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The Better TZO

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Nicki Minaj


I,Nicki Minaj, am better than everyone.


On a saturday night I was preparing for my upcoming album and trying to take care of papa bear at the same time. Later on, I was going back home until suddenly I got attacked by the Stalker Behavior, known for knowing everything about everyone. I told her to stay back and then started attacking her. She had enough and left . I contacted the bbl drake twins and told them what had happened.

They came over to see if I was ok, and I wasn't, that “Stalker Behavior” Bit me.
Probably have rabies now. “Rabid ass dog” I muttered as the BBL Drake twin was giving me a bandaid. The BBL Drake twins had decided that we needed a plan to catch the “Stalker Behavior” , the one we had most feared.