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i'll take you over cola chicken

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When the 5 o'clock alarm goes off on his phone, Zhao shuts his laptop with a bang and grabs his phone. 

"Fatty", he walks past Da Qing, "Don't come home tonight", and before Da Qing can meow and protest why, Zhao is long out the door practically hopping on clouds. 

Everyone watches him go but no one dares to say anything or try to tease him. 

After all, not only is he their boss, he's also a god but most importantly, he's the man who spent all his savings to buy a house for a husband he didn't yet have.. they hadn't even yet kissed, not even yet boyfriends but he fell in love and bought a house just a hop across the road just so he could see Shen Wei even a minute earlier each day. It was almost as if he's making up for those five thousand years of nothing and those five thousands apart... almost as if, he'll spend the rest of their immortality living double, though at a leisure pace, but he's decided to spend every waking moment making up for lost time as well as the present. 

The door opens and slams closed as he follows his nose to the kitchen and all at once, seeing the man he literally shared his life with dressed in an apron and wearing a semi ponytail, Zhao's heart leaps and a smile hops on his lips and all at once like coming home is the best part of living, he wraps a hug tightly around Shen Wei's waist. 

Shen Wei, who's so immersed in cooking jumps at the sudden hug but soon relaxes and presses a quick kiss to the side of Zhao's head, "Welcome home", he greets, turning back to the stove, stirring the chicken, adjusting the fire and taste testing. 

Zhao groans and hugs him around the waist even tighter, "Professor, pay me some attention, will you? Kiss me more and longer". 

Shen Wei laughs but his hands didn't stop moving and every turn he makes going into cupboards and bending to get herbs from the fridge, Zhao follows him all the way in silent tantrum, "If I do that then this cola chicken will be done for and then what? what would you eat?" 

"You", Zhao replies like speed is on his tongue and from his tone, Shen Wei knows he's dead serious. 

"Yunlan", Shen Wei finally turns, "Why must you be such a pervert?"

Zhao looks at him as though he's being scandalised then asks, "And how could I not be?" his eyebrows raised. "I married the most beautiful man, the only man more handsome than me so how could I not be a pervert and want to have him for meals?" 

Shen Wei smiles, shakes his head and turns off the stove on low, "Here I am making us a feast to celebrate our very first Lunar New Year together and you're ruining all my effort", he admonishes but there's gentleness around his mouth and in the power of his hold as he pulls Zhao's head closer to his face and says, "Zhao Yunlan, what to do with you?" 

And Zhao is all smiles, that mischievous smile that crinkles in the corner of his eyes and pulls on the corner of his lips.. and Shen Wei knows what that means so he turns the stove off knowing to read the signs his husband is known to give, and right about now he can tell his husband is up to no good. 

And truth be told, 

He's not complaining. The crispy pork can wait. 

"Well, I guess we have eternity to celebrate", he lifts Zhao up and sits him on the kitchen table.

"Oh the perks of being gods", Zhao grins, leaning forward and inhaling Shen Wei before taking his lips in his in a slow kiss, a kiss that's warm but also a little spicy from the cola chicken Shen Wei had taste tested. "Bon appétit". 

That cola chicken will have to wait. 


🖋 i'll have you over cola chicken

 Shen Wei x Zhao Yunlan