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All In One Kingdom

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"This is speaking"
This is singing parts
'This is thinking'

Marik gets home quickly knowing her brother and sister wouldn't be awake at this time. She enters and closes the door quietly before she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turns and pouts when she realizes it's her brother.
"Rashid, why are you up?" Marik asked.
"Because our sister is. Now come. It's time to learn." Radish takes her to the study room.
"Ugh!" Marik groaned. "Why? I just came. Can't I eat first?"
"You can eat after your lessons young lady." Ishizu says as they walk in the study room.
"I don't even want to go to this stupid ball thing. It's not like I'm going to marry one of them." She groans. Ishizu and Rashid look at each other before looking at Marik. "What? What's that look? Oh Ra please don't tell me I have to marry one of them."
"It would be nice." Ishizu said.
"No." Marik crossed her arms
"They're not bad men." Rashid said.
"No." Marik shakes her head.
"Plus we might have already agreed with the King to have you marry one of them." Ishizu said a bit quickly.
"What?!" Marik looks at them. "Why? Why would you do that?"
"Because it's the Kings wish for at least one of his sons to marry inside the court and there is only one girl their age."
"Me!" Marik glares. "So you all decide on my life? My love life! And you just thought I would be okay with this?!"
"Marik we know it's hard but it's the Kings wish. We can't disobey." Rashid said.
"But you can lie." Marik said. "Or better yet say that you can't force someone to love another."
"We thought you would have been happy. You'd be a princess." Ishizu said.
"I don't want to be a princess. Not like this. Not forced. Not told that I have to marry one of them because of the wish of a stupid King." Marik growls.
"Young lady watch your tongue." Rashid said.
"You!" She looks at Rashid in betrayal. "You always told me that when I marry I should marry for love and if the guy is right for me. Do you really think me marrying someone I don't even know is the right guy for me?"
"Well umm..." Rashid sighed. "Marik I told you all that because I never thought the King would ask for you to marry one of his sons."
"Well if the King wants that he should find someone else! Better yet he can let his sons choose who they want to marry and leave my love life alone!"
Ishizu goes to Marik and slaps her. Marik's eyes widen as she puts her hand on her cheek. She looks at Ishizu with horror.
"Look Marik. Yes it sucks that you won't be able to marry who you want but at least be grateful that our King chose you. Now you will go up to your room and think about all this. I don't want you out until you realize that this discussion is over. You will marry one of the Prince's and that is final."
"Don't expect to see me then." Marik runs to her room in tears.
Rashid sighed. "Ishizu maybe she's right. We shouldn't force her."
"We already agreed with the King. If one of his son doesn't find a girl Marik will be it." Ishizu sighs.
"Yes we agreed to that but look at her."
"What's done is done. We can't change it." Ishizu went to the kitchen.

Marik cries on her bed. "Stupid sister. Stupid brother. Stupid King. Stupid stupid stupid Prince's!"
She hears a chirping and looks at the bird cage. She wipes her tears and gets up. "Hey little bird. Want to go out? Yeah."
Lucky bird inside a guilded cage Marik puts her hand on the cage.
Golden words spoke by an ancient sage everything you may have in life still, all you hold is dust Marik grabs the birds food and holds it.
Must I yearn forever to be free? Free to climb a tree and ponder free to wander She puts the food inside. There's no desire I hold fonder than to be, simply me, to be free
How ungrateful is this lucky bird spurning privlege for one simple word Marik opens the cage and takes the bird out. The bird chirps and nuzzles her hand Freedom to stretch these golden wings freedom to touch the sky why one would ask would she want to be free to throw away a treasure Marik starts to twirl around her room.
Born with pleasure I'd sacrifice riches beyond measure She stops in front of the window.
Just a girl, with a boy what a perfect fantasy Marik starts to open the window
To find love, to feel joy She opens it completely as the bird is ready to fly.
To be really free
She let's the bird out of her hand and smiles as it flies with three other birds. She looks around as she smirks.
"Well she won't know that I'm gone. Let her suffer for a while." She gets out by the window and smirks. "Let's see now who will listen to who." She jumps around and goes into town.

"Why won't anyone believe me?!" Bakura pouted as he leans on his mom who rubs his head.
"Oh I believe you Kura." His mother smiled.
"You're my mom. You're suppose to believe me."
"That's true but our world is mysterious so the possibility of a mermaid being here is pretty high." She kissed his head. "Plus there is that local town rumor."
"Yes that where the great tree that divides land and sea, a mermaid lives around the area."
"Isn't the docks around the corner from that tree."
"Yes. Many say that she lives there. But of course your father being your father doesn't believe in it."
"Nor does Seto, Atem, and Malik." Bakura groans. "I swear mom. I saw her. She saved me from drowning. I swear she did. I need to find her mom."
"If it's meant to be you'll find her." She smiled.
"Can't I go now?"
"No, not until I say you're all better."
"Mom. I just drowned. It's not like I have a fever."
"Fine. Take care of yourself." She starts to get off the bed when she felt a tug on her dress. She looked down and smiled when Bakura's hand was holding it.
"Don't leave mom."
"I won't." She smiled and pulled him to a hug. "My baby. Don't ever stay on a burning boat again. Do you understand?"
"Yes mom." Bakura hugs back.
"Awww Kura is getting baby treatment." Malik snickered.
"Shut up Malik." Bakura glared.
"Malik be nice to your baby brother." Their mother warned.
"Yes mom. You know I just love teasing him." Malik kissed her cheek.
"Hmm." She kissed his back and ruffles his hair.
"Mom can I take Bakura now?" Malik asked with a smile.
"For?" She asked.
"Yeah what for?" Bakura crossed his arms.
"He's still not well Malik. He needs time to recover." She said as she fixes Bakura's hair.
"All he did was drown. It's not like he had a fever." Malik said.
"See!" Bakura pointed out.
"You two are so brothers." She chuckled.
Malik smiled while Bakura groaned.
"Either way I don't think Bakura should be up anytime soon." She said.
"Come on mom. It's not like we're gonna go swimming. It's just walking around." Malik takes her hand. "Please."
"Well...if Bakura wants to." She said.
"Will you take care of me later mom?" Bakura asked.
"I'll always take care of you." She smiled and kissed his head which made Bakura smile.
"Okay. Let's go!" Bakura said.
"Great come on." Malik dragged Bakura out.
"Behave boys!" Their mother called out.
"We won't!" They laughed and went out to the courtyard.
"So what are we gonna do?" Bakura asked.
"What we always do. Get into trouble." Malik smirked. "Besides you heard mom, the town people have a rumor about the mermaid. Let's see if it's true."
"You believe me?" Bakura asked.
"Well kinda. I mean it's a possibility."
"It wouldn't work though. They'll recognize us. Not a lot of people have our hair you know."
"You think we wouldn't have disguises?" Malik smirked. "Come on I got outfits picked out for us." He throws him a bag. "This is yours. Put it on."
Bakura nods and puts the clothes on and a hat. "We look like commoners now."
"That's the point isn't it?" Malik chuckled. "Come on." He said as they got out through a secret exit.
"So the town near the docks?" Bakura asked.
"Yup." Malik smiled as they left into the town.
Marik walked around as she sighed. "Maybe I'll go to Ryou's. No I have to go back. But I don't want to marry. So I'll buy snack." She goes to the candy store. She sees two guys she's never seen before as they argue with the store owner.
"I told you boys already I don't know what you're talking about." The candy man glared.
"They said it's the towns rumor. How have you not heard it." The boy with tan skin with a weird hat and brown shirt with tan shorts, which is Malik, said.
"Does it look like I gossip boy? Now out if you're not gonna buy anything." The candy man said.
"Come on don't you know anything?" The boy with pale skin, who is Bakura, and another weird hat with the same outfit, as Malik, the other boy.
"Umm I think you two should go. He already said he doesn't know anything so leave him alone." Marik said.
"Ah Marik nice too see you again. Same as usual?" The candy man asked.
"Double it please." Marik smiled.
"Will do." He said as he got the candy ready.
"You girl do you know anything about the rumor?" Bakura asked.
"My name isn't you girl and I don't know what you're talking about." Marik glared.
"You know the rumor of the mermaid." Malik said.
Marik froze a bit but gave them a questioning look. "I don't know what you're talking about. There's no rumor like that here."
"Isn't this the town near the docks?" Bakura asked.
"Well yes but still have no clue what you guys are talking about." Marik said as she paid for her candy. "Now if you excuse me." She took her candy and left.
"She knows something." Malik said.
"Let's follow." Bakura said as they followed her. "Hey girl!"
"My name isn't hey girl." Marik growled.
"Then what is your name?" Malik asked.
"Noneya." Marik said.
"Noneya what?" Malik asked.
"Noneya business." Malik glared. "Now stop following me."
"Hey now don't be like that. Why don't we be friends?" Malik asked.
"I said no. I don't become friends with strangers."
"Well let's not be strangers. I'm Melvin." Malik said as he went in front of her.
"I don't care." She glared.
"Now I told you my name why can't you tell me yours?" Malik smiled.
"Will you stop following me if I do?" Marik asked.
"Yup!" Malik smiled.
"Fine. Its Marik. Now bye." Marik passed him.
"Hey wait!" Marik runs after her with Bakura following.
"I thought you said you'd stop following me." Marik glared.
"Yeah but you see we don't know our way around. Oh and this is my brother, Florence." Malik said.
'Florence?! What kind of name is that?!' Bakura screamed in his mind.
"That's a weird name." Marik said before she stopped walking.
"Well now that we are all friends now mind showing us around town?" Malik smiled.
"We are not friends." Marik glared.
"Why not? Being friends with us has benefits." Marik said.
"Oh yeah? Like what?" Marik smirked.
Marik, I don't think you quite realize what you got here! So, why don't you just ruminate, while I illuminate the possibilities! Malik takes her hand and smirked.
Well, Ali Baba had them forty thieves, Scheherazade had a thousand tales. But Marik you're in luck, 'cause up your sleeves you've got a brand of friendship magic never fails Marik threw some glitter up.
You've got some power in your corner now! Some heavy ammunition in your camp! Malik pretends to be shooting.
You got some punch, pizzaz, yahoo and how. See, all you gotta do is say yes, and I'll say: He takes out a piece of paper.
"Mrs. Marik, madam, what will your pleasure be? Let me take your order, jot it down?" You ain't never had friend like me Malik pretends to write something before smiling at him.
Life is your restaurant and I'm your maitre'd. Come on whisper what it is you want; Malik leans close to her. You ain't never had friend like me!
Yes madam, we pride ourselves on service. Bakura chuckled.
You're the boss, the queen, the shah. Malik danced around.
Say what you wish; it's yours, true dish. How 'bout a little more baklava? Malik pulled Marik to the dance
Have some of column A try All of column B, I'm in the mood to help you, dude. You ain't never had friend like me Marik spins Marik around until he sits her on a bench.
Oh my. No no. My my my. Marik chuckled.
Can your friends do this? Malik does a backflip.
"Yes." Marik said.
Can your friends do that? Bakura does a few cartwheels.
"I think a bit more." Marik said.
Can your friends pull this Malik pulled out Marik's candy from his hat. Out their little hat?
"Well no." Marik took back her candy.
Can your friends go poof? Bakura threw a smoke screen before Bakura and Malik disappeared.
"I don't think so." Marik said
Well looky here. Haha Malik was sitting next to him with Bakura on the other side.
Can your friends go abracadabra, let her rip, and then make the sucker disappear? They did it again before appearing in front of him. Marik's eyes widen.
So don't just sit there slack-jawed, buggy-eyed, I'm here to answer all your mid-day prayers, you've got me bona fide certified; You've got a friend for charge d'affaires. Malik picks her up and winks.
I've got a powerful urge to help you out, so what you wish, I really wanna know? Malik puts him down and puts his hand under his chin as if he wanted to know what she wanted.
You've got a list that's three miles long, no doubt, well all you've gotta do is tell like so, and oh - Malik pulled her close but she pushed him away.
Mrs. Marik, madam, have a wish or two or three. I'm on the job you big nabob! You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend, Marik waved his finger.
You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend, Bakura waved his finger.
You ain't never had a friend like me. Malik and Bakura run around her and laughed.
You ain't never had a friend like me Malik took Marik's hand and kissed it. Marik pulled her hand away and glared.
"So what do you want?" Marik asked.
"Well we heard a rumor that a mermaid lives in the area. We wanted to see for ourselves if it's true." Malik said.
"Well I've lived here all my life and I can tell you I've never seen a mermaid here. They don't exist. So I suggest you stop looking." Marik said.
"Well we'll just have to find out ourselves then." Bakura said as he walked. "Let's go Melvin."
"Fine. See you Marik." Malik smiled and waved.
"Wait!" Marik followed. 'Gotta keep them away from there!'