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Raidou-kun: master of delusions

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The person who sits next to me is always playing with something. Even now, I can see him lining up 2 erasers next to each other. 

“Psst. Seki. You should focus on taking notes. It’s school after all.”

Raidou was cut off with a loud “Shh!” from Seki, causing him to sit back in his original position.

Hm. That was strange. 

Raidou’s eyes wandered back to Seki’s desk as he noticed a small sound come from the floor in between their spaces.

Ah. It’s just his eraser falling.

“Here you go, Seki.”

Seki gave Raidou a smile and a thumbs up and went back to lining up the erasers.

What’s he doing? Those erasers are lined up in such an intricate design. He even made a seesaw out of a ruler.

Raidou kept on taking notes automatically as his mind had wandered over to Seki.

There can only be one explanation for this.

A look of realization washed over Raidou’s face, causing his eyes to light up even though the rest of his face remained unchanged.

Seki is trying to pursue the path of visual art.

It all made sense now. The stars had aligned and Raidou had practically emptied out the contents of his brain to find yet another book in a dusty corner of his mind bearing the phrase: “Useful Trivia”.

Those intricate patterns, the uniform erasers, the seesaw… All of them follow strict rules and guidelines for artistic perfection. Yes, if we’re speaking technically, then he’s done everything perfectly. It is very soothing to look at and it is perfectly symmetrical. In other words, it could be interpreted as the perfect art piece. However…

A dark look washed over Raidou’s face, casting a storm cloud over the room and forcing the lights out.

True art is not simply about perfection. No, uniformity, symmetry, and intricate designs are all only a part of what makes great art. In order to make great art, one must feel the art in themselves. See how it affects them. Know in their heart exactly what they must do in order to feel fulfilled by themselves. True art is not a strict set of guidelines but rather the greatest way for one to express one’s own creativity.

“Raidou? Can you read the next section?”

“Yes sir-”

As he got up, the shaking of Raidou’s chair caused all the nearby desks to wobble just enough to…

Oh no.

A look of horror flashed in Raidou’s eyes and despite his lack of change in facial expression, everyone around him could feel the emotion coming off of him.

I’ve done it. I owe Seki my deepest apologies. Even if it was a perfectly uniform piece, it was still his and I had no right to destroy it.

Guilt replaced every other thought in Raidou’s mind as he felt Seki’s death glare on him.

I am truly sorry, Seki-

“Raidou? Is there a problem?”

“No, not at all, sir.”

Time flew by relatively quickly with Raidou mentally recovering from mildly inconveniencing Seki’s time-killing.

Class is almost over. I wonder if Seki-

Raidou stared at Seki’s desk with awe. What was previously a simple dominoes set was now a model of a city, all constructed using school supplies and erasers.

I was wrong.

Raidou bore a look of true remorse as he bowed his head in shame.

I see now that you have embraced the true meaning of art. The previous piece was simply an exercise for you to hone your abilities as an analyst while this was your final product. You have opened my eyes to the true possibilities of art. Thank you, Seki-

Raidou’s train of thought was interrupted by the sight of a firework cracker at the end of Seki’s domino set.

And to think that I didn’t even consider the full artistic capabilities of this. You are truly a genius, Seki. To use a firecracker to add some colour to your art. Still… I am now unsure of what to do. It wouldn’t be safe to use this in school.

“Seki? Maybe you should-”

The dominoes began to fall. Before Raidou could do anything, the erasers fell one after another, across an S-curve, along a seesaw, across a rope swing and finally reaching the firecrackers until…

“Hm? The fireworks didn’t go off?”

Seki began celebrating on the spot, face slightly flushed and eyes shut tight.

“So you weren’t trying to add colour to your domino set?”

“And this isn’t your final masterpiece as an artist?”

Seki tilted his head slightly to the side in confusion as the bell rang and they went home.