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Five Minutes More

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The guy looks awfully familiar, that’s for sure, but Angie can’t quite put her finger on it right away. She wonders if maybe she’s seen him in a play or a picture - he’s handsome enough - only he doesn’t seem the type, and anyhow, he’s in uniform.


"Sorry to bother you," he says - and Angie almost tosses her tray and leaps into his arms, because she can’t remember the last time any customer spoke so nicely to her, let alone a tall drink of water with a heroic jawline and blue, blue eyes - "but do you know if Peggy Carter is here?"


Angie tries, and fails, not to be completely crushed under the weight of her own disappointment.


"A friend of mine told me she comes here for lunch," he adds. Angie notices for the first time that he’s carrying flowers, and has a hopeful sort of look. She wonders whether he knows about Mr. Fancy.


"She usually comes in around one." She steers Officer Dreamboat to Peggy’s usual booth. "Can I get you anything?"


"Cup of coffee, please. Black."


Angie actually giggles - God - and says, “Plenty sweet all on your own?”


Tall Drink of Handsome smiles (Angie can feel herself getting weak in the knees) and says, “That’s what my ma used to tell me.”


It’s then that Angie realizes where she’s seen him before: Passaic.


She really does drop her tray this time, a stack of dirty plates crashing to the tile floor. A couple of assholes in the corner give her a standing ovation, wolf-whistles and all. Her boss starts railing about how it’s coming out of her paycheck.


Meanwhile, Cap - it is him, she’d swear to it now, impossible as it seems - helps her clear up the mess.


Peggy always did hate the Captain America Adventure Program. And she’d get a little melancholy now and then about pictures of Cap in the paper (Angie loves that word, melancholy, so much classier than just plain old sad or mopey) but Angie always put it down to a sort of general sadness about the whole situation: he was young, he was cute, he was a hero, and he died.


Angie goes to get him his coffee, and then she starts counting the minutes until one o’clock.


Because whatever’s about to happen when Peggy walks in is gonna be better than a whole afternoon at the picture show.