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Meat and Apples

I love meat and apples! In forest, eating both together was big treat! Chelinka said I should make recipe...not so sure how to do, but here goes.


...Why do I need this part? Easy enough! You need meat and apples! Can find easy when living in forest, just need bow and arrows for meat...and just be good jumper and climber for apples. Don’t eat any meat or apples laying on ground, makes you sick.

Crowded places where party and friends go have lots of people and buildings where you can find meat and apples. Those are okay to eat even if you didn’t get them yourself. Moogles don’t like you just taking them though! Be sure to bring gil or friend who pay for them.


Just eat meat and apples next! Yummy, right?

...Only, friends don’t seem to like eating meat just is. They been trying to make me cook anything I hunt before they eat. Seems like added step to me, when I catch something I hungry! But if you have friends like that...I learn some tricks from them they seem to like. Maybe will work for your friends too?

Make fire with sticks. Easy to do if you rub quickly enough. Once fire ready, poke meat through stick and place near fire. Should turn dark once it ready.

Cut apples go in pot over fire. Honey and cinnamon go over (but not too much--made Birdie Man gag once!). Stir with stick or spoon (bigger stick with round thing at end). Apples turn more dark too once ready, start smelling sweet.

Cut meat into small chunks (don’t let friend see you use sword he use in battle for this!), and put on top of apples. Serve in bowls.

Takes some getting used to, but it no taste bad--just different. More "sweet and savory," Yuri says. Friends won’t make faces when they try this way, which is good!

...I think getting to eat it like this with friends make it taste better now.