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My End and My Beginning

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Disclaimer: As always I own nothing but the original characters and the situations all characters find themselves in. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

A New Second Meeting

Staring at the odd looking machine, it looked like something from a really low budget sci fi flick, Eggsy did his best not to hyperventilate at the thought of what he was about to do. A Kingsman did not fucking hyperventilate, he tried telling himself, even if he was about to climb into a contraption that would possibly transport him back in time, so that he could track down and apprehend Arthur's wanker of a son before the little pissant fucked everything up. What was with the King family, honestly? And why the fuck had they not been exorcised from the Kingsman's ranks by now? The present Arthur was okay, for a bog standard, but the man's father had collaborated with Valentine, and now the man's son had stolen a time machine to go back to the past to 'save' his granddad from being killed curtesy of the poison he'd tried to slip him three years ago.

And really, how could there be such a fucking thing as a time machine in the first place? When they'd confiscated it from one of Valentine's warehouses they'd all had a good, needed laugh over the fact that the barmy fucker had actually thought once that he could go back in time to save the environment. Valentine had given up on the whole thing obviously and moved on to his sodding computer chips, and really that should have been the end of it, shouldn't it? But oh no, one of Merlin's lackeys had just had to try and make the damn prototypes work, and wouldn't you know it, the idiot had pulled it off and-

"Now remember, Galahad."

"I remember, Merlin." Doing his best not to glare at the older man, as that would not end well, Eggsy ran through the list of things he had to remember. "In and out as quick as possible, while interacting with as few people as possible, and absolutely no trying to change the future in any way, shape or form while I'm there. Right?"

What hung in the air, unsaid, was that they both knew that he was being sent back to a time when Harry Hart, his former mentor was still alive. A time before his mum had met, much less married Dean. He wouldn't be able to save his dad, he was already dead, but there were others he could save if Eggsy was willing to risk the fate of the world for his own selfish reasons.

And he wanted to, Eggsy was willing to admit to himself, he wanted it so fucking bad he could taste it on his sodding tongue. But he wouldn't. Couldn't.

"Right." Clearing his throat, Merlin explained that there were two suitcases that were going with him, one containing instructions and old currency so that he'd be able to travel, bribe, or send away his mother and younger self if necessary. The other contained clothes and other items that would allow him to better integrate with the new time period.

"Merlin…I might have only been a sprog, but I was around in good ole nineteen ninety nine." Eggsy rolled his eyes, which were currently blue thanks to the contacts he was wearing as part of his disguise. "I even remember that whole Y2K nonsense, when the geeks all thought that-"

"Don't remind me of that. Ever. I mean it."

Wisely shutting his mouth at the look Merlin aimed in his direction, and what was up with that, Eggsy put his hands up in a gesture of peace.

"You know where to find your mother and younger self, finding Gal -Harry will be a little tougher during the day, I couldn't get an exact lock on his movements from my records. I do know where he'll be that night, though." Merlin handed over a manila envelope. "Here are directions to a private gentlemen's club. The card in there will get you in." A clearing of throat, then a pointed look. "It's a gentlemen's ONLY club."

Understanding what Merlin was implying but not saying, Eggsy gave him a small nod. He'd helped Merlin pack up Harry's place after his mentor's death, and he'd actually been the one to accidentally discover Harry's wanking material. Not that he hadn't already pegged the man as a fa-gay, Eggsy mentally amended, his mind rebelling at the idea of calling the man anything remotely insulting even in the confines of his own thoughts. So the finding hadn't been that big a surprise, though he'd been somewhat amused seeing as the skin mags and such suggested he'd have been Harry's type had he been older at the time.


Snapping back to attention at that name, which to Eggsy's mind would always mean Harry even decades from now, Eggsy listened to Merlin drone on and on again about all the sodding things he had to remember, which he'd heard already from not only the tech genius, but pretty much everyone in Kingsman who was old enough that they'd be Kingsman when he made his trip to the past. The majority of them didn't think he could do this without cocking it up royally, had argued against him going, but he'd been the most logical choice, especially since they weren't sure the whole traveling thing would work since they were using the still problematic prototype instead of the proven success Chester Junior had taken off in thirteen hours ago. In the eyes of some the older generation his saving the world was a total one off, and he was still the street chav fuck up Harry had dragged out of the gutters three years ago.

Roxy thought he was mental for volunteering, above and beyond the likelihood he would end up dead as disco. That it would kill him, not being able to warn his mum and Harry about things. And it would, he wasn't stupid, but Eggsy also knew that this was his one and only chance to show Harry that he'd become the gentleman Harry had wanted him to be. That he could not only dress like a gentleman now, but talk and act like one. He'd still been a fuck up when Harry had died…and even if Harry would never know, Eggsy would know that he'd shown Harry what he'd become, even if it would be under a different name.

"We're ready when you are, Merlin."

"Ready, Eggsy?"

"As I'll ever be, Merlin."

Surprised when Merlin jerked him in for a very short, very awkward and manly hug, Eggsy gave a startled, touched laugh and gave Merlin a quick hug back.

"Come back in one piece, ya?"

"That's my plan."

Throwing in a cheeky salute for emphasis, Eggsy took a deep breath and then walked over to the weird cross between an old school phone booth and some torture device he'd seen in museums and such when he was a lad. Oh, and in the home of that really fucked up billionaire who'd wanted to-nevermind. His stomach was already upset as it was without going down that mental road.

"Well beam me up then, Merlin."

"Just so long as I don't blow you up."

Opening his mouth to demand to know what the hell Merlin meant by that, that did not sound good, Eggsy didn't get the chance as everything around him suddenly went dark and very, very shaky.


If there was any justice in the world his target was feeling sick as a dog somewhere. Such was the thought Eggsy clung to as he sat in the back of the cab, which was currently whizzing through London traffic like a mad thing. Normally he would appreciate it, he was no better behind the wheel after all, but his stomach was still feeling very sensitive and painfully empty besides. He'd thrown up everything in his stomach when he'd stumbled out of the torture device disguised as a time machine hours before, and though he craved food on one hand, Eggsy figured it was safer if he held off on that or stuck with soup or something.

Nevermind that though, what was important was that he'd already taken care of his younger self and mum, and that left just Harry and the other Kingsmen to worry about.

In the letter the bastard had left behind after stealing the time machine, he'd stated that he was going back into the past to undo the terribly wrongs done to his family, save his grandfather, and to make Eggsy pay for the murder of said grandfather. So that being the case there were three possible moves for the bloke to make from their point of view. Either he killed little Eggsy, which was no longer possible, killed Harry, thus preventing the man from ever mentoring him which was happening over Eggsy's dead body, or three, and most likely, Chester intended to go to Kingsmen headquarters and warn his granddad and most likely the other Kingsmen against letting Eggsy even try out to be a Kingsman.

The fact that if the bastard succeeded he wouldn't be around to stop Valentine…well Eggsy had figured out that the little prick's wheel was still turning but the hamster long dead the first time he met Arthur's son, so no surprise there.

Kingsmen shrinks figured Chester would want Eggsy alive to suffer, so it was the latter two he was most worried about. So he was going to find Harry and protect his mentor while hunting down his target at the same time.

The cab driver barking out the amount due, and interrupting his thoughts, Eggsy opened his eyes to find that they had indeed stopped, having apparently arrived at his destination. And since things were so much cheaper here Eggsy tipped generously and then let himself out, looking around with interest while the driver sped away.

When it came to sex Eggsy considered himself an equal opportunity sort of fella. Sex was sex as far as he was concerned. But this was where the elites went to get down and dirty so to speak, and none of his assignments had taken him here before. It looked pretty damn ordinary to him, just a regular, posh part of the city, but then that was probably the point. All the rich pervs not wantin no one to know what they were getting up to while the missus or mister were out doing their own thing.

Pulling out the map he'd been given Eggsy double checked where he was going and then walked the short distance to the elegant brownstone that didn't even have a sign or a name to advertise that a bloke was in the right place.

Rich people.

Rolling his eyes Eggsy did a brief survey of what he could see of himself to make sure he looked well turned out in his suit, before heading up to the door to knock. Naturally the door opened to reveal a snotty looking butler type.


Pulling the card out of his pocket Eggsy held it out with his most charming of smiles, thanking the man politely when he handed the card back and motioned for him to come in.

"Up the stairs, Sir."

"Thank you."

Hoping his nerves weren't showing, fuck he was going to see Harry again for the first time in three fucking years, Eggsy took his time walking up the fancy set of steps as he mentally reminded himself that he needed to play this cool and right or he was going to cock everything up and he'd never forgive himself.

He would not fuck this up. He could not fuck this up. He'd be damned if he'd fuck this up.

A bouncer type opening one of the two main doors directly in front of the staircase, Eggsy nodded his thanks and then walked into the room, his eyes scanning the dimly lit area automatically as he took in the room's layout, the security in place, and just the general feel of the clientele, just in case.

There were a couple of billiard tables off to one side, the bar in the middle of the room being manned by two men, the rest of the space made up of seating areas, either meant for couples or small groups. The lack of women was certainly obvious, but Eggsy figured most anyone could come in and not know right away that this wasn't just a men's club that didn't allow women in.

The ones that were likely couples weren't even snogging or nothing, Eggsy marveled, though he saw a couple boys he would bet were aiming to leave the place richer thanks to the men they were sitting with. But even then, it wasn't obvious what was what unless you were looking for it.

Trust Harry to pick this sort of a place to look for action.

Smirking at the thought, and belatedly recalling that he should be looking for Harry, not musing about the man's sex life, Eggsy headed further into the room, pleased to politely brush off two men before he got to the bar where he intended to ask about his target.

But then a movement off to the right had him instinctually glancing in that direction, warmth and feelings that were too mushy for Eggsy to put a name to welling up in his chest and in his eyes as he laid said eyes on Harry Hart. From the side view he had Harry was looking a little less grey than the last time he'd seen him, but it was most definitely him, talking to some other bloke who had a hand on Harry's arm in a possessive sort of way.

Bugger, what if he was interrupting something here?

He didn't want to ruin Harry's chances of getting lucky after all, the man's life was going to be cut horribly short as it was. But no…no the look on Harry's face…something wasn't right here. Eggsy could feel it in his gut.

He needed to get closer.


In some part of his brain Harry knew that it would be ridiculously easy for him to break the hold Christopher currently had on his arm. He was Galahad after all, a Kingsman. And apparently still a complete and utter idiot where Christopher Devin was concerned. The fact that his boyhood lover was married, with children, should have been enough, but when Christopher spoke to him like this, looked at him like this, it was all Harry could do to remember why he shouldn't give in to the bastard's seduction techniques yet. The fact that he was feeling lonely, hadn't had anyone's company in bed but his own in far too long, and had already had two whiskeys wasn't helping matters one little bit.

But still, he'd been foolish enough to get involved with Christopher once, and only an idiot made the same bloody mistake twice.

"Thank you for that…kind offer, Christopher, but as I stated previously, I'm not interested in revisiting old times. I suggest you look elsewhere in the room, for someone who doesn't care that you're married."

"You always do this, Harry, you know that." Moving in closer, his voice a seductive drawl that had once brought Harry to his knees literally, Christopher knew just how to manipulate Harry and they both knew it. "You play the oh so proper gentleman, refusing to let anyone get close enough to see the flesh and blood man under your perfectly tailored suits. It's no wonder that you're so often alone…aren't you tired of it? Don't you want to have more than that government job you've chained yourself to all these years? You remember what we had, what I made you feel? Don't you want to feel that way again?"

"I'd say it's pretty obvious he doesn't. Especially as he's got me to remind him that you're nothing in comparison."

Turning to face the unknown speaker automatically, Harry's brain had just enough time to mentally document the important details while his ears registered the much younger man's use of his own first name in greeting, and then unknown man's hand was tugging his head down to press their lips together.

Early twenties. Hair short, different shades of blond and brunet mixed together appealing. About five foot ten, slim, but muscled build, excellent suit by a tailor whose name he wouldn't mind getting the name of at some point. Weapon in a shoulder holster under the suit jacket.

Gathering more information as he was snogged quite well considering the boy's age, Harry identified the calluses on the hand cupping his cheek as being both from regular gymnastics training, bars he'd guess, and regular use of firearms. Above and beyond that they were not a gentleman's hands, and at odds with the rest of the persona the young man had adopted.

Feeling the change in the younger man's body, the fact that he wasn't fully absorbed in the snogging apparently registering with his 'beau', Harry wasn't at all surprised that the boy took it as a challenge, the tongue coming into play intriguing him enough that he opened his own mouth to let the boy try and fail to-oh.

The low moan that escaped his lips would have embarrassed the hell out of Harry if not for the fact that he was trying to figure out what the hell the boy had just done with his tongue to make him…ah. The second time he got the mechanics and biting back another groan returned the gesture, feeling quite smug about the fact that the other man's moan was louder than his own had been.

Then the loud clearing of a throat finally registered, reminding Harry of the fact that he was currently in public behaving in a most unseemly manner with a young man he didn't even know.

Ending the snogging, which was a pity as it had been most enjoyable, Harry couldn't help but take a moment to enjoy and feel smug pride in the dazed look in the boy's eyes before they too cleared, a rather impish look coming into them to go with the devilish smile on the undeniably handsome face.

"Well you've obviously missed me as much as I've missed you."

The younger man reached down and took his hand, Harry allowing the gesture since it wasn't his gun hand and he was curious as to what exactly the stranger was up to.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your…friend, Harry?"

"No need." Was the youth's response, those blue eyes flickering over to meet Christopher's for a heartbeat before turning back to hold Harry's gaze. "I already know everything I need to know about you. And I don't waste my time getting to know someone who'd be foolish enough to let Harry slip through his fingers. So if you would excuse us; there's a good boy."