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mirrorball (everything must change)

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“…Yeah,” she says. “But I lost a lot of weight over those few months.”

“But I’m cool,” Schmidt says. “You’re skinny now, whatever, but you know how cool I am, right?”

“…Yeah,” she says unconvincingly, and that’s the end of it.


“What the fuck,” Schmidt says. “Jenko!”

“Yeah,” Jenko says, resurfacing from the ex-cheerleader’s pussy.

“College is about brains,” Schmidt says , ignoring Jenko’s sceptical face. “Why else would they have even fucking sent me in here?”

“Because you did so well last time?” Jenko says hopefully, ignoring the blonde moaning underneath him, smiling at Schmidt with more faith than is perhaps justified.

“Yeah,” Schmidt says, ducking down to lap at Jenko’s blonde’s wet pussy. “They know what girls want.”

Jenko smiles at him trustingly.

And keeps licking.