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Brutal Bytes - All Smiles (Mom The Birthday Clown)

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He wasn’t there willingly, Lawrence coaxed into attending Luke’s party by his Mother, who seemed eager for him to attend.

All throughout the beginning, he couldn’t stand having to interact with the people around him, Luke sending several playful jabs his way, piling on throughout the day and slowly grating on him. Luke could see the weakness in Lawrence on the subject of his Mother, knowing it touched a few nerves, it was his favourite point to dig into.

“Hey, is your fat-titted bitch of a Mom coming to wish me a happy birthday?!”

Lawrence cringed at having to listen to him speak about her like that, as if she was some pornstar Luke was fawning over. Though there was a certain amount of pride in letting Luke down about her attending.

“I guess that’s too bad, she said she has something important to do today.”

He clearly wasn’t happy, even looking disappointed at not getting a chance to torment him over her figure during his own party. Still, not wanting to give him the satisfaction, Luke leans in and whispers into Lawrence’s ear.

“I bet she’s busy getting fucked by some guy right now…”

It hit a nerve, Lawrence ready to shout back at his taunts, but stopped as things suddenly came to a halt at the party, everyone turning around to see the new arrival, a clown that had apparently been ordered to lighten things up.

Lawrence even let himself smile somewhat, calming down and forgetting Luke’s outburst. Seeing the goofy demeanor of the clown, a nice surprise for it not to be the usual depressing old-man sort, and instead a rather attractive woman taking his place. He couldn’t help noticing something familiar about her though, the cheerful attitude was new, but the luscious figure and especially the generous chest was sending off bells in his head…

The woman was making a good effort, doing a few small magic tricks before pulling a balloon out from her pocket. With a dramatic flair, she bounces on the spot, letting her huge tits bounce obscenely in front of the leering crowd whilst she blows into the balloon, letting it inflate in front of her.

“I wouldn’t mind her blowing on my balloon right about now…”

Lawrence tries to ignore the snide comment made from beside him, and instead watches as she clumsily tries to tie the snake-like balloon into a new shape. Despite her efforts, it snaps back, straightening back out to its original shape and even pressing itself against her chest, squeezing between her ample breasts. The men of the crowd laugh to themselves, watching the huge-titted clown give the balloon an impromptu titjob before pulling it out, smiling awkwardly.

“Fuck she’s shit. I hope she’s worth the money and starts stripping soon…”

Luke finished his comment with a smile on his face, looking over at Lawrence. It was an odd comment to direct at him, easily shaken off as Lawrence wouldn’t mind it himself at this point. That was when the clown bent down and held her head between Luke and Lawrence, smiling over to Luke as she spoke.

“You wouldn’t be the birthday boy, would you~?”

The familiar voice, the soft facial features and the outfit-straining breasts squeezing between both of them finally rung it home. It was his Mother.

Realizing it now, everything is somewhat obvious, but the eureka-moment is pushed aside suddenly by the sound of rustling fabric. Looking down, Lawrence spies Luke’s hand greedily groping at his Mother’s tit, causing her obvious discomfort as she holds back her objections, even peering over to Lawrence a few times as she feels Luke’s fingers teasing her nipples.

Lawrence stands up quickly, excusing himself in an effort to give her a chance to pull away, but instead watches in disbelief as she stays bent over, her face flushed red, and several other people admiring the view from behind. He couldn’t take it, and quickly makes off for another corner of the room, watching in dread as she continues to parade herself around for everyone.

Things slowly died down from there, the other parents enjoying the sights of his Mother degrading herself for their amusement, a few even flashing lecherous gazes her way, and even a few bets overheard by Lawrence as things went on.

“Hey, I bet I can get with that clown chick after this…”

“God I’d love to hear her squeal like a bitch for me…”

“I bet she’d love to choke on my fucking cock…”

They were all things he would never have expected to hear at a birthday party like this, but all the same, Lawrence eagerly began looking around to spy where his Mother had made off to, not wanting to stay here longer than he had to. Then he suddenly catches up with her, only to be left with a task before they could head out.

“Grab me a towel, would you? I need to wash all of this off before we go!”

He couldn’t deny it’d be awkward driving home like that, so Lawrence sets off to find a towel and bring it to the room his Mother points out.

Wanting to get a headstart on getting home, Monica sneakily slips away to the showers before he gets back, turning on the steaming waters before stripping down, letting her clownish outfit finally give way to her generous figure. Before her clothes even hit the floor, she hears the door open from behind, and covers herself instinctively before letting out a yelp and turning around.

“You’re not trying to hide from the birthday boy, are you?”

Hearing Luke’s voice, she softens from her initial reaction and relaxes, giving him an eyeful of her fully exposed body, his eyes greedily taking in the sights as he continues speaking.

“So, would you mind if I joined you? I need a shower as well and I don’t feel like waiting~”

Monica stares for a moment, still debilitatingly aroused from being publicly teased, listening to an offer that was incredibly difficult to say no to. Thoughts of how the people around her were trying to ignore everything going on were still swimming in her head, and she agreed without thinking about it. As soon as he heard her give in, Luke dropped his pants to reveal his cock, half-hard and throbbing freely for her to see. Monica couldn’t help but gaze across his thick white cock, almost losing her train of thought for a moment before letting her face flush red.

Almost as if being guided by him, they both step into the shower, awkwardly sudsing themselves up at first, Luke making the first move toward what they were both thinking…

Her soft hands eagerly began exploring Luke’s toned chest, reaching from behind him as she pressed her naked body up against his back, letting the punk feel her tits hug around his body. Though she made her intentions clear rather soon, her fingers tracing down his body until they wrapped around his shaft, slowly jerking his stiffening cock until it was painfully hard, the subtle sounds of her fingers gliding along his dick could barely be heard over the running water.

On the other side, Lawrence had just entered the room, hoping to find his Mother finished getting ready at this point, but was instead met by the sound of the shower still running, steam leaking into the bedroom. About to call out to her, Lawrence’s ears pick up on a subtle sound, almost like something he’d heard before…

Then it hit him, the sound that was all too familiar, the sound of wet fingers gliding across someone’s cock. He’d heard it many times before on lonely nights, locked in his bedroom whilst his Mother would occasionally try to interrupt. He knew his Mother was in there, the question was, who was she in there with?!

Unable to answer this question, Lawrence clutches his chest at the sudden tangle of emotions in his chest, and is frozen whilst the sounds only grow louder and he sinks to the floor with the towel in his hands.


Things inside quickly devolved into depravity, Luke now stifling his moans as she continued stroking his cock, feeling his precum soak her fingers before washing away in the water. Her pent-up emotions were leaving her mind in tatters, unable to find what was wrong in this situation, she merely descended even further into it.

“Start sucking.”

It was a sudden burst of confidence from Luke, having got this far already, he wanted to see how far she would degrade herself for his white cock. As it turns out, with Monica freezing in place, he thinks he may have pushed too far, but then feels himself spun around to face her, watching as she falls to her knees, a faint smirk on her lips. Without even being given a chance to take in the sight of his victim’s Mother kneeling for his cock, he feels Monica’s plush lips envelop his cock, swallowing his tip entirely and sinking his shaft into her mouth.

Still clutching his towel, Lawrence listens to what is developing beyond the door, the sounds of wet smacking replaced with the faint gurgles and gags of his Mother sucking the unknown man’s cock. He found himself disgusted that he was listening to it, but didn’t know what else to do, stuck there motionless as he could hear her audibly become more frantic in her actions.

He pictures the woman who had opted to become the clown, embarrassed enough that she had reduced herself to that for their entertainment, then played through every moment of suffering as she’s practically molested by Luke in front of him. With those mixed feelings welling up from before, coming together with the sounds of a desperate woman choking on a stranger’s cock, Lawrence forgets who is beyond that door for a moment, and feels a tinge of arousal overtake him.

Realizing what his body just suggested to him, he tries to make things go away, but is instead overtaken by a heat spreading across his crotch, feeling his cock become painfully hard whilst he continues listening to his Mother slobber on someone’s dick.

Still focusing on his cock, Monica looks up, letting it pop free from her lips for a moment before smiling again, the taste of the young man’s precum soaking her tongue. If it weren’t for the rushing waters, it’d be obvious how wet she was for him, dripping onto the shower floor more with each thrust into her mouth he took.

Though she may have been kneeling there for too long, Monica quickly found herself taken advantage of in her delirious state, her body picked up from the floor and spun around before being pressed up against the glass of the shower. Her tits squeezed up against the glass pane as Luke teased her wet hole with his cock, rubbing his tip across her pussy, causing her to practically quake with temptation.


That temptation soon took hold, Monica’s body betraying her previous morals, thrusting her hips back to feel his white cock impale her body, stretching her tight pussy around him in a single thrust. She couldn’t hold in her initial moan of pleasure, clenching her fingers against the glass as Luke takes her hint, beginning the first of many thrusts into her tight, eager hole.

Whilst still struggling with his arousal, Lawrence’s senses suddenly snap back as he hears his Mother’s familiar voice, only with an unfamiliar noise. Her whorish moan is clearly heard past the door, echoing in his head as he tries to forget he just heard it, the humiliation of having his Mother so thoroughly fucked by someone at his friend’s birthday party…

He can only imagine the tale the man will likely tell to his friends, the parent who fucked the clown in the shower. Lawrence felt a second-hand wave of shame at his Mother being used this way, still listening to her moans continue with the wet slap of their bodies against one another, her squeals almost sounding like they were from a porn video!

As Luke collects his thoughts that had been scattered by her desperation, Monica’s squeals fall in rhythm with his thrusts, both of them intending to walk out of this shower dirtier than when they came in.

Outside, Lawrence is still forced by himself to listen to the rhythmic moans of Monica being railed in the shower. The subtle creaking of the glass panes fill the room as he can imagine her pressed up against it, her tits obscenely pushed up against the glass as her ass claps against the man’s thighs as he thrusts into her…

The only thing missing from this is the video on his computer screen, his mind screaming at him to give into his urges and stroke his cock, but still clinging to the knowledge that it’s his Mother behind that door, denying himself the release. Instead, Lawrence focuses on his inner-feelings, trying to rationalize why he’s upset.

I can’t feel this way because of her… Why shouldn’t she want to get fucked by him?! He’s likely single and well-hung too by the sounds of it!... but I still fucking hate him for stealing away my Mother..

As Lawrence is lost in thought, Luke is busy on the sight of his Mother’s ass rippling with each smack of his hips against hers, his cock practically kissed by her pussy, begging for his load to erupt inside of her. Before long, he can’t hold back any longer, digging his fingers into her cheeks, Luke bottoms out inside of her, feeling his cock throb with pent-up desire, surging cum inside of her needy cunt.

Monica feels her mind shatter in an instant, her pleasures washing over her without control. The feeling of the young punk’s cum staining her pussy sends her over the edge, her eyes rolling up into the back of her head as her pussy spasms around his shaft, practically milking the poor guy for every drop of his thick load.

Coming back to his senses, Lawrence is suddenly painfully aware that his Mother’s reaching her limit, her moans quickening with each wet slap echoing from the bathroom, until her voice cracks in a frantic squeal of pleasure, causing Lawrence to screw his eyes shut. He suddenly can’t deny his arousal, feeling the wet sensation of precum soaking the front of his pants, having dribbled his arousal over the situation without control. Wanting to get out, he grabs the towel in his lap and begins standing up, using it to cover his erection as he reaches for the handle.

Though before he gets a chance to turn it and escape, he hears the sound of the water stop, followed by the wet patter of feet coming closer to the door. Turning around slowly, Lawrence watches in a perverse curiosity, now needing to know who it was, who had just used his Mother like a cheap whore, who made her scream like that for him…

His eyes slowly widen in shock, his body frozen in disbelief as his Mother’s satisfied face comes out from the door, locking eyes with him as another familiar face follows… Luke…

He had a huge grin on his face upon seeing Lawrence standing there, as if he had just climbed a mountain. He didn’t say a word to him, instead reeling his hand back before letting it smack across his Mother’s ass. That’s when he noticed the obvious fact, that they were still naked!

Lawrence feels his heart quicken, panicking as to what to do in this situation, darting his eyes around as his Mother nonchalantly steps forward, letting her body pass by the privacy of the door. He tries desperately to keep his gaze away, feeling her come closer before wordlessly grabbing the towel from his hands and walking further into the bedroom.

“Aww, thanks for bringing me my towel, Sweetie! Though I’ll be a few more minutes yet~”

Monica motions to turn away, but doubles back and peers down, smiling to herself and smirking up at Lawrence knowingly before turning away. This gave him a final glimpse of her ass before he instinctively turned away, both realizing that he was staring at his Mother’s ass and that she had noticed how turned-on he had gotten from listening in.

Wanting to say something, Lawrence parts his lips, but is caught breathless when Luke shoves him toward the door, waving his hand to dismiss him, which he hesitantly obeys. As Lawrence walks through the door, closing it behind him, he jolts upon hearing the sound of who he now knows is Luke, smacking his Mother’s ass before that familiar rhythmic slapping begins again, followed by her soft moans…

He couldn’t sit there again and listen, instead opting to wait with the other guests as they slowly funneled out, disappearing one-by-one until the two of them finally stepped out from the hallway. Luke had a possessive grip on Monica’s waist, giving her a final squeeze before allowing her to walk away, joining Lawrence. Monica gives him a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before silently leading him away so that they can leave, a blank stare on his face, still struggling to come to terms with what had just happened…