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Romantic Soul

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The little bedside lamp, standing on the desk, was the only source of dim light in the room. The clock ticked loudly, indicating that it would be midnight in fifteen minutes.

Despite this, the figure lying on the bed didn’t seem to pay attention to such inconveniences as ungodly late hour or lightning, that could ruin the eyesight. Hikaru, with a clear passion, read a thick and heavily crumpled book with a dark cover. Each line of the text, each word leading her deep into the plot, was turning the girl’s face red in the shade of a juicy tomato.

She was just finishing the second volume of a popular fantasy saga. She adored novels like this. She loved books that, apart from the normal plot, contained a romantic theme of forbidden love. Love that, it would seem, will overcome everything. Thanks to her stay in Cephiro, she knew exactly what it is. She felt the hard way, how desperate people can be, when they’re not allowed to be with their loved one. Unfortunately, in the case of Princess Emeraude, this story hadn’t had a chance to end happily…

Hikaru sighed. She had noticed a certain annoying habit in herself long ago. Actually, it was a reflex. She would never admit it to anyone, even Umi and Fuu didn’t know about it. Namely, every time she read a book about love, she automatically identified herself with the main character. Even if they were completely different in personality and way of thinking. In turn, the man with whom the heroine was in love… Yes, her imagination was persistently substituting Lantis for him. Regardless of whether the feeling from the novel was mutual or not. In her mind, Hikaru always saw an almost perfect version of herself at the side of a tall and well-built brunet. Sometimes this image looked a bit different. It happened that her beloved had white hair, instead of black. Most often, it was about stories of tragic love triangles, when a desperate woman can’t decide: who does she love more? Hikaru sighed a second time. Were Lantis and Eagle really the objects of such ardent feelings on her part?

Umi and Fuu looked at each other with mild consternation. Their friend persistently wasn’t answering the phone, apparently forgetting that they had an appointment at eight in the morning. Usually they walked the same part of the road to schools together, splitting up at the one of the busiest intersections in the city. Concerned, they decided to come to her home to fetch her, instead of uselessly standing and waiting.

“I don’t get it! I completely don’t understand how anybody can oversleep for school because of that literary piece of trash!” Umi said angrily, looking at the peacefully sleeping Hikaru, who was leaning on her night reading. “Why does she always have to choose such strange books? The worst part is that she is most often absorbed by the most commercial titles!”

Fuu thought for a moment.

“I believe that Hikaru has one trait that is not given to us. She sees the good points in literally everything, sometimes she doesn’t notice the flaws at all. It’s the same with reading. She can find valuable content even in a literary piece of trash, what was a nice way to put it from you. Even in the classic examples of Mary Suism, in which characters act in not very logical ways.

Umi and Fuu didn’t suspect that this was one side of the coin. If they knew, what a romantic soul their friend had…