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Family Meeting

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It was this time of the year again. The birthday month. In your family there was one month, that both your grandpa and grandma and your mother had their birthday. You sighed as you woke up that day, your grandmother’s birthday. This one was the worst of all birthdays. You loved your grandmother very, very much, but her birthday was the worst meeting ever. Since the posh side of your family would be there too. As you scrolled through your Tumblr your phone buzzed with your favourite text message of the day. Every morning, a standard message of your boyfriend John Watson. You smiled lazily as you read the message.

‘Good morning beautiful. What time was it again? X John’

Yes, finally. John would be going with you to the party, finally introducing the mysterious boy your family had nagged you about for months. Of course, your parents had already seen him many times. But today was the day he would meet the rest of your family in person.

‘We’re picking you up around 12-ish, are you sure you want to do this? Xx (y/n)’

You sat up straight, legs thrown over the edge of your bed. Rubbing the sleep out of our eyes you picked up your phone again.

‘Of course, I won’t let you do this alone darling. X John’

You smiled at the message, feeling all happy and warm. He made you feel that, he was perfect. With all his super cute jumpers, and his manners. He treated you like a real lady, although he was just 17. You were 16 and he was your first serious boyfriend. You two have been together for 5 months now and everything was good. Alright, you bickered sometimes, even had serious arguments. But, it would always be back to normal, neither of you could stand being angry with each other for a long time.

‘See you soon love, xx (y/n)’

Standing up straight you turned to your wardrobe. Your usual clothing was mostly a bit masculine, loose-fitting jeans, t-shirts and blouses. You always had a snapback on and your already short hair tugged away.

Today, you had to go to your posh grandmother. That would mean you had to wear a dress, make-up and no snapbacks. You sighed softly as you dug the only dress you owned out of your wardrobe, along with some stockings and underwear. You sighed deeply, again, before plopping back down on your bed. The underwear was on quickly, struggling with the pantyhose before you shrugged on your dress. This was the first time John would see you in this sort of attire and you couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. You stroke the fabric of your knee-length, flowy, (f/c) dress as you looked into the mirror. Your hair was still a mess, the way you normally would rock it. But now you stepped into the bathroom, splashing some cool water in your face, before brushing your teeth. Some light make-up was applied to your face and you combed your hair in a neat style. Fixing the flyways with some hairspray you walked back into your room grabbing a bag and stuffed some spare clothes in it. Sometimes, you couldn’t take it anymore and changed back in your normal clothes. You would be frowned upon, but you didn’t care about it at that point. You took your short heels in your hand and slung your bag over your shoulder before walking downstairs.

“Good morning, (y/n)” your mother greeted you, settling a plate of breakfast in front of you. “Thank you.” you simply said and dug into your toast and eggs. Your father walked in and kissed the top of your head, “Good morning dear.” You smiled up at him. “Good morning dad.” He was the only one that understood you, he was awesome. Too bad he couldn’t do anything about the party and the posh-ness of your grandmother. He split his paper, handing you the entertainment section before going back to his own reading. You fiddled with the necklace John gave you, a habit of you when you were nervous, and scooped the last bit of eggs. “Honey, (y/n)! Go put your shoes on, we have to go!” you sighed deeply, slipping your phone into your pocket. You would only wear a dress if it had pockets, and luckily your mom approved of that.

You stepped into your heels, and your father looked at you. “You look stunning darling. Johnny is going to faint.” He said, winking at the end. You giggled softly and a soft blush appeared on your face. You shrugged on your coat, not really needing one since it was halfway may, but you did it anyway. “You got everything (n/n)?” your father asked and you nodded hoisting your bag around your shoulder. “Alright, let’s go pick up John.” You nodded and walked over to the car. You slipped onto the backseat, quickly sending a message out to John.
‘We’re leaving now, we’ll be there in 10 minutes. Xx (y/n).’
You looked out of the window, but were quickly pulled back to your phone as you got a new message.
‘Alright love. Love you, x John’
You sighed contently and smiled softly. You quickly pulled up to John’s house and you got out of the car. Softly cursing the dress as you made your way over to the door. John had already see the car stop outside and was quickly to pull open the door, flowers in his hand as a present for your grandmother. “Hey, (y/n).” he trailed off seeing you in your dress. “Wow.” He said, giving you a once over before settling on your eyes. “You look beautiful.” You smiled softly and looked towards the ground. John smiled and took a step towards you, pulling the door shut. “Hey.” He cupped your cheek and you looked up at him. He smiled softly at you before pressing a kiss to your lips. “You look perfect, you always do.” He stroke some hair out of your eye and kissed you once more. You kissed back before pulling back and leading him towards the car. “Are you sure?” you asked once more and he opened the door for you. “Absolutely positive.” You smiled at him and watched him walking over to his side. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. (l/n).” Your mother smiled at him. “Hello John.” Your father looked at him in the rear view mirror, “John, I’ve told you many times, call me Thomas. And good day to you too.” John smiled and nodded before he slipped his hand into yours. You turned towards him and looked at him. He was wearing his fancy jeans, polished his normally muddy shoes from rugby practice, he wore a blouse with a dark blue jumper on top and combed his hair neatly. “You look handsome.” You spoke up, smirking goofily.

“Thank you love.” A faint blush appeared on his cheeks and you rubbed his hand softly. “You look very pretty too. You always do, though.” You blushed more and your father shot you a knowing glance via the mirror. You quirked an eyebrow at him and he chuckled softly. John traced circles on your hand and the world passed by. Suddenly, you pulled up at your grandmother’s house. You opened your eyes and stared right into the dark blue ones of John. He smiled and kissed your forehead. “Ready?” he asked you and you sighed deeply. “Can we just, stay here?” he chuckled softly. “Come on, we’ll get you through this.” You gave him a soft kiss on his lips and slipped out of the car.
He carried your bag and the flowers before you took his hand again, fiddling with his fingers. You walked towards the door, behind your mom and dad. The door swung open and your grandmother smiled. “Hello dear!” she said kissing the cheeks of both of your parents and ushered them inside. “Hello, (y/n), who is this?” you took a deep breath, “This is John Watson, my boyfriend.” you blushed vigorously and your grandma gave him a once over. John cleared his throat, “Ma’am, these are for you.” he said handing over the flowers. “It’s nice to finally meet you.” his now free hand extended and she took it. “Nice to meet you too boy. Now come in, come in!” John nodded and let you in first before following you.

He sat your bag down in the hallway, as you shrugged of your coat. He did the same and slipped his hand back in yours as support. “I love you.” he whispered, and he took a step closer to you. “I love you too.” He gave you a peck on the lips and you sighed against him. “Come on, you can do this.” You nodded and turned towards the door of the living room. You pushed the door open and every pair of eyes landed on you. Gulping slightly you cleared your throat. “Hello everybody.” You said awkwardly and turned to greet all your uncles and aunts. You didn’t know many of them, but greeted them all the same. Your two older nephews, Roland and Michael were already seated on the couch acting like they were the boss of everything. You were the youngest, always lived in the shadow of your nephews. John awkwardly followed you and greeted the people too. Your favourite aunt, spoke up, “And who is this, (y/n)?” You turned towards her and smiled. “This is my boyfriend John.” She smiled brightly, kissing the cheeks of both you and John. “Nice to meet you John.” You blushed slightly and John tucked you against him.

Your grandfather, with whom you had a strong bond, appeared from the kitchen and smiled up at you. “Hello, (n/n)” he smiled and hugged you. “Hello grandpa, I would like you to meet someone.” His eyes widened slightly as you gently pulled him towards the living room, “This is John, my boyfriend.” John smiled and shook your grandpa’s hand. “Nice to meet you sir, your granddaughter has told me a lot about you.” you grandfather laughed warmly. “Only good things I hope?” John nodded and you stood next to him again. “Would you two kids like some cake?” you both nodded as you made your way towards the love seat in the living room.

John sat down beside you, stroking your hand. “Everything will be alright dear.” You sighed and turned more towards him, “You’ll see.” You whispered as your grandfather set down your slices of cakes. You both thanked him before your posh uncle turned towards you. “So, (y/n), how’s school?” you cleared your throat and looked up at him. “Very good, at some subjects I still struggle, but it’s good.” He nodded and your nephew Michael spoke up, “Well, I have exams next week.” A triumph smile took place on his face, as Roland spoke up too, “Yes, and I’m going to the University next year.” You sighed and leaned back into the couch, John shooting you a worried glance. Being the outcast of the family sucked.