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build me up or tear me down

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don't wander deep into the forest, ancient gods are dwelling there, the villagers said. a warning for all the curious children who wanted to explore every corner and every cranny of the unknown world. 

but as the old idiom goes, curiosity killed the cat. and hendery was always a very curious and rather nosy child, maybe even a little bit odd. no matter how many times the elders warned him, or even scolded him, he was never afraid of the forest. 

even the idiom has its second, less-known part which reads as follows, but satisfaction brought it back. hendery might not be afraid of the forest as the others were, but he respected the beings that inhabited the vast woods surrounding his village. 

walking deeper and deeper into the forest, the small village disappeared among the trees behind him some time ago, leaving him alone with only the tranquil nature. it was mostly quiet. with the winter slowly approaching, he felt the cold air against his bare skin, the falling leaves gradually losing their colour, fading into shades of brown. as he followed the path leading him further into the forest, the pathways were getting less and less visible, only flatten earth or a broken branch gave it away. for somebody else, who did not know the forest so well, the path would be invisible. but hendery knew these woods better than the back of his own hand, knew every little turn and even the smallest hill, every clearing and glade. 

bit by bit, the forest started to change around him, getting back its colour. the deeper he walked, the more the forest was overgrowing, trees crooked, their branches hanging low, bushes covering the ground. all around him the ivy was climbing up the trees, connecting the branches, making the forest almost impassable. a breeze picked up, playing with the ivy and branches, creating an unsettling creaky sound that was coming from all sides. 

hendery carefully followed the path, letting the forest guide him. one step outside of the safe trail and hendery would be lost in the vast forest forever as many before him, wandering around without a way out. he trusted the forest with his life.

as if out of nowhere, the crooked branches parted, revealing a breathtaking, and a bit unsettling view, that sent shivers down his spine no matter how many times he saw it. 

in front of him was an old complex of buildings that towered high above the treetops. spacious courtyards with wells in the middle, lined with ornamented arcades and decorated with statues of every size and shape. round turrets with battlements and narrow windows. countless balconies and terraces on every floor, all connected with a system of staircases that were intertwined like an infinite maze, impossible to follow. 

many years ago, centuries even, when the place was full of life, it had to be breathtaking, a place that others could not match. now, it was abandoned, the only living person walking through the corridors was hendery. the majestic human creation was slowly but surely losing its battle with wild nature. the walls were collapsing, stones were blocking the corridors. the resilient ivy curling around every column and statue, its green leaves covering them whole like a blanket. in the middle of one of many arbours, he could see a statue of a man, an archer ready to launch his arrow, his head laying under the staircase that led to the arbour. a beautiful and detailed statue of a nymph guarding a small pond that was almost completely hidden by an old willow, her long dresses carved in stone looking like they were swaying in the wind, holding a pitcher with one hand, the other missing, lost forever.

hendery walked inside the complex, his steps confident, never hesitating, the boy being able to navigate in the labyrinth even with his eyes closed. 

walking through courtyards, he avoided the falling rubble and climbed many staircases. he entered the ruined temple that was right in the heart of the complex, his breath hitching in his throat as always when he finally reached his destination. the temple was an enormous, spacious chamber with a high ceiling with only stone beams remaining, letting the sun rays through. the whole room was empty except for the elevated platform that was on the other end of the chamber than the door hendery came in. right in the middle of the platform was a massive stone table, an old altar, covered in a velvet sheet that pooled around it on the floor, with pillows haphazardly thrown atop, creating a makeshift bed. 

taking a deep breath, hendery walked across the room and stepped onto the platform. he slowly untied his cloak, letting the fabric fall on the floor, the piece of clothing soon followed by his trousers and tunic. 

fully undressed, he climbed on the altar and sat on his knees right in the middle. he could feel the breeze grazing his exposed skin, goosebumps travelling all across his body. hands clasped behind his back, head hung low. 

and then all that was left was waiting. waiting for him

he had no idea how long he stayed in that position, as the time ran differently there, losing its meaning. his knees were burning, the velvet cover not thick enough to pad the uncomfortable stone underneath. suddenly, he heard footsteps, the sound of bare feet hitting the cold stone echoing through the spacious dome. something changed in the air, the reality trying to adjust to the presence of an ancient god. he could feel his whole body tense in anticipation, his heartbeat getting quicker as the steps were getting closer.

he could sense the presence of another person right behind him. and then, a single finger tracing a line along his spine, the sharp nail leaving an angry mark. from his neck, all the way down, over his lower back and between his asscheeks, grazing over the top of the wooden toy that was hidden there. the added pressure against his walls made the boy gasp. before he went to the forest that day, hendery slowly opened himself up with fingers covered in oil, stretching himself enough to push the toy inside. enough to fit the toy, but never enough to make him come, leaving him on edge, breathless and desperate for release. ready for the god to use his body as he pleased.

"you're late," he said, his voice deep, emotionless. just hearing the voice made hendery’s dick twitch between his legs, his body reacting on its own will. but he said nothing, knowing it was not his place to speak up.

without warning, two hands grabbed his thighs from behind, pushing his legs further apart. due to the abrupt movement, he lost his balance, falling forward, hands still tightly clasped behind his back, his face hitting the soft pillows. he didn't try to move his hands, he wasn't allowed to. 

there were simple rules the god wanted him to follow. he wasn't allowed to move, to speak up, and most importantly, to turn around. only once did hendery try to disobey. he tried to see the god in his true form, turning around while the god was seated deep inside of him. seeing his form only in the corner of his eyes, overwhelmed just by the mere glimpse, he lost his consciousness, the human brain not powerful enough to see the god. he woke up alone, fully dressed, the god nowhere to be found. he was exhausted, his body aching but he walked around the complex for hours, calling for the god, begging for forgiveness, without any answer. for what felt like an eternity, he prayed to the god every night, fucking himself with the wooden toy the god gave him, bringing himself to the edge but unable to fall over, his body screaming for release that never came. when the god finally showed himself to him again, he swore to never disobey him again. he learned his lesson.

with his head pushed down onto the pillows, back arching like a bow and ass propped up high, the god had the perfect view of his hole that was stretched around the wooden toy. there was a soft blow of air against his hole and then the god pressed his tongue between the toy and hendery’s rim, pushing inside of him. hendery whimpered, biting his lower lip, tasting the blood on his tongue. his body was aching, all of his muscles on fire, knees bruised from the strain. his hard dick pressed against his belly, leaking precum into the velvet sheets, staining it. the blood was pulsing in his throbbing dick, the thrilling pain making his mind dizzy.

with one quick motion, the god pulled the toy out and entered him, pushing all the way in, their bodies pressed together, skin to skin. hendery cried out, not able to keep his mouth shut, the stretch too much, the pain in his lower body clouding his senses. the god didn’t give him any time to adjust, thrusting into him right away. he just laid there, letting the god do whatever he wanted with him, using his body for his own pleasure. shaking from the overstimulation, his breathing erratic.

a strong hand curled around his body, palm pressed over his lower belly, brushing against the head of his cock, the fleeting touch making hendery shudder. the god lifted his body a bit as if he was a lifeless doll, thrusting into him in a new angle, hitting the bundle of nerves deep inside of him over and over again, coaxing a loud cry out of him. un uncontrollable sob escaped him, hot tears rolling down his face, grazing his lips, the salty taste lingering.

only a muffled groan coming from behind him warned him that the god was close. even with his face buried in the pillows and with his eyes closed, he could still see the bright light that suddenly filled the room, burning through his eyelids, blinding him. when the light became almost unbearable, he felt a hot cum filling him up, the sensation throwing him over the edge, his release soiling the covers beneath him. his knees finally gave up and he collapsed onto the pillows. he felt exhausted, letting the darkness embrace him whole. 

he felt his senses coming back to him. he just laid there, letting his aching body relax, breathing slowly.

careful not to startle him, a hand was put on each of his knees, pushing his legs up a bit and spreading them wider. the sudden movement making some of the god's release spill from his hole, slowly dripping down and onto the fabric beneath him, the unpleasant feeling making hendery whine. 

he slowly opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling, seeing the grey sky through the gaps between the beams, blinking a few times, the room almost too light for him. he pushed himself up on his elbow's to be able to look down properly, his heart skipping a beat. 

a boy was sitting between his legs, looking at him as if he was the most precious jewel. hendery reached out his hands, making grabby hands towards the boy, pouting. dejun just rolled his eyes at him fondly, a gentle smile adorning his face but climbed up a little so he was hovering above hendery, kissing his forehead, his hand caressing hendery’s face, the brush of his thumb almost feather-like. 

where the god was rough and cold, dejun was anything but. he was gentle, patient and always mindful, taking care of hendery as if he was a porcelain doll. and compared to him, an ancient being, hendery as a mere human was fragile. even in his human form, the god chose for himself, there was something otherworldly about him, hinting that he was not a human. 

just like hendery, he was fully naked, but his skin was unnaturally pale without any blemishes. it seemed like some of the light that was illuminating the chamber just a moment ago remained, trapped inside of his body, making him shimmer in the dim light. in contrast to that, hendery’s tanned and bruised skin with callouses and imperfections from all of the years he spent working outside. and if the glistening skin didn't give him away, his other features definitely would. he had long silky locks, glowing like the moonlight, framing his face and falling over his shoulder in waves. his fox-like eyes overseeing everything, bright with wisdom that only god can have, but also with a childish ave and mischief. 

hendery just stared at him, still not fully awake. like the curious cat that got all the cream, fully satisfied.

he groaned when without a warning the wooden toy was being pushed back in, filling him and plugging the rest of the god's cum inside of him. the knowledge of having the god's cum pushed back even deeper made his head spin. some days after he got back home, he slowly fucked himself with the toy, using the remaining cum as an oil, coming with the toy buried deep inside of him, mixing their cum together. but sometimes they had sex again, him and dejun. the other boy cleaning him with the uttermost care, tongue lapping over his still oversensitive hole, eating him out till there was nothing left. dejun always took his time, taking him apart, gently, unhurriedly. holding him in his embrace, never letting go.

on rare occasions, moments that hendery cherished the most, it was hendery who stretched the other boy open with his fingers, fucking into him, claiming his body as his. there was something intoxicating about seeing the boy, the ancient god, laying spread in front of him, letting him take control. hendery knew that it was all just an illusion. that he was never truly the one in control, but he didn't mind a bit, taking everything the other boy had to offer.

“how are you, my love,” dejun asked, bringing hendery back to reality, leaning his head against one of hendery’s thighs, kissing the soft skin there. 

“uh-huh… sore. and hungry,” hendery mumbled, his voice raspy. 

“you’re always hungry,” dejun chuckled as he leaned closer, leaving a trail of soft kisses on hendery’s inner thigh, nibbling on the soft skin.

“not my fault that- ughh, ” hendery moaned when he felt dejun’s lips pressing around the toy, licking the residual cum that was drying on his skin, his tongue gently running over the sore skin. with each touch, the aching subsided, leaving only dull pain behind.

“it's okay. stop. i want to feel it.” hendery reached down with his hand and gripped dejun’s hair, pushing him up. he loved the feeling of a sore body, the proof that dejun was inside him, stretching him open till he felt like he was going to split in half.

dejun hummed,the vibration sending waves of pleasure through hendery’s body. with one last kiss pressed right at the head of hendery’s soft dick, dejun sat up, hands still gripping hendry's thighs, thumbs drawing a circle into his skin. 

“you should eat something…and take a bath,” he said, jumping from the table in one smooth motion. 

“carry me?” hendery whined, too tired to move, and also knowing too well that dejun couldn't really say no to him. 

just as he expected, dejun just shook his head but picked him up, one hand under his knees the other around his shoulders, carrying him as if he weighed nothing. the body dejun chose as his human vessel might be a bit shorter than hendery and look petite and fragile at first glance, but dejun had the strength of an ancient being. he could throw hendery across the whole room using just his left pinkie finger. 

hendery relaxed in dejun’s arms, listening to the slow beating of his heart while they were walking through long corridors, all of them covered with ivy. it didn't take them long before they entered a small chamber that had a raised balcony instead of one wall. the view was breathtaking, looking over the many turrets of the large complex and further into the vast forest. there, in the middle of the room was a large bath lowered into the floor, filled with hot water, steam rising from it and accumulating near the ceiling, enveloping the room in a fog.

dejun lowered him into the water, carefully seating him on the seat that was lining the wall of the bath. 

a low moan escaped hendery’s lips when the steaming water enveloped him whole, making his aching body relax immediately, his sore muscles loosening up. he leaned his head back against the edge of the tub, closing his eyes. he could hear the other boy walking across the chamber, his bare feet hitting the stone but soon enough dejun joined him in the water, body pressed against his. 

a soft pressure against his lips made him open up a bit, the taste of fresh strawberries filling his mouth. he bit into the fruit as he opened his eyes, smiling at the boy next to him. hendery reached out and took dejun’s face into his hand, pulling him closer so he could kiss him. the kiss tasted like strawberries, sweet and gentle. dejun licked into his mouth, making hendery gasp, hands sneaking around his waist, fingers digging into the soft flesh of his hips. 

breaking the kiss, hendery lifted himself up and sat on dejun’s lap, face hidden in the crook of dejun’s neck. enveloped in the warmth of a boy he loved, he felt safe. no matter how many times he was warned not to wander around the woods. here, with dejun’s arms around him, he felt safer than anywhere else.