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Tie In

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"What. The hell. Is that."

Mike looked down, twisting so he could see his backside in the closet's full length mirror (of course Harvey has a walk-in closet with a full length mirror.)

"No, no. This." Harvey tugs on the yellow paisley tie Mike had just finished knotting.

"This? This was a present."

"A present," Harvey repeats. "A present. It's hideous. No. You are not wearing this. Never, never wear this tie in my presence again. I should have this burned," he continues, undoing the Windsor in harsh jerks.

"According to Harvey's Rules of Clothing Etiquette?" Mike knows smarm is dangerous with Harvey. He tends to find it arousing. And- Yep, there's the look.

"'Harvey's Rules of Clothing Etiquette'? You think you're pretty smart, don't you?"

Mike grins, "Hey, I wasn't the one who hired a college drop-out as a lawyer."

Harvey lets loose a sound which might normally be considered a growl and hauls him in by the ends of the tie. The kiss is lewd, dirty, filthy, completely inappropriate, full of tongue and teeth and filthy moans. Harvey pulls back with one last lick over Mike's bottom lip and grins when he gets a whimper. Mike's legs go out from under him at this point, but that's fine.

Harvey's already got him pinned against a set of drawers and moaning by then.