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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway…

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“It’s freezing in here…”

Casey mutters the words and Dani barely hides her smile as she moves behind the desk to sign the papers, noting Casey’s lack of coat or sweats and moving to select her thickest jacket from the four she kept in her locker, glad she’d kept the longest and thickest coat at work.


She’s almost smiling as she wraps Casey in the coat, watching the way Casey burrows into it and barely hiding the smile in her eyes and voice, blue eyes dancing with sudden warmth and tenderness.

“Take my jacket, it’s cold outside…”

Casey looks at her with surprise as she hands her a scarf, wrapping her jacket around herself then sighs.

“You won’t let me give it back will you?”

“No… and next time you try to wear a mini in this weather I’ll spank you.”

Dani teases, noting Casey’s blush and waiting until they are walking home before she speaks lightly.

“Someone’s got a spanking kink…”

“Actually, I don’t…”

Casey murmurs.


Dani grins then, letting them into the house and locking the door before kissing Casey lightly.

“Just for me then?”

“Mmm, maybe.”

Casey admits weakly and Dani smiles again, kissing her a second time.

“Maybe we can try that one day… when you feel ready.”

It’s easy to agree, Casey knowing that no matter how angry they can get at each other, the fights come from love and Dani will never push her to do anything she doesn’t like.