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I just wanted to play

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i just wanted to play

‘Ok I’m going to play with stuffed animals if anyone wants to join’

‘Ok I’ll be there’

Then once we got there he tried to make me grind on him

‘I want it to stop’i thought i want to cry

We almost got found but my brother said and twisted the story

He made me try and suck his dick i still want to cry

I just want to be dead i don’t want to be here anymore

Pls end my life


Now 2022 he acts like it didn’t happen I’m glad I’m

moving but any close he gets he tries to touch my ass or grope it

I confronted him but he said he didn’t i just want to

survive the whole family

i got a fucked up life every day i feel like I’m being watched

I see stuff in the corner of my eye