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One True Pairing

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So he married Aeryn. That’s fine. I get that…I do. I get that things need to change now; he can’t keep me around the way he used to…it’s just not appropriate.

I know. There’s no place for me beside him at night anymore.

But, well, late in the night cycle when he’s tucked up in bed—all nice and cozy with his little family—and I’m here alone…so close and yet so out of reach. I get real lonely.

I miss the touch of his warm hands; the way he would run his strong, yet gentle, fingers over the smooth contours of my body.

I yearn for the times he would just take me whenever he felt the need. Use me. Yeah, okay, sometimes he got a little rough, but I’ve always kinda liked that.

I miss his tongue; the way he would so expertly use the tip to probe my delicate areas and I always tried to be ready for him.

Oh, god…it’s so hard to be so close to him all the time; his warmth and his intoxicating musk. I know I cannot show how I feel, but I ache so much.

It’s been so long since he really used me; took me and worked me so hard it left me spent and empty.

Now I subsist on the low rumble of his voice and the surreptitious touch of his fingertips as he murmurs, quiet and soft so only I can hear, “Oh, Winona.”