

Yangyang followed his lead and thought about his answer. He didn't want to scare the other fairy away, but he figured being as honest as possible was the best approach. "I like you Renjun. Like a lot."

There. Yangyang had said it. Whether Renjun reciprocated his feelings or not, at least Yangyang could say he tried.

He continued to look at Renjun for his reaction. The other fairy hadn't moved but was staring back at Yangyang, eyes lit up by the meteor shower still going on around them. His mouth was hanging open, shocked, and Yangyang could only hope it was the good kind.

"You like me?" Renjun's voice sounded unstable and higher than usual, but that could have just been Yangyang's ears mishearing things.

"Yes. I do Junnie. I have for a while." Yangyang has never meant anything more in his life. This he was sure of. Unwaveringly so.

Renjun looked like he went through several emotions in the span of a few seconds. But the radiant smile that finally graced his face gave Yangyang hope. "Well that's a relief." He let out a small chuckle. "Cause I like you too Yangie."

Yangyang felt like he was among the meteors in the sky. He wasn't seeing things earlier. It wasn't all in his head. Renjun actually liked him back. Now this was how the night was supposed to go.

Yangyang was pulled from his thoughts as he felt a soft pair of lips press against his own chapped ones. He pressed back, loving the feeling of finally being able to kiss the pretty fairy in front of him. He felt his own wings flutter, reflecting those very emotions.

Renjun sat back, stars still in his eyes as he grabbed Yangyang and pulled him down to rest against the blanket. They ended up in the same position as earlier with Yangyang resting on Renjun's shoulder, except this time the previous tension was nowhere to be found.

"The sky is really beautiful tonight." Renjun said, his hand coming up to run through Yangyang's hair.

"It is." He waited a beat. "But not as beautiful as you."

Renjun let out a puff of air, seemingly annoyed at the cheesy line, but Yangyang would bet the rest of the chocolate chip cookies that Renjun was covered in a very pretty blush. Renjun didn't reply but intertwined their fingers as they watched the meteors above.

They spent the next several hours lying close to each other, wrapped up in their own feelings. Eventually the meteors no longer showed in the sky, and they had to return back to their cottage. Except this time, the cottage felt even more like home.

After placing their bags and the picnic basket in the kitchen, Yangyang headed to his room, bringing a barely awake Renjun with him. As soon as his head hit Yangyang's spare pillow, Renjun was asleep, snoring lightly. Yangyang smiled to himself, overwhelmed with the events of the night.

As he tucked himself into bed, fitting perfectly next to Renjun, he pressed a light kiss to his forehead.

"Goodnight Junnie." Another press of his lips. "My beautiful universe."