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Our Perfect Family

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After the Tony Awards, Rachel’s work load had settled down as she was in her final trimester. She had been seeing a lot of Kurt and Blaine in the three months – including the baby shower that Kurt had organised where they found out that they were having a girl. The men were both getting excited and terrified at the same time that their baby girl was coming. Her late August due date came and Kurt and Blaine had got into a habit of waking up every day in a panic, thinking they had missed the call. Four days after she was due, Rachel and Jesse were at their house for dinner.

“We have tried everything,” Rachel groaned angrily. “This baby just doesn’t want to come out.”

“She is probably just too comfortable.” Blaine offered, as Rachel rolled her eyes.

“I just don’t want to be enduced.” Rachel scoffed, knowing that it was going to happening the next morning and there was virtually nothing anyone could do.

“We know honey,” Kurt said now. “But it gets you out of your misery right.”

“I guess,” Rachel paused. “I am going to miss it, you know.”

“Being extrememly uncomfortable?” Jesse asked now, as Rachel just shook her head.

“No,” Rachel commented. “I mean – This baby was with me on broadway for three months, it was on stage with me when I won the Tony. I actually enjoyed most of being pregnant.”

After dinner, Jesse had decided to head home for the night and seeing as it was an early start the next morning and Rachel had already gone to sleep on Kurt and Blaine’s couch, they would just leave her there. The next morning they got Rachel into the car, and they were at the hospital at seven thirty and they broke her waters and everything started.

Rachel had been deadset on a drug free labour, and six hours in she was starting to question herself why.

“I can’t do this,” Rachel looked at Kurt, with tears in her eyes. “I need something, anything.”

“I have an idea,” Blaine looked up from his phone that he had been using to cover up his guilt. “Why don’t we do a scale.”

“I’m not doing a scale.” Rachel grumbled, almost hastily.

“Just try it.” Blaine said now, as Rachel followed him.

Kurt looked at them, and he realised that Blaine had found a way to make her focus on her breathing and not on the pain – it was genius. Well at least Kurt thought so. This went on until well in the afternoon. Burt and Carole had called to say they made it to New York safely, and they had gone to Kurt and Blaine’s place. After a total of over twelve hours, the pain was getting too much for Rachel to even be distracted by doing a scale.

“We’re ready,” The doctor said, as she called two nurses to come in. “Do either of you want to watch?”

Rachel had a firm grip on Kurt’s hand that she wasn’t letting go of any time soon, and the taller man was pretty terrible around blood at the best of times, so he looked at Blaine, who just nodded. Rachel followed the doctors instructions and the shorter man just watched in almost pure horror.

“What do you see?” Rachel asked him, between contractions.

Blaine had suddenly started narrating what he was seeing as he watched the tiny person come into the world.

“It’s definitely a girl!” Blaine beamed moments before a loud cry was heard. “We have a girl, Kurt!”

The men had cut the umbilical cord together, and the small baby had been taken to get cleaned off. Both men were looking at an exhausted, but happy Rachel.

“Congratulations,” Rachel said tiredly. “You’ll be great dads. She is one lucky girl.”

“Thank you Rachel,” Blaine said tearfully. “I don’t even think thank you is enough right now.”

“I wanted to do this,” Rachel grabbed his hand. “You two know how much I love you and how much you have sacrificed for me.”

“We love you too.” Kurt was almost as teary eyed as his husband.

Their moment was stopped when a small girl wrapped in a traditional pink blanket was coming over to them. Blaine looked at Kurt, who took the small girl.

“Hi,” Kurt said quietly, stroking his thumb over her blanket. “You are so gorgeous.”

The small girl just looked at him inquisitively. Although she was only moments old, and looked very much like a newborn baby, her profile resembled Kurt’s. The girl had nestled her head in Kurt’s elbow and the taller man could feel the tears in his eyes.

“Blaine,” Kurt said now. “You have to feel this.”

Kurt handed the small girl over to Blaine, and Kurt just watched how proud the shorter man was of the small girl even though she had no genetic ties to him at all.

“Can I?” Rachel asked eventually before she was going to be taken to recovery.

“Hi sweetheart,” Rachel said, as the small girl turned her head to the woman. “You know my voice.”

“Babies do have a tendency to know the voice of the person they’ve been inside of for nine months.” The doctor commented.

“And Rachel has a tendency to never shut up,” Kurt laughed. “So I’m guessing that she is very familiar with it.”

“Does she have a name?” Rachel asked, looking at the men.

“Um yeah,” Blaine said now. “How does Finley sound?”

It was a couple of days after the baby shower and Kurt and Blaine were still wrapping their heads around the idea that in a couple of months they would have a daughter. Burt and Carole were going back home that day, and Kurt and Blaine wanted to clear a name idea by them.

“We want the baby to have a special name,” Kurt started, over breakfast. “After someone that means a lot to Blaine and I.”

“So we kind of wanted to clear a name by you.” Blaine said now.

“We know that Finn is a boys name and we would likely never call our daughter that, but we have been thinking about the name Finley.” Kurt said now.

“Finley Grace Anderson-Hummel.” Blaine said now, as Kurt nodded.

Neither Burt nor Carole said anything for a moment, before the woman pulled Kurt into a large hug.

“So that is a yes?” Kurt laughed.

“It’s perfect,” Carole said now, as Burt nodded. “He would have been so excited to be an uncle.”

“I know,” Kurt commented. “He would have been a good one, too.”

Kurt could see a tear in Rachel’s eye as she repeated the name to the small girl before looking at the men. The exhausted diva was soon taken to recovery to get some sleep and Kurt and Blaine took the small girl to the nursery before visiting hours had ended. They were driving home, and nothing could have wiped the smiles off their faces that day.

“We have the most perfect girl in the world,” Blaine was concentrating on the road. “I might be biased but I would like to find someone who disagrees.”

“I agree,” Kurt responded looking at the photos on his phone. “Finley is pretty perfect.”

They got home just before Burt and Carole were going to bed, and the new grandparents got to see a couple of photos of the the small girl who they all agreed looked very much like the taller man.