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Sweet surprise

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You walked through the door, drenched from the rain and in a bad mood. You forgot to bring your umbrella to work today. Your car is currently in the repair shop getting fixed, which is why you decided to take the bus.

Not only had you forgotten your umbrella, but as you were walking back to your desk with your leftovers for lunch, your coworker Mark had bumped into you, making you spill your food all over yourself.

You had immediately gone to the restroom to try getting rid of the stain, without much luck.

You had gone right back to work afterward, deciding to then skip lunch since you had a lot of work piled up for you to do.

While walking to the bus stop after work, you could see that the clouds were getting darker, but you hoped you would make it home before it started to rain.

Unfortunately, you weren’t that lucky.

It started to rain halfway through the bus drive. You really hoped that it would stop raining by the time you had to walk off the bus. Again, you were not that lucky, it rained even more as you stepped off the bus.

It was only about a ten minute walk from the bus stop to your house but it felt so much longer as you walked in the cold rain.

Your clothes were getting wetter and wetter, and you were getting colder and colder.

As you walked into your neighborhood, you started to walk faster, wanting to get inside as fast as possible.


It wasn’t until you got inside and locked the door that you noticed the lights were on.

“Hello?” you ask uncertainly.

“Hi sweetheart, I’ve missed you” You hear your husband say as he walks over to you from the kitchen.

You stare at him for a few seconds, confused and stunned that your husband was home.

“I’ve missed you so much” you finally answer when he’s right in front of you. “I really want to hug you and kiss you right now, but you would get wet.”

“I don’t care, come here” he says as he captures you into a passionate kiss. It feels like fireworks, being so long since he left for his work trip. You both pull back from the kiss, leaning your foreheads together.

Tom looks down at you and a look of realization appears on his face.

“You must be freezing! Let’s get you inside and draw you a nice bath” he says as he takes off your jacket.

“Will you be joining me?”

“Of course” he adds with a smirk.


Together you walk over to the bathroom where he starts drawing a bath for you.

“I’ll be right back” he says before he slips out the door.

You remove your makeup and undress. Stepping into the bathtub and laying down. You sigh, already feeling your body getting warmer and more relaxed.

Tom steps back into the bathroom, undresses, and slips into the bath behind you.

“How was your day?” Tom asks.

You sigh “Not that great, Mark bumped into me today while I was carrying my lunch. All my food ended up on my clothes. And as you clearly saw, I got drenched by the rain. When did you get back? You weren’t supposed to be back for another few days.”

“I got home early this afternoon. We were done with filming earlier than expected, so I decided to surprise you.”

He washed your hair, massaging your scalp before taking your loofa and starting to wash your body. You relaxed into him as his hands wandered down your body. You were starting to feel aroused, and you could feel him harden behind you.

His hands wandered closer and closer to where you needed him the most.

His fingers finally circle over your clit. Your back arches a little and you let out a moan. His fingers feel heavenly on your skin.

His other hand moved to massage your boob and pinch your nipple. It was almost too much, it felt like forever since he touched you last, even if it was right before he left for filming.

One finger slips into you, moving his finger in and out, and you gasp.

“Tom, feels so good. Please, I need more” you plead.

He pulls out his finger, entering again with two fingers.

“You feel so good around my fingers baby. Are you going to cum on my fingers? Are you going to be a good girl for me?” he pumps his fingers into you faster, hitting your g-spot every time.

You move your hips with the rhythm of his fingers.

“Yes, yes, yes! Want to be your good girl” you moan.

His palm moves over your clit as his fingers slips in and out.

“Tom, please. Can I cum?” you beg as you feel your orgasm approaching.

“Yes babygirl, be a good girl for me and cum on my fingers” That’s all you need to hear to feel your orgasm rock through your body, moaning Tom’s name. Your body shakes a little as you calm down, his fingers still moving slowly inside you before he slips out.

He kisses your neck as your breathing calms down.

You turn around so that you are face to face, chest to chest. Tom cups your face before kissing you softly.

“You ready for me?” he asks softly when you pull back to look at him. You can feel his hard cock under you, rubbing against your clit as you move.

“Yes, so ready, been waiting so long to feel you again”

Tom takes his cock into his hand, rubbing it against your opening, teasing you.

He slowly starts to enter you, making both of you moan. He stops when he’s buried all the way inside you.

“You feel so good baby, clenching around my cock.” He moans out.

You can feel him start to move slowly before picking up speed little by little. He’s hitting your spot with every push.

You can’t help but moan out every time he hits your spot.

“YES, right there! Please, please can I cum? Tom! Please make me cum”

“Yes baby, I’m going to make you cum so hard. You feel so good. I’m going to cum inside you. Cum with me”

His hand moves down to circle your clit.

He pumps into you a few more times before orgasms rush through the both of you. You could feel his cum fill you up as you clench around him, your legs shaking.

He slows down before slipping out of you, kissing your face and down to your neck.

After a few minutes he pulls back.


“We should get up. Dinner is almost ready”

“Dinner? You made dinner?” You ask, looking up at him.

“Yeah, it’s in the oven” He stands up, stepping out of the bathtub before helping you out and drying you both with some towels.

Both of you get dressed in some comfy sweats before moving over to the kitchen.

You sit down by the dining table while Tom takes the food out of the oven, plating it and placing it on the table.

You both start eating the food and drinking some red wine, enjoying each other’s company.