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Hay Day Mayday

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Tilly went to visit M Farms to buy bacon at a rip-off price. She especially wanted to see Tom. As she approached the farm, she heard the animals grumbling loudly. She also smelled fresh crops that had not been harvested. When Tilly arrived at the farm, Tom was dead. Tilly sobbed into his dirty, scrappy overalls.


"WHAT HAPPENED HERE???" Tilly screamed deliriously.


Rose, an expensive farm assistant, walked across the farm to tell Tilly about the situation.


"M Farms failed. The barn and silo were constantly full and there were not enough expansion materials to make them bigger. It became impossible to gather new materials so the farm could not continue. Tom died because of budget cuts."


"NOOOOOO," wailed Tilly, but she could not scream. The screams happened in her head. She was too stunned to release her anguish verbally. The love of her life, Tom, who never hesitated to sprint, faster than should be humanly possible, to obtain goods when M Farms was out of stock, who had offered her a yellow and green balloon when she was feeling under the weather, who rested in two hour or two minute intervals, with his faithful cap by his side and a strand of golden wheat in his mouth.


Dead because of budget cuts.






M Farms waited.






Tom revives! A gift from the gods! Rose, an expensive farm assistant, dies instead. Tom and Tilly frolic amongst miserable, untended animals for a brief instant.