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Happy New Year (From Us To You)

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Liv is always reluctant to do New Years as a party, but when she has an invite from Dani Beck and Dana Lewis she agrees to go over and see in the new year, she just doesn’t really expect what happens next.

Liv is barely in the door before they see in the new year, new year’s kisses turn to more and Liv finds herself caught and held safely between Dani and Dana, her breath hitching at the almost burning heat of Dana’s kisses, Dani’s fingers sliding into her deeply enough she almost whimpers and arches, pressing down hard into Dani’s pace, moaning into Dana’s kiss. Release hits hard and suddenly then places change, Liv finds herself melting into kisses and touches that feel real and right, each release coming hard and fast.

By the time Liv goes home she is tired but pleasantly warmed by their tenderness, they have all but offered her rooms with them, but she knows she has to wait and see if anything else, or anyone else, happens. She won’t tangle people up until she’s sure everyone agrees, but she knows she now has at least one couple who will always welcome her home.