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Blind Feith

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Upon the noise of heavy rain outside, Xiaojun can hear the light sound of his own footfalls on what he supposes is a floor of white marble slabs. His view has been intentionally blurred again, but he can hear and smell the celebration rising once more in the ballroom. 

Purple crocuses and aromatic vines wrap around the pillars, and under the arcs, the  musicians are beginning to play to entertain the cruel court that surrounds him. He can't help but wonder how many of the players are abducted humans that could blame their talent for their fate, like himself.

The reign is huge and so is the palace and its domains, so there are plenty of spaces that have been introduced to Xiaojun ever since he came in, some suitable for him to hide from his fears; like his individual dormitory, decorated to the brim with carved crystal and brocades. Nonetheless, some others spark a primal terror inside him, like the rose bushes maze in the garden, or the aviary. He could never know the type of creatures that he could come across if trespassing those perimeters. 

But today, he doesn’t have the power of choice, he has been requested to walk in the ballroom and join his fiancé’s banquet obediently. 

He hates every second of it, his body non-compliant with his brain’s attempts to be brave. It’s not his first dance with the faeries, but perhaps that’s what keeps his rational side from relaxing around them. He feels like death and scorn linger in every being that approaches him, reeling poison in their words and actions. If he's not careful enough, they could charm him and make him dance forever. If his words fail him, maybe he seals an horrible deal with a fickle fey. 

However, Xiaoun can’t complain much about Kun, not more than one can complain against an arranged partner; he resents his parents much more, for using him like a trading coin and handing him over so easily. Most of the time, his fiancé barely exists in his life, since he seems to always be busy with activities outside the palace that, he says, don’t concern Xiaojun. Of course, the mortal doesn't mind his absence all that much. He has allowed Xiaojun to take anything he wants from the palace, whether it’s food, clothes or any other whimp of his. He can go wherever he pleases within his property, and the only condition is that Xiaojun has to abide by the rule of never getting rid of his blindfold when Kun is present. 

He doesn’t know why, but he has opted for being pliable so far, wary of the feyfolk’s devices. Maybe the blindfold is only a trick to play with his mind and have a little laugh at Xiaojun’s expenses, but it’s working.

He hates the added disadvantage on his senses when he may need to defend himself. 

At least the fabric is not thick enough to leave him drift in the nothingness. When the maid had given it to Xiaojun, he thought it resembled a shredder piece of cotton, or a cluster of spiderwebs. 

The movement of shapes and faded colors dance around the ballroom with the guests, giving him an idea of the environment. He observes carefully, trying to draw the outlines in his mind until he gets startled with a sudden, upfront approach of someone new. As much as he dislikes being the laughingstock of the faery court, he doesn't have enough calm, nor clarity, to keep his gasp at bay. 

A hand takes his own, fingers automatically lacing. Recognition downs on Xiaojun and relief starts washing over as a pair of soft lips press on the back of his hand. 

"Good evening, darling" 

Sooner or later, Xiaojun had to start recognizing his fiancé despite the unclear vision. He has grown used to Kun's scent, the perfume of soaked meadow and crushed blossoms filling up the castle. His voice, he knows, sounds dusky and gentle. And the feel of his hands traveling across his to grab his waist, carries not only a new familiarity.

The tips of his fingers tingle a little only from the thought alone. It makes Xiaojun so embarrassed, ashamed of himself, who has always thought he's smart enough to overcome the attraction of the feyfolk’s sharp, lethal beauty. But no, he's just a weak human that let's Kun lay him down on the soft grass that covers the paddock with the specks of sunlight freckling his skin; someone who smiles at the kiss of his hand and lets him guide his blind walk into the epicenter of the dance. 

"Shall we dance?" Kun asks, a filament of cunning in his voice. 

"Will you give up if I decline, actually?" He mumbles, placing his hands on Kun's shoulders for leverage. "I don't think you would''

"Now, now…" he chuckles. "Why so fiery? You arrived just now, and you look quite beautiful"

"Thank you. I'd try to compliment you back but…I can't see"

Kun emits a rough laugh, the wilderness of his nature sipping through the courtly poise he plays with; but it doesn’t seem so funny to Xiaojun, who stares at the blurry shapes of his face trying to beat the fog. He can tell his face is perfectly sculpted, not possibly being otherwise for a high fey; yet Xiaojun knows that his mortal imagination is not enough to build the image of something that's supposed to be strikingly beautiful and terrifying at the same time. His curiosity has been fired up for some weeks now and the effect seems to be indelible. There’s no way the reason for this deal is that Kun is an ugly creature that fears Xiaojun’s retreat. It has to be something else.

"Dance with me and I'll take that as a compliment all alone" 

"It's not fair, I'm doing that already" complains Xiaojun without thinking. "Why can I take this off?" 

Arms embrace Xiaojun’s waist and tighten around him, pushing him closer as their chests come in contact. 

"You made a promise" he reminds him.


"A promise with the fey, not one of those laughable things humans call oaths"

Xiaojun inhales steeply, face burning as he feels like he's been put in place while the guests that dance around them can hear. They might be invisible to him but that doesn't render them non-existent. 

"I know, but I..." his hands slide up, feeling the crisp collar and the smooth skin of Kun’s face when he finally cups it on his hands. "...Want to see what I’m missing" 

"Really? Well, are you not growing passionate about me out of a sudden? I thought you said you despised me" 

The taunting words make Xiaojun’s cheeks bloom with a light pink. He had said that, indeed. His hands fall back to the fey's shoulders, his face turning to the side so Kun can't rejoice with the look.

"Bastard" he tosses between his teeth, but his temper humbles down the moment he feels Kun's face tilting closer and his breath lingers against his cheek. 

"Seriously, while in this court, don't play with important things like a promise" he whispers, his breath almost spiraling into a snarl. "Do you understand?" 

Xiaojun nods slowly "I do" 

"Great. Because the court wouldn’t be happy, and you'd break my heart if I had to take you out from this realm and away from me"

Xiaojun’s eyebrows furrow, and he's afraid it's already too late for him. When he should crave his return back home, he feels just a jab of fear. He's going to be like those human buildings that are abandoned and taken over by the forest… too caught up in the magic realm but never a real participant of their society.

Humans are extremely simpleminded creatures that would mourn the loss if it ever happens, and shall pine away, missing the magic they witnessed. 

He can feel his own heart beating against Kun’s chest, the rhythms getting somewhat in a deceptive synchronization as they prance across the dancehall to the sound of a frenetic faery reel, hard to resist for a mortal. It should be the magic they thread in the notes of their instruments, or the smell of wine mixing with petrichor, but Xiaojun’s chest rises and falls faster as the minutes slip by laced with Kun. 

They are so close that his heaving breath melts on Kun’s lips, which are parted with a smile. The knowledge of Xiaojun being unable to stop dancing unless he stops him himself must be tasty for him. Even when a slower song comences, the frenzy remains. The exhales feel dewy and tepid; definitely not the aloof predisposition that Xiaojun wanted to wield when he was told what his parents got him into. 

His eyes fall closed under the fabric, weighed down by an invisible force of pinning. He feels impatient, dizzy, drunk in the music and the breathy chuckle that falls from Kun’s lips before they’re on Xiaojun’s. 

The mad world of the fey goes quiet for a second. Not truly, but for Xiaojun it feels like it. He tastes the honeysuckle from Kun’s fresh lips, sleek and still smiling fiercely over his, as he pushes Xiaojun at his will, immersed in their dance. His mortal senses are overstressed, a flake of euphoria flares up inside his stomach. 

He feels what the rain outside must be feeling. Toppling over the deep green plants that engulf the palace, dripping down and melting into puddles. 

For the sake of his balance and sanity, his fingers grip the long locks behind Kun's head while his fiancé's kisses turn wilder and he runs his hands over his sides, caressing every inch of his body, increasingly shaking in the middle of a spinning court. He has never had a kiss like this. He wants to tear the blindfold away and drink avidly from Kun's devastating beauty. He wants to take everything in, breathing his scent and feeling his skin. 

A quiet "ah" leaves his tongue when teeth tease the supple skin of his bottom lip, and that seems to make Kun react. 

"Follow me" 

Before Xiaojun can utter a single word, Kun leaves him cold as he detaches his body from him and takes his hand, guiding him through the intoxicated guests. 

No matter if Xiaojun hasn't taken this path before, it doesn't take a genius to guess where he's being taken to. He bites back a giggle so he doesn't seem too weak for this… too coy and mortal. 

The long corridors, the stairs, all it's a blurred piece of the moment that Xiaojun can't locate. He just knows Kun's hand, and his body when they finally reach the bedroom and he's pushed back against the solid door. 

The fey affixes his mouth to his neck, his tongue rolling down to his collar, urging Xiaojun to purr for his tyrant. The thick, sweet perfume of magic invades him, and light vibrations pulse through their connected bodies. Xiaojun can feel it under the tips of his fingers when they unbutton Kun’s shirt and finally discover the sensation of his lukewarm skin and his tight muscles. His power dribbles through his pores as he gets loose, and as much as it's terrifying, Xiaojun can't stop it.  

Kun bites down, and Xiaojun moans. It makes something click inside the fey, tearing their remaining clothes.

“You got obsessed with me" foolishly hisses Xiaojun upon his fiancé's lips, intoxicated with desire and confidence. "And now you burn" 

Kun’s amused and soft chuckle is devastating. 

"And you burn with me, mortal"

The heat pools between Xiaojun’s legs, feeling Kun all over. His back touches the cold surface of the luxurious mattress, pressed down against the brocades of the covers. His breath hitches, looking for the fey's mouth in the dark and feeling the hardness of his body crush against his.

"If you long for me that much, have the decency of calling me by my name" he demands, trying to make his voice sound steady and failing immediately due to the fingertips that travel down between his legs. 

Kun presses a kiss against Xiaojun’s chest, softly. A moment of control before diving in, finding out how perfectly he can sheath in his heat.

"Xiaojun" he moans, the wilderness filtering into his tone as Xiaojun’s body ignites there and then, consumed by a licking flame of lust. He wraps around him with need, moaning his name and arching his back at every blow. 

"Yes" he keens, skull full of cotton and nails drawing red lines on Kun’s shoulder blades. "Don't stop"

His cheeks burn at his own boldness, his blocked vision making him scalate faster than he has ever had it before. Blocked senses are truly something when it comes to heighten others. 

“If you were mine… truly mine” Kun grunts. He can hear him struggle, enjoying himself in every trust that makes Xiaojun shatter. "I’d be inside you forever" 

" Fuck, I’m-"


“Yeah” he cries. His body arches and his hips meet the pace at their own accord, the building pleasure rendering him breathless, going on and on until the knot under his navel snaps and he breaks with a “ah-hmm” in his mouth and the sheed of his fiancé trickling down his thighs. 

Goosebumps cover him from head to toe and he lies on the covers and Kun’s movements ease until he’s cradling him in his arms and Xiaojun doesn’t have the heart to push him away. If something, he would pull him closer and let his body fuse with the inmortal kissing his cheeks with the after’s haze. He closes his eyes and rests his head on Kun’s chest, enjoying those caresses that he’ll miss if he lost. 

“Maybe I’m yours” he sighs, and feels the other man’s lips curling up. He just knows he smiles even if he doesn’t see. "Maybe I love you back"

His heart, deciding for itself, begins beating with more force, unable to not stay true to the real feelings crashing him, unlike his mouth and brain. 

Kun’s strong hands travel down his body and hold his hips. His lips are as soft as the petals of the roses in his garden, as fresh as the drizzle that makes them grow red and as menacing as the thorns; when they caress the shell of Xiaojun’s ear. His now raspy voice cascades towards him.  “Of course you are. All mine to enjoy and revere. I love you like that, that's why I had to have you”

His heart flutters stupidly with words that can only be for a magnified servant of Kun’s court of madness. He knows that’s what he is, taken from his home due to the capricious heart of an immortal that had taken a liking to him and his songs. And yet, he stays where he’s put until the break of dawn, wide awake in the fancy chambers of a fey lord while he can’t see them or anything around him.  

Kun’s breathing goes lax at some point, his roughness sleeping with him to leave only the soft hair, lukewarm skin and calm exhales. Such deceiving traits for a lethal creature who leaves emotions thriving in his wake. 

He cannot fall asleep with the feelings stirring in his chest, urging him to question everything he has ever done. This creature loves him, touches him with delicacy… or the needed harshness to set him free; yet, Xiaojun has always deemed him as the vile one. His parents sold him to a fiancé they didn't know for a handful of wheat, so why does he still have the puncture jab of guilt when he thinks about cutting up his family to accept this mad court where he lives comfortably? 

It doesn't make sense. Nothing does. Not even the stupid blindfold that still covers his eyes and keeps him from admiring the most handsome man he can dream of. 

Maybe that's what he needs, just the last push to stay around with a free mind. If he takes it off and steals a look, he'd be sure of his heart, Kun doesn't have to know about his sneak peek or the promise he's about to break. 

Xiaojun moves slightly on the bed, scared but excited. His heart goes fast, and his breath is irregular, but he can't help the curiosity bending his determination. 

He undoes the lace behind his head, and the blindfold slowly falls on his lap. His eyes, as always, need a moment to adjust to the brightness of the dusk's sun sipping through the windows; but as soon as they are ready, they fall on the bare body that lays on bed by his side, and awe fills Xiaojun in. 

His lips are parted as he breathes slowly, the shadows of his lashes dance on his cheeks, and the shine of the sun casts glints on his glossy black hair. Xiaojun is glad that he's alone and unwatched, because he couldn't have played this cool as he would have liked it. He feels stupid about the way his body halts, ogling Kun in his sleep. It's scary that a human, a mere mortal, doesn’t even need an enchantment to feel the helpless urge of leaning on to see his beauty from a closer distance, but the impulse wins over the concern and Xiaojun plants a hand on the mattress, leaving Kun's body laying between his side and his arm. 

His sun-kissed skin shines with a touch of pink on the bridge of his nose. He remains frozen, hesitating his next move but before he can make a decision he sees Kun's lashes fluttering as he opens his eyes. 

The fey's dark eyes hold his gaze intensely, and his smile grows on his face wild and asphyxiating for Xiaojun. Entirely suffocating.

"Such a shame" he cooes, his smile not quite matching his tone. Fear has Xiaojun paralized, a dreadful feeling winning over him. "Such a shame, really. You have beautiful eyes''