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witch hunt

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Yangyang is ninety-nine percent sure that one of the Dreamies is a witch. 


To put it simply, there's definitely some magic happening in their dorm. It's not from Shotaro or Sungchan, since the magic has been present since before they arrived. The other three Dreamies who don't live in the dorms can't be ruled out either, since they visit often enough. 


It's not like he could ask them about it, though. Any sane person would probably say something along the lines of, “Hey Yangyang, what the fuck are you talking about?” And Yangyang wouldn't know how to answer, because frankly, there's no easy way to explain it without outing himself as a witch, too. 


Still, he keeps a journal to track his little “witch hunt.” He's determined to find out who it is. 




Possible Suspects: Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung. 


When Yangyang goes to the Dream dorm to return something to Renjun, he immediately senses it. It isn't something that can be explained, but he knows that someone has to have been practicing magic here within the past day. 


“Renjun isn't here,” Mark says from the couch, a notebook open in his lap and a pencil in hand. His glasses are perched on his nose, and he doesn't look up. “He’s been with 127 since last night.” 


“And you haven't?” 


“The rest of us were here, including Chenle and Donghyuck, so I joined. You busy?” Mark asks, putting his pencil down and finally looking at Yangyang.


“No,” Yangyang says. “I just came to drop off a battery pack.”


“I've been writing lyrics and need to run them over with someone, mind taking a look?” 


“Sure, I’ll look them over.” 


Mark smiles brightly. “Thank you.” 




Renjun is eliminated as a suspect—could not have been the source of the magic in the dorm. Magic definitely took place this morning, but Renjun’s been gone since last night. 


“There's a protection spell on you.” 


Yangyang glances over at Leon, his familiar. The cat is resting on the bed, but he's alert, eyes focused on Yangyang. It's been a while since the telepathic bond showed up, but it still catches Yangyang off guard when he can hear what Leon’s thinking. 


“Mine wore off though,” Yangyang says in his head. 


“I know, it isn't yours.” 


Yangyang furrows his eyebrows, looking down at his journal. “It had to have been one of the members then. How advanced is it?” 


“Definitely been practicing for a long time. I don’t recognize the magic, though, it isn't from a WayV member.” 


“I've only been with Dream recently.”


“It must be from one of them, then.”


Yangyang hums, scanning over his journal. Then, it hits him. Why would one of the Dreamies cast a protection spell on him? 


“I’m hungry,” Leon complains, jumping down from his spot on the bed and slipping out of the room to find Kun. 


His phone pings, and he closes his journal.



jeno is coming over to my house to play games 

wanna join?



sure, give me 10 minutes 




Chenle is eliminated as a suspect. Zero trace of magic in his house, no ingredients for spells or potions. Hid some protection charms in his house for him. Daegal didn't seem to notice. 


“One of the Dream members cast a protection spell on me.” 


“Well hello to you too, Yangyang,” Ten says, his voice crackling through the phone speaker. “You're telling me one of the Dreamies is a witch?” 


“Yes,” Yangyang says. “Do you know anything about that?” 


Ten sighs. “Just because I’m a psychic doesn't mean I know anything about that. I haven’t had any visions recently. China’s been taking a mental toll, so I can't connect as well.” 


Yangyang chews the inside of his cheek, then huffs, frustrated. “It's not Renjun or Chenle. Do you have any suggestions?” 


“Try Donghyuck,” Ten offers. “He's an astrology and tarot nerd, right? That's, like, the gateway to witchcraft. How'd you know about the spell?” 


“Leon told me.” 


“I’m still so jealous that Leon is your familiar,” Ten whines dramatically. “I wish I could talk to the cats. Kun always brags about being able to talk to Louis. Anyway, I have to go. Keep me updated.”


“Sure thing.” 


“You like tarot, right?” 


“Why? Do you want me to do a reading?” Donghyuck asks, leaning back against his headboard. 


“Yeah, if you don't mind,” Yangyang says. 


Donghyuck grins. “Cool, I’ll get my cards. You know, Mark never lets me do tarot on him, and Jaemin told me I should focus on more practical things. Leos, am I right?” 


Yangyang chooses not to bring up Donghyuck’s Leo moon, instead just watching as Donghyuck fumbles through his nightstand drawer. Eventually, he procures a worn down pack of tarot cards. 


“What do you want to know about?” Donghyuck asks, shuffling the cards. “Money? Love? Health?” 


“Tell me what my month is going to be like.” 




Donghyuck is eliminated as a suspect. Sorry Hyuck, but you suck ass at tarot. No traces of magic in his room, other than the little sparks that come from every tarot deck. I saw a protection charm on the way out, though. Someone else must've left it. 


I don't have any other leads to follow. 


“This is a really weird question,” Yangyang says, “but do you believe in witchcraft?” 


Renjun stares at him blankly. “Why?” 


Yangyang chews on his lower lip. “Hypothetically, if I were a witch—”


“I know you're a witch, Yangyang,” Renjun interrupts. “I know all of WayV are. Kun told me when I caught him putting protection charms in my bag.”


Yangyang gapes at him, completely speechless. 


“Stop looking at me like that,” Renjun says, and Yangyang closes his mouth. “If you're going to ask if I’m a witch, the answer is no.” 


“I know you aren't,” Yangyang says. “But one of the Dream members is. I don't know who, though, I ran out of leads.” 


Renjun raises an eyebrow. “Leads? What are you, a witch detective?” Yangyang responds by punching him in the shoulder, and Renjun only laughs. 


“Who have you ruled out?” 


“You, Donghyuck, Chenle.” 


Renjun hums thoughtfully. “Maybe you should just wait it out.” 


“It’s gonna take forever.” 


“No it won't,” Renjun says. “You already ruled out three people. Plus, it's not Jisung either, so there's four.” 


“How do you know it isn't Jisung?” 


“Kun told him too, and then we all talked about it.”


“Wait,” Yangyang says, “if you knew this whole time, why didn't you bring it up?” 


Renjun grins. “It was funny watching you try to hide it.”




Jisung has been ruled out by means of Renjun, who apparently knows I’m a witch. Great. But hey, at least there's less people I need to hide it from. 


Only people left are Mark, Jeno, and Jaemin. 


Finally, Yangyang rules out another person. 


It isn't an easy task at all, but somehow, he manages. Even though it was also extremely risky. 


And yeah, maybe practicing magic directly in front of someone is idiotic, but Yangyang didn't have a choice. 


It wasn't anything big—just a little protection sigil. Any witch would recognize it immediately. It can be done from any distance away from someone, but Yangyang decided to do it directly in front of them to gauge their reaction. 


Yangyang drew the sigil with practiced ease, and all they did was ask what he was drawing. No knowing looks, just confusion. When Yangyang offered the drawing up, they declined. Officially, he's down to two people. 




Jeno has been ruled out. He has zero idea what a protection sigil is, even though that's the first thing a lot of baby witches learn. 


Mark or Jaemin, which one of you is it? 


Eventually, Yangyang caves. 


After a week of doing absolutely nothing and making zero progress, he comes up with the idea to try and do the one thing he swore he wouldn't do. 


Create a telepathic bond. 


Telepathy is Yangyang’s thing. If he tries hard enough, he can get into anyone’s mind, but he refuses to do it for moral reasons. Telepathic bonds however—those are different. 


Telepathic bonds allow for two people to communicate their thoughts while they're any distance from each other, and control which thoughts go through. Both parties have to have some sort of magic, but only one of them needs to try and form the bond. 


It's not an easy process by any means, and it isn't very subtle. Honestly, the process has a lot in common with courting someone, which has caused many misunderstandings in the past. 


The first step is simple enough—give them a gift, and make sure it's on their person while trying to form a bond. Jewelry is a more popular method, but clothes and other accessories can also work. 


The second step is a bit more… difficult. Typically both people know about the bond formation, but since whoever Yangyang is trying it on won't know, it might be a little hard. 


He has to make a bond sigil that combines the characters for both of their names. That isn't the hard part, Yangyang has been doing sigil work for as long as he can remember, so it shouldn't be hard to create two unique ones. 


The hard part comes in the fact that the sigil has to be worn by both of them for twenty-four hours straight. 


For Leon, it was easy. He already knew his cat was his familiar, so he bought a new collar for him and sewed on a piece of fabric with the sigil drawn onto it. Then again, Leon is a cat, and cats can't ask questions out loud. Rarely will a human wear one item for over twenty-four hours. 


After a while, Yangyang decides what he’ll do. He buys customized rings for all of the Dreamies under the guise of a congratulatory gift for their awards, having their initials engraved so he knows which is which. It's a lot, but Yangyang is willing to do a lot of things to find out who the witch is. 


For Jaemin and Mark, he draws the sigils on the inside of the rings with a smudge-proof marker. He purposely made sure the rings had large enough bands to do this with. Once he delivered all of the rings, he drew the sigils on the inside of his wrist. 


Now, the waiting game. 


Three days later, Yangyang wakes up to someone else’s voice in his head, and he recognizes it immediately. 


“I guess now I know why you've been acting weird the past couple of weeks? I noticed the sigil yesterday, so I kept the ring on. You're way too good at this.”


Yangyang blinks away sleep, shocked. He had thought it didn't work, since it's been three days, but clearly he was wrong. 


“I just woke up so the bond is shaky,” Yangyang says in his head, using all of his focus to send the message through. “Text me instead.” 




Yangyang stares at his phone, and sure enough, a notification pops up a few moments later. 


fave leo (don't tell dejun)



Of course, it had to be him. 


He had been hoping it wasn't. It's kind of awkward, knowing that the person you've had a mini (gigantic) crush on ever since you were placed in the same unit can now speak in your head, and you can speak in his. Sue him for thinking he's extremely cool. And hot. 


fave leo (don't tell dejun) 

you think i’m cool ? and hot ? 


Ah, fuck. 


fave leo (don't tell dejun) 

for the record 

i think you're also cool and hot 


come over? 


Oh. Fuck. 


witch bf 

hey yangyang

i had a lot of fun yesterday

but i have a question 

how’d you know it was me?



i didn’t 

fun story, i kind of went on a witch hunt 

it was down to you and one other dreamie


witch bf

are you happy it's me? 




i thought i made it pretty clear yesterday 

oh, by the way, thanks for that protection spell 


witch bf

you noticed? 



leon did, he's my familiar 


witch bf

that's so cute wtf

i’ve got schedules now, can we move this to the bond? 



sure thing c: 


Sure enough, the voice comes into his head a few seconds later. “Hey Yangyang.”


Yangyang smiles to himself, closing out of his messaging app. 


“Hey, Mark.” 


DAY ??? 


Witch hunt is officially over. I didn't expect to get a boyfriend out of it, but I’m not complaining in the slightest.