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The Juicy Bunda

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Blood. I’ve never wanted it this bad. It has never smelled so damn good. I’m running through the woods, trying to find the source of this heavenly scent. Finally I see it, or him. Bathing in a swamp of mud is a big green ogre, cleaning all of his crevices in a way that makes me moan. Never have I seen something so beautiful. After he turned around I couldn’t help but gasp, it’s my biology teacher Mr. Shrek… I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I shouldn’t be watching him like this. He would be angry. I turn to leave but I can’t help but steal one more glance. He’s so handsome.<3
After a few weeks it just became a habit to come and watch Shrek bathe. The way he squelches in that mud makes me blush. I want to join him, the thought just makes me more red. I decided to stay longer today, I like how I feel when I’m around him, I just wish he knew how I felt. I hear something crunch which pulls me from my train of thought and see Shrek is getting out of the mud. I’ve never stayed long enough to see this part. All I can see is his juicy bunda,and I groan as heat flushes to my nether regions. But as I’m distracted by the pleasure I didn’t notice Shrek walk right up to me….