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Snapped Tensions

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They're sat together on the couch of Zhao Yunlan's apartment in amiable silence, sorting through case files together, but there's a tension between them, waiting to snap. Zhao Yunlan's mind races with the fact that they haven't done anything together yet. Their relationship is new, sure, it's brand new and fragile and walking-on-eggshells and terrifying. It's "I don't think I've ever felt anything like this towards another person in my life, and there's still so much I don't know about you". It's been—things have been so… tense. Everything has been. There's the tension of not knowing what the next day holds, of not knowing what piece will fall into place with the puzzle next, the tension of the cases piling up faster and faster, but most importantly the tension between them. He knows, he knows Shen Wei can feel it, that Zhao Yunlan's overt euphemisms and come hither looks and lollipops have enticed him, evidenced by the bobbing of his throat and heated look in his eyes. And yet, he never acts. Shen Wei is holding back greatly, stepping back whenever Zhao Yunlan steps just that much closer into his space, changing the subject every time like Zhao Yunlan won't notice.

They've kissed. They've—had a couple of dates, and held hands, and Shen Wei has kissed him sweetly, briefly, but pulled back as if frightened whenever Zhao Yunlan has tried to deepen or prolong it. It's driving him crazy. Zhao Yunlan feels positively wound tight, mind reeling and confused at the fact this relationship is so different than anything he's ever had, or even imagined, before. And he doesn't even feel particularly sexually frustrated—well, obviously he does, to some extent, but much less than he had expected—he just feels… lost. Like he doesn't know what the next step is, what he needs to do to progress things further, how to even navigate a serious relationship that he doesn't want to fuck up. And there are still so many secrets between them, he knows. Things Shen Wei is hiding, things that he himself is hiding and repressing. Things that neither of them are really ready to know or reveal. He feels like they know each other so well, in spite of this, like there's a deep understanding, a connection, a history between them. But he just wishes—he wishes he knew how to progress.

"Zhao Yunlan," Shen Wei's lovely voice breaks through his spiraling thoughts. Zhao Yunlan startles slightly and turns to look at him. Shen Wei drops his eyes to where Zhao Yunlan's hand is clenched tightly around the file in his hand, causing an unseemly set of creases, and Zhao Yunlan's eyes follow. He makes a noise, releases his grasp slightly, and tries to smooth the crumples with his thumb. When he raises his head to look back at the other and give him a sheepish smile, Shen Wei's eyes are studying him intensely.

"Perhaps we should take a break from looking at the files," the Dixingren intones. The focus of his eyes searching Zhao Yunlan's face so intently has him turning warm. 

Zhao Yunlan manages a grin anyway. "Sounds like a good idea," he replies, closing the folder and half-tossing it on the coffee table with practiced nonchalance. He leans back on the couch, tucking his hands behind his head, and tries to ignore the effects of Shen Wei's burning gaze. 

"You've been distracted," Shen Wei notes.

Zhao Yunlan lets his head roll to the side so he can glance at him. Shen Wei's eyes are still fixed on him, examining his face. His eyebrows are furrowed slightly—Zhao Yunlan gets the impulse to rub a thumb at the crease between them, try to smooth it out like he did the papers. 

Zhao Yunlan pulls his bottom lip between his teeth for a moment, watches the way Shen Wei's eyes track the movement, and decides he's tired of just skirting around this.

"Shen Wei," he starts, adjusting himself by moving an arm to lay across the back of the couch and angle himself towards the other better. It's his turn to fix a gaze on Shen Wei's face. "Why haven't we done anything yet?" he asks.

Shen Wei pauses for a moment, swallows. His eyes finally leave Zhao Yunlan, and fall elsewhere. "...You'll have to be more specific," he replies, voice lowered.

"You know what I'm talking about." Zhao Yunlan huffs. "You keep pushing me away when I try to initiate anything. I can see you're affected, but you're holding back. Why?" he asks. Shen Wei stays silent. "Do you—not want to? Am I making you uncomfortable?"

Shen Wei raises his head to meet his eyes again. He looks torn. "No, no. You aren't at all. I just…" he trails off. Zhao Yunlan raises his eyebrows expectantly. "There are things you can't know yet. I don't…"

"I don't care," Zhao Yunlan says, "I already know there's things you aren't ready to talk about. Is sex really one of those?" He asks, then freezes. "You aren't going to make me wait until marriage, are you? Shen Wei, I'll die," he tries to joke, and ignores the way his heart tells him to just propose on the spot if that were the case. He doesn't have time to process that right now.

Shen Wei blushes profusely. "No, that's not… No. I would love to, ah…"

"You would love to?" Zhao Yunlan repeats incredulously. "What is stopping you? Do you think I don't want to?" 

"No, I know that you—we just…" Shen Wei struggles for a moment, before closing his eyes and sighing. "Zhao Yunlan, I need to discuss some things with you beforehand," he says, and looks at him.

Zhao Yunlan is still baffled. "Aren't we discussing now? Go on, then. Please," he implores.

Shen Wei swallows and thins his lips. He speaks after a few moments of silence, "...I do not want to be on the receiving end of sexual acts."

Zhao Yunlan pauses and looks thoughtful for a moment, waiting expectantly for Shen Wei to continue. When no continuation comes, he squints, then breaks into a grin. "That's it? You just don't want to bottom?" he asks, and laughs. Shen Wei looks uncomfortable, and that sobers Zhao Yunlan up quickly. He rushes to clarify. "It's just—we could have been having sex weeks ago. That's not a problem at all, baobei. Why did you think that would be an issue?"

Shen Wei blushes again, but looks somewhat relieved. "People tend to have… preconceived notions… about individuals with demeanors such as my own," he explains, sounding embarrassed. "And I didn't want to presume your preferences or somehow pressure you into something you wouldn't enjoy." 

Zhao Yunlan squints at him. "Where the hell did you even hear about those 'notions'. You don't use the internet," he wonders out loud. Shen Wei opens his mouth as if to reply, and Zhao Yunlan waves him off, fearing the answer. "Actually, don't tell me, I don't want to know. " He ignores how the most likely reasons make him twinge with jealousy and discomfort. He highly doubts anyone who could think that about Shen Wei knows his alternate persona. "Anyway, I don't think it's presuming when I'm fellating a lollipop while throwing myself over your desk and giving you bedroom eyes. You definitely would not be pressuring me and I would definitely enjoy it. I thought I was pretty obvious."

Shen Wei makes a noise of affirmation. "You were rather… blatant," he confirms.

Zhao Yunlan hums. "So, is that all?" he asks.

"There will be times where I would prefer to stay dressed and my arousal not be acknowledged at all," Shen Wei adds. 

"Okay," Zhao Yunlan says, and nods. "But you would still want to...?"

"I will still desire to please you. There are just times where the only satisfaction I will desire is that, rather than wanting anything for myself," Shen Wei clarifies.

"Alright," Zhao Yunlan confirms. "You can just tell me when that's the case." Shen Wei seems to physically relax a bit. Zhao Yunlan smiles at him. "Is there anything else?"

"I suppose those were my main concerns," Shen Wei responds. "Do you have any things you would like to discuss regarding this matter?"

Zhao Yunlan grins at him again. "You make it sound so formal, Professor Shen," he teases, just to watch Shen Wei's ears tint red. "Well, okay. If we want to get everything sex-wise out of the way, I have a few things."

"Alright," Shen Wei says.

"No chest stuff. I can't feel anything there anyway. You can touch it in passing, but nothing nipple-wise," he starts.

Shen Wei nods attentively. "I would prefer mine not be acknowledged either," he adds.

"Alright, that's easy then," Zhao Yunlan agrees. "I'm fine with touch everywhere else. Don't refer to my parts with anything feminine, and don't talk down to me. Not that I take you as the type for that kind of thing, but just in case."

Shen Wei's eyebrows furrow once again. "I promise that won't be an issue at all," he assures. Zhao Yunlan smiles at the conviction with which he says it.

"I'm assuming you're clean?" Zhao Yunlan asks him. "Wait, do Dixingren even have the same STIs?"

Shen Wei furrows his brows slightly. "Due to the contrasting light and dark energies and genetic differences between our people, there are several diseases that are not transmittable. Regardless, I am not infected with any Haixing nor Dixing ailments of such nature," he explains in a professorial manner. 

"Interesting. Well, good to know! I'm clean and I'm on birth control, too. How do you feel about no condoms?" Zhao Yunlan prompts with a grin. Shen Wei tinges pink.

"I… have no preference on the matter. If it is what you would prefer and there is no risk, I am wholly willing."

Zhao Yunlan hums in affirmative. "I know you said you don't want to be on the receiving end of anything, does that extend to blowjobs?" he asks.

"Would the act bring you pleasure to perform?" Shen Wei asks.

"Are you kidding? I have an oral fixation," Zhao Yunlan reminds him. "Yes, it would, greatly. I've come just from sucking someone off before," he adds, just to sell it.

Shen Wei inhales sharply at the last sentence. "I… would be fine with it sometimes, yes," he agrees, then levels Zhao Yunlan with an intense look. "But again, know that I care more about bringing you pleasure than seeking pleasure for myself."

Zhao Yunlan feels his body heat up at the direct statement. "Good to know," he notes, feeling slightly giddy. "Well, I like it rough," he says next, and revels in the way Shen Wei turns bright red.

"...I don't want to cause any damage to you," Shen Wei mutters, but he looks conflicted.

"You don't have to," Zhao Yunlan reassures him, "I don't like the major stuff anyway. I just mean… You can bite, push me around, dig your fingers in. I like the soreness. The reminder that something happened," he lists, and takes note of how Shen Wei's hand tightens into a fist where it rests on his thigh. "You can heal anything visible, if it would make you more comfortable. I just don't want you to be gentle all the time," he rushes to add, hoping to convince the other.

Shen Wei's throat bobs as he swallows. "...Alright," he agrees. He's tense and flushed, and the discussion has obviously gotten to him.

"It's really alright?" Zhao Yunlan asks, to confirm. Shen Wei nods and looks at him. His eyes have darkened and his gaze is heavy. Zhao Yunlan shivers at the intensity of it and cracks a half-grin at him. "Shen Wei. Can we please have sex now? I feel like I've waited long enough," he says. Shen Wei's face goes briefly through some sort of emotion Zhao Yunlan can't begin to parse, but he doesn't have time to study it before it's gone.

"We should be in bed for this," Shen Wei replies.

"Do you have something against couch sex?" Zhao Yunlan complains, "What's the difference, they're both in the same room here. If you're a sex-is-in-bed-only kinda person, we might have a problem," he teases. He watches as Shen Wei sighs.

"It's our first time together. I would prefer we were in bed for it," he clarifies.

Zhao Yunlan coos. "Xiao Wei, you're such a romantic. Okay, okay," he acquiesces, and dramatically throws his hands out toward the other. "Whisk me away to bed, Hei Lao-ge."

Shen Wei, never one to pass such a lovely opportunity, indeed does sweep in to whisk him away. Zhao Yunlan yelps as Shen Wei picks him up off the couch.

"Ah, I didn't mean—" he trails off as he's briefly shocked into silence. He lets out a shaky laugh. "Fuck. You're so hot. Come on, come on, bed." He's treated to the sight of Shen Wei's cheeks blooming redder right before his eyes. 

Shen Wei takes the few strides needed to move them from couch to bed, and he places Zhao Yunlan on top of the sheets with care. When he hesitates to climb on the bed as well, Zhao Yunlan grabs his shoulder and tries to tug him closer. Shen Wei follows after a moment and settles himself between Zhao Yunlan's spread legs, still hovering some distance away.

"Shen Wei," Zhao Yunlan calls. Shen Wei's eyes leave where they were trailing his sprawled figure on the sheets to meet his. Zhao Yunlan lifts a hand to the nape of Shen Wei's neck and pulls his face closer. "Kiss me."

Shen Wei braces himself on the bed, closes his eyes and moves forward until they connect. It stays light for a moment, but Zhao Yunlan eagerly attempts to deepen it—unlike all the times before, Shen Wei doesn't pull away, but rather pushes his own lips back harder. Zhao Yunlan turns his head into it and parts his lips, presses his hand down on the back of Shen Wei's neck to encourage him further. Shen Wei's tongue meets his own, and Zhao Yunlan hums happily at finally being able to feel it. Shen Wei leans closer, gets less hesitant with every second. Zhao Yunlan lets out a moan when Shen Wei bites at his lip, and the sound seems to push a button for Shen Wei, who kisses him harder. 

Zhao Yunlan has to break away for air after some time, and he pants against Shen Wei's mouth, hot breath combining between them. He feels dizzy with it. "Shit," he breathes, "I knew you were holding back. Shen Wei—" he's cut off by Shen Wei pushing their lips together again enthusiastically, and Zhao Yunlan has to fight against the urge to melt. Shen Wei kisses him so well, seems to know how to drive him mad. Zhao Yunlan raises a hand to tug on one of Shen Wei's sleeve garters and play with the band in his fingers. He wants—they should be naked already. He whines into the kiss, and Shen Wei has mercy and pulls back. He waits for Zhao Yunlan to regain his breath and speak, watching him with hungry eyes.

"We need to get naked, please," Zhao Yunlan urges. Shen Wei makes a sound of affirmation and leans back to sit up—Zhao Yunlan props himself up on his hands to follow suit. 

Shen Wei reaches a hand to push up the hem of his long-sleeved T-shirt, and gives Zhao Yunlan an inquisitive look. Zhao Yunlan lets him tug the shirt over his head and off, and eagerly reaches to try to return the favor when his arms are free. He fiddles with the arm garters for a second before giving up and asking how they work. Shen Wei chuckles and pinches the clasp to release them, and Zhao Yunlan is quick to slide them off and get started on the buttons of his shirt. Shen Wei shrugs out of the button-up and lets Zhao Yunlan frantically tug his undershirt over his head, even though the motion half-knocks his glasses off. Zhao Yunlan laughs at the sight and Shen Wei can't help but laugh as well—he takes the frames off and leans to set them on the bedside table before they can face any more danger. Zhao Yunlan grins at him when they're face to face again and reaches eagerly to tug off Shen Wei's belt.

"Come on, come on, I want to see you," he goads. Shen Wei lets him fiddle with the buckle of his belt as he reaches to pop the button on Zhao Yunlan's jeans. They both try and fail to wrestle out of their individual pants while staying in contact, the antics of it all making Zhao Yunlan laugh—Shen Wei grows uncharacteristically frustrated and ends up just waving a hand to whisk the remains of their clothes away with dark energy. Zhao Yunlan laughs again incredulously as he leans to lie back on the bed again. "You couldn't have done that earlier with all of our clothes?" he asks.

"I wasn't thinking about it at the time," Shen Wei responds, sounding distracted as his eyes trail down Zhao Yunlan's body. The flush on his cheeks grows deeper as he takes it all in. "It's… something I'll be sure to remember for future occasions."

Zhao Yunlan hums and, likewise, takes the opportunity to observe Shen Wei, who he finally has naked and in his bed, kneeling between his legs. He observes the muscle on his arms normally accentuated so well by those damn sleeve garters, looks at the lines of his defined chest and abdomen, which is decidedly not a six pack, but Zhao Yunlan knows that's not realistic anyway. (It's practical muscle. Shen Wei isn't a bodybuilder, he's just possibly the most powerful individual on the planet, a fact that still makes Zhao Yunlan giddy to acknowledge.) His eyes settle lower on the cut of his hips and the trail of neatly-trimmed hair leading down, and Zhao Yunlan licks his lips at the sight of Shen Wei's half-hard dick. He wants it in his mouth so bad.

"Fuck. Shen Wei, you're so incredible," he breathes. "I think this is the best sight I've ever had the pleasure of seeing," Zhao Yunlan can't help but say, reaching a hand to touch but pausing just before he contacts to look up at Shen Wei for approval.

Shen Wei is similarly in awe at the sight of Zhao Yunlan naked beneath him. Zhao Yunlan gets to watch as the blush travels down his neck at his words. "I feel the same for you. Zhao Yunlan, you are…" he trails off, seemingly at a loss for words. He notices Zhao Yunlan's hovering hand and look and nods briefly, making a quiet, shaky noise when Zhao Yunlan grabs his erection. Zhao Yunlan just holds it for a moment, gives it a squeeze, feels it harden and change under his grasp. 

He gives Shen Wei a lecherous grin, strokes him from the base to the tip. "Professor Shen, you're pretty big, you know," he comments, voice appraising. It's true, but he mostly just wants to see Shen Wei's reaction to the teasing.

Shen Wei looks to the side, flushes to the tips of his ears. "Zhao Yunlan. You don't need to… flatter."

"It's not flattery," Zhao Yunlan corrects, "You'll fill me up so well, baobei. I can't wait to feel it." 

Shen Wei blushes harder and gives him a pained look.

Zhao Yunlan snickers. "I'm embarrassing you with the dirty talk and the touch, huh? Alright, alright, I don't want to be cruel to my poor partner." He lets go of Shen Wei's dick and readjusts himself on the sheets. "Why don't you touch me, okay? Come on, I want it." 

Shen Wei jumps on the opportunity and runs his hands down Zhao Yunlan's sides, the semi-cool touch making Zhao Yunlan shiver. Shen Wei's hands trail over his torso and caress each mark and scar and mole on him reverently, eyes trained on every spot his hands pass by. Zhao Yunlan feels exposed under the intensity of Shen Wei's touch and gaze. He feels antsy and strange, filled up with some kind of emotion to the point that he feels like he's choking on it. He never understood 'butterflies in your stomach' until Shen Wei. It feels… somehow immature and aged more than he can imagine at the same time. 

He feels like he should be growing impatient at the snail's pace Shen Wei is taking down his body, but something about it makes him just feel hotter. When Shen Wei finally runs a hand down the coarse hair of his groin and passes over his dick, Zhao Yunlan makes a punched-out noise at the contact. Shen Wei's other hand joins to spread his front so he can get a better view, and Shen Wei rumbles low in his throat at the sight of it all in the open. Zhao Yunlan squirms on the sheets, and lifts a hand to grab at Shen Wei's arm.

"Your eyes could kill someone," Zhao Yunlan jokes, half-whining, "I feel like some kind of god you're worshipping. Or a piece of meat in a tiger cage." Really, the two statements should contradict each other, but somehow Shen Wei's look does encompass both.

Shen Wei seems to snap out of it, his eyes jumping to look at Zhao Yunlan apologetically. "Ah, I just…" he starts, but Zhao Yunlan leans up to kiss him.

"Shh. It's hot. You're so hot." Zhao Yunlan trails his hands up to stroke at Shen Wei's shoulders. "Can you, ah. Grab the lube from the bedside table? It should be in the drawer," he says, and tilts his head toward the table. Shen Wei reaches over, feels around in the drawer, and leans back over with a mostly empty bottle of lube in tow. Shen Wei looks at it inquisitively, and Zhao Yunlan snickers.

"If you were wondering, I've gone through a lot of that since we've met," he tells Shen Wei and wiggles his eyebrows. 

Shen Wei's ears tinge red again and he swallows visibly. He clicks open the bottle and cringes at how loud it is when he tries to get some on his fingers, the sound of the bottle absurd. Zhao Yunlan has to hold back from laughing again at how disturbed the noise seems to make his partner. Eventually, Shen Wei manages to get a decent amount on his hand, and he is quick to close the accursed bottle and place it out of the way. 

Shen Wei properly leans over him again and connects their mouths in a kiss as his wet hand lowers to stroke over Zhao Yunlan. Zhao Yunlan bucks into the touch and groans as Shen Wei pulls his dick between his fingers and tugs at it. The contact is amazing, but he feels too wound up to really fully enjoy it.

Zhao Yunlan twists his head to the side to break their kiss and groan in his ear. "Shen Wei, can you—fuck," he jerks hard and gasps as Shen Wei rubs his thumb back and forth over the sensitive tip of his cock. "Please put your fingers in, you have to fuck me, I'm going crazy," he whines out the words frantically, and hears Shen Wei's breath audibly stutter, feels the heat radiate off his cheeks.

"Ah-Lan," Shen Wei murmurs in return, voice low and reverent. He slides his fingers lower, rubs down over Zhao Yunlan's entrance. The man rocks his hips eagerly into the touch and takes Shen Wei's earlobe between his teeth, digs his fingers into Shen Wei's back. "Zhao Yunlan," he groans, and pushes a pair of fingers inside. They slide in smoothly to the hilt and Zhao Yunlan lets out a garbled moan. Shen Wei dips his head to mouth at Zhao Yunlan's neck as he curls and spreads his fingers, and Zhao Yunlan pushes down against him, cranes his head to the side and lifts a hand to grasp Shen Wei's hair and hold him close. 

Shen Wei rumbles pleasantly against his throat at the hand in his hair. He sucks the skin there until it bruises, thrusts his fingers in and out leisurely and strokes purposefully against the front wall, dragging along Zhao Yunlan's sweet spot. Zhao Yunlan feels his legs shake with the direct stimulation and he can't stop the sounds pouring out of him, but it all seems to fuel Shen Wei further, make him work harder. Zhao Yunlan tugs at his hair, and barely manages to gasp out a sentence.

"I'm ready, ah, please, you can fuck me now, Xiao Wei!"

Shen Wei slows his fingers slightly and pulls his face away from Zhao Yunlan's neck to look him in the eyes. Zhao Yunlan feels his heart surge from the picture he makes: eyes heavy, mouth reddened and slick with spit, blush high and bright on his cheeks. He's sure he's also pretty debauched in looks, with how Shen Wei's eyes roam his face hungrily. Zhao Yunlan gets so absorbed in the sight and continued sensations he almost misses that Shen Wei has started saying something.

"...Yunlan." Shen Wei's voice comes low in his throat, deepened by desire. "I want… Can I bring you to orgasm first?" he asks. He gives Zhao Yunlan a pleading look, and adds (as if Zhao Yunlan was going to refuse!) a low, "Please."

Zhao Yunlan clenches hard around the fingers inside him. He didn't expect that hearing Shen Wei actually voice his desire would make him so hot. A blush blooms on his face and has to resist the urge to throw his arm over it to hide it. 

"Aiyo. Shen Wei," he wheezes, feeling breathless. "I… Yes. Shit, yes. Who would I be to refuse?" he says, his voice breaking into a whine. "You can—put another finger in, or—ah!" Shen Wei follows his direction and pushes a third finger in alongside the pair, and Zhao Yunlan groans at the stretch. He feels himself waver and feels his climax begin to rise, and groans, "Please, grab my dick, please."

He continues pleading as Shen Wei complies and squeezes him between the fingers of his other hand, watches him with intense eyes, furrows his brow in concentration. Zhao Yunlan doesn't have the mind nor time at the moment to comment how cute his partner is, focusing on him so hard, but the thought of bringing it up later is driven completely away—Shen Wei curls his fingers up deliberately into his sweet spot and squeezes the head of his cock between his thumb and finger hard, and Zhao Yunlan shouts as he falls apart.

He's twitching hard with the waves of it when he notices Shen Wei has completely stopped his movements, and he whines. "Don't stop, you don't have to stop, oh my god, Shen Wei," he slurs, and manages to open his eyes to look at him. Shen Wei is staring at him in awe and hunger and satisfaction, breathing heavily. Zhao Yunlan has to look away from his gaze to spare his sanity, his eyes falling to look at Shen Wei's erection. He surges with a wave of want upon seeing it—Shen Wei is dripping onto the sheets below, hard as a rock. Seeing Zhao Yunlan come made Shen Wei like that, and the knowledge drives him crazy. It's incredible. 

Zhao Yunlan wants desperately, wants to taste him, wants to feel his cock in his throat, but right now more than all of that he wants Shen Wei to—"Fuck me. You're so hot, please, Xiao Wei!" His voice is unsteady, shaky and breathy and interspersed with a groan. He clenches himself hard around Shen Wei's fingers sitting still inside him, tries hooking a leg behind Shen Wei's back to tug him closer. 

Shen Wei's fingers pull out of him and Zhao Yunlan jerks and moans at the sudden emptiness, feeling bereft. He feels himself clench down around nothing as he watches Shen Wei slick his own erection with the hand that was just fingering him, his touch quick and efficient, enough to lubricate but nothing more. When the head of Shen Wei's dick finally, blessedly pushes up against his entrance, Zhao Yunlan tugs him with his hooked leg to try and make him go in already, but Shen Wei stays put. Zhao Yunlan meets Shen Wei's eyes and receives a heavy look, asking for approval. 

He groans loudly. "Aiyo, don't tease me, I can't take it! I'm so ready, Shen Wei, you don't have to keep checking—" Shen Wei starts pushing in slowly at his reassurance, and Zhao Yunlan breaks off into a gasp. "Go faster, you can go faster," he pleads, desperately wanting to feel Shen Wei in him fully.

Shen Wei looks slightly strained as he responds. "I don't want to hurt you by going too fast, you said I was 'pretty big'." 

Zhao Yunlan barks out a half-laugh. "Shen Wei, you just fucked me with three of your fingers, I can take it," he tells him, deciding not to voice how the stretch is, in fact, making him ache just how he likes already, only halfway in. "I want all of you inside, baobei, please," he pleads, and tugs Shen Wei with his leg again.

Rather than resisting like before, Shen Wei allows himself to be urged forward faster until he fully hilts inside. They groan simultaneously. Zhao Yunlan can't help but clench down around him, just to revel in being so perfectly full—Shen Wei moans and drops his head to rest on Zhao Yunlan's shoulder at the sensation, works his hands where they're grasping his hips. Zhao Yunlan throws his arm over Shen Wei's back and threads his fingers through his hair, letting him adapt to the sensations after so long not being touched.

"Shen Wei…" Zhao Yunlan mutters, breath ghosting over his ear. Shen Wei tucks his face into the crook of his neck, drags his teeth against the skin there. "You feel so good inside me, baobei," he tells him, and rocks his hips, shivers at the way Shen Wei's grip tightens and his throat rumbles against Zhao Yunlan's skin. "Fuck me, please."

Shen Wei kisses his neck and starts moving, slow at first, just small slides, only letting an inch leave at a time. Zhao Yunlan pushes back against him whenever he hilts to try and encourage him along, feeling impatient—Shen Wei really is filling him so good, pressing up against his walls so nice, but he wants the push and pull, wants to feel Shen Wei spearing him deep. He tugs at Shen Wei's hair, pulls him with the leg around his back until Shen Wei gets the message and speeds up some. Eventually the pace gets to a decent place, and Zhao Yunlan lets the thrusts rock his body on the sheets. 

"You can—go faster," he pants in Shen Wei's ear, desperately. Zhao Yunlan wracks his brain for a moment for something to try to get Shen Wei to snap. "I want to come around you, please, I need more," he pleads after a minute, rocking desperately into the thrusts, and Shen Wei lets out a strangled groan, grips his hips tight. 

Shen Wei holds him still with his hands, fingers digging into his skin just enough to cause points of pain, a sign of the barely-controlled power under his skin that makes Zhao Yunlan feel like he's burning up. Shen Wei thrusts into him harder and sucks a mark into the crook of his neck, lets his teeth tease the edges of the fresh bruise as his dick brushes hard against Zhao Yunlan's sweet spot. Zhao Yunlan lets the moans get punched out of him, drags his nails across Shen Wei's shoulder in long lines.

"You're so good, Shen Wei," he groans approval into his ear, feels him hum in response and kiss his neck. The head of Shen Wei's cock hits his sweet spot hard on the next thrust in and Zhao Yunlan whines and clenches around him. "Can you, ah—" he breaks off into another moan as Shen Wei sucks another bruise into his throat. Shen Wei predicts his question and lifts a hand to tug at his dick, much to Zhao Yunlan's relief, and he rubs directly on the head. Zhao Yunlan's entire body trembles hard at the intense stimulation. Shen Wei pulls his head away from his neck to watch Zhao Yunlan with lidded eyes.

"Zhao Yunlan," Shen Wei groans out, voice desperate. Zhao Yunlan has to fight to keep his eyes from closing, body wracked with pleasure, so close to the edge. Shen Wei's eyes are so—so heavy, so burning and full of emotion and intense and it's for him, and then Shen Wei's perfect voice is there again and—"Zhao Yunlan, I love you," Shen Wei tells him. The words hit Zhao Yunlan and he feels delirious. The only sound he can manage is a whimper as he orgasms with all the grace of a person being shoved off a monstrously high cliff.

He can distantly acknowledge, through the earth-shattering waves of it all, that Shen Wei comes shortly after he does. If he had the mind for it, Zhao Yunlan would bemoan the fact that he doesn't get to see his face when it happens, that he can barely even sparse the feeling of Shen Wei coming inside him like he had been so excited for. He feels exhausted, wrung dry, out of it. Shen Wei pulls out of him soon after and Zhao Yunlan makes a noise at the loss. He buries his head in the pillow underneath him and tries desperately to gather his thoughts as Shen Wei frantically checks him over for injury, heals any spots that are starting to bruise. He would protest that too, but he guesses that's his fault for telling Shen Wei that he could heal any visible marks during their discussion. He'll have to try and come to a better agreement on that later...


"Zhao Yunlan. Zhao Yunlan!" Shen Wei's worried voice calls for him, and he feels a hand grasping his shoulder. Zhao Yunlan lifts his own hand to pat Shen Wei's, in an attempt to calm him down.

"Shen Wei," he warbles in response, "I think you broke me." He weakly laughs.

"Did I hurt you? I—I healed the bruises, should I—" Shen Wei sounds frantic, and Zhao Yunlan cuts him off to save him from having a panic attack.

"No, no, you didn't hurt me," he reassures. His head is still reeling. "Shen Wei. Fuck." Zhao Yunlan can feel the waves of worry still radiating off of him. "Did you mean it?" He asks, and finally manages to open his eyes and look at Shen Wei again.

Shen Wei looks confused, and still worried. "What?" he asks.

Zhao Yunlan swallows. "What you said before—before I came. Did you mean it?" 

Shen Wei's eyes study him. "Of course," he says, his voice low and full of conviction.

Zhao Yunlan studies his face for a moment, then throws his arm over his face and breaks into hysterical laughter. Shen Wei, gratefully, does not comment or intervene. Zhao Yunlan calms down after a minute, and only belatedly realizes how that must look to Shen Wei. He throws his arm off his face and tugs Shen Wei close as soon as he sees his hurt look, pulls him down to the sheets so he can cuddle up to him and press kisses onto his face.

"I'm sorry. I'm not—the laughter is—fuck," he curses, and Shen Wei gives him a wildly confused look. "I'm not laughing at your confession. I just—" he pauses to take a deep breath. "In Haixing that's not really, ah, good etiquette. It caught me off guard," Zhao Yunlan explains.

"...Ah," Shen Wei responds. He looks majorly embarrassed, and Zhao Yunlan hates it.

"It's not a bad thing!" Zhao Yunlan rushes to add. His hands raise to clutch at Shen Wei's. "Shen Wei, I—" his voice falls off, and he pauses with the revelation that he—that he really… "Shen Wei, I love you too," he breathes, feeling rather like his world has been turned upside down. Love. He never thought he'd see the day... Shen Wei looks at him with teary eyes and surges forward to kiss him, languorous and saccharine sweet.

Zhao Yunlan has to pull back after a moment, startled into laughter once again. "Sorry, sorry. Shen Wei, fuck, you really almost killed me with that," he teases, making sure Shen Wei knows he's not serious by smiling stupidly. The way Shen Wei stares at him, full of—love, he supposes that emotion in Shen Wei's eyes that he's been seeing is love, huh?—and gives him a small, genuine smile back, makes Zhao Yunlan's heart melt. 

"I'm sorry," Shen Wei says and leans to resume the kiss, seemingly not wanting to part for any longer than necessary. Zhao Yunlan absently notices he didn't really sound sorry, the liar.

"Don't apologize if you don't mean it," Zhao Yunlan gripes, muffled by their joined lips, and Shen Wei just hums and kisses him again. He lets Shen Wei kiss him leisurely for a couple of minutes, until something occurs to him. He pulls back slightly, and Shen Wei chases him to press kisses to his jaw. "Ah, baobei, just so you know. Earlier, I wasn't just egging you on, really, you can keep going right after I come," he says. He feels like it's important Shen Wei knows that, keeping with their open discussion from earlier. Shen Wei just hums in acknowledgement. "I can come a couple of times in a row if you keep going," he adds, just to explain his point a little better, and Shen Wei freezes against him. He pulls back to look at Zhao Yunlan. His eyes are wide.

"...We need to shower," Shen Wei tells him. There's an undercurrent to his words, and Zhao Yunlan can feel—

"Aiyo, you can't seriously be getting hard again?" he asks incredulously. He glances down, and yep, that's definitely Shen Wei's hardening dick pushing up against his thigh. He feels slightly dizzy at the sight of it. Do Dixingren not have any refractory period? "Shen Wei, you really can't want to test that now, I just had a whole emotional revelation and you already made me come my brains out!" He protests weakly.

"Please?" Shen Wei asks him. "I want to make up for lost time." His eyes are wild. Zhao Yunlan groans.

"You're gonna kill me. And I thought I would be the insufferably horny one!" he exclaims.

"We can both be," Shen Wei suggests, and slides a hand down his back.

"You admit it so easily! Shen Wei!" Zhao Yunlan squawks and slaps a hand on his chest. Did Zhao Yunlan rub off his shamelessness on him, or has Shen Wei been keeping this locked down the whole time? Despite his half-hearted protests, Zhao Yunlan can feel himself heating up again at just how eager his boyfriend is. Shen Wei's hand caresses down over his ass, and Zhao Yunlan caves. "...Alright. But I get to suck your dick in the shower," he proposes.

Shen Wei picks him up and starts walking to the bathroom in lieu of a response.

Zhao Yunlan's laughter rings through the apartment.