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Reclaiming What Was Lost

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“Let's go on a heist.”

Amun's door, usually closed, had been swung open with such force, it hit the wall. Staring angrily at the dent it made in the plaster, he almost didn't register what was said to him.

“A what, now?” he asked, blinking his deep red eyes at Benjamin.

A wide grin was spread across Benjamin's face, wild and excited. “Let us go on a heist, Amun,” he repeated enthusiastically.

Amun sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. He had always loved Benjamin's energy, was even envious of it from time to time, but this latest idea of his felt like a step too far.

“And what, pray tell, would we be.. uh.. 'heisting'?” Amun asked hesitantly.

“Why, Egyptian artifacts! Straight from the British museums!”

“Wh- Artifacts? You can't be serious?”

“When am I not serious?” Benjamin laughed, moving in quickly to grab Amun's hand, pulling the old vampire to his feet. “Come now, Amun, we should get these artifacts back. For the good of our ancestors, and the good of Egypt!”

Benjamin seemed so excited at the thought of committing robbery that the wind kicked up around him, creating a small cyclone surrounding their feet. It pained Amun's heart to deny him such an adventure, but he couldn't risk the younger vampire's safety, especially since the Volturi knew of his existence.

“No, absolutely not,” Amun said in a dominant tone. He watched Benjamin's smile falter, and his scarlet eyes flash.

“Why not?” Benjamin demanded, the cyclone kicking up almost viciously. He seemed to realize this, and broke eye contact long enough to settle the winds around them.

“For several reasons. All concerning your safety.” Amun sat back down and picked up a discarded novel from his desk, opening it to a marked page. “The Volturi know of your existence now, and more importantly, your abilities. They will find any reason to bring you in, and a heist is the perfect way to get yourself caught. And killed.”

The last he said in a grave tone, brow furrowed. His love for Benjamin was deep, unending. He was a son to Amun, and must be protected at all costs.

“Safety is of no concern to me,” Benjamin shot back, his smile returning. It was more mischievous this time, and Amun narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

Before he could say anything, however, a familiar frame swung into view. Gripping the door jamb with one hand, grinning from ear-to-ear, was Emmett Cullen, one of Carlisle's coven members.

“Security detail, at your service,” Emmett announced to the room, flexing his biceps like a showman.

If Amun had a heart, it would have stopped beating. He felt an ache in his chest, and could only utter a single, horrifying thought:

“You've already decided.”

Benjamin nodded. “I have.”

Amun slowly closed the novel in his hand, letting the situation process in his mind. If Benjamin had already decided on this childish, and dangerous, endeavour, then why would he bother to tell him? To ask permission? As a warning? Or was it really the invitation that was posed to him in the beginning?

“Please say you'll come along, Amun,” Benjamin pleaded, kneeling in front of his father figure. “I know you worry, but I really have thought of it all. Tia has agreed to come with me, and I'm sure Kebi would as well, if you were to ask.” He took one of Amun's hands in both of his, eyes wide and sincere. “I know you will worry if you stay, so if you join us, you will know that I am safe.”

Amun let out a slow, deep sigh. He looked at Benjamin, then Emmett, and back again. He placed his other hand atop Benjamin's, and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Alright,” he told the younger, defeated. “You are correct; I would worry myself into a grave if I wasn't with you. And since you most likely won't change your mind, I will speak to Kebi, and we can go together.”

Benjamin whooped with excitement and leapt to his feet, giving Emmett an intense high five.

“It won't only be us,” Benjamin informed Amun, turning back towards the door. Emmett entered the room, making way for his siblings. Amun recognized them as well; Edward, Jasper, and Alice Cullen. Four of Carlisle's clan, in his home, ready to help Benjamin with his task.

“You were a great help to us when the Volturi came for Renesmee that, when Benjamin asked us to help him pull off an elaborate heist, we agreed right away,” Edward spoke up, staring directly into Amun's eyes. Amun remembered that this Cullen could read thoughts, and guessed that he heard the question floating in his mind: Why?

“I suppose that makes sense,” Amun replied. “Come, let us gather in the courtyard, and we can discuss this further.”

Kebi, ever near to Amun both physically and intimately, was not far behind in joining the group. Benjamin has fetched Tia as well, and they all stood around the wading pool in the courtyard. The younger vampires were enthralled, Tia being the quietest about the event, and Edward more reserved with his expression.

Amun gazed at Kebi, looks and glances and expressions were exchanged. He could read on her face that she had heard everything, and would follow him to the ends of the earth. He had always known she would, and yet still believed he needed to ask.

“You will come?” he asked in a low baritone. Kebi's response was a nod and a smile.

Amun turned his attention back to the others, meeting gazes with each member, ending with Benjamin. “Alright, my boy,” he finally said, tilting his chin upwards. “What is your plan, and how might I help?”

With a flick of his wrist, Benjamin pulled the water in the pool upwards, then used both hands to shape it into a building.

“This is the British Museum, in London,” Benjamin explained, rotating the water-model. He twisted his hands around and the shape changed, showing the layout of a room. There were cases – Amun presumed they were glass – holding several artifacts he knew of. They were very familiar to him, having seem some of them himself centuries before. He found himself yearning for their return, the sentimental value of his heritage flooding his thoughts.

“The upper floor holds their Ancient Egypt exhibit,” Benjamin continued, twisting and changing the water to show different artifacts, paintings, sarcophagi, all set up in neat displays, sealed off from the world. “It is all kept in rooms sixty-one to sixty-six, on the north side of the museum.”

Amun felt his brow furrow, and he allowed his face to take on an angered yet focused expression. He did not want to admit it out loud, but Benjamin was right about these artifacts belonging to Egypt. He felt ashamed of himself, as if he were personally responsible for the British theft of their culture. It was disgraceful. The humans did not deserve to keep what was not theirs.

“I will be in charge of the cameras,” Edward spoke up, his arms crossed over his chest. “I have a USB drive with software that will loop the security footage. We won't be seen.”

“And I'll keep everyone updated on the paths the guards take,” Alice's voice chimed, her pixie cut and petite frame a stark contrast against the height and bulk of the Cullen boys. “If anything changes, I'll make sure you'll know right away.”

Jasper spoke next, staring into the water. “If the guards get jittery, I'll calm them down. They'll never get near any of you.” This last line was addressed to the group, but his eyes travelled to his mate, Alice. Alice smiled, and Amun watched her give Jasper's arm a squeeze.

“And how do you propose we remove the artifacts? Brute force?” Amun inquired of Benjamin. Benjamin just smirked in response.

“Well, how the hell else?” Emmett chimed in, flexing both arms respectively. “I'm the strongest one here, if we're gonna get as much out as we can, you're gonna need me around, yeah?”

Amun sighed audibly. “And you are going to, what, smash the cases? Throw the artifacts out of windows? This is the history of our families, our very culture preserved! You cannot just go around, arms swinging like a rabid baboon! This will require skill, and quick hands.”

Emmett let his arms drop, his expression turning sour. Amun could tell the Cullen boy was holding his tongue from whatever retort he wished to spout in response.

“I'll pick the locks,” Tia said, taking over the conversation. Amun knew Tia wasn't fond of him, but her love for Benjamin had her put her dislike aside, for his sake. “I've done it before, I'll do it again.”

“See? All sorted out!” Benjamin announced to the group. He manipulated the water-model once more, back to a floor map. “We will have trucks ready to go, and can exit through here-” he pointed to one exit, then another “-and here. They lead the closest to the shipping and receiving docks, and we will be able to escape through the night easier this way.”

Benjamin let the model go, and the water crashed back into the pool, splashing over the sides and wetting the soles of everyone's footwear. “I have tickets ready to go, we leave in two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” Amun went back to frowning, and crossed his arms. “That's a ways away. Why not sooner?”

“There's still a virus infecting the humans,” Alice responded, holding Amun's gaze. “Two weeks from now, their travel restrictions will be lifted, but not for long. Their leaders will tighten the restrictions again five days after lifting them.”

“Humans,” Amun scoffed. “Alright, two weeks it is.” He looked at Benjamin once more, then spoke to the entire group. “We keep this quiet, though. The Volturi don't need to know what we are doing.”

They nodded in turn. “Agreed.”