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Short Circuit

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Kakashi slouched his way out of bed and into the kitchen, feeling thirsty.

He was still pouring water from the jug into his glass when a certain blond appeared right in front of his face, leant over and started drinking it all up.

Kakashi paused. Naruto raised his eyebrows and grinned at him around the glass still at his lips.

He upended the entire jug over Naruto's head.


The outraged spluttering which ensued was... quite satisfying.


Kakashi started heading back into the bedroom at a leisurely pace, but curiosity made him turn around to look at Naruto after only five steps.

A fatal error.

...There were some things that were never meant to be experienced at point-blank range, his brain decided right before it short-circuited:

Naruto with his shirt off, dripping wet, shaking the water out of his hair.

Kakashi crashed into the refrigerator.