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Brutal Bytes - Grocery Store Punks

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Things couldn’t have been more boring, the usual tedium of stacking shelves was dominating Lawrence’s morning. He only hoped that things wouldn’t drag on too long, but as he saw a pair of somewhat familiar faces come down the aisle towards him. Walking as if they owned the place, were two white punks, eyeing Lawrence up as an easy target. They had been pests before, taunting him over his job, as well as other hurtful things, and it seems today was no different.

“Well well, if it isn’t the loser, still stacking shelves, wagie?”

The other one pipes up, poking Lawrence as he stands there uncomfortably. Not getting the reaction they wanted, one of the white teens sweeps at his legs instead, a subtle movement that anyone else would take for clumsiness, but Lawrence was forced to accept the punishment, even as the box he was carrying fell onto his stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

“Not like we could expect much more from someone like him, right? It’s about all he’s good for!”

It was difficult to simply lay there and take the abuse, but his boss had made it clear that any outbursts would result in him being fired, and he couldn’t risk his job like that. Despite wanting to make a scene, Lawrence simply pulled himself up, standing there in silence, continuing to stack shelves as he tried to ignore the curt words flung at him.

“Why don’t we just drag this fucker outside and teach him to go back to his own country?”

It seemed as though Lawrence was in for something rough, the bullies reaching out to grab the scruff of his collar, though all of a sudden, their assault stopped, both of them caught silent as Lawrence looked up from his shelves to see what had caught them, hoping security or management saw them. Instead, Lawrence feels a shiver of shame run down his spine, the teens’ gazes turn lecherous as they stare at the voluptuous figure walking down the aisle towards them.

“Hi! I didn’t expect to see you here~”

Lawrence’s Mother, Monica, had come out to shop in his store, wearing an outfit that was entirely inappropriate for something like this. Her outfit teased the eye with a subtle hint of her areola peeking out from the dark fabric, a slight smile on her face as she came closer. Seeing the disheveled look Lawrence had, Monica plays into the cliche, licking her thumb and rubbing it against his cheek, unknowingly giving the white bullies behind her a view of her ass as she took care of her son.

“There! And by the way, I’m picking up a few things for dinner, so I’ll see you back at home~!”

Not wanting to disturb him further as he’s still working, Monica waves goodbye, giving him a nod before walking past him, not wanting to disrupt his work. However, as she passes by Lawrence, the punks harassing him break off, following her down past his aisle and into the next.

After they had disappeared from sight, Lawrence gets back to his work, stacking the shelves as he lets what just happened melt away from his mind. That is, until he got a stern reminder, a loud smack coming from just past the shelf he was working on, a giggle following that he immediately recognizes. It was sickening, but he tried his best to ignore what was going on, each smack causing him to work slower, his stomach turning.

Before long, he noticed that the smacking had stopped. Wanting to know what had happened to them, Lawrence climbs up higher on the ladder he was using and peers over the aisles, scanning for their heads amongst the crowds. It didn’t take long before he spied them, grouped together as their hands ran across his Mother’s body greedily.

That sight alone was degrading enough, but then he noticed where they were walking, straight towards the storeroom! Without hesitation, Monica pushes open the door and guides them inside. Lawrence was beside himself, sickened at whatever his Mother was planning, he started walking over there himself, hoping that she had plans on scolding them for their behavior. Placing his head closer to the door, he listened to what was going on inside.

“You’re not stunned, are you? It’s okay, let’s take a look at what you’re packing for me~!”

Without another word, the object of their assault fell to her knees in front of them and pulled at the elastic of their underwear, yanking them down to their ankles and letting their cocks flop free. As they do, a thick dollop of precum flings across her face, causing her to flinch before breaking into a smile.

“Oh my~ Someone’s a little eager, hm?”

Monica throws a wink up at them before licking across her cheek at their precum, then speaks down in a sultry tone.

“Just make sure the real thing is aimed at these~”

She shakes her chest slightly, letting them shake with her, as if trying to hypnotize them as their eyes focus on how she tugs at the fabric, a single finger pulling it further down until her huge tits finally burst free from her dress.

“Holy fuck…”

Their mouths slightly agape, they were visibly confused as to how their assault had turned into this, their victim’s Mother was on her knees and stripping for them… It was unbelievable! Monica then reaches out and wraps her fingers around one of their shafts, giggling to herself as he lets out a guttural moan from her touch, thrusting his hips into her hand as she can’t stifle her smile.


“You really are eager! You’ve been looking forward to this, haven’t you?”

A slight nod is all she needed to confirm just how pent-up he actually was. As he can see her pondering with her thoughts, she absent-mindedly slaps his cock against her tits, smearing his tip against her large nipple whilst grinning to the other guy as he struggles to hold in his frustration.

“Well, I can’t rightly keep you waiting~”

With that, Monica leans forward and allows her tits to swallow the first guy’s cock, completely enveloping it in her tits, his precum smearing across her skin as she lets him use them.

“Good! Use my tits like a fleshlight, you little stud!”

She gets faster, pistoning her tits up his shaft with an almost desperate look in her face.

“I want my fat fucking tits painted in your thick load!!”

The sensations overwhelm him, everything has happened so suddenly that they’re not sure what to do. Before giving any second thoughts, Monica reaches out for the second guy to come closer, guiding his cock closer to her face.


She lets her mouth hang open lewdly, giving him the silent signal to use her mouth as his friend fucks her tits. He does so without question, not wanting to give this kind of chance up. The two of them then loudly start pounding into Monica, one squeezing her tits tightly around his cock, letting his precum lube her skin to be used as the perfect fleshlight, as the other relentlessly pounds into her face, Monica never letting go of her smile as he does.Soon they both come to the edge of orgasm, but can’t find their way over it. Then, Monica pulls back from the guy fucking her mouth and speaks whilst jerking him off.

“Give me your fucking loads!”

That finally flipped the switch. Every muscle holding them back had let loose, and they felt their cocks begin twitching between her tits and in her hand, letting her know they’re about to cum. Monica quickly pulls back, eyeing their twitching dicks as she squeezes her tits together, waiting for their first shot with an eagerness that she just can’t fake. Her genuine desire to see her tits painted urges them on, and they begin frantically milking their dicks as they stare down at her eyes looking up at them.


They slow down as they can feel their orgasm reaching its peak, their cocks throbbing painfully from the amount of blood rushing to them, the veins emphasized as they can feel their cum flooding from their balls and up to their shafts. It’s almost painful as the teens feel their first loads coming, pleasure washing over their bodies as a moderately disappointing first shot rockets from the tip of their dicks.

It’s thick, but nowhere near what anyone was expecting, and as it lands across her collarbone, dripping down to her left tit, Monica seems to share in the disappointment. It doesn’t last though, the second shots coming before the first can even finish dripping down her skin, easily four times as big, it practically sprays out of their cocks, both cumming in unison as they moan loudly. Monica lets out a gasp as both of her tits receive a generous dousing, the loads smearing across both of her large nipples, and she looks up at them with shocked eyes.

“Wow.. you really wanted this, didn’t you?”

That look combined with her words urged on another shot, feeling as if their bodies were being drained completely. Her shocked eyes made their bodies tremble, and in return made them want to cover her tits even more. It hits Monica’s tits again, the impact splashing some across her lower lip and chin, to which she instinctively licks at with a drunken look in her eyes.

“Don’t you fucking stop now. Paint me like you’ve been dreaming of!”

They can’t help but smile as they listen to her, imagining the kind Mother she acted like only moments ago, now reduced to this. Two more follow very close together, both aimed dead-center at her chest, covering the space in between her tits, dripping a thick-coating of cum that covers her skin. At this point they begin stroking again, regaining a moderate sense of their body, and coax another thick load to spurt from their dicks, coming out in a thick stream that causes Monica to gasp again as it splatters against her cheek, dribbling down and mixing with the previous shots across her chest. Already she looked covered, but that wasn’t enough, just from having her on her knees like this, the look on her face, and the feeling of succeeding in their fantasy, they can’t help but continue on.

Whether a separate orgasm brought on by the situation, or simply the longest orgasm of their lives, they can’t tell if they’re lost in bliss, but they don’t care either. The next shot finishes the fantasy of seeing her reduced to a slut for them, spreading a thick, white load across her in several spurts, the feeling of each of them bursting from their dicks makes the next even more intense. The next shot comes solely from the guy fucking her tits, it’s painful and easily the largest, his cock aches for a moment and they both think it’s over, but an absolute torrent of cum erupts from his cock, causing his entire body to tremble. It’s like a firehose of cum, eliciting a frantic moan from his lips as he can’t help to aim it, instead spraying it across Monica’s tits without a care, effectively covering them.


The punks fall back, exhausted, and Monica stares down at her work, trembling with arousal at the thoughts of what she could do next. Feeling an emptiness all of a sudden, she looks up at the teens who had fallen backwards with exhaustion, still panting as they look back at her, and she does something that causes their breath to be caught in their throats. Without a word, Monica bends over onto her hands and hangs out her tongue, taking a long lick at the floor where their loads had pooled, eagerly lapping it up into her mouth, where she leans forward, showing them their cum mixed in her mouth before swallowing loudly.

Still wanting more, Monica genuinely toys with the thought of pouncing on these young punks, riding them out until they could barely move. Though she stops herself, remembering that a worker could come in at any time, even her own son! Somehow, this thought only seems to tempt her further, but she manages to resist, shaking her head of all lustful thoughts and staggering to her feet. Still shaking, she tugs at the straps of her dress, pulling it back up and over her luscious tits, still soaking with both of their loads, staining the front of her outfit blatantly.

She either failed to notice, or simply didn’t care, straightening herself out before clicking open the door, stepping back out into the store. Immediately she’s met with a shocked expression, her face still covered with several ropes of the stranger’s cum, she stops dead in the realization. Not wanting anyone else to see her like this, she begins running her finger across her face, smearing it with cum for her to lick off as she continues down towards the exit.

What she didn’t notice was Lawrence that had been listening to the entire ordeal by the door, wide-eyed and pale as he watched his own Mother strut down the aisles, licking her face clean of cum as the rest of their loads seeped through her dress. Slumping down onto the floor, Lawrence felt his stomach turn at each passing glance she received, wanting to crawl up and escape from having to think about what had just happened, the groans of the teens who had just given his Mother a facial still coming from behind him.

Each loud slurping or mumbled groan was echoing in his mind, involuntarily filling in the pictures of his Mother gulping down their loads, clearly having heard her even beg for them not moments ago. Whilst lost in his despair, he struggles with not letting these thoughts arouse him, picturing her putting her ample tits on display, letting those punks treat her as roughly as they wanted…

“Hey, Lawrence. Get up!”

A familiar voice woke him up from his trance, looking up, he confirmed that it was his manager, once again hounding at him for something or another.



“Have you finished stacking those shelves yet? Come on, grab the stuff from the storeroom and get moving!”

His heart sunk once again, his manager walking away before he even had a chance to object. Swallowing his pride, he knew he had to get this done or risk being fired, and clenched his eyes shut before staggering to his feet, clutching at the handle and pushing the door aside.

The smell of sex from within the room was overpowering, instantly hit with the reek of cum, he couldn’t help but see the exact spot his Mother must have been kneeling in, cum surrounding it, and even a pool by where he imagined she was facing. Shaking his head, he tried to get the thoughts out of his head. The teens had long run out of the back door, leaving him alone to gather what he needed and head back out into the store, but not before spying a streak on the floor.

Lawrence narrowed his eyes for a moment, trying to make out what it is, then went cold when he understood. It was the streak of his Mother’s tongue licking up their cum from the floor. Trying to act as if he hadn’t seen it, he fought with getting the image of those teens standing over his Mother as she laps up their load, and instead focuses on his work, several hours to go.