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The Better TZO

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Nicki Minaj


I,Nicki Minaj, am better than everyone.


On a saturday night I was preparing for my upcoming album and trying to take care of papa bear at the same time. Later on, I was going back home until suddenly I got attacked by the Stalker Behavior, known for knowing everything about everyone. I told her to stay back and then started attacking her. She had enough and left . I contacted the bbl drake twins and told them what had happened.

They came over to see if I was ok, and I wasn't, that “Stalker Behavior” Bit me.
Probably have rabies now. “Rabid ass dog” I muttered as the BBL Drake twin was giving me a bandaid. The BBL Drake twins had decided that we needed a plan to catch the “Stalker Behavior” , the one we had most feared.

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Nicki Minaj

We drove to East Eat High-school to talk to Cupcakke and lovely peaches . There we went to Cupcakke and told her about the stalker behavior’s attack.

“That Stalker behavior attacked me and bit me” I said, still pretty pissed off over it.
Cupcakke looked at the bite mark in disgust.
“ That Stalker behavior is my student” Cupcakke was shocked that stalker behavior has
Bitten the Queen Of Rap. “surprised she don’t got rabies” BBL Drake said. Cupcakke then goes to her microphone and calls for Stalker behavior to come into her office.

When Stalker behavior comes into the office I and the Drake twins hide.
“I hear you bit and almost gave rabies to the Queen of Rap, why?”
Cupcakke interrogates it. “Emo Esponja told me to do it” Nicki and the BBL Drake twins were shocked to hear what stalker behavior said. “ WHO TF IS EMO ESPONJA?” I screamed while jumping out of my hiding place. Both Stalker Behavior and Cupcakke were shocked.Stalker Behavior started running out of the room and we went and chased her like bad bitches would.

Stalker behavior led us to the class she was in when Cupcakke called for her.
We opened the door to see the most white guy you’ll ever see. His name was Mr. Gabalis, the most whitest name for the whitest guy.

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I was terrified, the white man in my class is not the actual teacher.
My actual teacher is really hot, his name is Gaku Yashiro.
Anyways I was confused why this cracker was in the classroom teaching.
Nicki and the BBL Drake twins including principal Cupcakke came chasing me.
Nicki starts attacking me while everyone watches. I fall on the ground writhing in pain, it hurts too much, so I try to give her rabies again. I shockingly miss, one of the BBL Drake twins grabs my hair to pull me away from Nicki and accidentally shows that i'm actually bald. I cried while everyone saw and gasped, went outside of the classroom running all the way to the back doors to meet Emo Squidward. Lovely Peaches randomly appeared and started talking nonsense while I was looking for Emo Squidward.

Gaku Yashiro

I was finally done killing one of my victims, I saw that I was late for class
I decided to go to the class then saw a big commotion in the classroom. I saw some random ass lady with yassified twins speaking with cupcakke and some white guy teaching my students. I hate white people, I whispered to Lovely Peaches that the white guy disgusted me. “True but he hasn’t done anything,” Peaches said. I saw he was talking to a girl that I was supposed to kill that morning and the girl became flustered for some reason. I grew mad and jealous. I told Cupcakke why there was a random guy teaching instead of me. “You didn’t come so we hired him as a substitute”. “Umm okay doesn’t mean you have to replace me” I said to cupcakke.

After a while I tried to come close to the girl that the cracker teacher was near ,I planned on killing her but that cracker got in the way. I started following him and observing him. I used a scapegoat so the evidence wouldn’t lead to me. I heard peaches and he had beef with each other so I put materials I would use on him with Peaches DNA so it would look like she killed him out of anger. I prepared everything I went to his house and put on my leather gloves and got a knife. I went behind him and stabbed him at least 24 times and let him rest on the floor. I got the guy's body and drove to some abandoned place I heard peaches talked about before. Everything was ready.

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I was at the Motel I was staying at just resting until I heard a big and loud knock at my door. All of a sudden I got swatted .They started asking questions and going around the room, they found a bunch of materials I’ve never seen before. They looked at me and claimed that I killed Garret Gabalis. I try to explain that I’ve been in the motel all day but they said that the materials had his DNA on it and my DNA was on the knife he was stabbed to death with. The Swat team took me with them to the police station and started questioning me and telling me what I did. I kept telling them I was innocent and that I might have some mental issues but I wouldn’t kill anyone. I started and started run away but I guess I was too slow, for the police and caught me easily. I called Nicki and the BBL Drake twins and told them what had happened.


Nicki Minaj

I, Nicki Minaj, am better than everyone

I went back home after the whole fiasco that had happened earlier and went with my husband and son to get ready for bed. The next morning I woke up and went to prepare breakfast. Suddenly I got a Phone call from Peaches. She was hysterical and started telling me that she had been accused of murder but no one had believed her because the knife that the guy she supposedly killed had her DNA on it. I told her to calm her ass down and I couldn’t do anything about it. “Tell Ari that I won’t be able to come and do a collaboration” Peaches said sadly.

Ariana Grande

I’m relaxing and suddenly got a phone call from my best friend, Nicki Minaj. I quickly went and answered the phone. “Heyy Ari boo sorry to inform you that Peaches won’t be able to do the collab anymore”. I was shocked when I heard the news. “Why not ? We were almost done with the recording and planning to do a music video shoot”. “Let’s just say she got accused of murdering somebody”. I was shocked but not surprised Peaches has done some extreme stuff before for attention but something like murder I don’t think she will ever do and if she did it was probably to troll others and her followers. I decided that me and Nicki should investigate the situation but we needed someone who was more advanced in these types of cases, None other than Teala Dunn.

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Teala Dunn
Fun fact I can’t swim
I was so disappointed that I couldn't swim then Ari , Nicki, and the BBL Drake twins came knocking on my door. I knew this because I had gotten an email from them and also because Nicki came threateningly to the door. I quickly opened the door,scared and frightened of what they were capable of. “Thank god you're here we need you to help us with peaches case” said BBl Drake.

I was shocked, Lovely Peaches is going to trial for murder, for some white ass cracker.
I started thinking… “why would she do this?” I muttered to myself.

Emo Esponja

I am an emo

Me,Emo squidward, and Stalker Behavior were trying to catch that gang and also the person who had stabbed Garrett. We knew that Peaches wouldn’t stab him since she was our friend and wouldn’t betray us but we still hated Nicki and the BBL Drake twins. We had decided what we were going to do to help Peaches but first we had to know what the gang were doing first and visit Peaches.

Lovely Peaches
On The Track

I was resting until one of the police officers told me I had visitors coming to see me.
“I wonder who it is,” I thought to myself. I walked in and sat and saw Emo Esponja,Emo Squidward, and Stalker Behavior. I was so happy to see them I started excitedly waving to them but they all looked serious except Emo Squidward. “What’s wrong “I ask them. “ I’m super pissed at the person who accused you and killed Garret``Emo Esponja said. “ Oh yeah I don't, I'm getting out anytime soon unless Nicki or the BBL Drake twins do something”. “Those douchebags aren’t going to do anything they’re utterly useless don’t worry peaches me,Emo Squidward, and Stalker Behavior are going to help” Emo Esponja said. Honestly They are great friends but Nicki and BBL Drake twins are my friends so I didn’t know what to say to Emo Esponja after what he just said.

Teala Dunn (again)
Fun fact I can’t swim

“Ok what are we exactly going to do” OG Drake said. I told them that we were going to do some investigating in the place where that Cracker had lived and go and hack everyone who knew him like Yashiro,Cupcakke,Stalker Behavior,etc. “Not Cupcakke though. She wouldn’t kill that guy, honestly she was the one who had hired him to replace Yashiro while he was gone” Nicki said. “Shouldn’t we ask Cupcakke if anything had happened when Garret was teaching you know” Ariana said . I thought about it but I declined and said that we should stick to my plan.

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Gaku Yashiro

I saw that peaches got arrested. I was so happy and thrilled that an innocent person was accused of my crimes. I started writing in my journal talking about everything I felt and saw. But from what I’ve been seeing, These groups of people are getting help from Teala Dunn which is bad because she is known for capturing the actual killers and has great hypnosis so I had to find a way to take that gang down so I wouldn’t be stopped from committing crimes.

Teala Dunn

“WE HAVE TO DO WHAT” Nicki said in an angry manner to me . “ We have to in order to find any leads remember I have helped solve a lot of cold cases in the past and is one of the respected detectives around my community”. “OK FINE ONLY BECAUSE OF THAT STATEMENT I TRUST YOU” We had decided that we were going to go and trespass around the area of the suspects.
The suspects were
-Cupcakke,Well not anymore
-Gaku Yashiro
-Lovely peaches(ofc)
-Emo Esponja
-Amelia , Known for killing people
-Stalker Behavior
-Nicki Minaj
-BBL Drake
-Original Drake


“HUH WHY ARE WE SUSPECTED???” yelled Nicki and the BBL Drake twins.
I told them that it had something to do with them on that day when he was killed and they showed up to East Eat HighSchool. ¨That seems reasonable actually¨. Mumbled BBL Drake while looking at the list. “Yeah just what BBL Drake said” Said Nicki.

Ariana Grande

Me and Teala Dunn started going through the list of the people well. We first started with Gaku Yashiro, A well respected teacher who teaches freshman and sophomore math. We started finding where he lived. We found he lived in a very small apartment probably for only two people to live. We got in, surprisingly his house was very well organized but then again he is very handsome and stuff and you can’t judge a book by its cover I guess. Anyways back to what we’re doing we checked everything but had not found anything suspicious around his house. Just about we were about to leave until I heard Teala quickly coming towards me and said “OMG I found a sheet of notes that express him killing Garrett” We were shocked and took the sheet of papers.


Gaku Yashiro (Again)

I quickly took their bodies away after I knocked them down. I did research and found out that one of these women was none other than Teala Dunn, The most well known detective who has solved most cold cases in the city . I became super anxious. I just knocked down a super known detective that probably told her colleagues of what she was planning to do if she didn't wake up. They will probably become suspicious and I will soon get caught which I don’t want to. Also Ariana Grande was with her which will cause even more chaos and suspicion if they don’t both wake up. I have screwed up but I get my guard together and start to remember that they won’t remember anything that has happened today but I have to send them back to their homes but the catch is they have families around there so I decide I will do it when night comes around.