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Human Feelings

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It had been some time since Kouga went to the Promised Land. Even though the quest was a test for Kouga to understand dreamers and dreams, he couldn't help but miss it all. 

He approaches the training dummy that resembled a man with a top hat. Touching it gently, he remembers a colorful and insane individual he met in the Promised Land. Where beings like Kiria and Kuromaru were objects of other humans that were forgotten, Kakashi was the embodiment of a memory, something that formed Kouga into the man he was today. 

He remembers the words of Kakashi faintly. 

"I just can't hate you." 

"Human! These are my feelings!

"I remember why I couldn't bring myself to hate you." 

He turns away from the dummy, holding onto the hilt of his sword, gripping it. He remembers Kakashi's last words before disappearing into Nothingness. 

See ya.

He wonders if that was Kakashi's last good bye or if he'll truly meet him again. It seemed impossible to him, given that the Promised Land was just a challenge of the Makai Knights. The personalities of everyone were too real to him deep down, especially when he said he was in Kiria's debt and how much he sympathized with Kuromaru after Kakashi had disappeared. He wondered if he would ever meet any of them again. 

"Kouga, there's something approaching you from behind.", Zaruba, Kouga's ring warned him. Kouga quickly drew his sword and whipped around, pointing the sword." 

"U-uwaah... Go ga..." Kouga's eyes widened seeing who it was and recognizing the voice. Standing before him was the fluffy monster, Kuromaru, whimpering and cowering in fear. 

"You!", Kouga nearly yelled out loud. 

"Isn't that... the monster from the Promised Land? The companion of that top hat man?", Zaruba asked, in the same surprise. 

Kouga slowly approached Kuromaru, before kneeling down to pet him. Kuromaru stopped shaking and crying, looking up at Kouga. 

"Go ga!", Kuromaru shouted, jumping into Kouga's arms. Kouga was startled before he embraced back the creature. 

"Kouga-dono!", another familiar voice shouted. Kouga and Kuromaru turned quickly to the voice, to see Kiria running to the two. 

"Kiria! What... What are you doing here? What are you and Kuromaru doing here at all?", Kouga said questioning the possibility of the two existing in Kouga's world. 

"I'm not exactly sure... I just remember a bright light and I was standing a distance from you!" 

"Would this mean, Kuromaru and Kiria were forgotten again?", Zaruba suggested. 

"No. I don't think that would be possible.", he looked around, still seeing from far away, Rei with the other Makai Knights, talking like normal. "The Makai Knights didn't set anything up again." 

"Whatever the case may be, I'm ecstatic to see you again, Kouga-dono!", Kiria says, gleefully. Kuromaru made a sound in agreeance, biting Kouga on the arm. Unphased, Kouga smiled at the two, feeling warmth in his chest. 

"Ah, so you can still smile, huh?" 

Kouga's eyes widened, as he quickly stood up, not facing the person of the very familiar voice he missed. 

"Ga ga pi!!!", Kuromaru hopped off of Kouga running to the person behind Kouga. Kiria gasped, pointing behind Kouga. 

"You! You're-"

"Oh come on, now, don't be the one to introduce me. I'd like to see if the human here remembers me." The voice was closer to Kouga, making Kouga turn to the figure. 

The training dummy that Kouga was with was now gone. In its place was the man he sparred with in the Promised Land.

"K-Kakashi...?", Kouga was nervous to say his name, deeply nervous that this was the Makai Knights doing or if it was a dream. 

"Correct! The human does remember me!" Kakashi did a little twirl, Kuromaru jumping up and down around him before biting him hard on the leg. "A-A-ACK!!! KUROMARU!" He pulled Kuromaru off of his leg, giving the monster a big hug. "Oh how I missed you so, my fluffy friend~" 

"What is the meaning of everyone appearing?", Zaruba said, flustered. Everyone appearing was all so sudden and overwhelming, Kouga nearly fell over. 

"Oh, seems you met everyone.", Rei Suzumura said, coming over. 

"What's going on? What's the meaning of all this?", Kouga said, defensively. 

"The Makai Knights saw how you came to that training dummy every day and how sad you looked every time. We decided to surprise you.", Rei said with a smug grin.

"You need to fix that face of yours before Kouga decides to slash it off.", Silva said, rolling her eyes. Rei looks down at his necklace, keeping his grin. 

"Oh come on, Silva don't be jealous that you don't get surprises from me.", Rei said, smugly. 

"Kouga, if I may request, please win in a spar against him and punish him greatly." 

Kouga gave Rei a irritated look before Rei patted Kiria and Kuromaru. "Come along now, let's give these two some privacy.", Rei said, winking at Kouga and Kakashi. 

"Why you-!", Kouga was about to chase after Rei before Zaruba stopped him. 

"He has a point. Don't you want to catch up with that maniac of a man?" 

Kouga turned to see Kakashi was doing jumps and flips, enjoying his form. Kouga realizes the Makai Knights had helped officially make Kakashi a human. 

"Human! Look at me! Don't I look amazing?", Kakashi shouted as he continued spinning around. Kouga gripped the hilt of his sword, before he charged at Kakashi. 

Kakashi sensed Kouga running towards him and his colorful umbrella turned into a sword pointing at Kouga as he braced himself to duel. Instead, the sword was smacked out of his hand and he was tackled into an embrace on the ground. 

"ACK! What's the meaning of this, human? And please, get off me, you're too heavy." 

"Shut up and stop calling me human. You're human as well too... So call me by my real name."

Kakashi rolled the two on their sides as they stared at each other. 

"Kouga, was it? It's been a while since I've last seen you." A soft smile appeared on Kakashi's face as he placed his hat to the side. "It was nice to hear you say the name you gave me."

"Because that's what you are, fool.", Kouga said grimacing." 

"Aht-aht-aht! That's what I was. Now I'm human!", Kakashi said proudly. 

"The Makai Knights helped you become human, of course."

"Physically, perhaps. But I believe you helped me become human, Kouga." Kakashi reached for Kouga's face, placing a hand on his cheek. Kouga couldn't help but feel his face going hot. "I meant it when I gave you my heart to save you, that those were my feelings." He gave a smile to Kouga before rolling on his back to look at the sky. "But enough about that, you should show me around, Kouga!"

"You're a fool, you know that?", Kouga said, standing up.

Kakashi pouted as he hopped up on his feet, picking up his hat. As he was about to put on his hat, Kouga takes it from him and hides their faces from the Makai Knights and the other two Promised Land residents, pulling on Kakashi's collar by the free hand as he deeply kisses Kakashi. He shoves Kakashi away from him and roughly places the hat on Kakashi, as he stood a fair distance from the man and cleared his throat, leaving Kakashi surprised and stunned. 

"I will never understand the concept of love between humans.", Zaruba said, exhausted. 

"Neither will I... But it was a pleasant feeling...", Kakashi shyly said as he held out his hand to Kouga, Kouga linking it with his own. 

"Ga ga pi!", Kuromaru bit Kakashi again, making him yelp in pain. 

"Alright, alright, you can come with us, Kuromaru! Where's the old man?", Kakashi asked. 

"Well I never! I have a name as well!", Kiria said, standing on the other side of Kouga. "Right, Kouga-dono?" 

"Of course, Kiria. I'm in your debt after all." Kouga said as the group left the training grounds. As they left, Kouga side-eyes Kakashi, Kakashi doing the same at the same time as Kouga. At the simultaneous action, Kouga smiled as Kakashi laughed, both of them tightening their grip on each others' hand.