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💕 February With Offgun Couples 2022

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Rome wasn’t exactly sure why he thought it would be a good idea to climb the tree in the corner of the schoolyard. His teacher had called all the students back, but Rome was stuck, too scared that he might slip and fall on his way down.

His eyes started to water as he watched his class heading back into the school building. No one even seemed to notice him missing. He was going to be stuck in the tree for the rest of his life. Rome started crying harder, hugging tightly to the tree trunk.


Rome cautiously turned his gaze towards the ground. An older kid was standing there, looking up at him with a confused expression.

“Why are you in a tree?” The kid had his arms crossed, as if Rome being stuck in a tree somehow inconvenienced him.

Rome sniffled a little and tried to wipe away his tear tracks before replying, “I’m too scared to go down. I don’t want to get hurt.”

“Oh? Then why would you go up in the first place?” The kid rolled his eyes, “Come on, you’re not even that high up. Just jump down.”

That was a terrible idea! What if he jumped down and landed badly? What if he broke a bone? The kid just sighed when Rome didn’t budge.

“What’s your name, nong? My name is Pick.”

“Rome,” he glanced down again, seeing a slightly less angry expression on Pick’s face.

“N’Rome, P’Pick promises that if you climb down, nothing bad will happen. You’ve got to get back to your class or this will get out of hand.”

“You really promise?” Rome loosened his grip on the tree a bit. Pick nodded.

Well, maybe it would be okay. Rome’s legs were a little shaky and he slowly stepped from branch to branch, until only a little jump to the ground was left. He took a deep breath and finally made it back to the grass.

“See? Nothing happened. Next time don’t be so scared. Go back to your class now—”

Rome interrupted Pick by wrapping him in a tight hug, “Thank you P’Pick. I thought I was stuck up there forever.”

Pick squirmed away, “Just go back to class, it was nothing.”

Rome nodded happily and started running back towards the building. Before he went in, a warm feeling took over his chest as he glanced back at Pick.