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The Wolf's Curse

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The previous book, Hook's Daughter introduced the next set of fairytale characters that attend Ever After High. So far, there are three major groups: the Crew, the Truest Believers, and the Queens of Darkness.

The Crew is an all Rebel group led by Hayley Hook, the daughter of Captain Hook. Its members include: Hayley's roommate; Sally Sparrow (the daughter of Jack Sparrow), Marina Shores (the daughter of the Sea Witch), Cordelia Foam (the daughter of the Little Mermaid), Zelena Wicked (the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West), Rawiya Darling (the daughter of Wendy Darling) and Princess Camellia (the daughter of Princess Peach).

The Truest Believers is an all Royal group led by Romana Montague, the daughter of Romeo Montague. The Truest Believers believe in their destinies 100% and everyone else should too. Its members include: Julien Capulet (the son of Juliet Capulet), Priscilla Pan (the daughter of Peter Pan), Kassidy O'Kansas (the daughter of Dorothy Gale), Aurelia Midas (the daughter of King Midas), Clarity Staulbahm (the daughter of the Sugar Plum Princess), Empress Kassandra (the daughter of Kuzco from Emperor's New Groove) and Anya Romanov (the daughter of Anastasia Romanov).

The Queens of Darkness are an all villain Royal group led by Deyanira De Vil, the daughter of Cruella De Vil. They believe in following your villainous destiny, no matter how difficult it is. Members of the Queens of Darkness include: Faybelle Thorn (the daughter of the Dark Fairy), Glacia Winter (the daughter of the Snow Queen), Mira Shards (the daughter of the Enchanted Mirror from Snow White), Genelle Gothel (the daughter of Mother Gothel), Lorna Le Fey (the daughter of Morgan Le Fey), and Leisha Yzma (the daughter of Yzma from Emperor's New Groove).

At the conclusion of Hook's Daughter, the Queens of Darkness began enacting their plan to shift control of the school to the villains. Through Mira's magic, they were able to successfully transform a mirror into a gateway between Ever After High and another dimension. The other dimension known as the Mirror World has an Ever After High of its own but with a twist. There are no Royals or Rebels and there is a Mirror World equivalent of every student at the main Ever After High. Instead, the students that attend it are split into Villains and Victims. Villains are those whose destiny is to harm the Victims of their story in some way. One of the students that attend Ever After High in the Mirror World has already crossed over. Her name is Cerise Wolf and she is the villainous equivalent of Cerise Hood. She is the first of several who will cross over and wreak havoc on Ever After High.