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New Romantics

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Clarke empties her third cup of coffee. How the hell is she supposed to think about a video idea for tomorrow? Her week was boring, she's exhausted and she can't post a cover as she usually does because her throat feels like it's full of rocks and sand. She should really think about doing something else.

The girl hears steps and soon enough, her roommate, Octavia is opening her bedroom door, smiling like a creepy clown. Clarke is afraid of clowns. And slightly afraid of Octavia when she gets too drunk.

"Please, tell me you're not drunk right now."

"Well, hello to you too, roomie." Her friend sits down on Clarke's bed and crosses her legs joyfully. "Don't worry, I'm not drunk. But only because I was the designated driver this time around. What made you this grumpy?"

Clarke rests her coffee cup on the table in front of her and turns her chair to Octavia.

"I still don't know what to do for tomorrow's video. I just can't think about-"

"Ooh, it's a good thing you mentioned that, because I found a really good channel, you should check it out."

"Seriously? I'm dying here and you tell me to check another person's channel? Rude." Clarke jokes and Octavia slaps her leg weakly.

"I'm just suggesting this because I think it would make you feel better! And who knows, maybe you'll have a great idea because of it! Plus, the girl is kinda hot, so that's a bonus."

"Okay, you had me at she's kinda hot." Clarke turns her chair back to her computer and opens youtube.

"Great, type in Lexa Woods."

"Just her name? That's not that creative..." She mumbles, doing as told.

"You're not in a good place to judge, huh, Clarke Griffin?"

"You know I'm not creative with titles!"

Clarke clicks on Lexa's channel and is speechless for a moment.

"See? Told ya she's hot. Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower and go to bed cause I'm tired as fuck. See you in the morning." Octavia kisses Clarke's cheek and leaves the bedroom.

Clarke clicks on the newest video, named "My neighbor and his loud girlfriend". The girl, who she assumes is called Lexa, has beautiful brown curls and she's wearing a green flannel shirt.

"First of all, I think I have to make it clear that I have absolutely nothing against my neighbor. He's this tall, muscular, tanned dude and I think he's pretty chill most of the time, we even hang out every once in a while. But when his girlfriend comes over, I swear to god! Apparently they don't have soundproof walls because I hear literally everything. I've never met the girl, but I can tell you that if I heard her voice at a grocery store, well, I wouldn't know it. If I heard her sex noises in the middle of a forest, however, I would be able to locate her position geographically in less than a minute. My point is, if you're gonna have sex this loudly at 4 am, please make sure you actually have soundproof walls. Dear neighbor, it's embarrassing that you, your girlfriend and I, have had at least twenty threesomes without my actual presence in there. Please, stop. I know you feel bad that I've been single for three years, but sadly, I'm not interested in you, or your girlfriend, or your sexual life."

Clarke finds herself giggling at the video. Lexa is definitely attractive. No, scratch that, she's gorgeous. Lexa is definitely gorgeous. Her voice is charming and she has beautiful eyes.

She clicks on the next video, "Getting out of an abusive relationship". Followed by "Feminism for dummies", "Queer representation 101", "How to spot a fuckboy" and others.

It's 3:49am when Clarke notices she's seen nearly every video on the girl's channel. She subscribes to her and closes her laptop. Once again, Octavia has proven she's always right.


On the following morning, Octavia teases the fuck out of Clarke.

"So? Did you looove her?"

"Well, I have to admit, O. You were right. Lexa is gorgeous and her videos are great."

Clarke sits down in front of Octavia and bites her toast.

"Did you like her enough to maybe be interested in meeting her?"

"She seems like a fantastic person, so yeah, obviously. But you know, that's not gonna happen. With my luck, she probably lives in the other side of the country."

"Actually..." Octavia mumbles, paying attention to her food.

"Actually..?" Clarke encourages. "What were you gonna say?"

Octavia giggles, playing with her waffle, and takes a sip of her orange juice.

"O!" Clarke complains, nudging her friend's ribs.

"Okay, okay, calm your tits. I was gonna tell you that Lexa is Lincoln's next door neighbor." Octavia calmly explains.

Clarke chokes on her toast. "WHAT? Are you serious?"

"I'm dead serious, Clarke. Did I ever lie to you?"

"If you did, I never noticed."

"Exactly. So now do you wanna meet her?"

"I don't know, Octavia..." Clarke gets up and takes her empty plate to the sink.

"Why the hell would you not know? You just told me you wanted to meet her and maybe even fuck her like, a minute ago!"

"Octavia, I did not say that!"

"Okay, maybe you didn't say all of those words, but you did say you wanted to meet her! Why are you suddenly not so sure anymore?"

Clarke sits on the counter top and stares at her friend. Octavia stares right back.


"You know why." She sighs.


"Can we not talk about this right now? Please? I was hoping you could be on my new video, I asked for questions on twitter and there's probably a lot of them and I thought you would enjoy answering some with me."

Octavia stands up with a jump.


"Yeah, why not?"

"It's just that you never asked me to be on one of your videos before, you always ask Raven instead. I'm just surprised. Of course I want to."

"Well, that's because Raven actually has a youtube channel, you just spend all of your free time with Lincoln and you never seemed interested anyway."

"You forgot to mention that Raven also has her own tv show. And radio station! What can't that girl do? I don't even know how she still has a social life besides work!"

"Yeah, Raven is amazing and she's our friend but don't discredit yourself! You're a fantastic athlete, okay? Just because you weren't recruited for the women's national soccer team yet, it doesn't mean you're not great at what you do! We're all good at different things, O."

"Ugh, I know."

"Now, are you gonna be on my video or not?"


"Good, I need you in my bedroom in fifteen minutes." Clarke hops off of the counter top and leaves the kitchen.


"Hello, sky people. I'm Clarke Griffin and this is my annoying roommate, Octavia Blake." The girls are sitting next to each other, facing the camera. Octavia smiles charmingly.

"I know I usually post covers on Wednesdays, but as you might have noticed, I'm losing my voice, so I can't really sing today. Luckily, I thought I could make an ask video so you could get to know me better and I invited my roommate because... why not? Anyway, I asked you guys to send us questions using the tag #ClarkeRocksOctaviaSux and we're gonna answer some of them."

Octavia scrolls through her phone. "The first one is, why is Octavia so hot?"

"Okay, I'm sure that's not it, O."

"Fine, the first one is, are you dating someone?" Octavia reads. "I am. Sorry, folks."

"I'm single."

"And ready to mingle! As you all know, Clarke here is bi, so whether you're a girl or a guy, send her pictures of yourselves to her twitter, people!"

"Octavia! Do not send me any pictures, guys." Clarke complains, giggling. "Well, maybe pictures of pets would be appreciated, now that you mention it. But I'm not gonna date you, sorry to disappoint. What's the next one?"

"Which instruments do you play?" Octavia turns to her friend.

"I play the guitar and... well, the guitar. That's it. What about you?"

"I think I'd be a good drummer. But no, I can't play any instruments."

"You would make a good drummer!"

"I know! Next question, what do you like to do on your free time?"

"I love drawing and painting, I don't think you guys know that, but I actually have an arts degree."

"Clarke here is a brilliant artist, guys."

"Aw, thanks, O!"

"You're welcome. Well, I love dancing, sometimes I cook..."

"Octavia is also very good at being annoying, as I mentioned before."

"Shut up, you love me. Next one, who's your celebrity crush/girlcrush/whatever?" Octavia says, laughing hysterically after she's done reading.

"Why are you even laughing?"

"I know who your crush is..." She teases. Clarke giggles and slaps Octavia's arm playfully.

"Stop it, O!"

"Fine, my crush is my boyfriend, Lincoln, obviously. But if I had to pick someone else..." She turns to Clarke. "Could it be Raven? She's kinda famous, right? I guess she's my platonic crush."

"Yeah, you can pick the great Raven Reyes. But she's gonna get very cocky when she watches this..."

"Shit, you're right. Well, it's too late now. Who's yours? Don't answer that, I'll answer for you. Clarke thinks Lexa Woods is gorgeous."

Clarke blushes and hides her face between her hands.


"Aw, look at her, all flustered. I might as well take over this video, I'm already doing a better job than you, Clarke."

They start laughing. "Stop humiliating me in front of the camera!"

"I'm not humilitating you! I'm doing you a favor, you're gonna thank me for that someday."


handsanitizer47: Clarke Griffin's video brought me here and I'm just like, damn, she's right, Lexa Woods is fucking gorgeous.

Lexa has the unhealthy habit of reading her video's comments every once in a while, which makes her unnecessarily angry, but sometimes, surprisingly happy. Right now, she's just curious.

bossassbitch69: Yo, Clarke Griffin thinks you're gorgeous. You'd make a cute couple, I ship it! #Clexa

She doesn't know what's happening, where these people came from or who this Clarke Griffin is but she's definitely intrigued.

OfficialCommander98: omg who's this clarke you guys are talking about?
Cupcakewhore: You really don't know? She's kinda popular, OfficialCommander98. She's one of Raven Reyes' best friends, I think she was on her show once or twice. That blonde girl who sings very well and posts some random shit all the time. Anyway, she just posted a Q&A on her channel, go check it out, apparently she has a crush on Lexa hehehe it's cute.
OfficialCommander98: omg yeah, I've seen her on Raven's show before! Thanks, I'll go watch it now

Lexa scrolls back up, deciding to find out who this girl is. She types Clarke's name on the search and clicks on her channel. "Q&A with Octavia" was uploaded three hours ago. She figures this must be the one her subscribers were talking about.

One of the girls presents herself as Clarke and well, let's put it that way, she's breathtakingly pretty.

She's blonde, her eyes are blue, she has this really cute chin and adorable nose- and frankly, Lexa thinks Clarke is so beautiful it makes her weak. The girl next to her, Octavia, is very attractive as well but she doesn't really catch Lexa's attention quite as much. She watches the video and finds herself enjoying it more than she presumed she would. These two are very charismatic.

"Next question, who's your celebrity crush/girlcrush/whatever?" The roommate asks, laughing desperately.

Octavia teases Clarke about her "secret crush" and says her crush is her boyfriend, Lincoln.

Wait a minute.

She pauses the video.



As in, her next door neighbor who has very loud sex with his girlfriend in the middle of the night?


It can't be. It would be too much of a coincidence.

She unpauses it.

"Who's yours? Don't answer that, I'll answer for you. Clarke thinks Lexa Woods is gorgeous." Octavia teases the girl. Clarke blushes and covers her face with her hands.

Well... Clarke Griffin is not so bad herself. Lexa finishes the video, watches some more and subscribes to Clarke's channel.

About an hour later, she follows her on twitter as well. This is interesting.


"Holy shit!" Clarke yells, jumping from her spot on the couch. She startles Raven and Octavia, who are sitting next to her watching tv.

"What the fuck, Clarke?" Raven mumbles, rubbing her right ear with a frown.

"Lexa just followed me on twitter!" She grabs Raven's arm and shakes it excitedly. Octavia laughs, next to the other girl.

"That's great!" Raven replies, smiling.

"She wants the booty!" Octavia teases.

"You know that means she watched your video, right?"

"Oh my god. Please, no. She probably thinks I'm weird."

"Clarke, don't be silly, Lexa doesn't think you're weird." Raven interrupts her friend.

"What makes you say that?"

"I mean, by now I'm sure she's certain that you are!" Octavia and Raven high five. Clarke pouts.

"You two are the worst friends ever."

"Aww, come here, you tiny puppy!" The girls wrap Clarke in an awkward hug. "We love you even though you're weird."

"I love you guys too... even though you suck."


"@FlowerBitch86: @LexaWoods did you know @ClarkeGriffin thinks you're gorgeous?"

"@LexaWoods: @FlowerBitch86 @ClarkeGriffin Yes, and I think she's gorgeous as well."

"@FlowerBitch86: @LexaWoods @ClarkeGriffin holy shit I can't!! I can't even!! I ship it!!! omg fml"

Apparently, some fans "ship" Lexa and Clarke. It's weird. She doesn't even know Clarke. They've never even talked to each other, yet people still think they should be together.

The internet can be a very weird place. But Lexa doesn't really mind.

She wishes she could meet Clarke someday. Maybe film something together. From what she's seen, the girl seems sweet, funny, talented and very smart.

But Lexa doesn't really know her.


"Clarke!" Octavia knocks uncontrollably on her bedroom door.

"It's open!" Clarke yells back from her bed, she's been reading some random book for about an hour. Her friend is suddenly sitting on her computer chair.

"Did you check your twitter?"

"Uh, no. Why? Did something happen?" Clarke closes her book and finally looks at Octavia.

"I don't know, Clarke." She mocks. "Let me read this to you and you tell me if it's something."

She scrolls through her phone and clears her throat.

"@FlowerBitch86: @LexaWoods did you know @ClarkeGriffin thinks you're gorgeous?"

Clarke sits up on the bed.

"@LexaWoods: @FlowerBitch86 @ClarkeGriffin Yes, and I think she's gorgeous as well." Octavia reads aloud. "Clarke! It's official, now you have to meet her!"

She shakes Clarke's shoulders excitedly.

The girl stares at Octavia, wide eyed.

"People even ship you guys together! That's so cool, man!"

"Oh my god." She shakes her head trying to get a grip of reality. "Maybe she meant it in a friendly way. Or maybe she was just being polite, that doesn't mean she's attracted to me."

"Clarke! Don't be silly! Of course she's attracted to you, look at you! Please tell me you're gonna meet her tomorrow at Lincoln's party! I'm so happy for you right now!"

Clarke takes a deep breath and smiles tiredly at Octavia.

"Okay. I'll do it."