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The Daughter's Inherited Secret Ambition

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It's a normal day for the Goto household. The birds are chirping, and the sound of waves clashing with the beatiful white sand can be heard from the distance. 

It's a normal day for the Goto household, and the sound of a middle-aged man wailing from post-hime-moving depression is ignored, as usual. 


If you're living in this neighborhood, you just learn to live with it and ignore those pathetic cries. 

It's a normal day at Hime's apartment. Her friends all around her, creating their own masterpieces at their worktable while Hime herself is drawing something. 

Hiding something. 

From her dad. 

Some would think it's ironic for the father-daughter duo to both hide their profession of drawing manga. 

But for them, they can't see the dramatic irony, because what's more important is that they don't let their daughter/father see their embarrassing craft. 


So, that is why despite Hime already knowing that her father draws manga for his work, she is still convinced she must hide her own profession of drawing manga for a living. 

What's worse than letting your parents know that you draw manga, is letting your mangaka parents that you draw manga too. 


It's way more embarrassing to tell her father - who's a manga artist - that she also draws manga, way more than telling a normie parent about her profession. 


Because it just is embarrassing