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The Note

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Meet me in the bathroom during morning break.

Lexa read the short, simple message for probably the hundredth time since she found it stuffed in her locker that morning when she went to get the books she needed for her first class. The small note just laid in front of her on her desk, hidden among the papers in her notebook. It wasn't signed, but nevertheless, she had a pretty good idea of who had left it for her, which meant that the first period crawled by as she waited for the bell to ring to signify the beginning of morning break. On a normal day, she didn't mind having stats as the first class of the day, but this morning she would have sworn that the clock was broken, and that Mr. Kane was speaking in slow motion. Her pencil tapped lightly against her notebook, the only visible sign of her impatience as Kane droned on.

Anya, her best friend, sat on her right, dutifully taking notes, and she could feel Anya giving her looks every now and then. She wasn't surprised: on a normal day Lexa would be politely paying attention to Mr. Kane, taking notes of anything he would write on the board for the class. On a normal day, Lexa was a model student, raising her hand and answering questions when they were asked, and asking any questions she might have when something was not clear.

But this was not a normal day. This day Lexa was on the edge of her seat, pencil tapping in impatience, and all because of a little note. The words kept running through her head, and she wouldn't have been able to pay attention to the class even if she had wanted to. All because of that damn note.

Finally, finally, the bell rang, and Lexa had her notebook back in her bag in record time. Just as she was about to race out of the room, however, she felt a grip on her arm, and she looked down in surprise.

“Lexa,” Anya asked, her grip tightening a little more when she inadvertently tried to pull away, “Are you okay? Did you pay attention to even a word that Kane said that whole class?”

“I did,” Lexa replied, making sure she had control over the tone of her voice. The last thing she needed was for Anya to start asking her a bunch of questions. “However, I had to use the restroom throughout the majority of class. It's hard to pay attention when your bladder is completely full.”

“Why not just go to the bathroom then?” Anya countered, clearly not believing her friend.

“I didn't wish to interrupt the class,” she informed her friend, before shaking Anya's hand from her arm. “However, I do still have to use the restroom, so I will meet up with you during third period, alright?”

“Alright, whatever you say, Lexa,” Anya called as Lexa began to walk away, but from her tone, Lexa could tell that Anya didn't believe her. It didn't matter; Lexa knew that Anya wouldn't pry, even if she was curious as to what had gotten her all worked up. For a quiet girl like Lexa, that made Anya a very good friend, and she knew she was lucky to have her.

As Lexa navigated through the crowded school hallways, she suddenly realized that the note hadn't specified which bathroom she was supposed to go to. Shrugging her shoulders, she adjusted the bag on her back, and then made her way to the bathroom closest to her locker, hoping that that was the right one.

Taking a deep breath as she reached the door, she opened it to find that no one stood at the sinks, nor was there anyone in any of the three stalls. She figured she must have just beaten the owner of her mysterious note, so she decided to poise herself in front of one of the mirrors. She needed a reason to be in there in case anyone else walked in, so she swung the bag off of her back, unzipped it, and took out her mascara, and began to re-apply what was already a perfectly fine amount of mascara to her eyes.

Just as she leaned forward towards the mirror, the bathroom door opened, and three girls walked in, in the middle of a conversation. Lexa pretended not to give them any notice, just as they did the same with her.

“But I don't understand why we have to do this stupid homework anyway!” Octavia Blake exclaimed, as she leaned heavily against the wall next to the sink farthest away from Lexa's.

“I don't know about the rest of us, but you have to do this stupid homework because otherwise you might fail the test tomorrow, and if you do that, then they won't let you play in the game against Mount Weather this weekend. And you know our team has no chance against them without you there to lead the way,” Raven Reyes reminded her, rolling her eyes as Octavia glared at her.

“That's all so stupid! I hate that one stupid test could keep me away from the biggest game of the year!” Octavia growled, hitting the wall that she leaned on with her fist.

“O, to you every game is the biggest game of the year. I know you love soccer, but it isn't everything,” Clarke Griffin, the leader of the trio told her, then continued on to say, “But don't worry, I'll help you study during study hall this afternoon, and again tomorrow before the test. You'll do fine.”

Clarke stood in front of the mirror of the sink that Octavia was leaning by, fixing her hair and checking her make-up. Raven noticed the primping and scoffed.

“What's the matter, Clarke? Trying to look even hotter for Bellamy?” she asked the blonde, a smirk on her lips.

Octavia grimaced, a look of disgust on her face.

“Oh god, please no,” she groaned, “Please tell me you are not primping for my brother. I will probably puke if both of you end up sleeping with him.”

Clarke rolled her eyes, about to say something, but was interrupted when Raven exclaimed, “Hey, that was one time! It was a moment of weakness after Finn was stupid and dumped me! But Clarke... I mean, you have to have both noticed it. There is some serious chemistry between you and Bellamy, my friend. And I'm the science nerd: I know chemistry when I see it.”

“Enough, Raven,” Clarke cut her off, turning towards her, “There is nothing going on between me and Bellamy. Nothing at all. So why don't you two go grab your stuff and get ready for your next period, and I'll see you guys at lunch. Make sure Octavia actually goes to her science class, instead of skipping it this time.”

Octavia growled at Clarke, “Hey, I'm a big girl you know, I can walk myself to class!”

Raven rolled her eyes at the other dark haired girl and told her, “Right, like if I didn't walk you to class you wouldn't skip it for the second time this week. I don't understand why you don't like science so much, it's freaking awesome. Plus, Clarke is just trying to change the subject so that she can go on hiding her mad love for your brother a little longer. But you don't fool me, Griffin.” She linked her arm with Octavia's, even as the other girl made a disgusted face.

“Raven, you are so wrong about that,” she told her, as they moved towards the door, both nodding at Clarke before they opened the door, “Clarke and Bell are so not a thing.”

With that, they were gone, and Lexa was alone with Clarke. Throughout their conversation, she had remained emotionless, her eyes never leaving her own mirror, but when the conversation had moved towards Clarke and Bellamy, she had felt the pit form in her stomach. She had seen the two of them interact before, and had often wondered if anything was going on between them. The idea of them together made Lexa both furious and devastated at the same time, but she refused to let that register on her face.

After a few moments, she felt Clarke's gaze turn to her, and she heard the blonde say, “I was a little worried they weren't going to leave. When they decided to follow me into the bathroom, I wanted to yell at them to leave me alone, but obviously I couldn't do that. At least they left eventually though.”

Lexa kept her gaze pointed forward, as she replied, “And why didn't you want them to follow you in here? Personally, I've never understood why girls tend to flock to a bathroom together, but it seems to be the social norm, so I don't see why you would have a problem with it.”

What she really wanted to ask the other girl was why she couldn't tell Octavia and Raven not to follow her, why they even needed to meet up in secret, in a bathroom to begin with, but she knew better than to open that can of worms. Clarke had made it clear that she was not ready to announce to the world her bisexuality, and so, though it hurt Lexa to not be able to talk about her feelings for Clarke to anyone, she kept her mouth shut. It didn't stop the ache in her chest, however, whenever she saw Clarke in the hallway and couldn't go up to her, couldn't hold her hand or even really touch her. They had never really belonged to the same crowd, and Clarke had said that if they started hanging out in public together, people would start asking questions. So however much it hurt, Lexa followed the rules, and only sought Clarke out in private, when outside eyes could not see their shared looks and their little touches.

Lexa was brought out of her private thoughts, however, when she felt arms wrap around her middle, and felt Clarke's chest pressed up against her back. Her eyes darted to the door, and she immediately saw that at some point while she was lost in her thoughts, Clarke had locked it so that no one could interrupt the few minutes they had left before the bell would ring and they would need to go to class. Her breath caught in her throat, when she felt soft, feather-light kisses brushing against the back of her neck. She looked in the mirror, and saw Clarke watching the expression on her face as she touched Lexa.

“I didn't want them to follow me in here,” Clarke murmured, once she knew she had gotten Lexa's full attention, “Because I wanted to have my alone time with you uninterrupted. However, since they did, it seriously cut down on the time we have before the bell rings, so I don't have nearly as much time to do what I wanted.”

Lexa licked her lips, trying to buy some time as she tried to get the beating of her heart under control, but she could see from the smirk on Clarke's face that the blonde wasn't buying it.

“What... What is it that you wanted to do?” she asked the other girl, attempting to keep her tone light and uninterested, but failing miserably.

“This,” Clarke whispered against Lexa's neck, and suddenly Lexa felt one of Clarke's hands slip down the front of her pants. Her knees started to buckle before she braced them, not having expected the assault, but also not at all against it as the blonde's fingers slipped beneath her underwear and found her opening. A finger quickly rubbed against her clit, before moving with a second finger down to her opening, and slipping in easily.

“Looks like my little note was all that I needed to get you ready, huh Lexa?” Clarke teased, as her fingers moved around easily inside of Lexa. All Lexa could do for a reply was groan, as Clarke rubbed her clit roughly with her thumb. Her free hand found one of Lexa's breasts, and began to squeeze it roughly through her shirt. Lexa could feel her nipples hardening against her bra as she unintentionally pressed her chest harder into the other girl's hand.

Just as Clarke began scissoring her fingers inside of Lexa and Lexa was about to go over the edge, the warning bell rang, and Lexa cried out in dismay as Clarke removed her hand from Lexa's front and stepped away from the other girl. Lexa turned and watched Clarke as she quickly sucked her own fingers clean, her eyes closing in pleasure as she tasted Lexa on her fingers. Just watching the scene made Lexa groan again, and she could feel that coil in her stomach get even tighter, needing to be set loose. Unfortunately though, when Clarke opened her eyes and took the fingers out of her mouth, she just smiled at Lexa, and then turned and moved towards the door.

As she unlocked the door, she told Lexa, “You better hurry; don't want to be late for class.” With that, she reached out and grabbed the door handle, but before she opened the door, she turned back to Lexa and said, “Oh yeah, and my house tonight? The usual time? I'll leave the window open for you.”

Lexa looked at Clarke, whose innocent expression certainly would not suggest to anyone that she had just fingered Lexa in the girl's bathroom, and then sucked those fingers off, and shook her head. She didn't know why, but she was pretty sure that she would follow this girl anywhere in the world if she asked her to, especially if she was looking at her with that look in her eyes. For although her expression was innocent enough, Lexa could read her eyes, and they screamed “I wanna fuck you against the wall right now, but I can't so I will wait,” and just the promise in those eyes was enough for the coil in her stomach to tighten even more.

Finally Lexa nodded, saying, “Your house tonight. Can't wait.” And with that, Clarke nodded, then opened the door and left, leaving Lexa alone in the bathroom feeling very, very turned on, and with no time to do anything about it. Grumbling to herself about blondes who thought they were awfully clever, Lexa grabbed her bag, stuffing her mascara back into it, checked her reflection in the mirror to make sure she did not look like she had just been fingered in the bathroom, and then left the room, knowing she was going to be late for class.


Lexa climbed the tree, as nimble as a squirrel. She had always been good at tree climbing, but had never truly appreciated the talent as much as when she and Clarke started... this, whatever it was. When she got to the correct branch, she shimmed out on to it, grasping the open window by its sides, and carefully swung herself inside the room, landing with a soft thud on the floor of Clarke's bedroom.

“You're always so good at that,” a voice from the dark observed quietly, and Lexa turned to find Clarke leaning against the end of her bed, arms crossed over her chest as she watched Lexa steal into her room.

Lexa didn't answer, just moved swiftly over to Clarke, lightly grabbing her shoulders and bringing her in for a hard kiss. Clarke squeaked lightly in surprise, not expecting Lexa to be quite so forceful, but quickly dissolved into the kiss, her eyes closing as Lexa held her close. Lexa's hands moved from her shoulders to cup her face and neck, drawing her even farther into the kiss, and Clarke's hands wrapped tightly around Lexa's middle, so that Lexa couldn't pull away.

They kissed until their lungs screamed for oxygen, and even then they only pulled far enough apart so they could breath, their foreheads remaining pressed against each other.

Clarke grinned, looking up into Lexa's eyes as she told her, “Well that was a very passionate hello. What's the matter: somebody got you a little worked up?”

Lexa glared down at Clarke, causing Clarke to shudder a little in anticipation.

“You,” she growled to the blonde, “Got me very 'worked up' in the bathroom at school this morning, and then just left me. It took me a very long time to calm down from that. I was not able to pay attention in any of my classes because I kept thinking about you.”

The smirk on Clarke's face grew, and Lexa could see the mischief in the blonde's eyes when she asked, “And what exactly was I doing in those thoughts you had about me?”

Lexa had to clench her jaw to keep her face from betraying just exactly how turned on she had been all day from just thinking about Clarke, but from the gleam in those blue eyes, she could tell that Clarke knew exactly what she had done to her when she left that bathroom.

“Many things,” Lexa informed her, “But really, it was more the things that I was doing to you in those thoughts that really distracted me.”

They were so close that Lexa actually heard Clarke gulp, and saw the movement in her neck as she swallowed. Clarke's eyes were so dark with desire that had there been more than just moonlight streaming through the window, Lexa was pretty sure they would still look almost black. She felt the corner of her lips turn up in a slight smile as she asked, “Would you like me to show you what those things were?”

Without waiting for a response, Lexa lowered her lips to Clarke's jaw, giving it a slight nip before trailing it down the blonde's neck. She felt Clarke's breath hitch, and smirked slightly when she felt Clarke's hands clench against her even more tightly. When Clarke spoke next, Lexa didn't stop the movement of her lips or her tongue, instead choosing to taste the slight sheen of sweat that was beginning to appear on her skin.

“We have to be quiet,” Clarke whispered, her breathing starting to turn heavy again, “My mom's sleeping. Can't wake her up.”

Lexa's hands began to wander down Clarke's body, playing with the hem of the light t-shirt that Clarke had on. Between her small nips to the blonde's neck, she replied, “I'm not the one whose volume tends to become an issue.”

“Hey!” Clarke exclaimed, and then lowered her voice to tell her, “I'm not always the only one who can be loud! You have your moments too, don't you, Commander?!”

Lexa's nostrils flared against Clarke's skin. Yes, she was right: every now and then she could get very, very worked up if Clarke called her Commander in bed. She had no idea why that was, though she was pretty sure that it just had to do with how competitive she was. So when Clarke Griffin, one of the most competitive people she knew, called her Commander while she made love to her, Lexa tended to get very worked up. However, Lexa decided to ignore the jibe, and focus on the task at hand.

“Well tonight,” she murmured, never taking her lips off of Clarke's skin for more than a moment, “We will the both of us have to stay as quiet as possible. I wish you the best of luck.”

She could tell from the way that Clarke moved that her eyebrows were raised, obviously in confusion.

“And why is that?” she asked, the confusion even more evident in her voice.

“Because tonight I will be merciless, after what you did this morning,” Lexa informed her, before she bit down slightly on Clarke's clavicle, making Clarke inhale sharply.

Her fingers, where they had been dancing around the hem of Clarke's shirt finally gripped the fabric, and dragged it up, pulling it off of Clarke entirely before she tossed it to the floor. She was pleased to see that Clarke had already removed her bra, probably in the process of getting ready for bed, and immediately fell on one breast, taking the nipple in her mouth and sucking on it, causing the blonde to moan slightly. Her left hand moved to her other breast, rubbing the nipple between the pads of her fingers until it was a hard pebble, as her right hand landed on her lower back, pulling the smaller girl in closer to her. Clarke in return buried her head in the crook of Lexa's shoulder, to try to help her keep her moans in. Before long, Lexa switched sides so that she could suck and nibble each nipple in turn, as she ran the pad of her thumb over the now free one, causing Clarke to take in a sharp breath once again.

Soon Lexa needed more, so she abandoned her work with Clarke's wonderful breasts, much to the blonde's dismay, and began trailing her lips down the other girl's stomach. She moved so that she was kneeling in front of Clarke, and continued to nip and suck at the girl's skin, making her shiver as her fingers danced around the skin of her sides and back. Getting to her bellybutton, Lexa flicked her tongue around the indentation a couple of times, and then continued to move down Clarke's body. Before long, her lips found the waistband of the blonde's pajama pants, and Lexa looked up at her. Clarke's chest was rising and falling quickly, her excitement evident in her breathing. Lexa smirked up at her, before her fingers pulled at the pants, dragging them down Clarke's wonderfully toned legs. Along with the pants went the underwear that she had been wearing, and suddenly Clarke Griffin stood naked in front of the kneeling Lexa.

For a moment Lexa just stared unabashedly, letting Clarke get worked up from her stillness. Then she leaned forward, gripping each of the girl's thighs in her hands, and brought her mouth towards the space between the blonde's legs. She didn't look up to see the expression on Clarke's face: she knew what it was, knew that Clarke had her eyes closed in anticipation, her bottom lip stuck between her teeth. Lexa loved the expression, but at that moment there was only one thing that she had any interest in.

Slowly, very slowly, tortuously slowly, Clarke thought, Lexa flattened her tongue against Clarke's nether lips, and licked up, tasting what was just so very Clarke. She moaned, which caused Clarke to moan, as the vibrations from Lexa's mouth hit her. She began to moan again, but then it got caught in her throat when Lexa's tongue suddenly darted between her lips, to rub against her clit, that little bundle of nerves that just felt so good when Lexa touched it like that. She could feel her legs starting to shake, and she could tell that Lexa could too, as she felt Lexa begin to gently push against her thighs, telling her to lay back on the bed behind her.

Clarke obliged, laying, or perhaps more like falling, back on her bed, her legs hanging off of the end of the mattress, with Lexa still kneeling on the floor in front of her, her tongue still rolling around that bundle of nerves. Lexa moved her arms under the blonde's thighs, wrapping them around her legs so that she could pull herself further into the space between Clarke's legs.

For a few more moments, Lexa continued to suck and nibble on Clarke's clit, and she could feel the muscles in the blonde's legs tighten as her toes clenched from the feelings Lexa was causing in her body. Before she fell over the edge, however, Lexa stopped focusing on that very special bundle of nerves, and moved down, causing Clarke to jump slightly when she felt Lexa's tongue enter her. She began to moan, clenching her teeth together tightly in the effort not to make too much noise, but if Lexa kept doing that to her, then she didn't know if she would be able to really hold it in. Just when she thought she had finally mastered it and was in charge of her noise level, a loud gasp tore through her throat when she suddenly felt two of Lexa's fingers enter her and her tongue return to her clit.

“Lex-a,” she moaned, trying desperately to stay quiet, but having a very hard time at doing just that.

“Yes Clarke?” she heard and felt the muffled reply from between her legs, and moaned again as the vibrations hit her.

“Please,” she begged quietly, her legs tightening around the brunette.

“Please what, Clarke?” Lexa asked her, and this time she was kind enough to remove her mouth from Clarke's nether region, though her fingers continued to work their way in and out of Clarke at a steady pace.

“Please,” she begged again, her fingers clenching around her comforter in the attempt at gaining even just a little control over her own body, “Please, I need to... I need to...”

Without stopping the movements of her hand, Lexa disentangled herself from between Clarke's legs and stood up. She knew that Clarke was close, and she wanted a better seat to see the look on her face when she finally came undone. She moved up on the bed, until she was leaning over the blonde, her fingers still pumping tirelessly inside her, starting to pick up speed now. She watched how Clarke bit down on her lower lip as she began to use her thumb to also trace circles over her clit, and though the blonde was trying, as Lexa's fingers moved faster, Clarke's moans grew in volume. Unless she wanted to stop altogether, it was clear that the blonde was not going to be able to remain quiet any longer, and there was no way Lexa was stopping (besides, that would have just been extra cruel, to get the smaller girl this worked up, and then not follow through with it. Lexa wanted revenge from that morning, but that would have been going overboard). So instead, Lexa quickly leaned down, engulfing Clarke's lips with her own, as her fingers pistoned in and out of Clarke, allowing Clarke to moan into the kiss as she finally came undone, her body quaking beneath Lexa's.

It took many moments, but finally Clarke's body stopped shaking, and her breath returned to its somewhat usual pace. She was not able to breath as freely as usual, as Lexa was still kissing her, but Clarke preferred it that way. She reached up and cupped Lexa's face, holding her in place as her tongue poked at Lexa's lips, asking for entrance, which Lexa freely granted. The blonde's tongue darted around the taller girl's mouth, tasting herself on Lexa's tongue and lips. She was pretty sure she should have felt weird about that, but she didn't. She loved how she tasted on Lexa's tongue, and honestly, she probably would have thought anything tasted good if it came from Lexa's tongue.

Once again oxygen won out in the end, and the two girls had to disconnect their lips or risk passing out. As they caught their breaths, they stared into each others eyes, a small smile on Lexa's lips, and a tired grin on Clarke's. As Lexa shifted as though to move from her position above Clarke, however, Clarke got that mischievous look in her eyes once again, and instead she grabbed Lexa's leg, guiding it over her stomach until Lexa was straddling her. Lexa stared down at Clarke in puzzlement, but allowed Clarke to move her, waiting to find out what the blonde girl was up to. She didn't have to wait long, however, when Clarke grabbed the hand that had just been thrusting fingers into her, and guided it towards her face. Never breaking eye contact with Lexa, she brought those fingers to her mouth, first letting her tongue dart over them, and then sliding her lips over them, until she was sucking on them.

Lexa could not stop a low moan before it made its way up her throat. The moan only spurned Clarke on, and she began sucking the fingers harder, tasting her own essence on Lexa's fingers.

“Clarke,” Lexa groaned softly, as she inadvertently brushed herself against Clarke's stomach, the pressure in her own stomach starting to build up.

“How are you doing there, Commander?” Clarke teased softly, after she slowly removed the fingers from between her lips. “You made me feel... really good just now, but you're still fully dressed. We should fix that, so that I can return the favor.”

Before Lexa could move to do anything, Clarke's fingers were trailing underneath her shirt, her fingernails brushing lightly against her skin, causing the brunette to shiver. Her eyelids fell closed, but quickly shot open again when one hand disappeared, only to rub against her front from outside her pants.

“Come on Lexa,” Clarke whispered, “Let me touch you. Please.”

The brunette nodded quickly, her words stuck in her throat as Clarke ran her fingers over the front of her pants again. Lexa still wore the skinny jeans that she had put on that morning before going to school, so Clarke's fingers quickly popped the button open and dragged the zipper down, before snaking their way inside the opening. She rubbed Lexa through her underwear, where Clarke was very pleased to find a large wet spot had formed, and listened as Lexa moaned ever so slightly.

“Well well Lexa,” Clarke teased again, her thumb running along the other girl's lips from what Lexa considered to be the wrong side of her underwear, “It looks like someone is a little worked up again.”

“Clarke,” Lexa snapped quietly, her jaw clenched tightly as the tightness in her stomach grew.

“Take them off, Lexa,” Clarke ordered, and Lexa quickly got off the bed and pulled both the jeans and underwear from her body. “Now come back to me,” she ordered again, and usually Lexa would have argued, not one to take orders from others, but this was Clarke, and Clarke had that look on her face that promised to make her feel oh so very good, so she climbed back on the bed, and once again straddled the blonde. As soon as she was back over Clarke, the blonde reached up and grabbed her shoulders, dragging her down so that she could taste the taller girl's lips once again. As they kissed, Clarke let her fingers draw light patterns on the insides of Lexa's thighs, and the corners of her mouth pulled up into a grin as Lexa's hips ground down on her stomach and little noises escaped past Lexa's lips as she pulled her mouth back by mere centimeters.

Clarke,” Lexa groaned, her lips brushing against the blonde's, and the other girl could hear the absolute need in her voice.

“Yes Lexa?” Clarke asked almost innocently, but when the other girl didn't respond and only clenched her jaw tighter, she tried to coax her on, saying to her, “Tell me what you want Lexa. Whatever you want, I'll give it to you, but you have to tell me first.”

Lexa's nostrils flared once again, and she glared down at Clarke, but when she felt Clarke's fingers trailing slowly closer to where she wanted them, needed them, to touch her, she gave in, and told her, “I need you... to just fuck me, already!”

With no warning, Clarke's fingers were touching her; two fingers slipped past her lips and were suddenly inside her, pumping in and out of her with no control while her thumb circled the taller girl's clit, and Lexa was grinding down on them in return, her eyes closed and jaw clenched so that no sound could escape her mouth. Clarke watched how the other girl moved on top of her, watched how only the twitching of her eyelids and her grip on Clarke's comforter gave away how she was feeling, and suddenly Clarke wanted to taste her. Slowing her movements inside of the other girl, Clarke guided her legs up, until her head was between them, and then she removed her fingers altogether. When she looked up at Lexa kneeling over her face, she saw that Lexa was now watching her, and even in the dark she could see the fiery need that burned in the other girl's eyes, so without any other delay, Clarke picked her head up to meet the apex between Lexa's legs, and drove her tongue between the lips, finally tasting the other girl. She groaned loudly when she finally felt the wetness of the girl above her on her tongue and tasted what was so unforgettably Lexa.

As Clarke's groan tore through her, it was all Lexa could do not to groan even more loudly. Instead she gripped the headboard of Clarke's bed, and thrust her hips into the face between her legs, feeling Clarke's tongue go even deeper into her. The two quickly fell into a rhythm, and Lexa was already so worked up, she knew that it was not going to take long for Clarke to push her over the edge. Sure enough, when the blonde's tongue began to circle around Lexa's clit, rubbing it and sucking on it roughly, she felt her resolve shatter, and she came undone completely. Clarke's tongue didn't stop as Lexa's body shook above her, but instead lapped up all of the wetness that came gushing out of her, making Lexa shake even harder.

Finally the shaking stopped, and so did Clarke's tongue. Clarke's head fell back on the bed, her breathing heavy as she tried to catch her breath once again. Lexa didn't move for a few moments, just leaned against the headboard, trying to gather her thoughts as she too tried to catch her breath.

“Wow,” Clarke finally breathed, breaking the silence, “I think you definitely got me back from the bathroom this morning. Though honestly, this just makes me want to get you worked up at school more often. This was... I don't know. I want to say great, but I don't think that really does this justice. Amazing? Incredible?”

“Yes,” Lexa replied quietly without looking at Clarke, “It was just that. I will see you at school tomorrow.” With that, the brunette moved to get off the bed, swinging one leg up so that she no longer straddled Clarke's face. She moved to get up, but as she tried to do so, she felt a grip on her arm. She stilled, but didn't look at the other girl.

“Lexa, is something wrong?” Clarke asked her, worry evident in her voice, “Did I hurt you or something?”

Lexa still wouldn't look at her as she told her, “Of course not. I am fine. We did our thing, now it's time for me to go.”

She tried to get up again, but Clarke's grip on her arm tightened, and she felt the mattress shift as Clarke moved over to her.

“Lexa, come on. Talk to me, tell me what's wrong,” Clarke pleaded, and the brunette stiffened when she felt the girl's free hand rubbing circles on her back.

For moment, Lexa refused to speak, but as the circles on her back continued, she felt her shoulders slump, as her body naturally leaned into Clarke's. Finally she told the other girl, “I just... don't like hiding this relationship from everyone.” She felt Clarke stiffen next to her, so she went on quickly, “I mean, I know that you are not ready to come out yet, and I would never want to force you to come out before you're ready but... I just worry that you are ashamed of me.” She looked over to Clarke finally, and saw that the blonde had her bottom lip between her teeth again, and a sad expression in her eyes, and Lexa hated herself for being the one to put that there, but these were words she needed to say. “I really... really like you, Clarke, and don't get me wrong, I love these times we spend together but.. sometimes I feel like I am being used because you can't decide what you want. If this... if us, and what we are doing, is just you having fun, then I can't do this anymore. I won't be used like this. Not by you; not by anyone. No matter how hot I think they are,” she tried to end it jokingly, to ease the tension, but she knew that it hadn't worked; the tension was there, and it was nearly palpable.

“Lexa...” Clarke started, and then she paused, clearly trying to get her words right before she said them. Lexa didn't rush her; she knew that sometimes it was hard to match words up with feelings, so she gave Clarke the time she needed to get her thoughts gathered. Finally she continued, “Lexa I'm... I'm so sorry. I never... I never meant to make you feel this way. I do know what I want: I want you. I want to be with you, to hold you, to... And I'm not ashamed of that. I am not, not at all, ashamed of you. Why should I be? I mean, look at you. You're...” she trailed off again, gazing at Lexa, who felt herself almost blush under the gaze, but refused to look away. “You are beautiful, Lexa; gorgeous. But you are so much more than just that. You're smart, fiercely loyal, kind, but only to those who deserve it, and you take no bullshit. You know who you are, and you are proud of it. I'm just... I'm not ready, I guess, to be proud of who I am, but god, I am proud of you, and I know I am so damn lucky that you look at me the way you do. Basically I guess what I'm saying is... I really, really like you too, Lexa, and even though I'm not ready to come out quite yet, I will be, soon, and I think that's all because of you.”

Clarke reached out and cupped Lexa's cheek gently, and Lexa leaned into the touch, needing the contact, though she hated to admit it. One corner of Clarke's mouth turned up into a small smile, but Lexa could see it was only to try to hide the fear in Clarke's eyes as she pleaded quietly, “Please don't leave me.”

The fear Lexa saw on Clarke's face made her blood boil, and suddenly the only thing that Lexa wanted to do was to protect Clarke, and keep that fear from ever touching the blonde's beautiful blue eyes again. She reached out gently, and pulled Clarke's bare body against her until their foreheads were once again touching. She watched those blue eyes search for something in her own, before Lexa whispered, “Never,” and brought their lips together once again.

This time the kiss was slow and deep. Lexa gently pulled Clarke's bottom lip to rest between her own teeth, and she could taste herself on Clarke's mouth. She could feel Clarke sinking into the kiss, just as she herself was sinking into it, so she deepened it. As their tongues started dancing, Lexa and Clarke both knew that this kiss was a promise: a promise to be by each others side, no matter what. In this kiss was the safety that they were both so often searching for, and in this kiss was the knowledge that they had found someone who would care for them, always. The kissed promised them a home, and really that's all they were both looking for.