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From Panic To Party (All It Takes Is Love)

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Dani’s near breakdown over the idea of Christmas, of being alone, brings her to Olivia’s door. Olivia lets her in and as Dani talks she sends out the alert. She knows Monique and Melinda will come, as will Alex Eames and Bishop, the new girl in town, all she can do is hope Alex Cabot, Casey and others will also come.

Alex Cabot and Casey arrive fairly quickly, followed by Pippa, Rita and Elana, Dana following soon after, Monique and Melinda joining them, Alex Eames arrives late, smiling a little as she explains why, Bishop easing through the crowd to settle at Dani’s side, moving to lightly squeeze her old friends hand reassuringly, her voice low and soft.

“We’re safe now Dani… our girls have us.”

Dani sighs and yet she nods, smiling softly at the way Alex Eames eases up next to Olivia, clearly only relaxed when she’s sure Bishop is happy. She’s safe now and, if she’s honest, this is the kind of party she’d want, to share food and drinks with friends.

Liv smiles at her with clear pride, moving to pay for the ordered food and drinks, letting in a shy ADA who seems to hang back until Elana drops back and leads her forward, Kathleen’s shy smile and blush letting Dani know she really will be treasured, any way she wants.