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Chapter 1: Prologue


I tried to suppress my laughter as I watched an old video of me and Nathan a few months back. Nathan just created a Youtube account so I decided to give his videos a few hits. Not like they wouldn't get a lot more.

"I just don't wanna!" I yelled in the video, insisting I wasn't going to sing in front of Nathan. Stupid Nathan. I wasn't going to embarrass myself; I was pitchy in the studio just the other day. In front of 20 people, I said.

I knew Nathan would concede defeat sooner or later. The camera rocked unsteadily, I didn't realise I had such bad cameraman-ship, this was so unlike Freddie. The nerdy tech-boy was so far from how Nathan actually was, but when he got in front of the camera it fit perfectly, like 2nd nature to him.

I smiled so wide my face hurt. I did look pathetic with that 'actor face', my eyes were as large as they could go and I pulled my bottom lip down at the sides, staring desperately at the video-cam. Nathan's laughter erupted in the background.

"That's her actor face! How could you not love-" the video froze. Love? I shook the thought out of my head. It was probably in a sister-brother way. I rewinded the video a little, allowing it to load once more.

How could you not love that face?" Nathan asked, with a smirk on his face. The same smirk all those fan fiction writers always included in their stories. The same smirk Nathan does in front of Madisen when he wants to get his way. The same smirk I had a strong attraction towards...

Yes. It's true. I do like Nathan.